Sarah Harvey Lewis – XEROTICS

10 Nov

All purpose model, for several producers

Changing Room’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) A rare look at backstage, cluttered with  filming equipment. Peters is on the scene with several girls—-Sarah Harvey Lewis,  Kirsten Gould, and Helen. Not sure what is going on here, except it is probably filler material for all of them. Two girls sit and watch as Peters spanks Sarah first. Slacks down, thong down, she objects.

Kirsty is spanked next. She  bends over a chair and pulls her hand through her legs to cover her pussy.  Is Peters spanking there? Strap and slipper. The  girls hold her still. Peters whacks all the girls in a general melee.

‘Domestic Spending’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Richard spanks Sarah in the overlit sitting room. OTK, nifty tight white knickers come down. A spanking is a small price to pay for overspending. Hands on the couch for a leather paddle. Rather surprising welts and bruises.

Late Home’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief exercise, with Sarah as a Top. She and and a male await a girl coming home late. The girl arrives and they both spank her. We figure she had played her limit of Bottom scenes that day.

Schoolgirls in the kitchen’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Sarah Harvey Lewis and Jasmina bustle around on the familiar kitchen set, preparing for school. Peters is unhappy with  Sarah’s school uniform and Jasmina seems part of the disorganization. And cigarettes have been found. Might as well spank them both. Sarah  is spanked  first; Jasmina  takes off her knickers in preparation.

Peters canes Sarah. About 25 silly strokes. Both can do better. Jasmina next, 6 light strokes. A nice bend-over. Peters: “My breakfast has been ruined.” Don’t  think so.

Drunk Slag’ (M/f. time: 10 minutes) This game and willing actress Sarah Harvey Lewis  made just a few films for the British producers who provided product for XEROTICS. We have reviewed those we found, grouped here.

A few words about Ms. Lewis. She was both a Bottom and a Top, and made many appearances for producers/distributors such as CALSTAR, CONNOISSEUR,STRICTLYENGLISH, and more. And some famous bottoms, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Catherine Corbett, and more. Two characteristics of hers which come to mind—her bravery, and that her skin was always a uniform tan.

In this film, she lies flat on her stomach on one of the double beds in the garret room, sleeping off a drunk and looking much the worse for wear. She wears a blue shirt and jeans. Peters wakes her up, and after her head clears a bit, he takes her jeans and knickers off, all the way, so he will be able to spread her legs.

OTK, a mostly clear bottom. We said ‘brave.’ Peters spreads her legs as wide as they will go. Full vaginal view, including some jewelry, and flash of a Mohawk as she positions. After the spanking, top up, breasts exposed, hands on head, frontal. Peters asks her where she wants to be whipped with a tawse. He has all the choices. Palm slaps. She stalks off at the end. Very good SHL.

‘Sally’s Strapping’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Aunt Shanelle is waiting up for Sarah Harvey Lewis. It seems aunty has just spanked another girl, who stands bare bottom at the wall. After an all-nighter, Sarah is taken OTK, skirt up, blue panties. She stands to rub. Hands on the couch for the strap. There might have been a first part to this.

Schoolgirls Trespass’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kirsty and Sarah Harvey Lewis frolic on fhe grounds of what we have called the ’mansion’ set. The silly girls are in full schoolgirl dress, boaters and blazers. They are trespassing.

Richard interrupts them and is able to take them inside and and all the way up to the ’garret’ room, without a struggle.There, he will strap both girls at the couch as they bend over. Knickers will remain, as do their clothes. The cane to conclude.

Swimming Test’ (M/2f; time: 25 minutes) A sweet film, if you share our interest in wet bottoms. Two girls, actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ and brunette Jasmin, stand at attention beside an indoor lap pool while  XEROTICS  male actor Peters scolds them for poor training and preparation. Sarah wears a white one-piece racing tank suit, and Jasmin is in an eye-popping pink bikini.

After scolding, Jasmin gets in the water and does some silly breast-stroke up and down the pool, although, in this bikini, we acknowledge that nothing is really silly. Her time is terrible. He makes her get out, bend over, and he begins spanking the wet bikini. Sarah is looking apprehensive in the background.

Now it is Sarah’s turn, but she refuses to get in the pool. The coach first spanks her with a strap and then has her peel down her one-piece and bend over for handspanking and the strap. Sarah has some scattered bruises. While she is being spanked, Jasmin is ordered back into the pool for more laps. The sound of Sarah’s spanking is supposed to motivate her.

Out of the water, Jasmin  drops her bikini bottoms and the instructor smacks both bottoms. Jasmin has Dimples of Venus. Sarah goes to the wall–her suit is down for good; she faces us–frontals.

Into the pool again for Jasminin just her top. Unfortunately, she is such a weak swimmer that her white buttocks don’t rise to the top when she kicks. Out of the water, top off, her proud boobs steal the show. Frontal-nice little Mohawk. She does an acceptable job of appearing embarrassed there in the nude.

Instructor Peres begins with the cane. 8 strokes for Sarah, but she won’t go in the water. Jaamin now swims naked. Out again, both girls spanked, the sounds of wet flesh echo in the large room. Spankings, laps, more caning.

Each girl gets about 8 more moderate strokes, hands-on-head, more strapping. The girls scurry off naked.

‘Swimming Lessons ’ (MF/3f; time: 29 minutes) A longer film and a sort of continuation of ’Swimming Test,’ reviewed elsewhere. Richard is scolding two girls in the garret room, Jasmina and another girl. Apparently the girls were goofing off at a swimming lesson and will be spanked for it. He spanks both girls, bend over, knickers down. Mild start.

Segue to the familiar lap pool scene with the mural walls. Sarah Harvey Lewis has joined the two girls. They slowly undress to put on swim suits. In CP films this is done backs to the camera. In Jasmina’s case, her boobs are the thing. Richard interrupts the changing, and the girls are not phased at all about being caught in various states of nudity.

The girls are lined up; they will swim for Richard. Sarah is first to do laps. Richard is appalled. She is spanked on her wet suit. Jasmina and the third girl also perform poorly and are spanked. Jasmina’s bikini top can’t quite corral her boobs.

Miss Parker enters the scene. She has brought a cane. She is the headmistress and scolds Richard for the mess and the state of discipline. She orders the three girls back into the pool, then out. They must take off their non-regulation suits, except for Sarah’s permitted one-piece team suit. The two naked girls want to cover, but Parker wants hands on head.

Sarah rolls down her suit and takes 15 mild cane strokes on her wet bottom. A lot of talk and delay, squandering a great chance for some real action. The two naked girls are smacked a few times then sent scurrying off with armfuls of clothes.

Two girls behind walls’ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) Our title for a short film. Two girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. They buzz in and pass through a large electrically operated driveway gate, a reasonable portrayal of a CP theme of being punished ‘behind high walls.’

The two girls, one of whom is the well-spanked actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ have been sent to the blond woman Miss Parker by their guardian for fighting and stealing. “You’re here for corporal punishment,” says the Scottish lady, reminiscent of ‘Jean Bradley,’ brandishing her cane.

The brunette is caned first. “Lift your skirt up…I see you are wearing regulation panties.” She wiggles them down, but goes for a mild spanking. OTK, avoiding the cane. Sarah is spanked next, also mildly. They must have had more than one film scheduled today.

Visit to Disciplinarian’ (F/2f; time:8 minutes) Don’t have the title here. Two schoolgirls in full kit, one is ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ one of the more improbable schoolgirl castings. In an ambitious exterior scene, the two girls pass through a steel gate, which closes behind them.

The girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. There isn’t time in this short film to flesh out the storyline, as has been done by CALSTAR and others where girls are sent to professional disciplinarians.

The girls have been instructed to prepare–they drop their panties and display their bottoms through a pair of doors, awaiting the disciplinarian. She arrives with a cane. The girls have been sent by their guardians for stealing and fighting. “You’ve been sent to me. I’m your disciplinarian.”

The first girl will be spanked. The woman takes some pleasure in pulling her panties down the rest of the way. OTK spanking, a clear bottom here. Sarah is then spanked, also an unblemished bottom. Despite the cane as a prop, it is not used.

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