Kirsten Gould – XEROTICS

26 Oct

A triple threat model—Top, Bottom, and lesbian player.

Makeup spanking’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief one. Kirsty will spank a lusty blonde for helping herself to Kirsty’s cosmetics. Well filmed, full screen bottom. Kirsty is engrossed in punishing, delighting in pulling her thong out of the way.

Cane School‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) An encouraging title, especially when Kirsten is the Sub. She is dressed as a schoolgirl here, standing in front of a white backdrop. She is the only scenery we will need. Peters is going to cane her. After the most brief objection, just enough to increase the tension, she grabs her ankles, and is very athletic about it. She is hot and buxom, maybe a little improbable as a schoolgirl. It is a mild caning, knickers come down. But the marks seem heavy–she has been busy on this shooting day. She turns for a nice fuzzy frontal, Peters loves it. Some palm slaps, the slipper, and more of the cane. Full puss and seemingly real wheals.

Caned for playing’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Kirsty and Kara Jayne Dempsey on the glass walled SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS set. KJ is a delicious schoolgirl. Kirsty is a prefect or teacher. She takes Kara OTK for a conventional spanking, white knickers down. Kirsty gets a cane and decides she wants all Kara’s clothes off. She will do the undressing, although Kara could certainly have done it. There is a lesbian feel, prefect privileges. Skirt down, necktie off, blouse unbuttoned, then the white bra unhooked. This stripping is as erotic as the spanking. Kirsty teases with the cane tip then lays on 20 strokes shown, repeats. One errant aim catches Kara’s thigh and she grabs and yelps. Lovely blondes, nice performance.

caned sexy girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Not  the title. Surely one of the hottest canings we have seen in a while from XEROTICS. Kirsty and Peters in the glass walled room with the desk. Lots of bottom skin on this floor. Blond Kirsty wears a plaid kilt, blouse, and tie. She is being spanked as the scene opens. A series of cuts may mean this is not a complete video.

Peters takes up a cane and Kirsty will bend over. Kilt up, almost over her head, and white knickers down. Kirsty is very athletic. The muscles in her bottom seem to ripple. The caning pauses, she steps out of her knickers and unfastens her kilt. More caning, she touches toes, one of those girls who  easily can do it. Marks on her bottom now and some pussy winks.

Shoes off, more caning; another pause, off with the blouse and tie. She is naked. More very good caning. She is muscles all over..   Hands on head naked at the wall, the way to film a schoolgirl caning.

 ‘Creamy Lesbos’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kirsten Gould in another performance with a  lesbian tinge to it. She and Hannah are undressing each other. Down to bra and knickers. Hannah gets naked and Kirsty gives her an experienced frigging. Then some  oral. And a wheelbarrow spanking! Including more frigging. Lust face. Then Hannah does Kirsty, not as aggressive. Lotion and oil for Hannah. 

‘Disgraceful Action’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Kirsten Gould comes up the stairs to find two girls, Hazel and Jasmina, in Lesbian play on a bed on the garret set. Just the kind of circumstance she loves She must have heard noises—she brought a tawse.

Kirsty assists the two girls in getting naked, rather roughly. She will spank them both, pry, probe, spit, and otherwise take her opportunity. She will sit on them and have her own fun as she spanks.

‘Having Fun’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) ’Brandfor’ lies on a bed in her purple bikini masturbating. Kirsty finds her and joins in the fun, as she is wont to do in many of her films. The girls undress and slank each other. Brandfor has got the boobs, and we haven’t see her before.

Kirsten Canes Rosaleen’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rosaleen reports to Kirsten in the glass-walled studio, with the blacked-out windows and wooden desk. It might be our imagination, but spankings here always seem to be harder. Rossy brings a teacher’s note. OTK without discussion, skirt up, bottle green regulation knickers. Down immediately. Kirsten tries to act intimidating, but she is not quite convincing. Lots a squawking and chatter, and some overhead shots on this set.

When Rosaleen is let up, she sasses Kirsten, which earns her more spanking. Over the desk, and she seen the cane coming. “Oh no, I’m not taking that.” Solid strokes, quite hard from Kirsty. lots of bruises for Rosaleen on the far buttock here.

‘Kirsten schoolgirl’ (M/2f; time: 45 minutes) Not the title and maybe not even an XEROTICS distribution. Kirsty with another schoolgirl we don’t recognize from the XEROTICS catalogue. The set however is the familiar classroom and its environs, the scene of many films shot from various positions.

Ms Gould is young here, and completely a Bottom. The master is a muttonchopped ageplay guy seen occasionally around. The girls have been getting help with their homework and lie about it. So the master will cane them. ’Johannson’ (Kirsty) bends over for 10 on her knickers, which the master pulls down.

‘Tuesday’: The girls arrive, more in civilian clothes now. They dress for gym in front of the master, skirts off, blouses tucked up, full regulation panties. Johannson gets a brief OTK spanking, as does ’Richmond.’ The master wants Johannson to spank Richmond, they mess up the positioning, because Kirsty is a lefty. The girls switch around, all mild, modesty intact.

Back to their desks, the girls share answers, are caught. The master does some mild caning, the girls cane each other, ineffectual and confusing.

‘Friday’: Bare bottom spanking from the master, the hardest yet.

‘Saturday’: No days off here, the girls are in civvies. Hands on head, the master has his cane. A lot of talk, knickers down, mild canings.

Kirsty Thrashes Hannah (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kirsty gives schoolgirl Hannah a convincing spanking on a couch on the garret room set. White knickers down immediately, and predictably, Kirsty pays a lot of attention to Hannah’s remarkable bottom. She likes to rub. She is buxom in her pink sweater. Hannah kneels on the couch for a very hot strapping. Hannah seems surprised at the intensity, Kirsty strokes with fingernails. Hug and laugh.

‘Forgot My Sauce’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Peters is going to spank hot little Kirsten. In CP films, the slightest domestic infraction can cost you. At REALSPANKING, Elizabeth Burns got a precoital spanking for not buttering the popcorn. Kirsten drops her pants and goes OTK, her head far over and touching the floor. Peters shifts her around to get a better angle. After a cut, Kirsten is up and bent over for the strap, her thong gone. A mild but cute caning to conclude.

Kirsty Gould- insane bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) An unusual film—Miss Parker and Kirsty, two dommes. Who will spank whom?  Parker wears a black dress and Kirsty a red sweater. The scene is the garret room.

After a long discussion, Kirsty pulls Parker’s knickers down. She is shaved. Kirsty gives her a close examination and finally takes her OTK. A harmless spanking. Peters interrupts the action, and Parker scurries off, her knickers hobbling her ankles. Looks like Kirsty is going to be spanked—must be another film.

Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The two blondes with a scruffy and pervy-looking Peters, and a longer film, which means two bottoms. They’ve been truant. To begin, he has Hanne raise her schoolgirl kilt and drop her knickers. With Hanne on display, he takes Kirsty OTK and soon has her bottom bared. Handspanking. She struggles a bit more than usual. When Peters touches her labia with a finger, she jumps.

Kirsty bends over for the cane. She will get 14 and must count them out. When she messes up the count at a pause at 11, Peters sets the count back to 5. He runs her up to 40, with pauses for rubbing and fondling by him. “You are doing very very well.” He adds a 41st, of course the hardest. Some of his strokes were on the thighs, and a few dangerously high, and Peters has the experience.

Now Hanne, not so much. “Right, Miss arrogance, take them down.” She hands over her knickers. Peters examines them and is happy they are clean. Since Hanne has recently been spanked…”I know your bottom is sore”….she gets only a brief handspanking. Peters puts lotion on Kirsty’s bottom as she stands cornered, the cane handle between her cheeks .

Laundry Thief’ (M/f. Time: 42 minutes) AKA ’Aupair Theft’ A long film for this distributor. A blond house cleaner, Kirsty, Kirsten Gould, is working in an over lit kitchen when she finds a cache of money, American greenbacks. She wears a customary turtleneck sweater, very buxom. She takes a few bills and pulls down her thong and stuffs them between her legs. Peters returns and is going to the bank. He counts his money and discovers the short.

Peters is going to do a strip search. He might have checked her purse or coat, but this is more fun. First off is her sweater. She has an exciting figure. A girl like this shouldn’t have to clean houses. Peters pulls the bra down, checks in the cups, checks inside her shoes, and feels the pockets of her slacks. He is narrowing it down. She drops her slacks very carefully. Peters pulls her thong down and checks between her cheeks, where he finds the money wad. He pulls it out, rather gingerly, as you would expect.

‘late for shoot’ (MF/f; time: 12 minutes) Not the title. Kirsty seems to be handling spanking shoots. The set is the garage/office. She is angry at a brunette model for being late. The chunky brunette must strip, which she likes. Kirsten strips also for some lesbian play. Peters walks in and breaks up this play. He spanks and canes both girls.

No Pants’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kirsty and Peters. straightforward spanking in the familiar glass walled parquet floor room. Peters pulls up Kirsty’s skirt. She is not wearing knickers. clear bottom! Ms. Gould looks small and narrow hipped in these shots, but a hot and plucky model. She rolls around on Peters’ lap, fuzzy shots. Hands on chair for a cane, nice snaps. Hands on head, she tucks up her kilt.

Out All Hours’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Richard is waiting up for Kirsten . He must be very anxious, because he checks his watch every few seconds. Blond Kirstin arrives, gets scolded by the guy, a guardian of sorts. Of course he will practice spanking as a punishment.

He wants her jeans off, which she does almost before being asked. He is lefthanded, and Kirstin is confused as to how to lie over his lap. Hot struggling. Up she gets and bend over the couch for a strap. Her pussy is peeking through her thong strap. She has a hard time keeping position. The cane next, almost 20 strokes shown, from both sides. maybe repeats, but very hard and erotic.

Schoolgirls Trespass’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kirsty and Sarah Harvey Lewis frolic on fhe grounds of what we have called the ’mansion’ set. The silly girls are in full schoolgirl dress, boaters and blazers. They are trespassing.

Richard interrupts them and is able to take them inside and all the way up to the ’garret’ room, without a struggle.There, he will strap both girls at the couch as they bend over. Knickers will remain, as do their clothes. The cane to conclude.

Schoolgirls Sent Home’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Hazel and Caroline are sent home from school for uniform violations. The girls look good enough to us, but naked is always better. The girls are very amused by it all. The girls begin to take off their clothes. Hazel has melon boobs. Even Kirsty is surprised. “”Bloody hell, you look like a woman.” The girls are spanked and caned naked.

As Kirsty will do in so many films, she pries Hazel’s buttocks apart. “You look pretty wet to me.” She calls Hazel a “cow,” and plays with her vagina.

Soapy Spank’ (2f; time: 4 minutes) A sexy little interlude.Kirsty and Hanne, both stark naked, are oiling and playing with each other in what looks like a laundry room. Some silly spanking. Kirsty drops to her knees to give Hanne oral, don’t see much per XEROTICS code.

‘Soren and Kirsty’ (M/f; Time: 3 minutes) All too brief. Soren spanks Kirsty OTK on a couch. Plaid kilt up. White thong. Soren holds her wrists as she struggles.

Stolen Costume, Kristen, Jasmina’ (2f; time:6 minutes) Two gorgeous girls gambol about at the indoor pool used in a number of films where a wet bottom plays a part. The familiar backdrop of a Mediterranean balcony. The girls wear minimal bikinis. Blond Kirsten notices that frosted brunette Jasmina has stolen hers, so Kirsten takes it off. Jasmina reflexively covers, but just for a second. The girls check with the director.

Kirsten Gould bends Jasmina over, her bottom facing the camera. She is quite naked. Kirsten begins spanking her, checking between her thighs to see if she is excited. There is a collection of canes on the floor in the shot, but they won’t be used in this episode. Kirsten kneels in front of Jasmina, but there is no action. Jasmina leaves without her bikini.

Studio Caning’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Kirsten narrates her fierce caning. The set is the familiar glass walled punishment room. She shows us her white knickers, and she is fairly popping out of her blouse. Peters starts with the cane. Kirsty bends over—we’ve seen, this model can bend double. The first 12 strokes are on her knickers, the last few intentionally on her thighs, which propels her out of position.

Knickers down, Peters keeps it up. 5 on the bare, she screams. All sorts of marks. Then her bottom gets a breather—a session of palm slaps with a slipper. Bend-over again for a few from the slipper, and 8 more of the cane, counted out. Some on the buttocks crease. Real welts, low shots show the damage. A significant punishment for this series.

watching girl get spanked’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) An older guy sits on a couch with a completely naked brunette. He calls in blonde Kirsty. He is going to spank her while the naked brunette watches and plays with herself, legs open. It is mild stuff, although Kirsty struggles, first OTK then bending over the couch for a slipper. More closeups of the brunette than Kirsty. 

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