9 Dec

M/f; time: 29 minutes

Little Lady Alice does a ”cosplay” spoof on the 1995 film with Alicia Silverstone. She wears a yellow print little girl outfit. Alice thinks the actress in the movie deserved a spanking, and she will play that out.

After a long conversation with an off-screen voice, the spanking starts. Routine stuff, bend over for a strap. One of the strikingly cute models.

A long session of a kneeling spanking on the bed. Lady Alice does not have a big round bottom or thunder thighs. What makes her so appealing? For us, it is acting. She gets a paddling on the bed and rocks at each swat. split screen provides both face and bottom. The position is kneeling, head low, bottom up.

Alice finally stands on the bed and is told to strip. She covers as she gets naked, except for a top. Bend over again, standing on the bed, palms on the mattress. Full puss. A huge strap, very nice. Split screen again so we can see her misery. She reaches under to play with herself.

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