Co-Ed Whipping – NU-WEST

3 Dec

2F/mf; year: 1998; time: 20 minutes

The primary cast members on display. A naked Ed Lee is manacled face to the wall. Katie enters to the bare studio and strips naked quickly. Longish blond hair here and the cutest little bikini tan, tight pale white bottom. Joanne Jameson patrols the scene as a domme. She wears a bustier, garters and stockings, but her boobs hang out and there are no panties. Joanne wears spike heels and appears a foot taller than barefoot Katie.

Apparently Katie is going to be punished because she refused to cane Lee. ”I don’t want to cane him, I want to paddle him.” Joanne removes a flogger from the wall and begins lashing the perfect white bottom, just hard enough to make Katie squeal and jerk. Joanne moves to the wall and lashes Lee. She reaches around to check his cock. Don’t know what she finds, but Lee grunts.

Back to lashing Katie, a nice grope of her pussy and a fondle of her boobs. Joanne is quite the Amazonian here. Those heels elevate her persona. Back to Lee’s cock. She must be rough, because he squirms on tiptoe.

Katie is let down and given a cane to Lee what she was asked to do. After some positioning and instruction, the first stroke is very hard, but this severity is not repeated, maybe because the Boss muttered some protest. Joanne urges Katie to cane harder, and might have used another cane to accomplish that, but she doesn’t. Great front and rear views of naked Katie at work.

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