Masie Dee at XEROTICS and more

15 Nov

Maisie Dee Introduction’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Peters does one of his audition themes with the model Maisie. Here, Maisie wants to try some spanking fantasies. She wears a jersey top and distressed jeans. Peters of course can’t give her a contract until she passes his test. She drops her jeans and he pulls down the knickers. A mild OTK handspanking to begin, face to the camera. A standing handspanking spanking to conclude, hands on head

Bare Bottom Academy’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Masie and Fae. This trio must have made a day of films. The girls report to Simpson and soon are bent over with their knickers down. Both girls have the usual carry-over red bottoms, and brunette Fae has a few stray welts. Simpson handspanks them side by side. And a strap side by side. The girls have to adjust positions for Simpson to get her backswing. Lots of rubbing.

Bully’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Blond Masie had a fight with her sister and bullied her. Peters has her upstairs for a scolding, and from the look on her face, she knows what’s coming. “You’re going to get a damn good thrashing…bare bottom.” Skirt up, Peters mocks her silly knickers. Down they come. Clear bottom! A standing handspanking, lots of frontal. Peters elicits tears, as he promised.

Confession of Pleasure’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Masie and Fae as schoolgirls discuss spanking. Masie will show Fae what it is like and takes her OTK. Knickers down. ”Look at that red bottom.” The girls laugh.

Disobedience of Maisie Dee’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Schoolgirl Maisie and Elizabeth Simpson argue. After a segue, Maisie is taken OTK for a brief and routine handspanking, followed by a bend-over for a slippering.

Dressed for School’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Masie is stark naked and putting on her school uniform. A reverse striptease. Peters arrives and is very displeased with how sloppy Maisie looks. Peters picks at her clothes, especially her knickers. He pulls them down and gives her a routine standing spanking.

‘Elizabeth Simpson with Fae and Maisie’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Masie runs to Simpson and accuses Fae of being in her face all the time. Fae has been using the ‘c’ word and the ‘f’ word. One gets spanked for a lot less in these halls. Simpson calls for Fae and takes her OTK. Black pants and panties down. Ms. Fae has been spanked recently. A routine spanking then a brief caning. Then a bend-over at the couch for 6 cane strokes. Snitches never survive in CP films. Maisie is taken OTK, kilt up, panties down, for a rather silly spanking. 

Hung Over’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Masie Dee and Elizabeth Simpson. Masie is in her pajamas and hung over from last night. Elizabeth wrestles her OTK and gets her pajama bottoms and knickers down. Routine handspanking. When Masie sasses her, she earns more. Bend over for the strap

I need a spanking’ (f; time: 7 minutes) silly. Masie Dee strips, spanks, and plays with herself.

Kiss and Make Up’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Masie Dee and Kayla in a little bit of harmless lesbian fun, interrupted by Elizabeth Simpson. She will spank them both, Masie first. Simpson uses Masie’s knickers to wipe between her legs. Kayla next, the same. The girls probably liked this.

Maisie Bad School Report’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Maisie gets a long scolding from Peters. Knickers down, Maisie has retained a full thatch of pubic hair. Naughty. Held in closeup. He smacks her bottom before she grabs her ankles. Red bottom. Strap. Hard tears and red face from our girl.

Maisie Dee and friend (Kayla)’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A brief spanking. Maisie, and another girl, whose bottom is fully and uniformly red, so much so we don’t recall a spanking ever causing this. After a short session, the girl does oral sex on Maisie, but it is simulated.

Maisie caught masturbating’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters catches Maisie masturbating with a dildo. After 10 minutes of scolding and recrimination, Peters is ready to take some action. He gets her pajama pants off, bends her over, and begins the spanking. A long handspanking for the rest of the film.

‘Masie Dee’s Painful Detention Session’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 19 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT. Earlier Masie, would see to predate her XEROTICS films She is much thinner here. She sits at a school desk. Agean is her master. She is made to read her offenses, which are written on the blackboard.

Agean takes her OTK, bunching her knickers; she is not happy about this predicament. Knickers down, over the desk. Agean leaves her on display to get his strap and paddle. Good closeups of this productive model. She is a sweet and erotic complainer.

Agean takes a cane hanging on the blackboard. 13 strokes shown, getting harder. Surely repeats, three or four angles used. Tears. She grabs and rubs.

Masie self spank’ (f; time:8 minutes) Masie by herself here, filling out the shooting day. She narrates and plays with spanking implements in front of her. She slowly strips naked and begins to spank herself. nothing much here.

Maisie-Dee Spanked to Orgasm’ (M/f; hear: 2012; time: 18 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT not XEROTICS, but this is a good place to put it. Maisie is in the familiar studio with the couch and wall mirrors. She has switched on her laptop and is watching a spanking video. Agean catches her. If that is what she wants, he is the right guy.

OTK, white knickers, a routine spanking. Knickers down, then to the corner, where she continues to masturbate. OTK again, they laugh and hug at the end.

‘Masie Dee’s Touch’ (f; 9 minutes) Masie alone in her red net top and kilt, all on a shooting day. She gradually strips mostly naked, spreads her cheeks, takes up some porn poses, and masturbates. A rest period for her pink bottom.

Maisie in uniform’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Maisie stands in full uniform, including blazer. She takes a long scolding from Peters, over 7 minutes. Finally, Peters pulls down her knickers. He gets his view and we get her bottom. OTK first, then bend over for the slipper. Nothing of interest here despite the length of the film.

Model interview’ (3f; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson, Masie Dee, and Kayla sit together  on a couch. Peters interviews them from off screen. Masie is a saucy interrupter. “All’s well in the spanking world.” Kayla talks about spanking with her boyfriend. Her favorite sex position—“doggy style.” Goodness. She likes the paddle.

Elizabeth says that the girls have been good performers. She herself got her start by volunteering at a spanking party. She likes being both a Top and a Bottom. Peters asks her about her favorite model, who is ‘Annie Mae,’ disappeared into the archives by now. Her favorite spanking film is ‘The Music Lesson.’ Pornographic Peters wants to know how close she came to “topping out” as she spanked  the girls. She didn’t.

Ebullient Masie is interviewed next. Peters wants to hear her “sexiest exploit” but wasn’t quite prepared  for the answer. She describes a girl “squirting” in her face, some fisting in the “lady garden.” Peters ends the interview and reminds the girls the next shoot starts  in 10 minutes. 

My Girls’ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson sits on a couch with Masie Dee and Kayla, on the same couch set we have often seen. Apparently no one has recognized Simpson’s birthday. And she is sad. She is a madame and these are two of her working girls. And in this establishment spanking is featured. Simpson will be cheered up if she can spank the girls, and they are only too happy.

Masie is OTK first, knickers down. A bottom tan must be standard in this place. Simpson, to Kayla, playfully, as she spanks: “You, you fuckin’ slut. you’re next!” As the girls switch, “Come on. chop. chop. Time is money.” Routine stuff.

Naughty girls need the hairbrush’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and blond Masie. Masie has not cleaned her room. Simpson parks her on the stairs, panties exposed, while she gets a hairbrush. Simpson pulls her knickers down and pushes her up the stairs. Not the best stairway bottom scene, but a good try.

Into the messy bedroom, Masie kneels on her bed, down on her elbows, bottom high. Simpson urges her around, “You know the position,” until her bottom and puss are center screen. A rather long handspanking, a mild warmup. The hairbrush is easy too, but Masie hollers.

No Party Sore Bottom’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Masie is on the phone, arranging for a party. Peters interrupts and discovers Masie is going to a party without parental supervision. Not only  will there be no party, but soon there will be no pants. Masie is not happy about it. She kneels on the couch, floral dress up, ruffled panties. Peters pulls them down, and Masie whimpers through her spanking. Knees wide,  some puss from Masie. 

Oh Dear Maisie’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Maisie on the familiar couch. The girl is scolded about something before the spanking starts. Simpson takes her OTK bare bottom. A good view of this tight little bottom, for once not well spanked.

Party Girls‘ (F/3f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Jean Bradley’ confronts 3 girls, Masie Dee, Kayla, and another, who have wrecked a house with a party–20,000 pds damage. The girls are rather amused about it. Bradley will spank all three– a blonde, brunette, and redhead. What should the penalty be?

‘Peters’ enters. He is going to photograph the spankings. Nobody seems to mind. The girls are spanked and caned over a table, individually and in a row. Good for the camera. Bare bottoms.

‘Punished for Porn’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) STRAND/SPANKINGSARAH. Masie Dee is squirming around on the big bed making a porn film for a guy. She strips and she handles. ”Perfect ass.” She spreads and plays with herself. She takes her white lace knickers down and accepts a big shiny dildo to lick and lubricate it. “Fuck me,” as she inserts the dildo full length.

Mr. Stern enters and pauses these goings-on. He will give her a naked spanking. Into the diaper position, lots of puss. Masie gives him the finger after he is finished.

Redemption of a Christian Girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Masie Dee  is caught masturbating with a dildo by Peters. After a long scold, she strips for a handspanking. Lots of pubic hair. Rather hardcore in all.

schoolgirl training’ (M/f. time: 9 minutes) Not the title. Maisie uses a toilet. After a segue, she is sitting at a desk, being scolded by Peters. He finally takes her OTK for a routine spanking.

’Slipper at Home’ (M/f; time:17 minutes) Maisie Dee again, in front of the bookcases in the storeroom set. She is dressed in complete schoolgirl kit and seems to be crying already as Peters scolds her. It seems she swore at a teacher.

“What happens in this house?” Maisie: “You’re horrible.” He makes her say, “You spank me….and my bottom slippered.” Blazer off, skirt up, Peters pulls her knickers down with his front row seat. Long slow OTK spanking, tears, and the slipper.

Spank training’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kayla and Masie. They are going to experiment with some spanking. Kayla begins to spank Maisie as she kneels. There shouldn’t be any mystery about it, given the redness of her bottom. A long handspanking and slippering, until her bottom and thighs are a furious red.

Spanked and licked’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Someone else’s title. The British would not be so crass. The scene is the barren blue room. Racy Blonde Masie Dee is being spanked OTK by Kayla. She wears chaps attached by garters to knickers. She detaches the garters and drops the knickers to show a white thong.

After this brief spanking, she kneels up on the chair and guy gives her oral attention, which is filmed from the front through her legs. Such hard core adult stuff is not common in XEROTICS.

Spanking for Teasing the BoysMaisie Dee(M/f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes) Another SOUNDPUNISHMENT. In the familiar studio. Maisie wears a scandalous little kilt. She couldn’t move a muscle in that skirt. A male makes her bend forward to show her knickers. OTK, kilt up by itself, standard handspanking. To the wall; then Maisie climbs up on a table and drops her kilt. Turns out her knickers are part of a leotard. She unsnaps the gusset and pulls the garment over her head. She gets into the diaper position on a hassock. Handspanking. She is naked.

Thrashing for two’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Masie and Fae will be spanked by Elizabeth Simpson, as directed by Peters, who is shooting the scene. Brunette Fae is taken OTK first on the couch, a lovely bottom. Blond Maisie is beckoned to the couch, Simpson bares her bottom and gives her the same spanking. Some slipper for Maisie. Two bare bottoms at the couch. Nice models.

Three girl interview’ (M/3f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, from off-screen, interviews Elizabeth Simpson, Fae, and Masie, after they have made a spanking scene. The girls laugh and giggle about their “long day.” Fae and Masie discuss the experience and show us their bottoms, with help from Simpson and a few smacks. Doesn’t look like that tough a day. Two nice botttoms, but no real spanking in this episode. The girls are amused to present frontals at the end. Masie has a full untailored growth, Fae is shaved.

Tormenting the Vicar’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Masie and Fae have apparently been tormenting a vicar, so Elizabeth Simpson will spank them. Both girls bend over a couch, where Elizabeth bares both bottoms. “I have been given full permission.” Handspanking, knickers puddled, two great bottoms. Handspanking, strap, slipper; routine but fun. The girls rise. Masie gives us an unabashed frontal, quite unshaven. Fae covers

Yes, You Get Your Bottom Spanked’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has caught Masie Dee cursing, both verbally and in writing on her computer. That would be a spanking. Masie wears her red mesh top. Simpson takes her OTK and flips up her kilt. She is surprised by the knickers. “These are a bit lacy. Where are the white briefs I bought you?” Knickers whisked off. Handspanking, zoom on her bottom. To the wall, modesty preserved.


‘Slipper Punishment For Cheerleader Masie Dee’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 13 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT. An older film, predating her XEROTICS work. She gets into an argument with Agean, another cheerleader to go bottoms up. OTK, blue uniform knickers Handspanking first, a lot of squawking. Agean bunches the knickers. There is a vaulting horse in the shot, will it be used?

Masie takes off her uniform and knickers, down to just bra. Frisk position, elbows to the wall, for the slipper.Frontals. Over the horse, lengthwise, which provides facial angles in the tight space. Masie dresses and leaves, without her knickers. To cheerleader practice?

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