Hannah Martin at XEROTICS

11 Nov

Bad Week’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Peters is angry with Hannah. “Never expected you to be the brightest person.” Hannah reflexively checks her bottom as she is being scolded. He has her drop her knickers facing him then turn to us. OTK, standard bare bottom handspanking. Clear bottom! Blouse off, down to gymslip. Hands on head, lovely round bottom stands out.

Breakfast talk’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Blond Hanne, dressed for school, eats breakfast with Peters, as seen in an overhead shot, unusual for XEROTICS. She argues with him about being out late last night. He’s had enough and picks up a cane. “No, please. Please.”

He wants her over the breakfast table. What a way to go to school. She tries to resist, just enough to increase the tension. There is a lot to Hanne under her blouse we make note of. She lies over the table. After a few smacks on her gray skirt, Peters lays on 7 moderate cane strokes on her regulation knickers. He has her take off her low heels and climb on a chair, where he pulls her knickers down, so her bottom is in his face. Fast start in the morning. A little bit of NU-WEST or REALSPANKING here.

Peters makes Hanne stand on the chair, knickers down, facing us, hands on head. Peters makes her stand there a while, frontal closeups. She climbs down and bends back over the table, bare bottom ready. About 20 rather light strokes shown, and surely repeats. Lovely Ms. Hanne must have a deal with the producer, or let’s hope, this is the start of a long shooting day.

Creamy Pussy’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Hanne sits in her undies. She takes a cell phone call and will discuss the experience she had today watching some of her friends being caned on their bare bottoms in class. She will have phone sex over the thrill. She begins to undress and masturbate when Peters catches her.

Peters spanks and straps Hanne, poking at her vagina, if that is what she wants. Hanne’s lovely bottom is full screen most of the last part of the film.

Girls School Troubles’ (M/2f; time:12 minutes) Fancy setting, a later film in the series. The ‘professor,’ Colin Baxter, for want of a better name, has called for two schoolgirls, who now appear before him in blazers. They’ve been out late and done various things which now warrant a spanking. He pulls a strap out of his jacket vest pocket. The girls squirm.

“A trip to my study can be good news or bad news.” Brunette ‘Hannah‘ is first to bend over the desk. Handspanking begins on her blue knickers. The professor pulls her pants down, his favorite part of the day. The second auburn/brunette gets the same spanking on her white panties.

Two bare bottoms over the desk. 6 strokes of that strap for each.

Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The two blondes with a scruffy and pervy-looking Peters, and a longer film, which means two bottoms, the other Kirsty. They’ve been truant. To begin, he has Hanne raise her schoolgirl kilt and drop her knickers. With Hanne on display, he takes Kirsty OTK and soon has her bottom bared. Handspanking. She struggles a bit more than usual. When Peters touches her labia with a finger, she jumps.

Kirsty bends over for the cane. She will get 14 and must count them out. When she messes up the count at a pause at 11, Peters sets the count back to 5. He runs her up to 40, with pauses for rubbing and fondling by him. “You are doing very very well.” He adds a 41, of course the hardest. Some of his strokes were on the thighs, and a few dangerously high, and Peters has the experience.

Now Hanne, not so much. “Right, Miss arrogance, take them down.” She hands over her knickers. Peters examines them and is happy they are clean. Since Hanne has recently been spanked…”I know your bottom is sore”….she gets only a brief handspanking. Peters puts lotion on Kirsty’s bottom as she stands cornered, the cane handle between her cheeks.

‘Kirsty Thrashes Hannah’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Two of the best models, bottoms and actors. Hannah is OTK and on the couch for a routine spanking and caning.

Hanne caned’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An SOL film. Hanne and Peters. The sexy thin blonde stands in an overlit room. On direction, she drops her pants, and has to be reminded to keep going, to also take down her black lace knickers. Peters starts with a round leather paddle. Then the cane, about 12 strokes shown, repeats. Hanne bends over and spreads her legs, so that her face can be seen through her legs, as well as ample pubic hair. Cute caning for a professional.

Hanne and Her Fingers’ (M/f;; time: 9 minutes) Hanne sits on a couch, playing with herself and having phone sex with a friend. Nod to Woody Allen for the title. She drops her knickers and gets into serious play when  Peters catches her. She stands for a handspanking. Frontals, shaved. Hanne is never shy. Hands on the couch, just a gymslip, one of the great bottoms. Legs open, closeup. 

Hanne masturbates’ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Schoolgirl Hanne sits on a toilet masturbating. She uses a hand held sprayer to squirt herself. We assume she is standing in a drained area. Upstairs she goes, where she is confronted by Peters, who notices her wet clothes. It would seem the phrase ‘Stupid girl’ might apply here.

Peters takes her wet panties away from her. Hey, an almost clear bottom. Almost 8 minutes of scolding elapse before a caning begins. Routine performance.

‘Respect the Hat’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson examines a top hat, and Hannah seems to have damaged it, all we need for a spanking. OTK for a slipper. Hannah’s jeans have a patch ”people for peace.” Hannah pulls them down, she is quite red already. Routine handspanking and slipper.

‘Soapy Spank’ (2f; time: 4 minutes) A sexy little interlude.Kirsty and Hanne, both stark naked, are oiling and playing with each other in what looks like a laundry room. Some silly spanking. Kirsty drops to her knees to give Hanne oral, don’t see much per XEROTICS code.

Suppertime Resolutions’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Blond Hanne  has come to Peters to apologize. She isn’t wearing much and neither is he. Peters will solidify her new resolve with a spanking. Hanne shows Peters her bare bottom, which is mostly clear. She has pulled down her pink satin shorts so that her classic bottom sticks out. 

OTK, handspanking first. He has her stand and strip naked—a little dress, the satin shorts, and a bra. Hanne should always strip. She bends over for a doubled strap and jumps at each stroke, as if it really hurts. She needs a moment. Some bruises  

‘Kind Punishment’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Blonde Hannah is a very cute schoolgirl here. She’s been spanked by her uncle for masturbating, so nowVincent will spank her in his own way, but he plays with her a lot also. He wants her skirt up and knickers down. He fondles a lot, she will trade that for spanking. OTK, the knickers have disappeared, more fondling. Standard spanking, except for more attention to the thighs. closeup of a shaved pussy.

Peters, Hannah, Kirsty’ (M/2f; time: 22 minutes) Peters (scruffy here), with two schoolgirls, Hannah and Kirsty. He will spank them both, mostly Kirsty. She goes first, and she will mostly keep her curly brown hair over her face for the entire film. A very nice school kilt comes off,  a thong comes down, and Peters spanks her OTK on the couch. Then a caning, light at first. Peters fondles, and as always, a bit more than she should.

Hannah’s spanking is less and unremarkable. She must have ahead more scheduled this day, because she could have taken a heavier dose.

Post-party Blues’ (M2F/2f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes) From off-screen Peters chats with Hannah and Paige after their appearance at a London spanking party the previous night. The models seem to be new to spanking performance at this point. The spanking at the party was their hardest so far, they had some problem with inaccurate spankers.

After a lengthy discussion: “Can we have a look at your bottoms?” The girls get up off the couch and drops their pants and thongs. Mostly blond Hannah here. He wants the girls to spread their cheeks, something the customers ask for.

The girls sit and continue the interview bare bottom. Yes, their pain thresholds have increased as they work. They admit they got excited at the party and masturbated later, thinking about the “naughty men” and their erections they noted.

There was a separate room at the party where the girls watched men being thrashed. Peters asks Paige to spank Hannah. Hannah is positioned OTK on the couch for a very mild pat-pat spanking. She is supposed to be still sore from last night. It is slow and a bit silly. Peters would like it harder. Peters wants her cheeks spread. They note the vertical bruise at the buttocks crack which results from the strap.

The girls switch. Hannah points to the sorest places on Paige’s bottom. The girls say goodbye and invite viewers to the 2005 party. Peters walks into the shot. Hannah is a little surprised. “You’re going to cane me?” She kneels up on the couch and points to the parts of her bottom she can take the cane.  Just 4 hard strokes. Hannah really flinches at Peters’ swooshes. One stroke elicits a “fuck, right on my bruise.”

The girls return to sit and talk. Paige shows a lot of fuzz for 2003. The girls are encouraged to open their knees on the couch, but the angle doesn’t work. They’re playful minxes.. 

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