Abigail at XEROTICS

30 Oct

Abi Back Again’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Frosted blonde Abi, in schoolgirl kit, on the empty set with the wood floor. Spankings are usually fierce in this setting, given the sparse setup. Mike Stevenson will do the spanking, a caning.

Stevenson lays on over 90 strokes shown, normal repeat technique. Fast flurries and slow rhythmic groups. No matter how you count, this model took a severe Stevenson-style whipping.

Abby’s slippering’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond braided hair Abigail narrates that she is about to be given a slippering. Abby drops her knickers and shows herself, frontal and bottom. She’s been spanked recently, and she shaves. She bends over a vaulting trestle, Peters gives her a very hard slippering. The film ends with a long palm slapping with a strap, with delightful frontals throughout. This model is a gamer.

Agean in the Classroom’ (M/2f; time:24 minutes) This film might have been a prequel to ‘Class Idiots,’ the latter a classic for us. He is in the famous classroom (now set up at the British Museum) with Abigail (Trudy) and Elizabeth Simpson. He prattles on from the podium while the girls roll their eyes in derision and boredom. Agean will find a way to get at eat them.

He finds cigarettes in Simpson’s desk. Abi will be spanked first OTK, white knickers bunched. Bend over, the strap. Hands on head at the door. Simpson gets the same.

Cane next, 20 strokes counted aloud, no doubles. When she sasses Agean, she earns the strap. Probably because these three were making several films on this set, the knickers stay on. 18 cane strokes for Elizabeth, also on cotton.

Annual Medical’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A terrific performance from Ms. Abi. She again wears the same school uniform. She reports to Mr. Henderson in an infirmary setting. XEROTICS made some attempt here to position some medical equipment. Henderson informs her tests showed she is masturbating too much, and for this he is going to cane her.

He begins with some inexplicable mild taps on her regulation maroon knickers. Abigail takes down her knickers and Henderson begins an unusually severe caning. Almost 50 strokes are shown, repeats from several angles. She jumps around and especially doesn’t like some intentionally low strokes. She is well marked. A great caning for this courageous model.

Caning at home’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A smarmy little redhead schoolgirl, Abigail, sits on a couch. She is loaded with facial jewelry, and what all else we will see. She stands and removes her skirt. Peters steps into the frame and pulls down her knickers. After more waiting and a leisurely frontal, the spanking begins.

Peters takes her OTK bare bottom. An invasive spanking, Peters likes to pry and probe. After Peters puts ointment on Abigail’s bottom, she gets a moderate caning for the rest of the film.

Class Idiots’ (2M/2f; time: 16 minutes) A slightly shaggy guy, a “relief” teacher who might be counting his stars to have gotten a shot in this girls’ school,however brief, has corralled two girls, ‘Elizabeth’ (Elizabeth Simpson) and ‘Abigail English.’ He quizzes them on architecture. Behind him on the wall of a classroom used in many films is a rack of spanking implements.

This relief teacher has a lot of power. He requires Abigail, a thin blonde with beaded hair, to stand on a chair. He holds a cane. “Take your top off.” She is hesitant and should be, but she pulls off her sweater, then her necktie and blouse. The teacher doesn’t like her flowered bra. “Lose it.” Skirt next, done with one hand while she covers her breasts. She s conflicted on how to cover. Cute. “Hands at your sides.” Elizabeth hands the teacher the classic pointed dunce cap, which requires Abigail to bend forward to have it put on.

The kinky teacher smacks her panties with a strap. “I want you to take your knickers down, slowly, so that we all can have a good look.” She hesitates, so he pulls them down. Shaved. He keeps strapping while she faces us. He does pivot her a bit to show us the progress he has made.

Elizabeth’s turn and not so difficult for her. Bend-over, she pulls her own knickers down. At this moment the headmaster enters, the actor ‘Agean,’ and he is not surprised, by either the twe girls, one naked and the other with her pants at her knees, or how fart this temporary teacher has progressed with them.

Agean will make it all official by giving each girl 6 cane strokes.Elizabeth has to climb on a chair also, with her pants but Abi has center stage in the film. A favorite of ours.

Don’t Snigger‘ Two students, Elizabeth Simpson and blond ‘English, (Abigail), will endure long lectures and spankings from the domme. Ms. Gillian-Lancer. She quizzes the girls and spanks them for their responses. Both girls get OTK spankings in the first round of failures, and a strap, OTK and bent over.

More handspanking before matters require the cane. Simpson gets the first six shots, on her regulation knickers. When she returns to her desk, she seems to wink at the camera as if to taunt “didn’t hurt.” But it must have. Gillian Lancer uses those characteristic wrist snaps. English gets her six, and she reacts differently, gasping and grabbing. White panties.

True to form, the next canings will be on the bare. Simpson pulls her own pants down, to display laddered marks from the accurate domme. 12 more on the bare for her. English next. She has a different contract. Her panties survive for 10.

girls caught’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, with two girls who are dressed to appear no better than they should be. The blonde, Trudy (Abi), is interviewing the brunette to be a call girl, and she tells the busty brunette this house offers Its clients a bit more. “Spanking? I don’t know.” When she hears it will pay more, she will try it out.

Peters, who must run the house, interrupts them and is displeased with the scene. He can now spank them both. The buxom brunette wants a job. Peters makes the brunette discard her denim shorts and orders Trudy to strip down and go OTK. He shows the brunette Trudy’s bruised bottom. “That’s what you’re going to have to take if you want to work with us.” “OK.”

She takes the brunette OTK. She must drop her G-string. “I’m not so sure about this.” After her demonstration spanking, Peters puts her in the corner and pulls up her halter top to expose her boobs. He likes this humiliation. More spanking for Trudy, a slipper this time. He lets Trudy have some cracks.

Her Severe caning’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Abigail with Peters. She has been caught misbehaving in school. She was promised a severe caning next time and here it comes. She is instructed to bend over a school desk. Peters swishes a thin cane, something he likes to do. Skirt up, the caning first on maroon knickers. Ouch. Hard. 14 strokes shown, repeats. Then: “Take them off.” Abigail will stand for more on the bare, 9 shown, quivering, the alternate camera angle produces some naughty views.

’Juicy Girls Thrashed’ (MF/2f; time: 15 minutes) Trudy  and Janette go through a long lesbian scene, dildos and more, before they are caught by Vincent and Elizabeth Simpson. They are amused by it all until they hear their choice—taking a thrashing or give Vincent a blowjob.

They will take the thrashing. The girls are warmed up with  handspankings. Then the first girl’s punishment begins in earnest. Bare bottom, she bends over the couch  while Simpson canes her from one side and Vincent uses a wide strap from the other. The girl quivers and surges through a surprisingly hard spanking. Both Simpson and Vincent seem to try  to  outdo each other.  Vincent  adds a frig.

After seeing  this, the second girl decides a blowjob is a better deal and they  leave the set.

Locker Thief’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Corn row blonde schoolgirl Trudy Is caught stealing from lockers. Now that can’t come to a good end. Mr. Henderson on the job. He will spank her right there in the locker room. We don’t change scenes much in these films.

She stands and has her skirt tucked up and maroon panties pulled down. Henderson spanks her with a slipper, those shoes are always handy. A long slippering on an already red bottom. The cane comes next. 12 strokes are shown, probably 6 with repeats. Typically Henderson-severe. Would stop anyone from entering the locker room. Nice wheals

Masturbators will be punished‘ (MF/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Susan,’ a thin blonde, has been caught masturbating and Elizabeth Simpson brings her to Peters. They call the girl ‘English,’ the model Abigail. First, Simpson gives her a standard OTK spanking.

Peters will cane her. Over 15 impressive strokes, she jumps on each. This model can take the cane. The second student, called later Louise, is watching and wincing. On one stroke: “Shit!” “I beg your pardon?” She earns more. Simpson wants her uniform off, ”a disgrace.” A fast cute tawny frontal flash at the end.

Math Reject’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Classic Abigail, schoolgirl. Henderson will try to whip some smarts into Abigail. He looks over her math work, then haves her bend over a vaulting horse. Regulation maroon knickers down, she is already bruised. She has made several films in this exact school uniform. Hard spanking, she jumps.

Cut to a fully equipped classroom set. Skirt up, the caning begins, 4 on her knickers then 25 on the bare. Surely repeats, the cane is as thick as a walking stick. Very erotic caning on a suffering bottom.

Private lessons’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Abigail (Trudy) and a young Peters. She is being scolded in a classroom and is soon over a desk for a fairly good caning. 12 strokes on her knickers with repeats, a pause, then about 10 more on the bare. Quivering, significant marks, repeats again.

Simple Schoolgirl Slipper’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Another appearance by Abigail in her schoolie red sweater and grey skirt. She waits anxiously on a darkened set for Peters. He arrives and positions her just so for her punishment. He has her drop her knickers and face us. He likes his pussy we know. No shortage of bottoms.

He directs her to bend over the ”horse,” showing stripes she already has. Peters goes to work with a slipper. This film is all spanking, no diversions. Abigail gasps. Very good. ”Rub your bottom.” Another long frontal. Then palm slaps, which she, like most models, doesn’t like very much. Hands on head, bottom on display.

Thrashed Assistants’ (MF/2f. time: 10 minutes) Agean and Miss Hastings-Gore share their disappointment with two girls who work as their assistants. The girls are summoned. The girls will be spanked separately, by both Agean and Gore, one on each buttock.
. Agean will take Simpson first, and she is not happy about being selected. “Me?” (This actress never gets a day off.) Slacks down, they go to work on her knickers and then on the bare.

The corn row blonde Abigail goes OTK next, and she struggles to prevent her slacks from being taken down. She gets the same hard double spanking, on white knickers and then without them. Because she resisted so much, Agean finishes her off with a strap.

Trudy Test’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An unusual film, although brief. A male is going to give Trudy a spanking audition. The set is the cluttered backstage scene, with equipment scattered about. The unusual aspect here, though, is the audience. Visible in the background are Peters, Valkerie, Sarah Collins, and several others. They certainly weren’t called in for this episode; they must have been working that day.

The guy gives her a brief but thorough spanking on her slacks, knickers, and on the bare. Hands on chair for a strap. She walks off. Did she pass?

Trudy Strapped’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Braided blonde Abigail or Trudy (hence  the title) is  Mr. Henderson’s bookkeeper. The books are not balanced. Both he and she seem to be willing to trade a spanking for this discrepancy. Depending on the size of the error, this would not be a bad solution for a lot of workplace problems.

Long scolding on a couch. Abigail stands and Henderson drops her pants, certainly part of his fun. Red panties down.  OTK. Routine handspanking, clear bottom. Abigail’s pale complexion makes for a fine spanking model. In various camera angles, she looks a foot taller than Henderson.

Abigail bends over a modern chrome chair. There is a stripper’s pole in the shot, which we see in other films on this set. Thong has come back up. Paddle here.

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