Vicar Spanks – CONNOISSEUR

17 Nov

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 52 minutes

Not the title. Michael Stamp, with Sascha Harvey and a blonde. Stamp plays a vicar, a naughty one to be sure, who takes on the disciplining of two girls whose mother has asked for help. It is a long film, without much variation, so we will condense the details.

The vicar begins by spanking both girls OTK. Nothing much yet. After a segue, both girls return in Santa Claus bikinis. Not sure why. Another OTK for both. Sascha is maneuvered into the diaper position for a strapping while the blonde waits, then gets a standing strapping. Stamp is never a hard spanker.

Off they go, another segue. Stamp waits with a cane. The girls return in gym clothes. The girls both bend over for an ineffectual handspanking and caning.

Another segue. The girls return in pajamas. A wood ’A’ frame is set up. The blonde bends over the frame first, pj’s down. Sascha strips naked, frontals. She is a powerful girl. Stamp shows a flogger. The blonde strips also. Silly flogging for both, could have been much harder without ruining anyone’s day. A vaulting horse has appeared. Both girls are caned tap-tap, you wonder why for these two experienced models.

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