Heather Stanton – XEROTICS

6 Nov

Heather Stanton interview’ (f; time: 5 minutes) The typical interview and a good one. Heather sits in white bra and panties. She will be held full screen as Peters interviews her. Today’s spanking shoots included handspanking, strap, cane, and tawse. Peters hands her implements to hold. The tawse is worse than the strap. The cane is the worst—sharp pains. She invites viewers to visit her new website, naughtybottoms.com. To conclude, she displays her bottom, a bit pink, the day is probably not over. Peters fondles.

Cleaner Gets It’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The camera pans a very messy kitchen. John Osborne scolds Heather Stanton about it. She has darker hair here, and wears a pink string top and denim skirt . She sets to work cleaning, but with a clear lack of enthusiasm, which of course will cost her.

Osborne takes her into the next room, the familiar cinder block wall space with the metal stairway. She kneels on an easy chair. He rucks up her skirt, pulls down her white knickers, and begins handspanking. Another look at Ms. Stanton’s tight and perfect bottom. Various positions for the spanking. Heather seems mad about it, but she takes it. Neat body.

Drunk Model’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Miss Smith catches Heather in the bathroom, drinking. She has vodka in a water bottle. OTK, knickers down, pussy on display. The set is Heather’s frequent block wall room. Bend over a chair for a big tawse. She sits bare bottom on a vanity bench. Very nice.

‘GB Self Spank’ (f; time: 3 minutes) We’ve said, Ms. Stanton has the trim and natural little body to stand naked on an empty set. Here, in the concrete walled room, she stands naked, smacking her bottom herself. A female photographer is seen briefly, snapping stills.

Heather’s Workout‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Actress ‘Heather Stanton,’  here a brunette, narrates for the camera that today she is getting a “special workout…for my bottom.” Sounds good to us–two seats on the aisle please. She stands in just black bra and black boyshorts in the spare cinder block general purpose room XEROTICS used in this series.

Her male antagonist Agean works down her shorts; closeups rear and front; vaginal jewelry. He gets her bra off so she is naked, this is the kind of industrial room where nudity is humiliating. He makes her do nude PT–star jumps, touch-toes and hold, ensuring her back is to us for part of it. The short segment concludes with a mild paddling, accent on her facial expressions.

I Want Hard’ (M/f; time:13 minutes) We presume the title is referring to a spanking. Heather wants more demanding spanking roles so she asks to be spanked harder. Peters will oblige. The set is the low ceiling garret room. Heather drops her jeans and red thong. The camera contemplates her nifty bottom for a moment.

OTK, some puss winks. Frontals. She willlingly bends over a table for a strap. The cane next. “Six of th best…how does that feel?” “All right.” Heather never says much. She dresses. One of her best films. So simple

Knickers and the Rod‘ (F/f; 13 minutes): Actress Heather descends metal stairs, wearing a school uniform and carrying a cane. ‘Girls Boarding School’ uses these scenes of girls reluctantly descending to an institutional setting to report to their spanking, carrying implements. Heather tentatively rubs her bottom and adjusts her high-cut white panties.

The same older woman from the segment above takes her OTK in an open cellar-storage type room. The woman does the honors with the knickers and delivers a slow handspanking. Closeups of all of Heather. Hands-on-stool for the cane. 10 strokes. Closeups show white marks ripening. Heather has to face the wall and earns more smacks when she turns around.

Ladies Finishing School’ (M/f; time:15 minutes) Heather plays a student here; these films are probably early in her XEROTICS  collection. Her hair is dark here, and she appears gaunt and thin, and a bit drab on the cosmetics side. But this does add to her plausibility.
XEROTICS regular ‘Agean’ is the disciplinarian here, in schoolmaster’s robes.

He takes her OTK and spanks on her pleated school skirt, then on white panties, then on the bare. Camera shots from the rear are not reticent about showing her jewels.

Heather has to bend over for a short session with the paddle and cane. She is not shy about twirling for us, nude and shaved.

Naughty Knickers’ (M/f; 18 minutes) Blond actress ‘Heather Stanton‘ still with a persistent little cough found in some other films (you don’t stop filming in CP), chats on the phone. The male character Peters she has made most of her films with enters. She is late with homework at school, all the time.

He devises a clever cure for her habits. He cuts out the seat of a pair of her knickers, so her bottom will be easily accessible to anyone on short notice. Then, “I’m going to make sure over the next half-hour your arrogance is gone.” She looks delightfully shocked.

OTK spanking, sniffles. Over the table for the cane, the cut-outs providing a nice target. A dozen strokes, the lines develop on the screen as we watch. She begs to use the bathroom halfway through. At the conclusion, “kneel straight” on the chair, “spread your bottom cheeks wide!”

Work Discipline’ (M/f; 8 minutes) Blond Heather at a makeshift desk doing her work. The regular male actor, here her boss, “You’ve got a data loss.”  She can be fired (sniffles). “I need this job…isn’t there anything else I can do?”  “…I  would give you a bloody good thrashing…this is the real thing..c..you’re prepared for that?…you need a pretty good hiding.”

“Take your jeans down…and the knickers.” OTK. Her bottom is clear, despite her busy filming schedule. Bottom closeup, hands-on-head. This actress is always good for a leisurely nude pose. She agrees to the strap and bends over a chair; boobs hang in that popular posture. Doubled strap, slow-motion added. Top off, naked. More strapping, before the boss finishes and asks her not to discuss this with anyone.

‘Slipper and Buttocks’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Two blond students, one the regular ‘Heather Stanton,’ dressed in schoolgirl outfits, wait in the cinder block-walled space XEROTICS often used. The girls discuss the spankings which are coming.

An older woman, Miss Smith, another XEROTICS  regular, arrives and scolds. She will spank Heather first, OTK, skirt up, full white panties down. The second blonde gets the same, side by side.

When the girls start to argue and accuse each other in obscene terms, the matron switches to a slipper on both bottoms.

One of many undistinguished XEROTICS products of this length.

Smith’s Treatment (F/f; time: 5 minutes) This film gets off to a fast start. Heather Stanton is totally naked, standing facing us, hands on head, legs spread. Miss Smith is going to deal with her. The scene is just a blank backdrop in a studio, some filming equipment noticeable. Ms. Stanton has picked up some tattoos and vaginal jewelry. Smith takes her OTK. Simple spanking. Lovely naked Ms. Stanton, perfect natural.

Spank SG’ (M/f: time: 19 minutes) The lovely Ms. Stanton is taking a scolding from Peters. Lots of facials, and as usual Heather doesn’t say much. She hangs her head, knowing what is coming. She bends over a table, white boyshorts come down. Lovely bottom. A strap.

Heather takes her skirt off, tie off, and last a long blouse which has been covering everything. She is naked, lovely natural body. Palm slaps, sweet little frontal. She is shy but bold.

Spanking Audition‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) ‘Miss Smith’ with ‘Heather Stanton’  and ‘Katie Leigh.’ The girls want to make a spanking movie and they need to be auditioned. There isn’t time to do it right here, and there is nothing like those ‘MOOD Castings.’

Miss Smith has the girls spank each other OTK. They are tentative and it is silly. Miss Smith shows them how, much harder, but there isn’t time to finish this.

Stanton OTK‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Blond Heather again, in school uniform, lowers her red panties herself. A  familiar actor gives her a conventional handspanking. He has her stand so he can carefully tease down and take off her knickers. Is that a tampax string between her legs?

Stantons  Toilet Troubles’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Heather runs back and forth to pee in a bathroom adjacent to the studio set used for most of these films.

Whatever her problem is, it won’t prevent her being spanked. She drops her jeans and little boyshorts, shows us some puss, and gets a spanking OTK. She is allowed to rub and pull her buttocks apart. Onto the chair for the leather paddle.

‘Straight 12’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Heather is in the concrete block wall room again, a set on which many of her appearances occur. She is delicious in just white bra and panties. Peters has the duty today. He pulls her knickers down, handspanking first, then the cane. 16 strokes shown, repeats. She has to thank him on each. She will stand on a chair on display. Slow motion. Frontals.

‘Student Heather’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Heather is a brunette here. She sits at a school desk and looks hot in a red top and denim miniskirt. A faceless male starts spanking her in a standing position. Up and down at her desk.

Finally OTK, the guy pulls down her thong. She has and red bottom AND red thighs. Hands on head, she sits again, but she is insolent. Up again, over the desk, legs spread for the slipper and more handspanking.

Tawsed‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Actors ‘Heather Stanton‘ and ‘Dino’ (Peters). He plays a priest visiting a school. Heather confesses to naughty thoughts, and masturbating. Dino wonders what would happen to her if he were to tell her parents about this. She doesn’t want this, so now he has the leverage he needs.

He will chastise her now, “I’m going to give you a damn good hiding…the tawse across your bottom.” Heather has been through this before. She lies over a table, head down. Dino raises her skirt and goes right for the panties, taking them down to her knees. He notes bruises from a previous spanking. In fact, Ms. Stanton is a busy actress.

After a handspanking warm up, he puts the tawse in front of her face. “It’s been a year since you’ve had this.” The tawsing is sharp and much harder than the spanking. Time for Heather to strip naked. When she stands for some tawse palm slaps, there is a nice frontal. Excellent humiliation. More spanking and tawsing, bent over and kneeling on a chair.

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