Clare Fonda and Veronica Burns – GIRLSPANKSGIRL

19 Oct

F/2f; time: 1 hr 15 min.

Another of the rare appearances of Veronica/Elizabeth Burns outside of the REALSPANKINGS entries. Here, Clare and Elizabeth will spank three girls, Anthea, Kelly, and Sophie.

Clare is leaving her daughters Anthea and Kelly with the intimidating Elizabeth for a ”weekend with me….they will be new girls when you get back.” We see the girls in their pajamas. Cut (there are awkward plot changes we stopped trying to decipher) to Sophie, who is Elizabeth’s daughter. She reeks of cigarettes and will be the first bottom up. OTK, ”bare bottom.” Burns loves the ritual language. Dress off, Elizabeth has a pillow over her lap to improve the position. Burns looks buxom here—she has never flashed a vlimpse we have seen. Sophie kneels on a chair for more. She is blistered.

New scene, the sisters are summoned. Redhead Anthea is spanked first. Burns tskes her dress off and pulls down her knickers. Very good at this. Fast spanking. Kelly watches. Kelly next, again Burns helps to get to the bare skin. Bottoms on display.

Burns will soap Kelly’s potty mouth. She moistens a bar of soap and scrubs Kelly’s tongue then jams the bar in, one of the more aggressive depictions of soaping we have seen.

Choppy cut again, the girls are writing apologies as Burns brandishes a ruler. Palm slaps for the girls, then they pull their knickers down for the ruler.

The hairbrush next, and Burns is changing her outfits, to illustrate the passage of time.

Clare returns, and now some money is missing. Both women will spank. Anthea and Kelly together, bare bottom. And Sophie is spanked last. Back and forth. And Sophie gets the soap, same thorough job.

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