Lottie at XEROTICS

4 Nov

Caned on Arrival’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Colin Baxter waits impatiently for Lottie (Kinsade) to come home from somewhere. She arrives in schoolgirl kit and plops down on the couch, nonchalant. Colin takes her OTK immediately, skirt up, white knickers down. Lottie must stand and remove her knickers, giving Colin a facefull. She lies over the arm of the couch for the cane. 12 snappy strokes which seem to surprise Lottie. Some repeats and slow motion. Rubbing and hands on head.

Disgraceful Behavior Punished’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Colin’ In his cap and gown. He is scolding a fidgeting blond student, Lottie . “Will you stand still?” “I intend to give you a damn good thrashing.” Skirt up, he pulls the panties down like he prefers, and gets his frontal. OTK bare bottom, routine. Hands on the chair for the slipper, a little harder. To the wall, pants down, DALLAS style.

Evening Detention Discipline’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Lottie Kinsade sits in conversation with Peters. She is being held after school and therefore missing the bus, so Peters has had to pick her up. He’s discussed it with her teacher. He is going to use corporal punishment at home. “It might be the 21st century out there, but here it’s 1953.” She bends over a plastic bucket chair and her knickers come down. There is a clock on the wall to allow us to compare elapsed time with this shoot. Why do they do that? Handspanking first, followed by the slipper, and concluding with the cane, about 8 strokes shown. Some slow motion mixed in, unusual.

Lottie’ (M/f: time: 10 minutes) Quiet blonde Lottie Kinsade sits with Peters in the small garret  room with a low ceiling. She has braces! He explains to her that he has been hired by a British budget spanking network ‘Devine Cuts’ to audition girls.

He explains that of course he must look at her bottom. He asks why it is red and bruised. “I’ve been spanked, paddled, and caned a bit.” She likes it and has not reached her level, but almost. “We can have a look at the front….a vagina there, not a penis in sight.” Goodness!

Missing Again’ (M/f: time: 5 minutes) Lottie reports to Colin Baxter. The school has reported her missing classes again. On the last incident, a bare bottom slippering was promised. She is sent to her room. ”Bare your bottom and wait for me.” Tension we like. Colin arrives, Lottie kneels on the bed and fhen bends over for a hard slippering.

He gives her a standard OTK spanking and a bend-over caning. She is now bruised even more but she’ll be getting some work.

‘Lottie loses her job’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another film with Lottie in her flannel shirt. She is held full face on camera. Peters plays her ’husband’ and discovers she is unemployed and running up the credit cards. ”This is punishment, not like the bedroom.” When she sees his strap, ”I hate that one.” ”I know.” She drops her jeans and too-expensive knickers. OTK handspanking to begin. Hands on the easy chair for the tawse. Some slow morion.

Cane for Lottie’ (M/f; time:7  minutes) Headmaster ‘Colin Baxter’ will deal with student Lottie Kinsade.  She has trouble with her “timekeeping.” Nothing like a “short sharp shock” to her bottom for focus. She missed an exam and he will allow a retest “if you’re really lucky,” and she puts out in the fashion  you do in CP films.

OTK for a handspanking.  Colin pulls down her panties and gets his close frontal while we get her bottom. There are  series of fade seques here, as if the model needed a break.

Lottie stands. Colin wants her panties at her ankles. He steps away. “Please sir, not the cane.” About 10 moderate strokes over the back of a chair. Another cut here.

Lottie strips’ (f; time: 2 minutes) We’ve mentioned most of the models made short undressing episodes, to fill out their day, and, we guess, before their bottoms were too marked. Here is a simple one from Lottie Kinsade, filmed in the garret studio. She strips naked, closeups, and no contractual restrictions on where the camera can go.

Lottie’s Disgrace’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Peters tracked Lottie Kinsade’s activity on his computer and looked at her Facebook—smoking, drinking, boys, a disgrace to his household. She would appear to be his aupair. The scene is the garret room. He takes her pants and knickers down like he frequently does, full frontal for him and bottom for us. 

OTK, clear bottom. Standard spanking. Hands on the chair for a slipper. Hands on head to conclude. An entertaining spanking for this model. 

‘SG Reflections’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Lottie sits holding a strap, talking to Peters, head down in one of her penitent poses. She has been acting like a slag, got drunk, e dn around school. Hands on a chair for the strap, handspanking warmup first. A lot of slow motion in this film. Knickers down for the strap. We are in one of the top floor studio rooms. Even Peters has to duck his head here.

Teenager Needs a Hard Strapping’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Lottie, in school blazer and kilt, with Colin Baxter, in the kitchen of the house he often uses He has her bend over and drop her knickers for a strapping session. Conventional stuff.

Thrashed Again ‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Lottie Kinsade and Miss Smith. Lottie is upset about something. She drops her slacks and jumps at the smacks on the bare. She collapses. There are wild marks.

Thrashed and Slippered’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters is on the phone with his friend Jenny, who has emailed him about not being able to control her daughter Lottie (Kinsade). Mr. Fixit suggests she be sent over for a “damned  good thrashing,” the way he handles things. “She will leave here with a very sore behind.” 

Lottie arrives, a penitent-looking schoolgirl. She knows what happens in this house. “You’ve spoken to our three.” After a long explanation, Lottie is finally OTK. Kilt up, regulation knickers down. Somebody has been spanking Lottie somewhere. Old bruises. Handspanking and the slipper. Bottom on display.

’Stairwell Punishments’ (F/3f; time: 13 minutes) British CP filmmakers love staircases. Here, dour Miss Svenson will spank three girls on the landing of a staircase, not a ‘stairwell’ in our reckoning. She has set up a chair. The girls sit on the flight of stairs below, where the camera is also perched. 

Svenson  wears a medical smock. Jenny is called up first. She drops her knickers and goes OTK for a lefthanded handspanking. The space is tight, the camera perch is not good enough to pick up the action. Redhead Zoe is called up the stairs next. Svenson does her knickers. After her spanking, she leans over the chair for a light caning. As the girls clear the stairs the camera tries to adjust the view.

The third girl is Lottie Kinsade. The camera is able to follow her upskirt on the now cleared path. Svenson spanks right handed this time, actually placing Lottie’s bottom in better view. She also gets a brief caning, but a lot harder. 

The three bottoms are lined up for final presentation. We commend the director for trying some set innovation. Just not enough space, but we appreciate the diversion from the XEROTICS formula.

Unclean Clothes’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Miss Svenson will deal with Lottie Kinsade for her dirty clothes and habits. After scoldings and denials, Lottie will hand over her clothing one garment at a time.

Blouse off first, spots on the collar. Her purple bra is non-regulation. Red pleated skirt next, spots on it. White bikini knickers are also non-regulation. Bra handed over next. And down to the end: “Take them off.”

Svenson does a rather graphic inspection of the knickers. “Mistake wearing white.” “Now I’m going to give you something to think on.” “Yes, matron.” OTK naked except for cute maryjanes and socks. Lottie’s bottom is faintly pink. Routine spanking, a lot of scolding.

Hands on the love seat for the cane. A low and surprisingly hard caning. Since there is steady talk during the process, we didn’t detect any repeats  of the 20+ strokes shown. Her bottom is mostly full screen. One of Svenson’s strokes is accidentally high. Lottie reaches back to pain and the stripe ripens on screen. Her bottom is laddered with white lines. Quite unusual.

Lottie Interviewed’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another spanking filming breather. Peters interviews Lottie Kinsade. She has been hired by his ‘Devine Cat Network.’ He explains the budget production of this company, which distributes films through XEROTICS, SOL, and others.

Lottie wears schoolgirl kit.  She  has been making spanking films for two years. Before Peters continues, he wants Lottie to show her bottom. “Quite red,  why?”   “I have been spanked, paddled, and caned today. ”Peters is rather pornographic here. He has her show her shaved vagina. He claims his customers don’t care so much about “fronts.”

He will continue the interview while he spanks her. “Let’s see what you are made of.” She shows some old bruises. He spanks harder. “It stings a lot.” She has gotten used to the shame and humiliation. “The  captain [owner] will be very pleased…touch your toes for 2 strokes…let’s make that four.” Slow motion repeats of the caning.

‘Lottie Looking for Work’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Lottie sits with Peters. She wants to make spanking films. She has been referred here by her friend ‘Jodie.’ Here, Lottie wears a flannel shirt and jeans, which Peters reminds her is not good enough for filming. Peters explains some of the routine and shows her implements. But he tells her, “We need to test you with the cane…across your bare bottom.” If she passes, she can make 2 or 3 films right away. 

He wants her naked from  the waist  down. A red bottom. “Your boyfriend?”  “Legs apart.” 12 moderate strokes, and “the final few even harder.” Squeals. Shaved frontal. She will make a lot of films. 

‘Schoolgirl Reflections’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes)  Lottie Kinsade  again, with Peters. He waits for him. She has been out drinking beer and cider with the boys. After a scolding, she is bent over a chair, regulation knickers, for a handspanking. Some slow  motion, unusual. Overheads. Old bruises. Ms. Kinsade has  a busy schedule. 

‘Waiting for a Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Lottie waits for Peters, knickers down.  He arrives and gives her an unimportant handspanking, and slipper. Some slow motion. 

Weekend Punishment’ ) (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Lottie  is seen changing into schoolgirl clothes. The set is the low-ceiling garret room, such tight quarters that closeups are of necessity. Peters arrives and takes her OTK. Long scolding and facial closeups.. He has brought a cane

Skirt up, he does the knickers. Bottom warmed up, she stands for the cane. Six mild strokes, he wants her to rub. Six more, he wants her legs wider, stretching her knickers at her calves. Six more, the  to the wall. A clock on the wall indicates they were able  to keep rolling.

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