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Vicar Spanks – CONNOISSEUR

17 Nov

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 52 minutes

Not the title. Michael Stamp, with Sascha Harvey and a blonde. Stamp plays a vicar, a naughty one to be sure, who takes on the disciplining of two girls whose mother has asked for help. It is a long film, without much variation, so we will condense the details.

The vicar begins by spanking both girls OTK. Nothing much yet. After a segue, both girls return in Santa Claus bikinis. Not sure why. Another OTK for both. Sascha is maneuvered into the diaper position for a strapping while the blonde waits, then gets a standing strapping. Stamp is never a hard spanker.

Off they go, another segue. Stamp waits with a cane. The girls return in gym clothes. The girls both bend over for an ineffectual handspanking and caning.

Another segue. The girls return in pajamas. A wood ’A’ frame is set up. The blonde bends over the frame first, pj’s down. Sascha strips naked, frontals. She is a powerful girl. Stamp shows a flogger. The blonde strips also. Silly flogging for both, could have been much harder without ruining anyone’s day. A vaulting horse has appeared. Both girls are caned tap-tap, you wonder why for these two experienced models.

Cathy2 at XEROTICS

16 Nov

beginning’ (2MF/2f; time: 26 minutes) Not the title. An unusual and puzzling storyline. The set is the room where the ‘Catholic’ school scenarios were shot. A young Elizabeth Simpson and smashing blonde Cathy2 seem to be callgirls who are available to be spanked. The excitement hook for the fetish customer must be the classroom setting.

Cathy is going to show Simpson how to take some spanking. There is a cheap couch and a side table with a collection of implements.

Cathy, who wears a latex halter, takes a young Simpson OTK. A lot of talk. A perfunctory handspanking to start. Simpson stands and drops her slacks and knickers and bends over for a strap. Some confusing dissolves.

Peters enters the room. He must be a client and has apparently hired both girls. Cathy takes off all her clothes. The blocking is poor, so that we don’t get the usual full screen view of her. She has a showgirl body and is parked at the wall.  Peters has picked up a cane and flourishes it, but he won’t use it much.

After another inscrutable segue, Peters has taken Simpson OTK. After a short spanking, he wants her pants all the way off. She has to sit and unlace big work shoes to do it. Puzzling attire for a call girl. She will now bend over for several straps. Cathy is brought out to bend over beside her. Peters straps and canes both bottoms, on the mild side.

Another fade. Simpson now sits in top and panties on the couch. Another guy, Vincent, a new customer, enters. He takes her OTK, gets her knickers down, and spanks much harder than Peters did, which sets her struggling. She bends for several straps, and will need no further instruction.

’Agean-woodshed’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Agean wakes up a nifty blond Cathy (Cat), takes her downstairs, and outside to a classic woodshed. He leaves her. She has been directed to drop her shorts and panties,  bend over, and wait for him. He returns and gives her a handspanking and strapping. Nothing much here, except the woodshed exterior.

Cat Bedroom’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The marvelous Cathy2 with Peters. He gives her a standard spanking on a bed, on her denim shorts and then on the bare. Simple but perfect, a signature film from this model.

clean rooms’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Peter Carruthers  with Monica and Cathy2. He sits reading a magazine. The two gorgeous blondes seemed to have come home late and they have not been cleaning house. After a scolding and a segue, the girls are standing hands on head, bare bottoms.

Cathy is spanked first. To excuse her already red bottom: “l see you’ve got some marks from the last caning I gave you.” A simple spanking. Monica gets ths same. Bottoms to the wall.

Failed Grades’ (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) This one is a lot of fun. The set is the classroom used in a number of ‘Catholic Schoolgirl’ episodes, not the very English classroom with the platform and dunce stool. Elizabeth Simpson and ‘Croft’ (‘Cathy2’) sit in plastic bucket chairs in front of a male teacher, maybe Mr. Wettherall. He asks the girls to clear their table and chairs.

“OK Simpson, start undressing Croft to prepare her for punishment.” Elizabeth looks perplexed. Off with the pinafore first. Croft didn’t wear any knickers today. Tie and blouse next, and last the bra. Croft is quite hot, standing naked now in the middle of the classroom. We think this is Cathy2, with the little half moon tattoo on her right buttock.

Simpson is directed to spank Croft. There is some maneuvering for the cast to figure out how to get a camera angle on her bottom. Simpson handspanks and uses a tawse, very mild. The master hands Simpson a longer strap and seems to have found Croft’s knickers somewhere.

Now it is Simpson’s turn. The girls hurry. Croft helps her off with the pinafore, necktie, blouse, and knickers. Bra stays on. Croft uses the straps and also a cane, and it would be fair to say she doesn’t know how to do it. To conclude, the naked girls display their bottoms kneeling on their chairs.

Headmaster’s Discipline‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Peters with an auburn haired schoolgirl, Cathy2. She stands in front of a fireplace in a heavily decorated domestic set. She takes off her fashionable slacks, but that is not enough. “Take off your knickers.” She bends over, standing on a loud zebra striped rug. Handspanking first, she steps out of her knickers. The cane next, about 10 strokes. He is angry with her for being dressed like a slut. He leans the cane between her cheeks to conclude.

Morning After’ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Linda and Cathy2 are recovering from a night of partying when they are confronted by Elizabeth Simpson. Cathy will be spanked first, little white skirt up, Simpson is disgusted with the little black thong. Linda will go OTK next, she has to drop her jeans first. Simpson uses her thong as a handle. Each girl gets another turn, routine stuff. 

Pain and Pleasure’ (F/2f; time: 16 minutes) Linda and Cathy2 loll on a couch in bra and knickers. Linda works away with a dildo as Cathy watches in fascination. Elizabeth Simpson catches them and seems mystified. Linda will be spanked first. She strips naked, bends over, and soon is very red from a big strap.

Cathy gets the same, and the girls are strapped side by side. Simpson uses a leather heart paddle before she lets them go.

Party Interview (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Cat (Johnson) and a young Agean are interviewing girls for a spanking party. The people coming to the party are referred to as “customers.” An older girl is the first interviewee, and of course an audition is needed.

Cat will spank her over the table where they sit in interview. Tight latex skirt up. “Nice knickers,” says Cat of the black lace scanties. Knickers down. We know from our notes now when we see the crescent or little bird tattoo, this is the plucky Cathy2. The cane has to be tried also. Cat, who is mostly a submissive, is not very good at it. Agean takes a close look but resis

Schoolgirl Strip’ (2f; time: 3 minutes) Schoolgirls Helen and Cathy2 do a simple striptease, all the way. Slowly with the knickers. The girls have red bottoms. This shoot  probably fills out their day.

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16 Nov

‘Bannister thrashing’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Second floor bannisters are always good to permit perfect bend-overs and facial shots from below. Peters will punish Gina (Cathy2) and Paige. They drop their skirts and knickers. Peters will use a double strap, after a handspanking warmup. lots of pubic hair here, frontals, as the girls move around.

Several scenes, a bit unusual. Both girls pose hands on head, facing front. New scene at the couch. The girls are strapped and caned here, about 10 strokes each, mild but colorful. ”Take the pain, girls.” When Cathy bends for her caning, ”Madam, your appointment with hell.” Not quite, but two world class bottoms.

 ‘Bare Bottom Counselling’ (M/2f; time: 30 minutes) A longer film, identified as SOL, distributed by XEROTICS. Scruffy ‘Peters’ sits on a couch talking to a schoolgirl, the model ‘Paige.’ It seems he is a ‘counselor,’  and he has been asked to deal with Paige. He is going to “use good old fashioned methods….I’m going to thrash you.”

Blond Paige seems not impressed. She stands. “Drop your knickers.” He takes her OTK for a standard handspanking. They move quickly to the cane. Hands on the couch, Peters used a very long whippy cane, 15 strokes shown, repeats. To the wall, hands on head.

This school district is mindful of its budget, because a second girl has been scheduled for Peters today, the experienced blond model ‘Hannah  Martin.’ She fights a smile during Peters’ scolding. OTK, Peters does the panties this time. Paige’s bottom at the wall is in some of the shots.

Bend over the couch, Hannah steps out of her panties with style. 20 cane strokes shown, repeats. Peters urges: “Legs apart…don’t worry, we’ve all seen it before.”  He explains what will happen if she moves, a high stroke might cripple her and  a low one break skin.

Paige accepts the offer to take the blame. She will get 10 more cane strokes, which Peters mitigates to 3. (Six are shown, the method of the repeats) The girls are made to face him, skirts up. He wants a look, they know it.

Foul Mouthed Secretary‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Tall  pageboy blonde Paige gets obscene with a customer on the phone at her fashion design job. She is quickly reported by the customer to the girl’s boss, played by ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’

There will be a spanking. “Take these down,” her jeans. “The customer is always right” is the chant as the OTK spanking begins. Lovely bottom, it seems almost superfluous to say, pink thong. Simpson mutters that she is disgusted with the attitudes of these college-girl temp employees.

Simpson wants Paige  to strip off her knee boots, jeans, and thong. The girl will have to work at her desk for the rest of the day without any pants on, a concept we love.

Paige Gina Cat Kara J’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey must be a prefect. She reports Paige, Gina, and Cat to Agean, who wears academic robes. The set is the dining room of the stone country house, a schoolroom here. The girls march in to face him.

An exciting afternoon for the don. Gina and Cat turn and drop their knickers for him, and Paige goes OTK. Standard spanking, knickers down. Tall blond Cat next. The girls all fight snickers. Cat has a small and tight bottom for such a tall girl, and muscular thighs.Gina waddles out next, stumbling over her knickers. Agean will now cane the girls. Each gets 6 rather polite strokes. And for good measure, Kara Jayne gets a brief spanking and csning, on the recurring theory that no good deed goes unpunished.

Fucking is Forbidden’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Hot  blond schoolgirl Paige  lolls on her bed. Mr. Carter  enters, a guardian or youngish uncle-type. It seems the Paige’s  boyfriend has been ‘helping’ her with her homework in her  bedroom.

After almost 4 minutes, the spanking starts. We are not impatient. We like foreplay. The blonde kneels up on the bed. The handspanking starts on her white panties. She is thin, with a tight little bottom. On the bare for the hand and a strap. Conventional,  but nicely acted. 

House Girl Punished’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A delicious storyline found in JANUS and BLUSHES print literature over the years. Girls are hired or indentured to households as servants. The assignment is not so voluntary. The ’masters’ of the households usually welcome the girls with a spanking and a little instruction as to what other ’services’ might be required.

Paige is brought to the twin bedroom set. She knows what is going to happen. The spanking implements are displayed on a bed. Paige is asked to raise a sort of cloak. The master is pleased with her white bra and knickers..He doesn’t hesitate to pull down the knickers. ”Hello, what’s this, Paige? You have a red bottom.” ”I got spanked, sir.” That pleases him, because he knows Paige understands the dynamics.

Paige kneels on the bed for a preliminary handspanking. Six snappy csne strokes, mild buut Paige jumps. Later, when Paige fails to say her prayers, more caning.

Matron Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) The menacing Jean Bradley as matron and blonde Paige in her ’Amanda’ persona. Paige wears schoolgirl kit and Bradley wears an institutional smock. Paige has been caught smoking and is going to get some serious attention.

Cute facials, flashing hanging earrings. Paige takes off her tie, skirt and blouse, down to a hot pink bra and white bikini knickers. Bra off, Paige jiggles her own boobs. Bradley pulls down her knickers, checking for cigarettes, then pulls them up again. We’re being teased.

Shoes and socks off, OTK, the spanking begins. Model Paige is already a bit red, and Bradley will expand it. Knickers down again, another lovely athletic bottom. Bradley likes to fondle. Bend over for two paddles before Paige is permitted to dress and leave.

Missing Tie’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Naughty Paige (Amanda) is not wearing a tie as part of her schoolgirl uniform, and Mr. Carter has the excuse he needs to spank her. She bends over. You can see a red bottom on the edges of her full white knickers. The story is she was spanked yesterday for wrong shoes. Carter takes them down for a mild handspanking and followed by a mild strapping.

‘Mother’s Old Fashioned Methods’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Lovely Paige reports to Simpson at her desk. Paige has a messy room and there is evidence of drugs. Simpson asks her, ”What used to happen in the old days?” Corporal punishment would be the answer. Simpson shows her a strap and informs her that her summer is over. ”The only tan you’re getting is on your ass.”

OTK, white skirt up, a standard spanking. Simpson removes the thong. After more tanning, Paige stands to remove her skirt. Hands on the chair for a strap, and very hard, a surprise. Slow motion. Paige is left kneeling erect, punishment itself.

Old School Shoes’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Paige and Carter. He is going to spank her for inappropriate shoes. Really, anything to a shot at that bottom of hers. OTK, skirt up, white knickers down, an almost silly start. Paige stands for the strap, very much harder, and some surprise reaction from Paige. She looks back at him in some discomfort and the knowledge he is doing this for his pleasure

Paige Caught’ (F/f; Time: 14 minutes) Paige sits at a desk and searches the drawers until she finds what she wants, a dildo. She spreads her legs and goes to work.Musical soundtrack to her moans. Feet up, legs splayed. You know it’s coming, you just don’t know who. Jean Bradley catches her, and this ensures a very good spanking.

Schoolgirl Paige bends over a table, up with her denim skirt and down with her white knickers. If that dildo was pleasing, should should be this spanking. Bradley loves to rub. There is a strap in the same desk to finish her off.

Perfect  Buttocks Punished’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Peters is interviewing blonde Paige from off-screen. It seems that a new girl, ‘Sarah Burgess,’ is giving them a bit of trouble. Paige is a head girl. After four minutes of this, Sarah is summoned. She is a scruffy brunette. 

After a short scold, she bends over for her spanking to begin. Peters takes her white knickers down and gives her a conventional handspanking and caning.

In a new scene, spiffy Paige is reporting to Peters. He greets her in the school hall and positions her for a bend-over spanking and caning. Lovely white knickers, fitted perfectly. Thus the title. After her caning, Paige turns to face us and gives one of those frontal flashes, and just the slightest glance  at the camera. Lovely. And the film closes with a leisurely closeup of her stripes and a longer frontal. This is a model with no restrictions. 

Post-party Blues’ (M2F/2f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes) From off-screen Peters chats with Hannah and Paige after their appearance at a London spanking party the previous night. The models seem to be new to spanking performance at this point. The spanking at the party was their hardest so far, they had some problem with inaccurate spankers.

After a lengthy discussion: “Can we have a look at your bottoms?” The girls get up off the couch and drops their pants and thongs. Mostly blond Hannah here. He wants the girls to spread their cheeks, something the customers ask for.

The girls sit and continue the interview bare bottom. Yes, their pain thresholds have increased as they work. They admit they got excited at the party and masturbated later, thinking about the “naughty men” and their erections they noted.

There was a separate room at the party where the girls watched men being thrashed. Peters asks Paige to spank Hannah. Hannah is positioned OTK on the couch for a very mild pat-pat spanking. She is supposed to be still sore from last night. It is slow and a bit silly. Peters would like it harder. Peters wants her cheeks spread. They note the vertical bruise at the buttocks crack which results from the strap.

The girls switch. Hannah points to the sorest places on Paige’s bottom. The girls say goodbye and invite viewers to the 2005 party. Peters walks into the shot. Hannah is a little surprised. “You’re going to cane me?” She kneels up on the couch and points to the parts of her bottom she can take the cane.  Just 4 hard strokes. Hannah really flinches at Peters’ swooshes. One stroke elicits a “fuck, right on my bruise.”

The girls return to sit and talk. Paige shows a lot of fuzz for 2003. The girls are encouraged to open their knees on the couch, but the angle doesn’t work. They’re playful minxes.

’Rebellious Teenagers Punished’ (MF/2f; time: 10 minutes) An older couple,  by CP film standards, discuss the behavior of their two daughters at school. Nothing has worked. They will try spanking.

The girls are summoned, blonde Paige  and brunette Helena, unlikely looking sisters. The girls strip down and stop at blouses and panties, even though “Everything off” had been directed.  The woman takes Paige OTK first.  Mother spanks, father holds her. White panties down, the slipper next. The girl is let up, unhappy, rubbing.

They switch roles, the father spanks the Helena.. Same routine, then bottoms on parade.

Riding Crop for Paige’ (F/f  time: 12 minutes) Blond Paige and Jean Bradley. Paige is caught masturbating. She unzipped the fly of her jodhpurs. A routine handspanking to begin. She keeps her hair off her face so we can see. Large ring earrings preferred by Paige. OTK, jodpurs down, white knickers down, hands on the chair for a hard cropping.

Spank Rather Than Wank’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Blond Paige is caught masturbating on one of the double beds on the bedroom set by a woman. She is going to get spanked for it, handspanking and a hairbrush. Not so hard here. Enough fondling to suggest the next part.

Turns out the Domme likes to watch Paige wank, and that Paige likes a good  “spunkin,” the best phonetic we can suggest for her Scottish. So this film could be retitled as ‘Spanking AND Wanking.’ 

Paige wears on a black lace top and a black thong, minimal night things designed for someone to remove. When she is being spanked, her athletic bottom soars and rises, high and hard. Thong off, she masturbates again, to the amusement of the watching domme. 

After a segue, Paige wants to be spanked again. The woman has brought a collection of implements. Paige kneels on the bed, that tight bottom even more magnificent. Slow motion spanking added. 

Special Slipper For Smoking’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Blond Paige as Amanda. Jean Bradley will spank her for smoking. OTK, knickers down immediately. A hard  worker, she is red already. Slipper and handspanking. Two pros.

Sticky Fingers, Sore Bottoms’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Paige looks around a room, looking to steal something. As she often does, she takes the moment alone to drop her pants and masturbate. She is immediately caught by Elizabeth Simpson and taken OTK, knickers down. Already red. Handspanking and strap. 

‘Testing 12’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Paige sits with no pants on. She is being tested to see if she can take the hard spankings needed for success in the ’industry.’ This test will be ”12 of the best.” A warmup handspanking first from Simpson. Her bottom gets red. ”Ready for the cane?” 12 mild strokes.

‘Three New Girls’ (M/3f; time: 15 minutes) A tepid affair, a bit longer because there are three girls to spank. A young Agean with Susanna, Becky, and Paige. The girls are interviewing for a job, and Agean has added a little spanking test to the process. He spanks the girls OTK bare bottom, almost pats. The girls spank each other in a giggle, then Agean returns to deliver a silly strapping.

Try Spanking’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) A nice short film with favorite Paige and Peters. He takes her OTK, puts her knickers in his pocket. She is tan all over and quite amused by it all. Hands on the chair, for the strap, she adjusts her hair and looks at the camera.

Twins Thrashed’ (M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Paige and another familiar model look through an old Bible and are giggling. Agean confronts them. They are supposed to be in school. If they are twins, it is a genetic anomaly.

He will spank the girls. He takes the brunette OTK to start. She wears a print top and jeans. The set is just a simple backdrop thrown up in the room and two straight chairs. This particular model has the trait of laughing and smiling through any pain of being spanked. She stands and drops her jeans to display a print thong. Back OTK. Paige watches and fingers herself in amusement.

This angers Agean. Paige is OTK quickly and he gets her bottom bare immediately. The brunette watches with jeans down and she starts to masturbate. He uses a leather paddle on Paige and then switches back to the brunette for the same. To conclude, he piles Paige on top of the brunette, two girls over his lap, and spanks them both.

Masie Dee at XEROTICS and more

15 Nov

Maisie Dee Introduction’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Peters does one of his audition themes with the model Maisie. Here, Maisie wants to try some spanking fantasies. She wears a jersey top and distressed jeans. Peters of course can’t give her a contract until she passes his test. She drops her jeans and he pulls down the knickers. A mild OTK handspanking to begin, face to the camera. A standing handspanking spanking to conclude, hands on head

Bare Bottom Academy’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Masie and Fae. This trio must have made a day of films. The girls report to Simpson and soon are bent over with their knickers down. Both girls have the usual carry-over red bottoms, and brunette Fae has a few stray welts. Simpson handspanks them side by side. And a strap side by side. The girls have to adjust positions for Simpson to get her backswing. Lots of rubbing.

Bully’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Blond Masie had a fight with her sister and bullied her. Peters has her upstairs for a scolding, and from the look on her face, she knows what’s coming. “You’re going to get a damn good thrashing…bare bottom.” Skirt up, Peters mocks her silly knickers. Down they come. Clear bottom! A standing handspanking, lots of frontal. Peters elicits tears, as he promised.

Confession of Pleasure’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Masie and Fae as schoolgirls discuss spanking. Masie will show Fae what it is like and takes her OTK. Knickers down. ”Look at that red bottom.” The girls laugh.

Disobedience of Maisie Dee’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Schoolgirl Maisie and Elizabeth Simpson argue. After a segue, Maisie is taken OTK for a brief and routine handspanking, followed by a bend-over for a slippering.

Dressed for School’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Masie is stark naked and putting on her school uniform. A reverse striptease. Peters arrives and is very displeased with how sloppy Maisie looks. Peters picks at her clothes, especially her knickers. He pulls them down and gives her a routine standing spanking.

‘Elizabeth Simpson with Fae and Maisie’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Masie runs to Simpson and accuses Fae of being in her face all the time. Fae has been using the ‘c’ word and the ‘f’ word. One gets spanked for a lot less in these halls. Simpson calls for Fae and takes her OTK. Black pants and panties down. Ms. Fae has been spanked recently. A routine spanking then a brief caning. Then a bend-over at the couch for 6 cane strokes. Snitches never survive in CP films. Maisie is taken OTK, kilt up, panties down, for a rather silly spanking. 

Hung Over’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Masie Dee and Elizabeth Simpson. Masie is in her pajamas and hung over from last night. Elizabeth wrestles her OTK and gets her pajama bottoms and knickers down. Routine handspanking. When Masie sasses her, she earns more. Bend over for the strap

I need a spanking’ (f; time: 7 minutes) silly. Masie Dee strips, spanks, and plays with herself.

Kiss and Make Up’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Masie Dee and Kayla in a little bit of harmless lesbian fun, interrupted by Elizabeth Simpson. She will spank them both, Masie first. Simpson uses Masie’s knickers to wipe between her legs. Kayla next, the same. The girls probably liked this.

Maisie Bad School Report’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Maisie gets a long scolding from Peters. Knickers down, Maisie has retained a full thatch of pubic hair. Naughty. Held in closeup. He smacks her bottom before she grabs her ankles. Red bottom. Strap. Hard tears and red face from our girl.

Maisie Dee and friend (Kayla)’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A brief spanking. Maisie, and another girl, whose bottom is fully and uniformly red, so much so we don’t recall a spanking ever causing this. After a short session, the girl does oral sex on Maisie, but it is simulated.

Maisie caught masturbating’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters catches Maisie masturbating with a dildo. After 10 minutes of scolding and recrimination, Peters is ready to take some action. He gets her pajama pants off, bends her over, and begins the spanking. A long handspanking for the rest of the film.

‘Masie Dee’s Painful Detention Session’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 19 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT. Earlier Masie, would see to predate her XEROTICS films She is much thinner here. She sits at a school desk. Agean is her master. She is made to read her offenses, which are written on the blackboard.

Agean takes her OTK, bunching her knickers; she is not happy about this predicament. Knickers down, over the desk. Agean leaves her on display to get his strap and paddle. Good closeups of this productive model. She is a sweet and erotic complainer.

Agean takes a cane hanging on the blackboard. 13 strokes shown, getting harder. Surely repeats, three or four angles used. Tears. She grabs and rubs.

Masie self spank’ (f; time:8 minutes) Masie by herself here, filling out the shooting day. She narrates and plays with spanking implements in front of her. She slowly strips naked and begins to spank herself. nothing much here.

Maisie-Dee Spanked to Orgasm’ (M/f; hear: 2012; time: 18 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT not XEROTICS, but this is a good place to put it. Maisie is in the familiar studio with the couch and wall mirrors. She has switched on her laptop and is watching a spanking video. Agean catches her. If that is what she wants, he is the right guy.

OTK, white knickers, a routine spanking. Knickers down, then to the corner, where she continues to masturbate. OTK again, they laugh and hug at the end.

‘Masie Dee’s Touch’ (f; 9 minutes) Masie alone in her red net top and kilt, all on a shooting day. She gradually strips mostly naked, spreads her cheeks, takes up some porn poses, and masturbates. A rest period for her pink bottom.

Maisie in uniform’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Maisie stands in full uniform, including blazer. She takes a long scolding from Peters, over 7 minutes. Finally, Peters pulls down her knickers. He gets his view and we get her bottom. OTK first, then bend over for the slipper. Nothing of interest here despite the length of the film.

Model interview’ (3f; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson, Masie Dee, and Kayla sit together  on a couch. Peters interviews them from off screen. Masie is a saucy interrupter. “All’s well in the spanking world.” Kayla talks about spanking with her boyfriend. Her favorite sex position—“doggy style.” Goodness. She likes the paddle.

Elizabeth says that the girls have been good performers. She herself got her start by volunteering at a spanking party. She likes being both a Top and a Bottom. Peters asks her about her favorite model, who is ‘Annie Mae,’ disappeared into the archives by now. Her favorite spanking film is ‘The Music Lesson.’ Pornographic Peters wants to know how close she came to “topping out” as she spanked  the girls. She didn’t.

Ebullient Masie is interviewed next. Peters wants to hear her “sexiest exploit” but wasn’t quite prepared  for the answer. She describes a girl “squirting” in her face, some fisting in the “lady garden.” Peters ends the interview and reminds the girls the next shoot starts  in 10 minutes. 

My Girls’ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson sits on a couch with Masie Dee and Kayla, on the same couch set we have often seen. Apparently no one has recognized Simpson’s birthday. And she is sad. She is a madame and these are two of her working girls. And in this establishment spanking is featured. Simpson will be cheered up if she can spank the girls, and they are only too happy.

Masie is OTK first, knickers down. A bottom tan must be standard in this place. Simpson, to Kayla, playfully, as she spanks: “You, you fuckin’ slut. you’re next!” As the girls switch, “Come on. chop. chop. Time is money.” Routine stuff.

Naughty girls need the hairbrush’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and blond Masie. Masie has not cleaned her room. Simpson parks her on the stairs, panties exposed, while she gets a hairbrush. Simpson pulls her knickers down and pushes her up the stairs. Not the best stairway bottom scene, but a good try.

Into the messy bedroom, Masie kneels on her bed, down on her elbows, bottom high. Simpson urges her around, “You know the position,” until her bottom and puss are center screen. A rather long handspanking, a mild warmup. The hairbrush is easy too, but Masie hollers.

No Party Sore Bottom’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Masie is on the phone, arranging for a party. Peters interrupts and discovers Masie is going to a party without parental supervision. Not only  will there be no party, but soon there will be no pants. Masie is not happy about it. She kneels on the couch, floral dress up, ruffled panties. Peters pulls them down, and Masie whimpers through her spanking. Knees wide,  some puss from Masie. 

Oh Dear Maisie’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Maisie on the familiar couch. The girl is scolded about something before the spanking starts. Simpson takes her OTK bare bottom. A good view of this tight little bottom, for once not well spanked.

Party Girls‘ (F/3f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Jean Bradley’ confronts 3 girls, Masie Dee, Kayla, and another, who have wrecked a house with a party–20,000 pds damage. The girls are rather amused about it. Bradley will spank all three– a blonde, brunette, and redhead. What should the penalty be?

‘Peters’ enters. He is going to photograph the spankings. Nobody seems to mind. The girls are spanked and caned over a table, individually and in a row. Good for the camera. Bare bottoms.

‘Punished for Porn’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) STRAND/SPANKINGSARAH. Masie Dee is squirming around on the big bed making a porn film for a guy. She strips and she handles. ”Perfect ass.” She spreads and plays with herself. She takes her white lace knickers down and accepts a big shiny dildo to lick and lubricate it. “Fuck me,” as she inserts the dildo full length.

Mr. Stern enters and pauses these goings-on. He will give her a naked spanking. Into the diaper position, lots of puss. Masie gives him the finger after he is finished.

Redemption of a Christian Girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Masie Dee  is caught masturbating with a dildo by Peters. After a long scold, she strips for a handspanking. Lots of pubic hair. Rather hardcore in all.

schoolgirl training’ (M/f. time: 9 minutes) Not the title. Maisie uses a toilet. After a segue, she is sitting at a desk, being scolded by Peters. He finally takes her OTK for a routine spanking.

’Slipper at Home’ (M/f; time:17 minutes) Maisie Dee again, in front of the bookcases in the storeroom set. She is dressed in complete schoolgirl kit and seems to be crying already as Peters scolds her. It seems she swore at a teacher.

“What happens in this house?” Maisie: “You’re horrible.” He makes her say, “You spank me….and my bottom slippered.” Blazer off, skirt up, Peters pulls her knickers down with his front row seat. Long slow OTK spanking, tears, and the slipper.

Spank training’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kayla and Masie. They are going to experiment with some spanking. Kayla begins to spank Maisie as she kneels. There shouldn’t be any mystery about it, given the redness of her bottom. A long handspanking and slippering, until her bottom and thighs are a furious red.

Spanked and licked’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Someone else’s title. The British would not be so crass. The scene is the barren blue room. Racy Blonde Masie Dee is being spanked OTK by Kayla. She wears chaps attached by garters to knickers. She detaches the garters and drops the knickers to show a white thong.

After this brief spanking, she kneels up on the chair and guy gives her oral attention, which is filmed from the front through her legs. Such hard core adult stuff is not common in XEROTICS.

Spanking for Teasing the BoysMaisie Dee(M/f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes) Another SOUNDPUNISHMENT. In the familiar studio. Maisie wears a scandalous little kilt. She couldn’t move a muscle in that skirt. A male makes her bend forward to show her knickers. OTK, kilt up by itself, standard handspanking. To the wall; then Maisie climbs up on a table and drops her kilt. Turns out her knickers are part of a leotard. She unsnaps the gusset and pulls the garment over her head. She gets into the diaper position on a hassock. Handspanking. She is naked.

Thrashing for two’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Masie and Fae will be spanked by Elizabeth Simpson, as directed by Peters, who is shooting the scene. Brunette Fae is taken OTK first on the couch, a lovely bottom. Blond Maisie is beckoned to the couch, Simpson bares her bottom and gives her the same spanking. Some slipper for Maisie. Two bare bottoms at the couch. Nice models.

Three girl interview’ (M/3f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, from off-screen, interviews Elizabeth Simpson, Fae, and Masie, after they have made a spanking scene. The girls laugh and giggle about their “long day.” Fae and Masie discuss the experience and show us their bottoms, with help from Simpson and a few smacks. Doesn’t look like that tough a day. Two nice botttoms, but no real spanking in this episode. The girls are amused to present frontals at the end. Masie has a full untailored growth, Fae is shaved.

Tormenting the Vicar’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Masie and Fae have apparently been tormenting a vicar, so Elizabeth Simpson will spank them. Both girls bend over a couch, where Elizabeth bares both bottoms. “I have been given full permission.” Handspanking, knickers puddled, two great bottoms. Handspanking, strap, slipper; routine but fun. The girls rise. Masie gives us an unabashed frontal, quite unshaven. Fae covers

Yes, You Get Your Bottom Spanked’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has caught Masie Dee cursing, both verbally and in writing on her computer. That would be a spanking. Masie wears her red mesh top. Simpson takes her OTK and flips up her kilt. She is surprised by the knickers. “These are a bit lacy. Where are the white briefs I bought you?” Knickers whisked off. Handspanking, zoom on her bottom. To the wall, modesty preserved.


‘Slipper Punishment For Cheerleader Masie Dee’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 13 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT. An older film, predating her XEROTICS work. She gets into an argument with Agean, another cheerleader to go bottoms up. OTK, blue uniform knickers Handspanking first, a lot of squawking. Agean bunches the knickers. There is a vaulting horse in the shot, will it be used?

Masie takes off her uniform and knickers, down to just bra. Frisk position, elbows to the wall, for the slipper.Frontals. Over the horse, lengthwise, which provides facial angles in the tight space. Masie dresses and leaves, without her knickers. To cheerleader practice?

Hannah Martin at XEROTICS

11 Nov

Bad Week’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Peters is angry with Hannah. “Never expected you to be the brightest person.” Hannah reflexively checks her bottom as she is being scolded. He has her drop her knickers facing him then turn to us. OTK, standard bare bottom handspanking. Clear bottom! Blouse off, down to gymslip. Hands on head, lovely round bottom stands out.

Breakfast talk’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Blond Hanne, dressed for school, eats breakfast with Peters, as seen in an overhead shot, unusual for XEROTICS. She argues with him about being out late last night. He’s had enough and picks up a cane. “No, please. Please.”

He wants her over the breakfast table. What a way to go to school. She tries to resist, just enough to increase the tension. There is a lot to Hanne under her blouse we make note of. She lies over the table. After a few smacks on her gray skirt, Peters lays on 7 moderate cane strokes on her regulation knickers. He has her take off her low heels and climb on a chair, where he pulls her knickers down, so her bottom is in his face. Fast start in the morning. A little bit of NU-WEST or REALSPANKING here.

Peters makes Hanne stand on the chair, knickers down, facing us, hands on head. Peters makes her stand there a while, frontal closeups. She climbs down and bends back over the table, bare bottom ready. About 20 rather light strokes shown, and surely repeats. Lovely Ms. Hanne must have a deal with the producer, or let’s hope, this is the start of a long shooting day.

Creamy Pussy’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Hanne sits in her undies. She takes a cell phone call and will discuss the experience she had today watching some of her friends being caned on their bare bottoms in class. She will have phone sex over the thrill. She begins to undress and masturbate when Peters catches her.

Peters spanks and straps Hanne, poking at her vagina, if that is what she wants. Hanne’s lovely bottom is full screen most of the last part of the film.

Girls School Troubles’ (M/2f; time:12 minutes) Fancy setting, a later film in the series. The ‘professor,’ Colin Baxter, for want of a better name, has called for two schoolgirls, who now appear before him in blazers. They’ve been out late and done various things which now warrant a spanking. He pulls a strap out of his jacket vest pocket. The girls squirm.

“A trip to my study can be good news or bad news.” Brunette ‘Hannah‘ is first to bend over the desk. Handspanking begins on her blue knickers. The professor pulls her pants down, his favorite part of the day. The second auburn/brunette gets the same spanking on her white panties.

Two bare bottoms over the desk. 6 strokes of that strap for each.

Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The two blondes with a scruffy and pervy-looking Peters, and a longer film, which means two bottoms, the other Kirsty. They’ve been truant. To begin, he has Hanne raise her schoolgirl kilt and drop her knickers. With Hanne on display, he takes Kirsty OTK and soon has her bottom bared. Handspanking. She struggles a bit more than usual. When Peters touches her labia with a finger, she jumps.

Kirsty bends over for the cane. She will get 14 and must count them out. When she messes up the count at a pause at 11, Peters sets the count back to 5. He runs her up to 40, with pauses for rubbing and fondling by him. “You are doing very very well.” He adds a 41, of course the hardest. Some of his strokes were on the thighs, and a few dangerously high, and Peters has the experience.

Now Hanne, not so much. “Right, Miss arrogance, take them down.” She hands over her knickers. Peters examines them and is happy they are clean. Since Hanne has recently been spanked…”I know your bottom is sore”….she gets only a brief handspanking. Peters puts lotion on Kirsty’s bottom as she stands cornered, the cane handle between her cheeks.

‘Kirsty Thrashes Hannah’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Two of the best models, bottoms and actors. Hannah is OTK and on the couch for a routine spanking and caning.

Hanne caned’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An SOL film. Hanne and Peters. The sexy thin blonde stands in an overlit room. On direction, she drops her pants, and has to be reminded to keep going, to also take down her black lace knickers. Peters starts with a round leather paddle. Then the cane, about 12 strokes shown, repeats. Hanne bends over and spreads her legs, so that her face can be seen through her legs, as well as ample pubic hair. Cute caning for a professional.

Hanne and Her Fingers’ (M/f;; time: 9 minutes) Hanne sits on a couch, playing with herself and having phone sex with a friend. Nod to Woody Allen for the title. She drops her knickers and gets into serious play when  Peters catches her. She stands for a handspanking. Frontals, shaved. Hanne is never shy. Hands on the couch, just a gymslip, one of the great bottoms. Legs open, closeup. 

Hanne masturbates’ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Schoolgirl Hanne sits on a toilet masturbating. She uses a hand held sprayer to squirt herself. We assume she is standing in a drained area. Upstairs she goes, where she is confronted by Peters, who notices her wet clothes. It would seem the phrase ‘Stupid girl’ might apply here.

Peters takes her wet panties away from her. Hey, an almost clear bottom. Almost 8 minutes of scolding elapse before a caning begins. Routine performance.

‘Respect the Hat’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson examines a top hat, and Hannah seems to have damaged it, all we need for a spanking. OTK for a slipper. Hannah’s jeans have a patch ”people for peace.” Hannah pulls them down, she is quite red already. Routine handspanking and slipper.

‘Soapy Spank’ (2f; time: 4 minutes) A sexy little interlude.Kirsty and Hanne, both stark naked, are oiling and playing with each other in what looks like a laundry room. Some silly spanking. Kirsty drops to her knees to give Hanne oral, don’t see much per XEROTICS code.

Suppertime Resolutions’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Blond Hanne  has come to Peters to apologize. She isn’t wearing much and neither is he. Peters will solidify her new resolve with a spanking. Hanne shows Peters her bare bottom, which is mostly clear. She has pulled down her pink satin shorts so that her classic bottom sticks out. 

OTK, handspanking first. He has her stand and strip naked—a little dress, the satin shorts, and a bra. Hanne should always strip. She bends over for a doubled strap and jumps at each stroke, as if it really hurts. She needs a moment. Some bruises  

‘Kind Punishment’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Blonde Hannah is a very cute schoolgirl here. She’s been spanked by her uncle for masturbating, so nowVincent will spank her in his own way, but he plays with her a lot also. He wants her skirt up and knickers down. He fondles a lot, she will trade that for spanking. OTK, the knickers have disappeared, more fondling. Standard spanking, except for more attention to the thighs. closeup of a shaved pussy.

Peters, Hannah, Kirsty’ (M/2f; time: 22 minutes) Peters (scruffy here), with two schoolgirls, Hannah and Kirsty. He will spank them both, mostly Kirsty. She goes first, and she will mostly keep her curly brown hair over her face for the entire film. A very nice school kilt comes off,  a thong comes down, and Peters spanks her OTK on the couch. Then a caning, light at first. Peters fondles, and as always, a bit more than she should.

Hannah’s spanking is less and unremarkable. She must have ahead more scheduled this day, because she could have taken a heavier dose.

Post-party Blues’ (M2F/2f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes) From off-screen Peters chats with Hannah and Paige after their appearance at a London spanking party the previous night. The models seem to be new to spanking performance at this point. The spanking at the party was their hardest so far, they had some problem with inaccurate spankers.

After a lengthy discussion: “Can we have a look at your bottoms?” The girls get up off the couch and drops their pants and thongs. Mostly blond Hannah here. He wants the girls to spread their cheeks, something the customers ask for.

The girls sit and continue the interview bare bottom. Yes, their pain thresholds have increased as they work. They admit they got excited at the party and masturbated later, thinking about the “naughty men” and their erections they noted.

There was a separate room at the party where the girls watched men being thrashed. Peters asks Paige to spank Hannah. Hannah is positioned OTK on the couch for a very mild pat-pat spanking. She is supposed to be still sore from last night. It is slow and a bit silly. Peters would like it harder. Peters wants her cheeks spread. They note the vertical bruise at the buttocks crack which results from the strap.

The girls switch. Hannah points to the sorest places on Paige’s bottom. The girls say goodbye and invite viewers to the 2005 party. Peters walks into the shot. Hannah is a little surprised. “You’re going to cane me?” She kneels up on the couch and points to the parts of her bottom she can take the cane.  Just 4 hard strokes. Hannah really flinches at Peters’ swooshes. One stroke elicits a “fuck, right on my bruise.”

The girls return to sit and talk. Paige shows a lot of fuzz for 2003. The girls are encouraged to open their knees on the couch, but the angle doesn’t work. They’re playful minxes.. 

Dublin O’Brien at XEROTICS

11 Nov

The sassy superstar, an early contributor who seems to have avoided more hardcore.

‘Bad Language’ (4MF/f; time: 14 minutes) A playful diversion–you keep digging through the films and occasionally a nugget emerges. The CP actors are out of character here. ‘Peters’ sits with ‘Dublin O’Brien’ after a day’s spanking film shooting. He has complaints about her ‘bad language’  on camera from his staff. We’ve admired her hot Irish or Scottish temperament on other occasions.

He wants her to apologize on camera. “If they don’t fuckin’ like it, you know where they can fuckin’ go!” She comically plays right into the spanking she is going to get. Peters takes her OTK. Dublin wears a schoolgirl tartan plaid kilt, blouse, and tie. For some reason, her white panties are on the floor. “I’m here to show my ass and that’s it!”

After a brief spanking from Peters (and there will be brief frontals, almost non-existent in her work), “You’re going to be thrashed by everyone.” Staffer ‘Neil’ spanks her next, then another guy. Lots of colloquial chatter we could not fully decipher.

Blond ‘Sam Johnson,’ also in the same schoolgirl kit, and gorgeous, steps out for her share of spanking. A fourth guy spanks, and now Peters adjusts Dublin’s bottom for the camera, which amuses her. This guy handspanks and briefly tries with a flogger. He must be getting aroused, because he asks her if she can detect “my reaction.” Apparently, yes.Laughter.

Peters joins with a slipper. Dublin jumps up and puts a face in the camera. “I’m sorry, you fuckin’  wanker.” There is some banter, and Dublin declares she isn’t giving any blowjobs on the set today. Peters and the fourth guy spank her together–he uses a triple-cane. He refers to her, we thought, as ‘Parker,’ a character she played in a series of ‘Catholic Girls’ films she made with Peters. Maybe we are on that set. More frontal flashes; the crew applauds Dublin at the end.

2F/f; year: 1997; time: 10 minutes

A short film, probably found in some studio’s scrap heap, featuring a mature ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and another CP actress we should know. The two women sit on a couch in a sparsely stocked room, grousing about the woman’s daughter. Dublin may be the daughter’s aunt or someone with family rank, because she exerts authority. “I will fuckin’ whack her.” All Dublin’s Irish dander comes out in this film. She swears like a sailor all through it.

“Judy” is called into the room. She is a well-endowed blonde. The girl is scolded, really yelled and sworn at, and sent into her bedroom, another set with little or no furniture, just a few pieces scattered about. No spanko volunteered his digs for this film.

Dublin and the mother enter the room, Dublin takes her OTK and pulls her velour sweats down. No panties. The spanking is less forceful than her language, as it is when the mother takes over. In a cut, the girl is now bent over the bed, getting the strap from both women.

Featured on the wall is a poster, “Life Through a Lens with Robbie Williams,” a 1997 rock album release. The girl develops some bruises, then the cane comes. 12 from Dublin, 6 from the mother, and 3 more from Dublin, effective little snaps. “Fuck off to bed, bitch!”

Caned Before Breakfast‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ surveys a messy kitchen and calls out ‘Simone!” Down the stairs comes Simone, the actress ‘Samantha Johnson.’ In this short film, we have the pleasure of two titans of the CP film industry.

Simone is put to work cleaning up; Dublin soon returns, a cane hidden behind her back. Simone bends over the kitchen counter and Dublin flips her dress up and begins handspanking her on the jeans she wears underneath. Dublin unzips the jeans, drops them, and continues on the black panties. Dublin tugs the panties down–all this is conventional stuff, except of course Ms Johnson would possess one of the very best and most willing bottoms in the CP film industry.

Dublin switches to a thick synthetic cane. About 30 strokes are shown, repeats from several angles. After some more cleanup–bare bottom at the sink–the best way to do it, a few more cane strokes.

The Caning of Barbara Wetford’ (MF/f; time: 15 minutes) Some CP warriors here. Auntie Dublin O’Brien is on the phone with Patricia’s father, a little blonde who sits cowering beside her. (We can’t account for the title.) The girl is constantly late and using profanity. Dublin tells him: “She knows she’s going to get her bottom thrashed.”

The father comes home, John Osborne, the whole Glasgow crew in this film. The little blonde looks plausibly worried. When she tells Osborne she has already been spanked, Osborne wants her pajama pants and panties down. “You call that spanking….hardly touched.” Sweet bottom.

He begins a slow moderate handspanking, low shots, the model has immediately rearranged her hair off her face. Low shots, some puss.

He spanks a bit harder, left handed. Some frontal fuzz, largely teased in this era. Osborne positions a small table and a cane. Patricia kneels up on the table and bends forward to support herself on the couch. A spectacular position when you are endowed as this model is. A handspanking warmup, then a disappointing caning from Osborne. It must have been part of the agreement, because he knows better. Rub, bare bottom to the wall.

‘Dirty Girls’ (2M/2f; time: 24 minutes) An entertaining film. It features the unpredictable and insouciant Dublin O’Brien. Vincent and another guy seem to be running a brothel. Some customers have complained the girls spell bad (the girls probably do spell poorly, but we meant ’smell.’j They call for the girls, and who shows up? Sam Johnson in white bra and bikini panties, and Ms. O’Brien, a postgraduate schoolgirl. They need to get the girls to wash their knickers, every day.

The guys are going to “nip the problem in the bud.” Sam strips off her knickers, and Dublin reaches under her kilt to hand over hers. Both are dirty! The cast fights off snickers at the dialogue.

After a fade, the remedial spankings will begin. Dublin bends over the table. “Silence!” Both men spank and strap her on the bare. Sam next, and she is wearing only a bra now. Back and forth with the girls, both men. Vincent sticks Dublin’s knickers in her face as she stands at the wall.

Sam removes her bra and she is now naked. More strapping, slightly playful. The cane next, Sam and Dublin bend over in turn, light strokes, the guys are respecting the merchandise. After a hygiene lecture, the girls are sent off. Dublin, as usual, shows almost nothing.

Dublin and Simpson’ (M/2f; time: 37 minutes) A film we have yet to identify, maybe REDSTRIPE. Elizabeth Simpson plays a police officer trying to punish Dublin O’Brien on the spot for a traffic offense. A 300 pound fine might alleviate the spanking. Dublin’s husband stops the action and HE will spank Simpson. “Please, sir.” What could her argument be?

He makes Simpson drop her black lace knickers and bend over a chair for a hairbrush and strap. Then the husband turns on Dublin. Skirt up for a strap, then a rugbeater and cane hands on the couch. “God, it’s awful.” He spanks Simpson again with these implements, Dublin in the background. Then he proudly lines up the two bottoms to admire his work.

Duty Officer Punishment’  (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A good film we haven’t been able to identify yet, and only parts of it. An older Gillian Lancer, nicely dour in a guard’s uniform, and a fleshed out Dublin. A spanking is underway in a familiar cloakroom we have seen in many films. Dublin wears a red pinafore.

She is made to drop her maroon panties and first bend over a chair and then go OTK. Gillian Lancer spanks very hard here, because she knows how to do it and Dublin has been here before also.

First, Dublin kneels up on the vaulting horse then bends over for the cane, six impressive whippy strokes from experienced people.

‘Next Term’ Dublin is in a blue blouse here; then another scene th red pinafore again, palm slaps, strapping on the maroon knickers and on the bare.

‘Girl2Girl-Total Buttocks’ Time: 37 minutes “4 Tales of the Female Rod”

1. ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and another woman confront a cute blonde who has come home late or committed some other domestic infraction. Both women take the pretty thing OTK for a significant spanking, then the girl bends over the foot of her bed for a strap and cane on her bare bottom from both women.

2. This time Dublin is on the receiving end from another woman, and her bare bottom is held full screen for a significant part of this 11 minute segment. We would offer this episode as an example of her female attributes; she does more acting in other films. This is straight, old-fashioned spanking.

3. A blond schoolgirl is spanked and strapped in her bedroom in conventional style, an entertaining moment occurring when her spanker throws her panties across the room.

4. Emma Brown is taken from the bathtub and spanked sudsy naked in a segment we have reviewed elsewhere called ‘Bathroom Discipline.’

‘Emma and Dublin’ (M/2f; time: 22 minutes) We missed the name of this film and will come back and correct this. CP actresses ‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ fidget, waiting for the headmaster, and what they know is coming. Dublin (in her Brit temper): “He’s a fuckin’ asshole. He can’t wait to get his hands on us.”

The ‘headmaster,’ the usual  XEROTICS actor Peters, overhears the girls and recognizes Dublin’s mouth.

The girls wear blue shirts and neckties with their skirts, bobby socks, and heels. “In my office, now!”

Dublin is first to be spanked. OTK, the Head pulls up her skirt to expose full white panties. Slow moderate spanking. As he spanks, the camera pans the room and table fully set for a meal. He pulls her panties down. Hands-on-head at the wall, bare bottom.

Emma next, always a pleasure. For some reason her panties are fitted loosely. He takes them down.She has what it takes to fill out the right size. After her spanking, she takes her panties off and heads for the wall.

Dublin gets palm slaps with a tawse, which she doesn’t like at all. She is very good with the angry face. Touch-toes for the cane–the Head lays on a dozen, great closeups. Emma is instructed to turn and watch. We see her peach fuzz and an offsetting tan.

Emma goes directly to the cane–just 6.

Dublin gets more cane for her smart mouth; about six, and much harder–the white lines remain. Both girls get a few more of the cane and strap before we conclude.

More Catholic Girl Discipline’ (2M/2f; time: 24 minutes) A continuation of this storyline, several films reviewed elsewhere. ‘Peters’  is in the midst of a Religion class, teaching ‘Parker’ (Dublin O’Brien) and ‘Thompson’ ‘Revelations’ from the Old Testament. Of course the girls are not into it and have not done their homework.

Peters will spank Parker first, over the desk. She is not happy about it but what did she expect? Skirt up, Peters takes the panties down immediately. Tap-tap whack, 3 from the cane. Parker surrenders her non-regulation shoes and gets three more strokes.

Thompson goes over the table, loses her panties, and gets the cane.

The girls sit again for instruction, but for no homework and non-reg shoes, they have earned a dose from Mr. Wetherall, to whom they will report. Up again, Parker must drop her skirt and panties. She touches toes for 10 cane strokes.

Thompson next, “Skirt off, knickers down!” Just six from the cane. “Oh, sir!” Both girls are caned briefly again, left bent over waiting, then Wetherall is summoned.

Wetherall has the look of a drill instructor, but he does not quite perform that way. He spanks and straps both girls as they are bent over at the wall. Cute stuff.

‘Catholic girls cont’ (M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Peters seems to continue with ‘Parker’ (Dublin O’Brien) and a brunette, maybe ‘Thompson.’

The girls here wear blue gym shorts and white camisoles. Peters has them against the wall on the same set as all these ‘Catholic Girls’ films. To Thompson, “Drop your shorts, all the way down….touch your toes.” He will cane her, moderately hard for him. About 13 strokes are shown, lots of repeats, and some arhythmic editing. Thompson gasps very nicely.

“Swap places.”  Dublin gets the same caning. She starts by pulling down her shorts without direction. Peters orders them up, then down again. About 15 strokes with repeats. Thompson is called out again for four more strokes.

‘Catholic girl Discipline Saturday detention’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Parker’ (Dublin O’Brien) and brunette ‘Thompson’ report to Mr. Wetherall’s Saturday detention. There will be no pretense about learning here, the spankings will commence immediately.

Both girls will bend over the table and be handspanked on their panties, hard enough for Parker to be almost knocked off her feet. Hands-on-head at the wall, then into the frisk position, more handspanking.

Next comes the slipper, first on the panties, then Wetherall pulls both pairs down. Nice little reflexive objection from Parker. More handspanking. They will then be left bent over in this uncomfortable position. In an out-take, when “Cut” is heard, the girls bound out of this difficult posture.

Friend Fishing’ (M/2f; time: 4 minutes) Surely not the title. Dublin O’Brien and Thompson sit on a couch in bra and knickers, photographing each other and skylarking. A guy in a fishing hat comes onto the set and is unhappy about something. He will spank them both. Knickers stay on. Disappointing and too brief from Ms. O’Brien.

Nothing But Caning’ (M/2f; time: 18 minutes) A delightful combination, Dublin O’Brien and Sam Johnson, both dressed  in store-bought school kit. The girls stand hands on head. The set is the same simple table and chairs used in the Dublin films discussed here. Dublin signs a punishment book, takes her place at the wall, tucks up her kilt, and pulls down her panties. We’d like to think her signature is a waiver for slightly more extensive punishment.

But first Peters positions Sam for a caning. She raises her kilt, pulls down her knickers, and presents a clear bottom. After a moderate caning, Dublin takes her place. She touches toes and jumps about under the cane. Two girls are the wall, kilts up, knickers down, two of the most famous bottoms in the genre. 

Dublin out for the cane again, slow and colorful, some repeats and slow motion. When she is finished, Dublin gives the most brief of frontals, rare and and maybe an accident. Sam out next, some of the caning with her hands on a chair. Moderate punishment, but a sort of historical document. 

Punished Niece’ ((MF/f; time: 17 minutes) A longer film with Dublin O’Brien,  and the producers do not waste any time. An “aunt,“ the model ‘Miss Thompson,’ calls her to a couch for a brief scolding. She is pulled OTK and a hard handspanking begins. Skirt up, a black thong.

Dublin stands, hands on the couch,  for a paddle A lot of full screen bottom here,  and often in the film. A strap next. Closeups show some bruises and skin eruptions.  The thong comes down. The aunt makes a cell phone call, and Dublin goes OTK again for a short repetition. 

A faceless male, sounds like Peters, enters the scene. He has brought a cane. “I’m going to enjoy this,” says the sexy Thompson. There follows a long caning scene, featuring Ms. O’Brien’s famous bottom filmed from the rear, side, below. About 70 strokes are shown. The repeats are probably three or four times. Mostly mild stuff. No wheals or stripes. The aunt watches, maybe a little excited. Very entertaining session,

Spanking call girl’ (M/f; time:17 minutes);An older Dublin O’Brien. She plays a call girl who practices the corporal punishment fetish. Peters calls on her. They shake hands. Dublin asks him if he wants to play “sub or dominant.” He has brought his own implements. He wants dominant. Lots of cute dialogue here about spanking, some insight into these two CP stars. We will take a bit more time with this entertaining video, of two actors slightly out of character. 

Dublin looks a little concerned about exactly what Peters has  brought. When he takes his outer shirt off, she looks a little more wary.  She explains the procedure. “We normally start with a handspanking, then the strap and paddle, and the grand finale is with the cane. Have you ever used a cane? We’ve got to be careful with that. It can damage the back.”

Dublin climbs onto the bed with Peters and they wiggle to adjust position. “ Comfortable?” “Uh,  yes, I should be OK.” Skirt up. “I don’t like these on for a start,” and Peters  pulls down her thong. When he begins to spank harder, “Ooh,ow! Are you sure you haven’t done this before?….I hope you have the money…Ow, Oh Lord!” “He isn’t going to help you.”

They agree she is warmed up. The paddle next. Dublin kneels on the bed and leans over to put her palms on a stool, “to get your backside high in the air.” He fishes a strap, not a paddle,  out of a plastic bag of implements. Dublin screeches nicely at the strokes. She wants him to strike lower. “My apologies.” 

After a second strap, Peters pulls a paddle out of his bag. “Better be careful with that.” “Don’t worry about that, girl.” Peters is careful, a bit more gentle with this small wood paddle.

”Right. I want to try something new.” He has a three-rod cane, “my three cane special.”  16 strokes are shown. There is so much banter it would have been difficult to edit in repeats. Peters shifts to a single rod cane. About 8 strokes kneeling, then another 14 shown with Dublin lying flat on the bed. The latter shot permitted different camera angles, so there were repeats.

Peters is finished.”Where’s my money?” He throws it at her. “Same time next week?” And in her lovely edgy brogue we have come to love, “No. Piss off. See someone else.”

Thrashed Nurses’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Dublin O’Brien and another girl stand in nurse’s smock in front of a male administrator. His face is mostly masked by a potted plant. Let us just agree that was intended. They are in a well lit office.

After a dissolve, the guy is handspanking the girls over a table. We see this is the familiar set of the ‘catholic girls’ series with Dublin. The guy alternates bottoms. Dublin wears full panties, part of her thing. The girl wears the more familiar thong. Paddle to conclude.

Three Girls’ (2M/3f) Not sure what is going on here. Dublin O’Brien, Emma Brown , and a third blonde sit at a table in a sunroom, chatting and smoking. There are four bottles of wine on the table, so things should be fun. Cut to the blonde, posing nude.

Peters and another male walk on set. Emma has laid some spanking implements on the table. The girls argue with the men. It is loud and echoing in this room. The men grab the girls and begin spanking them. Clothes come off until Emma and the blonde are naked. Dublin retains her slip, rucked up, typical of what must have been her understanding in these films.

Peters will use a thick cane on the girls. Dublin gets an especially exciting dose on the bare, justifying her reputation. And a rare lIttle frontal from her when she moves, probably an accident, and she didn’t check the shots.

Trespassers will be spanked’ (M/2f; time: 5 minutes) Two girls are caught trespassing on what looks like a yard of an industrial site. It would appear here that trespassers have a spanking gauntlet to navigate before any police are called. One of the girls here is the estimable Dublin O’Brien.

The guy marches the girls to workspace and begins a furious spanking. The brunette must bend and hang on to a stepladder for a rapid handspanking on her thong. Dublin gets the same, and after a bit he pulls down her thong. The brunette is brought back to lose her thong. Then the guy spanks the girls with a small paddle, again fast and furiously. Dublin protects her modesty, as always. Too bad this exercise is so short

Two schoolgirls caned’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) An impressive cast.We might have put this film in our ‘celebrities’ collection for XEROTICS. Peters will tend to the bottoms of Dublin O’Brien and Sam Johnson. The girls are young and thin here. They wear blouses, ties, and Scotch plaid kilts.

The girls have reported to the “punishment room,” each sent by their teachers. Peters refers to Dublin as “Parker,” her moniker in these XEROTICS films. The girls sign a punishment book, then go to a wall, skirts up, panties down.

Sam bends over first. Peters rips her panties down. Four strokes of the cane. “Step out of your panties.” Nine more strokes, all moderate. Dublin is next, 12 strokes, she lets out some curses, as she does. More handspanking to conclude, and some suggestion there is a sequel.

‘Three Girls Punished (2M/3f; time: 12 minutes) A huge payroll, but maybe before these stars’ rookie contracts were later converted to long term. All three very young—Dublin, Kara Jayne Dempsey and an Elizabeth Simpson, almost unrecognizable as a barely legal schoolgirl. The three sit in various states of undress, smoking.

A male we can’t identify enters with a tawse. We guess the smoking is not permitted. “All right, who’s first?” Kara Jayne seems to draw the short straw—she bends over for the strap on her knickers and on the bare. Dublin the same, black knickers. Very sexy Simpson in full schoolie kit—jumper, knee socks, white knickers down.

Peters joins the set. There is some laughter. “Einey, meiny, ….” Kara OTK, Dublin’s bare bottom at the wall. Simpson drops her knickers and goes over a chair. Three bottoms bend over, Peters canes the row, 6 mild strokes each. He has to move the bottoms around to get the proper backswing. One of his touches—he collects and pockets the three pairs of knickers. Moderate stuff but historical.

‘Uncle Canes Hard’ (M/4f; time: 32 minutes) A nice oldie, which have revised, not with the collections of shorter XEROTICS films  found on our site. Four British girls chatter away, in their pajamas, one we happily recognize is ‘Dublin O’Brien.’  Another is Kara Jayne Dempsey.. A very young ‘Mr. Peters’ comes on the scene. An expensive payroll, may eat this early date. “You know why you are here.” They have been stealing. Three of the girls must stand against the wall while Kara Jayne drops her pajama bottoms and goes OTK for the first bare bottom spanking. He then pulls all the pajamas down.

Peters brings out a second girl,’ Malone’ for the same. The bare bottomed girls are ordered to turn and face him. They cover up. “Trying to hide your shame?” They complain. “Shut the fuck up.”

After a third girl, a brunette, is spanked, it is Dublin’s turn. After her spanking, she must say something, because Peters grabs her for more. Dublin will do that.

Peters gets a strap and takes the bare bottoms one at a time over the bed footboard.  Some frontal flashes. Surely by pre-arrangement, the girls are strapped and will be caned at varying degrees of severity.

Peters goes for the cane. First, Kara, now naked, gets about 20. Malone next, about 20, and more for Kara. Dublin has to kneel along side and wait her turn. The brunette gets off lighter, about 10. And Dublin, just 12. Nice bottoms at the wall. Just blushing, no marks..

Caned by Mistress’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Dublin O’Brien and the brunette Miss Thompson. This episode is shot in the same classroom where they both made films of the catholic girls  with spanking teachers. Here, Thompson has tried to steal a man from Dublin, and she will play the Top.

Thompson  goes into the frisk position at the wall for a fast handspanking. Then sharp 15 stroke caning, marks develop.

playing around’ (M/2f; time: 4  minutes) Dublin O’Brien. and a brunette are in bra and panties and spanked, panties down. A guy spanks, moving from bottom to bottom.

Sarah Harvey Lewis – XEROTICS

10 Nov

All purpose model, for several producers

Changing Room’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) A rare look at backstage, cluttered with  filming equipment. Peters is on the scene with several girls—-Sarah Harvey Lewis,  Kirsten Gould, and Helen. Not sure what is going on here, except it is probably filler material for all of them. Two girls sit and watch as Peters spanks Sarah first. Slacks down, thong down, she objects.

Kirsty is spanked next. She  bends over a chair and pulls her hand through her legs to cover her pussy.  Is Peters spanking there? Strap and slipper. The  girls hold her still. Peters whacks all the girls in a general melee.

‘Domestic Spending’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Richard spanks Sarah in the overlit sitting room. OTK, nifty tight white knickers come down. A spanking is a small price to pay for overspending. Hands on the couch for a leather paddle. Rather surprising welts and bruises.

Late Home’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief exercise, with Sarah as a Top. She and and a male await a girl coming home late. The girl arrives and they both spank her. We figure she had played her limit of Bottom scenes that day.

Schoolgirls in the kitchen’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Sarah Harvey Lewis and Jasmina bustle around on the familiar kitchen set, preparing for school. Peters is unhappy with  Sarah’s school uniform and Jasmina seems part of the disorganization. And cigarettes have been found. Might as well spank them both. Sarah  is spanked  first; Jasmina  takes off her knickers in preparation.

Peters canes Sarah. About 25 silly strokes. Both can do better. Jasmina next, 6 light strokes. A nice bend-over. Peters: “My breakfast has been ruined.” Don’t  think so.

Drunk Slag’ (M/f. time: 10 minutes) This game and willing actress Sarah Harvey Lewis  made just a few films for the British producers who provided product for XEROTICS. We have reviewed those we found, grouped here.

A few words about Ms. Lewis. She was both a Bottom and a Top, and made many appearances for producers/distributors such as CALSTAR, CONNOISSEUR,STRICTLYENGLISH, and more. And some famous bottoms, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Catherine Corbett, and more. Two characteristics of hers which come to mind—her bravery, and that her skin was always a uniform tan.

In this film, she lies flat on her stomach on one of the double beds in the garret room, sleeping off a drunk and looking much the worse for wear. She wears a blue shirt and jeans. Peters wakes her up, and after her head clears a bit, he takes her jeans and knickers off, all the way, so he will be able to spread her legs.

OTK, a mostly clear bottom. We said ‘brave.’ Peters spreads her legs as wide as they will go. Full vaginal view, including some jewelry, and flash of a Mohawk as she positions. After the spanking, top up, breasts exposed, hands on head, frontal. Peters asks her where she wants to be whipped with a tawse. He has all the choices. Palm slaps. She stalks off at the end. Very good SHL.

‘Sally’s Strapping’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Aunt Shanelle is waiting up for Sarah Harvey Lewis. It seems aunty has just spanked another girl, who stands bare bottom at the wall. After an all-nighter, Sarah is taken OTK, skirt up, blue panties. She stands to rub. Hands on the couch for the strap. There might have been a first part to this.

Schoolgirls Trespass’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kirsty and Sarah Harvey Lewis frolic on fhe grounds of what we have called the ’mansion’ set. The silly girls are in full schoolgirl dress, boaters and blazers. They are trespassing.

Richard interrupts them and is able to take them inside and and all the way up to the ’garret’ room, without a struggle.There, he will strap both girls at the couch as they bend over. Knickers will remain, as do their clothes. The cane to conclude.

Swimming Test’ (M/2f; time: 25 minutes) A sweet film, if you share our interest in wet bottoms. Two girls, actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ and brunette Jasmin, stand at attention beside an indoor lap pool while  XEROTICS  male actor Peters scolds them for poor training and preparation. Sarah wears a white one-piece racing tank suit, and Jasmin is in an eye-popping pink bikini.

After scolding, Jasmin gets in the water and does some silly breast-stroke up and down the pool, although, in this bikini, we acknowledge that nothing is really silly. Her time is terrible. He makes her get out, bend over, and he begins spanking the wet bikini. Sarah is looking apprehensive in the background.

Now it is Sarah’s turn, but she refuses to get in the pool. The coach first spanks her with a strap and then has her peel down her one-piece and bend over for handspanking and the strap. Sarah has some scattered bruises. While she is being spanked, Jasmin is ordered back into the pool for more laps. The sound of Sarah’s spanking is supposed to motivate her.

Out of the water, Jasmin  drops her bikini bottoms and the instructor smacks both bottoms. Jasmin has Dimples of Venus. Sarah goes to the wall–her suit is down for good; she faces us–frontals.

Into the pool again for Jasminin just her top. Unfortunately, she is such a weak swimmer that her white buttocks don’t rise to the top when she kicks. Out of the water, top off, her proud boobs steal the show. Frontal-nice little Mohawk. She does an acceptable job of appearing embarrassed there in the nude.

Instructor Peres begins with the cane. 8 strokes for Sarah, but she won’t go in the water. Jaamin now swims naked. Out again, both girls spanked, the sounds of wet flesh echo in the large room. Spankings, laps, more caning.

Each girl gets about 8 more moderate strokes, hands-on-head, more strapping. The girls scurry off naked.

‘Swimming Lessons ’ (MF/3f; time: 29 minutes) A longer film and a sort of continuation of ’Swimming Test,’ reviewed elsewhere. Richard is scolding two girls in the garret room, Jasmina and another girl. Apparently the girls were goofing off at a swimming lesson and will be spanked for it. He spanks both girls, bend over, knickers down. Mild start.

Segue to the familiar lap pool scene with the mural walls. Sarah Harvey Lewis has joined the two girls. They slowly undress to put on swim suits. In CP films this is done backs to the camera. In Jasmina’s case, her boobs are the thing. Richard interrupts the changing, and the girls are not phased at all about being caught in various states of nudity.

The girls are lined up; they will swim for Richard. Sarah is first to do laps. Richard is appalled. She is spanked on her wet suit. Jasmina and the third girl also perform poorly and are spanked. Jasmina’s bikini top can’t quite corral her boobs.

Miss Parker enters the scene. She has brought a cane. She is the headmistress and scolds Richard for the mess and the state of discipline. She orders the three girls back into the pool, then out. They must take off their non-regulation suits, except for Sarah’s permitted one-piece team suit. The two naked girls want to cover, but Parker wants hands on head.

Sarah rolls down her suit and takes 15 mild cane strokes on her wet bottom. A lot of talk and delay, squandering a great chance for some real action. The two naked girls are smacked a few times then sent scurrying off with armfuls of clothes.

Two girls behind walls’ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) Our title for a short film. Two girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. They buzz in and pass through a large electrically operated driveway gate, a reasonable portrayal of a CP theme of being punished ‘behind high walls.’

The two girls, one of whom is the well-spanked actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ have been sent to the blond woman Miss Parker by their guardian for fighting and stealing. “You’re here for corporal punishment,” says the Scottish lady, reminiscent of ‘Jean Bradley,’ brandishing her cane.

The brunette is caned first. “Lift your skirt up…I see you are wearing regulation panties.” She wiggles them down, but goes for a mild spanking. OTK, avoiding the cane. Sarah is spanked next, also mildly. They must have had more than one film scheduled today.

Visit to Disciplinarian’ (F/2f; time:8 minutes) Don’t have the title here. Two schoolgirls in full kit, one is ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ one of the more improbable schoolgirl castings. In an ambitious exterior scene, the two girls pass through a steel gate, which closes behind them.

The girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. There isn’t time in this short film to flesh out the storyline, as has been done by CALSTAR and others where girls are sent to professional disciplinarians.

The girls have been instructed to prepare–they drop their panties and display their bottoms through a pair of doors, awaiting the disciplinarian. She arrives with a cane. The girls have been sent by their guardians for stealing and fighting. “You’ve been sent to me. I’m your disciplinarian.”

The first girl will be spanked. The woman takes some pleasure in pulling her panties down the rest of the way. OTK spanking, a clear bottom here. Sarah is then spanked, also an unblemished bottom. Despite the cane as a prop, it is not used.

Heather Stanton – XEROTICS

6 Nov

Heather Stanton interview’ (f; time: 5 minutes) The typical interview and a good one. Heather sits in white bra and panties. She will be held full screen as Peters interviews her. Today’s spanking shoots included handspanking, strap, cane, and tawse. Peters hands her implements to hold. The tawse is worse than the strap. The cane is the worst—sharp pains. She invites viewers to visit her new website, To conclude, she displays her bottom, a bit pink, the day is probably not over. Peters fondles.

Cleaner Gets It’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The camera pans a very messy kitchen. John Osborne scolds Heather Stanton about it. She has darker hair here, and wears a pink string top and denim skirt . She sets to work cleaning, but with a clear lack of enthusiasm, which of course will cost her.

Osborne takes her into the next room, the familiar cinder block wall space with the metal stairway. She kneels on an easy chair. He rucks up her skirt, pulls down her white knickers, and begins handspanking. Another look at Ms. Stanton’s tight and perfect bottom. Various positions for the spanking. Heather seems mad about it, but she takes it. Neat body.

Drunk Model’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Miss Smith catches Heather in the bathroom, drinking. She has vodka in a water bottle. OTK, knickers down, pussy on display. The set is Heather’s frequent block wall room. Bend over a chair for a big tawse. She sits bare bottom on a vanity bench. Very nice.

‘GB Self Spank’ (f; time: 3 minutes) We’ve said, Ms. Stanton has the trim and natural little body to stand naked on an empty set. Here, in the concrete walled room, she stands naked, smacking her bottom herself. A female photographer is seen briefly, snapping stills.

Heather’s Workout‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Actress ‘Heather Stanton,’  here a brunette, narrates for the camera that today she is getting a “special workout…for my bottom.” Sounds good to us–two seats on the aisle please. She stands in just black bra and black boyshorts in the spare cinder block general purpose room XEROTICS used in this series.

Her male antagonist Agean works down her shorts; closeups rear and front; vaginal jewelry. He gets her bra off so she is naked, this is the kind of industrial room where nudity is humiliating. He makes her do nude PT–star jumps, touch-toes and hold, ensuring her back is to us for part of it. The short segment concludes with a mild paddling, accent on her facial expressions.

I Want Hard’ (M/f; time:13 minutes) We presume the title is referring to a spanking. Heather wants more demanding spanking roles so she asks to be spanked harder. Peters will oblige. The set is the low ceiling garret room. Heather drops her jeans and red thong. The camera contemplates her nifty bottom for a moment.

OTK, some puss winks. Frontals. She willlingly bends over a table for a strap. The cane next. “Six of th best…how does that feel?” “All right.” Heather never says much. She dresses. One of her best films. So simple

Knickers and the Rod‘ (F/f; 13 minutes): Actress Heather descends metal stairs, wearing a school uniform and carrying a cane. ‘Girls Boarding School’ uses these scenes of girls reluctantly descending to an institutional setting to report to their spanking, carrying implements. Heather tentatively rubs her bottom and adjusts her high-cut white panties.

The same older woman from the segment above takes her OTK in an open cellar-storage type room. The woman does the honors with the knickers and delivers a slow handspanking. Closeups of all of Heather. Hands-on-stool for the cane. 10 strokes. Closeups show white marks ripening. Heather has to face the wall and earns more smacks when she turns around.

Ladies Finishing School’ (M/f; time:15 minutes) Heather plays a student here; these films are probably early in her XEROTICS  collection. Her hair is dark here, and she appears gaunt and thin, and a bit drab on the cosmetics side. But this does add to her plausibility.
XEROTICS regular ‘Agean’ is the disciplinarian here, in schoolmaster’s robes.

He takes her OTK and spanks on her pleated school skirt, then on white panties, then on the bare. Camera shots from the rear are not reticent about showing her jewels.

Heather has to bend over for a short session with the paddle and cane. She is not shy about twirling for us, nude and shaved.

Naughty Knickers’ (M/f; 18 minutes) Blond actress ‘Heather Stanton‘ still with a persistent little cough found in some other films (you don’t stop filming in CP), chats on the phone. The male character Peters she has made most of her films with enters. She is late with homework at school, all the time.

He devises a clever cure for her habits. He cuts out the seat of a pair of her knickers, so her bottom will be easily accessible to anyone on short notice. Then, “I’m going to make sure over the next half-hour your arrogance is gone.” She looks delightfully shocked.

OTK spanking, sniffles. Over the table for the cane, the cut-outs providing a nice target. A dozen strokes, the lines develop on the screen as we watch. She begs to use the bathroom halfway through. At the conclusion, “kneel straight” on the chair, “spread your bottom cheeks wide!”

Work Discipline’ (M/f; 8 minutes) Blond Heather at a makeshift desk doing her work. The regular male actor, here her boss, “You’ve got a data loss.”  She can be fired (sniffles). “I need this job…isn’t there anything else I can do?”  “…I  would give you a bloody good thrashing…this is the real’re prepared for that?…you need a pretty good hiding.”

“Take your jeans down…and the knickers.” OTK. Her bottom is clear, despite her busy filming schedule. Bottom closeup, hands-on-head. This actress is always good for a leisurely nude pose. She agrees to the strap and bends over a chair; boobs hang in that popular posture. Doubled strap, slow-motion added. Top off, naked. More strapping, before the boss finishes and asks her not to discuss this with anyone.

‘Slipper and Buttocks’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Two blond students, one the regular ‘Heather Stanton,’ dressed in schoolgirl outfits, wait in the cinder block-walled space XEROTICS often used. The girls discuss the spankings which are coming.

An older woman, Miss Smith, another XEROTICS  regular, arrives and scolds. She will spank Heather first, OTK, skirt up, full white panties down. The second blonde gets the same, side by side.

When the girls start to argue and accuse each other in obscene terms, the matron switches to a slipper on both bottoms.

One of many undistinguished XEROTICS products of this length.

Smith’s Treatment (F/f; time: 5 minutes) This film gets off to a fast start. Heather Stanton is totally naked, standing facing us, hands on head, legs spread. Miss Smith is going to deal with her. The scene is just a blank backdrop in a studio, some filming equipment noticeable. Ms. Stanton has picked up some tattoos and vaginal jewelry. Smith takes her OTK. Simple spanking. Lovely naked Ms. Stanton, perfect natural.

Spank SG’ (M/f: time: 19 minutes) The lovely Ms. Stanton is taking a scolding from Peters. Lots of facials, and as usual Heather doesn’t say much. She hangs her head, knowing what is coming. She bends over a table, white boyshorts come down. Lovely bottom. A strap.

Heather takes her skirt off, tie off, and last a long blouse which has been covering everything. She is naked, lovely natural body. Palm slaps, sweet little frontal. She is shy but bold.

Spanking Audition‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) ‘Miss Smith’ with ‘Heather Stanton’  and ‘Katie Leigh.’ The girls want to make a spanking movie and they need to be auditioned. There isn’t time to do it right here, and there is nothing like those ‘MOOD Castings.’

Miss Smith has the girls spank each other OTK. They are tentative and it is silly. Miss Smith shows them how, much harder, but there isn’t time to finish this.

Stanton OTK‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Blond Heather again, in school uniform, lowers her red panties herself. A  familiar actor gives her a conventional handspanking. He has her stand so he can carefully tease down and take off her knickers. Is that a tampax string between her legs?

Stantons  Toilet Troubles’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Heather runs back and forth to pee in a bathroom adjacent to the studio set used for most of these films.

Whatever her problem is, it won’t prevent her being spanked. She drops her jeans and little boyshorts, shows us some puss, and gets a spanking OTK. She is allowed to rub and pull her buttocks apart. Onto the chair for the leather paddle.

‘Straight 12’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Heather is in the concrete block wall room again, a set on which many of her appearances occur. She is delicious in just white bra and panties. Peters has the duty today. He pulls her knickers down, handspanking first, then the cane. 16 strokes shown, repeats. She has to thank him on each. She will stand on a chair on display. Slow motion. Frontals.

‘Student Heather’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Heather is a brunette here. She sits at a school desk and looks hot in a red top and denim miniskirt. A faceless male starts spanking her in a standing position. Up and down at her desk.

Finally OTK, the guy pulls down her thong. She has and red bottom AND red thighs. Hands on head, she sits again, but she is insolent. Up again, over the desk, legs spread for the slipper and more handspanking.

Tawsed‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Actors ‘Heather Stanton‘ and ‘Dino’ (Peters). He plays a priest visiting a school. Heather confesses to naughty thoughts, and masturbating. Dino wonders what would happen to her if he were to tell her parents about this. She doesn’t want this, so now he has the leverage he needs.

He will chastise her now, “I’m going to give you a damn good hiding…the tawse across your bottom.” Heather has been through this before. She lies over a table, head down. Dino raises her skirt and goes right for the panties, taking them down to her knees. He notes bruises from a previous spanking. In fact, Ms. Stanton is a busy actress.

After a handspanking warm up, he puts the tawse in front of her face. “It’s been a year since you’ve had this.” The tawsing is sharp and much harder than the spanking. Time for Heather to strip naked. When she stands for some tawse palm slaps, there is a nice frontal. Excellent humiliation. More spanking and tawsing, bent over and kneeling on a chair.

Lottie at XEROTICS

4 Nov

Caned on Arrival’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Colin Baxter waits impatiently for Lottie (Kinsade) to come home from somewhere. She arrives in schoolgirl kit and plops down on the couch, nonchalant. Colin takes her OTK immediately, skirt up, white knickers down. Lottie must stand and remove her knickers, giving Colin a facefull. She lies over the arm of the couch for the cane. 12 snappy strokes which seem to surprise Lottie. Some repeats and slow motion. Rubbing and hands on head.

Disgraceful Behavior Punished’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Colin’ In his cap and gown. He is scolding a fidgeting blond student, Lottie . “Will you stand still?” “I intend to give you a damn good thrashing.” Skirt up, he pulls the panties down like he prefers, and gets his frontal. OTK bare bottom, routine. Hands on the chair for the slipper, a little harder. To the wall, pants down, DALLAS style.

Evening Detention Discipline’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Lottie Kinsade sits in conversation with Peters. She is being held after school and therefore missing the bus, so Peters has had to pick her up. He’s discussed it with her teacher. He is going to use corporal punishment at home. “It might be the 21st century out there, but here it’s 1953.” She bends over a plastic bucket chair and her knickers come down. There is a clock on the wall to allow us to compare elapsed time with this shoot. Why do they do that? Handspanking first, followed by the slipper, and concluding with the cane, about 8 strokes shown. Some slow motion mixed in, unusual.

Lottie’ (M/f: time: 10 minutes) Quiet blonde Lottie Kinsade sits with Peters in the small garret  room with a low ceiling. She has braces! He explains to her that he has been hired by a British budget spanking network ‘Devine Cuts’ to audition girls.

He explains that of course he must look at her bottom. He asks why it is red and bruised. “I’ve been spanked, paddled, and caned a bit.” She likes it and has not reached her level, but almost. “We can have a look at the front….a vagina there, not a penis in sight.” Goodness!

Missing Again’ (M/f: time: 5 minutes) Lottie reports to Colin Baxter. The school has reported her missing classes again. On the last incident, a bare bottom slippering was promised. She is sent to her room. ”Bare your bottom and wait for me.” Tension we like. Colin arrives, Lottie kneels on the bed and fhen bends over for a hard slippering.

He gives her a standard OTK spanking and a bend-over caning. She is now bruised even more but she’ll be getting some work.

‘Lottie loses her job’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another film with Lottie in her flannel shirt. She is held full face on camera. Peters plays her ’husband’ and discovers she is unemployed and running up the credit cards. ”This is punishment, not like the bedroom.” When she sees his strap, ”I hate that one.” ”I know.” She drops her jeans and too-expensive knickers. OTK handspanking to begin. Hands on the easy chair for the tawse. Some slow morion.

Cane for Lottie’ (M/f; time:7  minutes) Headmaster ‘Colin Baxter’ will deal with student Lottie Kinsade.  She has trouble with her “timekeeping.” Nothing like a “short sharp shock” to her bottom for focus. She missed an exam and he will allow a retest “if you’re really lucky,” and she puts out in the fashion  you do in CP films.

OTK for a handspanking.  Colin pulls down her panties and gets his close frontal while we get her bottom. There are  series of fade seques here, as if the model needed a break.

Lottie stands. Colin wants her panties at her ankles. He steps away. “Please sir, not the cane.” About 10 moderate strokes over the back of a chair. Another cut here.

Lottie strips’ (f; time: 2 minutes) We’ve mentioned most of the models made short undressing episodes, to fill out their day, and, we guess, before their bottoms were too marked. Here is a simple one from Lottie Kinsade, filmed in the garret studio. She strips naked, closeups, and no contractual restrictions on where the camera can go.

Lottie’s Disgrace’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Peters tracked Lottie Kinsade’s activity on his computer and looked at her Facebook—smoking, drinking, boys, a disgrace to his household. She would appear to be his aupair. The scene is the garret room. He takes her pants and knickers down like he frequently does, full frontal for him and bottom for us. 

OTK, clear bottom. Standard spanking. Hands on the chair for a slipper. Hands on head to conclude. An entertaining spanking for this model. 

‘SG Reflections’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Lottie sits holding a strap, talking to Peters, head down in one of her penitent poses. She has been acting like a slag, got drunk, e dn around school. Hands on a chair for the strap, handspanking warmup first. A lot of slow motion in this film. Knickers down for the strap. We are in one of the top floor studio rooms. Even Peters has to duck his head here.

Teenager Needs a Hard Strapping’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Lottie, in school blazer and kilt, with Colin Baxter, in the kitchen of the house he often uses He has her bend over and drop her knickers for a strapping session. Conventional stuff.

Thrashed Again ‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Lottie Kinsade and Miss Smith. Lottie is upset about something. She drops her slacks and jumps at the smacks on the bare. She collapses. There are wild marks.

Thrashed and Slippered’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters is on the phone with his friend Jenny, who has emailed him about not being able to control her daughter Lottie (Kinsade). Mr. Fixit suggests she be sent over for a “damned  good thrashing,” the way he handles things. “She will leave here with a very sore behind.” 

Lottie arrives, a penitent-looking schoolgirl. She knows what happens in this house. “You’ve spoken to our three.” After a long explanation, Lottie is finally OTK. Kilt up, regulation knickers down. Somebody has been spanking Lottie somewhere. Old bruises. Handspanking and the slipper. Bottom on display.

’Stairwell Punishments’ (F/3f; time: 13 minutes) British CP filmmakers love staircases. Here, dour Miss Svenson will spank three girls on the landing of a staircase, not a ‘stairwell’ in our reckoning. She has set up a chair. The girls sit on the flight of stairs below, where the camera is also perched. 

Svenson  wears a medical smock. Jenny is called up first. She drops her knickers and goes OTK for a lefthanded handspanking. The space is tight, the camera perch is not good enough to pick up the action. Redhead Zoe is called up the stairs next. Svenson does her knickers. After her spanking, she leans over the chair for a light caning. As the girls clear the stairs the camera tries to adjust the view.

The third girl is Lottie Kinsade. The camera is able to follow her upskirt on the now cleared path. Svenson spanks right handed this time, actually placing Lottie’s bottom in better view. She also gets a brief caning, but a lot harder. 

The three bottoms are lined up for final presentation. We commend the director for trying some set innovation. Just not enough space, but we appreciate the diversion from the XEROTICS formula.

Unclean Clothes’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Miss Svenson will deal with Lottie Kinsade for her dirty clothes and habits. After scoldings and denials, Lottie will hand over her clothing one garment at a time.

Blouse off first, spots on the collar. Her purple bra is non-regulation. Red pleated skirt next, spots on it. White bikini knickers are also non-regulation. Bra handed over next. And down to the end: “Take them off.”

Svenson does a rather graphic inspection of the knickers. “Mistake wearing white.” “Now I’m going to give you something to think on.” “Yes, matron.” OTK naked except for cute maryjanes and socks. Lottie’s bottom is faintly pink. Routine spanking, a lot of scolding.

Hands on the love seat for the cane. A low and surprisingly hard caning. Since there is steady talk during the process, we didn’t detect any repeats  of the 20+ strokes shown. Her bottom is mostly full screen. One of Svenson’s strokes is accidentally high. Lottie reaches back to pain and the stripe ripens on screen. Her bottom is laddered with white lines. Quite unusual.

Lottie Interviewed’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another spanking filming breather. Peters interviews Lottie Kinsade. She has been hired by his ‘Devine Cat Network.’ He explains the budget production of this company, which distributes films through XEROTICS, SOL, and others.

Lottie wears schoolgirl kit.  She  has been making spanking films for two years. Before Peters continues, he wants Lottie to show her bottom. “Quite red,  why?”   “I have been spanked, paddled, and caned today. ”Peters is rather pornographic here. He has her show her shaved vagina. He claims his customers don’t care so much about “fronts.”

He will continue the interview while he spanks her. “Let’s see what you are made of.” She shows some old bruises. He spanks harder. “It stings a lot.” She has gotten used to the shame and humiliation. “The  captain [owner] will be very pleased…touch your toes for 2 strokes…let’s make that four.” Slow motion repeats of the caning.

‘Lottie Looking for Work’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Lottie sits with Peters. She wants to make spanking films. She has been referred here by her friend ‘Jodie.’ Here, Lottie wears a flannel shirt and jeans, which Peters reminds her is not good enough for filming. Peters explains some of the routine and shows her implements. But he tells her, “We need to test you with the cane…across your bare bottom.” If she passes, she can make 2 or 3 films right away. 

He wants her naked from  the waist  down. A red bottom. “Your boyfriend?”  “Legs apart.” 12 moderate strokes, and “the final few even harder.” Squeals. Shaved frontal. She will make a lot of films. 

‘Schoolgirl Reflections’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes)  Lottie Kinsade  again, with Peters. He waits for him. She has been out drinking beer and cider with the boys. After a scolding, she is bent over a chair, regulation knickers, for a handspanking. Some slow  motion, unusual. Overheads. Old bruises. Ms. Kinsade has  a busy schedule. 

‘Waiting for a Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Lottie waits for Peters, knickers down.  He arrives and gives her an unimportant handspanking, and slipper. Some slow motion. 

Weekend Punishment’ ) (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Lottie  is seen changing into schoolgirl clothes. The set is the low-ceiling garret room, such tight quarters that closeups are of necessity. Peters arrives and takes her OTK. Long scolding and facial closeups.. He has brought a cane

Skirt up, he does the knickers. Bottom warmed up, she stands for the cane. Six mild strokes, he wants her to rub. Six more, he wants her legs wider, stretching her knickers at her calves. Six more, the  to the wall. A clock on the wall indicates they were able  to keep rolling.

Three Naughty Trespassers – SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS

3 Nov

F/3f; time: 28 minutes

Three statuesque girls are naked, cavorting on a bed. They have broken into an empty house for sale and are having some girly fun. The real estate agent, Chelsea Pfeiffer, catches them and of course will take advantage of the situtation.

The best iteration of this theme we have found is the steamy ’Civil Settlement,’ a LUPUS production, where four hiking girls break into a rustic cabin for shelter in a storm, find some wine, and get naked. The men who own the cabin find them and give them the classic LUPUS caning. You can scream all you want in the forest.

In this film, Pfeiffer spanks and straps the naked girls in an almost playful style. A crop, a Spencer strap, and a razor strop. Again, we suspend disbelief on how a real estate agent could produce such a collection on the spot.