16 Nov

‘Bannister thrashing’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Second floor bannisters are always good to permit perfect bend-overs and facial shots from below. Peters will punish Gina (Cathy2) and Paige. They drop their skirts and knickers. Peters will use a double strap, after a handspanking warmup. lots of pubic hair here, frontals, as the girls move around.

Several scenes, a bit unusual. Both girls pose hands on head, facing front. New scene at the couch. The girls are strapped and caned here, about 10 strokes each, mild but colorful. ”Take the pain, girls.” When Cathy bends for her caning, ”Madam, your appointment with hell.” Not quite, but two world class bottoms.

 ‘Bare Bottom Counselling’ (M/2f; time: 30 minutes) A longer film, identified as SOL, distributed by XEROTICS. Scruffy ‘Peters’ sits on a couch talking to a schoolgirl, the model ‘Paige.’ It seems he is a ‘counselor,’  and he has been asked to deal with Paige. He is going to “use good old fashioned methods….I’m going to thrash you.”

Blond Paige seems not impressed. She stands. “Drop your knickers.” He takes her OTK for a standard handspanking. They move quickly to the cane. Hands on the couch, Peters used a very long whippy cane, 15 strokes shown, repeats. To the wall, hands on head.

This school district is mindful of its budget, because a second girl has been scheduled for Peters today, the experienced blond model ‘Hannah  Martin.’ She fights a smile during Peters’ scolding. OTK, Peters does the panties this time. Paige’s bottom at the wall is in some of the shots.

Bend over the couch, Hannah steps out of her panties with style. 20 cane strokes shown, repeats. Peters urges: “Legs apart…don’t worry, we’ve all seen it before.”  He explains what will happen if she moves, a high stroke might cripple her and  a low one break skin.

Paige accepts the offer to take the blame. She will get 10 more cane strokes, which Peters mitigates to 3. (Six are shown, the method of the repeats) The girls are made to face him, skirts up. He wants a look, they know it.

Foul Mouthed Secretary‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Tall  pageboy blonde Paige gets obscene with a customer on the phone at her fashion design job. She is quickly reported by the customer to the girl’s boss, played by ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’

There will be a spanking. “Take these down,” her jeans. “The customer is always right” is the chant as the OTK spanking begins. Lovely bottom, it seems almost superfluous to say, pink thong. Simpson mutters that she is disgusted with the attitudes of these college-girl temp employees.

Simpson wants Paige  to strip off her knee boots, jeans, and thong. The girl will have to work at her desk for the rest of the day without any pants on, a concept we love.

Paige Gina Cat Kara J’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey must be a prefect. She reports Paige, Gina, and Cat to Agean, who wears academic robes. The set is the dining room of the stone country house, a schoolroom here. The girls march in to face him.

An exciting afternoon for the don. Gina and Cat turn and drop their knickers for him, and Paige goes OTK. Standard spanking, knickers down. Tall blond Cat next. The girls all fight snickers. Cat has a small and tight bottom for such a tall girl, and muscular thighs.Gina waddles out next, stumbling over her knickers. Agean will now cane the girls. Each gets 6 rather polite strokes. And for good measure, Kara Jayne gets a brief spanking and csning, on the recurring theory that no good deed goes unpunished.

Fucking is Forbidden’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Hot  blond schoolgirl Paige  lolls on her bed. Mr. Carter  enters, a guardian or youngish uncle-type. It seems the Paige’s  boyfriend has been ‘helping’ her with her homework in her  bedroom.

After almost 4 minutes, the spanking starts. We are not impatient. We like foreplay. The blonde kneels up on the bed. The handspanking starts on her white panties. She is thin, with a tight little bottom. On the bare for the hand and a strap. Conventional,  but nicely acted. 

House Girl Punished’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A delicious storyline found in JANUS and BLUSHES print literature over the years. Girls are hired or indentured to households as servants. The assignment is not so voluntary. The ’masters’ of the households usually welcome the girls with a spanking and a little instruction as to what other ’services’ might be required.

Paige is brought to the twin bedroom set. She knows what is going to happen. The spanking implements are displayed on a bed. Paige is asked to raise a sort of cloak. The master is pleased with her white bra and knickers..He doesn’t hesitate to pull down the knickers. ”Hello, what’s this, Paige? You have a red bottom.” ”I got spanked, sir.” That pleases him, because he knows Paige understands the dynamics.

Paige kneels on the bed for a preliminary handspanking. Six snappy csne strokes, mild buut Paige jumps. Later, when Paige fails to say her prayers, more caning.

Matron Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) The menacing Jean Bradley as matron and blonde Paige in her ’Amanda’ persona. Paige wears schoolgirl kit and Bradley wears an institutional smock. Paige has been caught smoking and is going to get some serious attention.

Cute facials, flashing hanging earrings. Paige takes off her tie, skirt and blouse, down to a hot pink bra and white bikini knickers. Bra off, Paige jiggles her own boobs. Bradley pulls down her knickers, checking for cigarettes, then pulls them up again. We’re being teased.

Shoes and socks off, OTK, the spanking begins. Model Paige is already a bit red, and Bradley will expand it. Knickers down again, another lovely athletic bottom. Bradley likes to fondle. Bend over for two paddles before Paige is permitted to dress and leave.

Missing Tie’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Naughty Paige (Amanda) is not wearing a tie as part of her schoolgirl uniform, and Mr. Carter has the excuse he needs to spank her. She bends over. You can see a red bottom on the edges of her full white knickers. The story is she was spanked yesterday for wrong shoes. Carter takes them down for a mild handspanking and followed by a mild strapping.

‘Mother’s Old Fashioned Methods’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Lovely Paige reports to Simpson at her desk. Paige has a messy room and there is evidence of drugs. Simpson asks her, ”What used to happen in the old days?” Corporal punishment would be the answer. Simpson shows her a strap and informs her that her summer is over. ”The only tan you’re getting is on your ass.”

OTK, white skirt up, a standard spanking. Simpson removes the thong. After more tanning, Paige stands to remove her skirt. Hands on the chair for a strap, and very hard, a surprise. Slow motion. Paige is left kneeling erect, punishment itself.

Old School Shoes’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Paige and Carter. He is going to spank her for inappropriate shoes. Really, anything to a shot at that bottom of hers. OTK, skirt up, white knickers down, an almost silly start. Paige stands for the strap, very much harder, and some surprise reaction from Paige. She looks back at him in some discomfort and the knowledge he is doing this for his pleasure

Paige Caught’ (F/f; Time: 14 minutes) Paige sits at a desk and searches the drawers until she finds what she wants, a dildo. She spreads her legs and goes to work.Musical soundtrack to her moans. Feet up, legs splayed. You know it’s coming, you just don’t know who. Jean Bradley catches her, and this ensures a very good spanking.

Schoolgirl Paige bends over a table, up with her denim skirt and down with her white knickers. If that dildo was pleasing, should should be this spanking. Bradley loves to rub. There is a strap in the same desk to finish her off.

Perfect  Buttocks Punished’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Peters is interviewing blonde Paige from off-screen. It seems that a new girl, ‘Sarah Burgess,’ is giving them a bit of trouble. Paige is a head girl. After four minutes of this, Sarah is summoned. She is a scruffy brunette. 

After a short scold, she bends over for her spanking to begin. Peters takes her white knickers down and gives her a conventional handspanking and caning.

In a new scene, spiffy Paige is reporting to Peters. He greets her in the school hall and positions her for a bend-over spanking and caning. Lovely white knickers, fitted perfectly. Thus the title. After her caning, Paige turns to face us and gives one of those frontal flashes, and just the slightest glance  at the camera. Lovely. And the film closes with a leisurely closeup of her stripes and a longer frontal. This is a model with no restrictions. 

Post-party Blues’ (M2F/2f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes) From off-screen Peters chats with Hannah and Paige after their appearance at a London spanking party the previous night. The models seem to be new to spanking performance at this point. The spanking at the party was their hardest so far, they had some problem with inaccurate spankers.

After a lengthy discussion: “Can we have a look at your bottoms?” The girls get up off the couch and drops their pants and thongs. Mostly blond Hannah here. He wants the girls to spread their cheeks, something the customers ask for.

The girls sit and continue the interview bare bottom. Yes, their pain thresholds have increased as they work. They admit they got excited at the party and masturbated later, thinking about the “naughty men” and their erections they noted.

There was a separate room at the party where the girls watched men being thrashed. Peters asks Paige to spank Hannah. Hannah is positioned OTK on the couch for a very mild pat-pat spanking. She is supposed to be still sore from last night. It is slow and a bit silly. Peters would like it harder. Peters wants her cheeks spread. They note the vertical bruise at the buttocks crack which results from the strap.

The girls switch. Hannah points to the sorest places on Paige’s bottom. The girls say goodbye and invite viewers to the 2005 party. Peters walks into the shot. Hannah is a little surprised. “You’re going to cane me?” She kneels up on the couch and points to the parts of her bottom she can take the cane.  Just 4 hard strokes. Hannah really flinches at Peters’ swooshes. One stroke elicits a “fuck, right on my bruise.”

The girls return to sit and talk. Paige shows a lot of fuzz for 2003. The girls are encouraged to open their knees on the couch, but the angle doesn’t work. They’re playful minxes.

’Rebellious Teenagers Punished’ (MF/2f; time: 10 minutes) An older couple,  by CP film standards, discuss the behavior of their two daughters at school. Nothing has worked. They will try spanking.

The girls are summoned, blonde Paige  and brunette Helena, unlikely looking sisters. The girls strip down and stop at blouses and panties, even though “Everything off” had been directed.  The woman takes Paige OTK first.  Mother spanks, father holds her. White panties down, the slipper next. The girl is let up, unhappy, rubbing.

They switch roles, the father spanks the Helena.. Same routine, then bottoms on parade.

Riding Crop for Paige’ (F/f  time: 12 minutes) Blond Paige and Jean Bradley. Paige is caught masturbating. She unzipped the fly of her jodhpurs. A routine handspanking to begin. She keeps her hair off her face so we can see. Large ring earrings preferred by Paige. OTK, jodpurs down, white knickers down, hands on the chair for a hard cropping.

Spank Rather Than Wank’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Blond Paige is caught masturbating on one of the double beds on the bedroom set by a woman. She is going to get spanked for it, handspanking and a hairbrush. Not so hard here. Enough fondling to suggest the next part.

Turns out the Domme likes to watch Paige wank, and that Paige likes a good  “spunkin,” the best phonetic we can suggest for her Scottish. So this film could be retitled as ‘Spanking AND Wanking.’ 

Paige wears on a black lace top and a black thong, minimal night things designed for someone to remove. When she is being spanked, her athletic bottom soars and rises, high and hard. Thong off, she masturbates again, to the amusement of the watching domme. 

After a segue, Paige wants to be spanked again. The woman has brought a collection of implements. Paige kneels on the bed, that tight bottom even more magnificent. Slow motion spanking added. 

Special Slipper For Smoking’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Blond Paige as Amanda. Jean Bradley will spank her for smoking. OTK, knickers down immediately. A hard  worker, she is red already. Slipper and handspanking. Two pros.

Sticky Fingers, Sore Bottoms’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Paige looks around a room, looking to steal something. As she often does, she takes the moment alone to drop her pants and masturbate. She is immediately caught by Elizabeth Simpson and taken OTK, knickers down. Already red. Handspanking and strap. 

‘Testing 12’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Paige sits with no pants on. She is being tested to see if she can take the hard spankings needed for success in the ’industry.’ This test will be ”12 of the best.” A warmup handspanking first from Simpson. Her bottom gets red. ”Ready for the cane?” 12 mild strokes.

‘Three New Girls’ (M/3f; time: 15 minutes) A tepid affair, a bit longer because there are three girls to spank. A young Agean with Susanna, Becky, and Paige. The girls are interviewing for a job, and Agean has added a little spanking test to the process. He spanks the girls OTK bare bottom, almost pats. The girls spank each other in a giggle, then Agean returns to deliver a silly strapping.

Try Spanking’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) A nice short film with favorite Paige and Peters. He takes her OTK, puts her knickers in his pocket. She is tan all over and quite amused by it all. Hands on the chair, for the strap, she adjusts her hair and looks at the camera.

Twins Thrashed’ (M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Paige and another familiar model look through an old Bible and are giggling. Agean confronts them. They are supposed to be in school. If they are twins, it is a genetic anomaly.

He will spank the girls. He takes the brunette OTK to start. She wears a print top and jeans. The set is just a simple backdrop thrown up in the room and two straight chairs. This particular model has the trait of laughing and smiling through any pain of being spanked. She stands and drops her jeans to display a print thong. Back OTK. Paige watches and fingers herself in amusement.

This angers Agean. Paige is OTK quickly and he gets her bottom bare immediately. The brunette watches with jeans down and she starts to masturbate. He uses a leather paddle on Paige and then switches back to the brunette for the same. To conclude, he piles Paige on top of the brunette, two girls over his lap, and spanks them both.

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