XEROTICS Carla, Shay, Stevie Rose, Miss Woods

20 Dec


Cheats’ (M/2ftime: 17 minutes) Two rather older schoolgirls wait nervously in some workspace, wondering why they have been summoned, and suspecting their cheating has been detected.

Agean arrives and accuses them of plagiarism. He marches the girls into his office. Auburn haired Ainsley is taken OTK first. Little denim skirt rides up; Agean takes down a thong which wasn’t interfering at all. Standard spanking and then to the wall.

Frizzy haired brunette Carla is next. She has been brought in to watch before her turn. She takes her jeans down and adjusts her bikini knickers. After some spanking, Agean takes down the panties.

Fade. The girls are bent over his desk now, still bare bottom, for a strap. Then  the strapping, they stand straight, facing him, no covering up. Girls must be used to this at this school.

’Domestic Strapped Bottom’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Peters with Carla,  a small exotic curly haired brunette with an almost adolescent figure and the tightest nifty little bottom. She sits writing an apology on the garret room set. Peters will spank her. Carla lies over the table and her red skirt comes up. She is very heavily marked already. To cover this, Peters says, “You’ve already been caned twice this week.” 

He straps her, puss shots. She removes her shoes, skirt, and top and is naked. Lovely, and quite unlike most CP models. Some palm slaps, very painful, then more strapping with the biggest strap. Left kneeling on the table, full puss. 

Prefect’s Caning’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Peters’ with one of his prefects, ‘Brooks’ (Carla). She is getting a lecture on her responsibilities and will soon be punished. Prefects should be punished in confidentiality, and much more severely. Brooks has been bullying, and she must recite that definition for Peters.

She will touch toes–this model is very athletic and turns this posture into an erotic gesture. Peters handspanks her first then takes up a very thick cane-a monster.

Six strokes on her skirt, then a break. When her skirt comes up, there are marks already. Brooks drops her superfluous thong–6 more strokes for unauthorized knickers. Peters orders Brooks to put the thong “in my cubby.” Goodbye to those undies.

Another break, then Peters promises “six of the hardest ever delivered at this school.” Six cracks; he probes her pussy with the cane tip. Peters adds three more for good measure. A very detailed closeup of Brooks’ anus depicts fuzzy hair. She’ll remain bent over for 30 minutes then return to class without knickers, where her bottom will be shown to the class.



Double punishment’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) We believe it is a very young Kyle Johnson with two girls, early Stevie Rose and Marie. Kyle spanks the two girls one at a time OTK in the conventional manner. Dresses up, panties down. After long spankings, he paddles both bare bottoms side by side. No innovation here, but we have a chance to see stars in the making.

Game night luck of the dice’ (4f; time: 10 minutes) Stevie Rose, Marie, Anna, and Daisy are going to play a dice game of stripping and spanking. Not much happens here; Stevie and Marie are spanked by Anna and Daisy for most of the film. This cast and idea needed more development. We would have loved some strip poker type tension

Hide N’ shriek’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Stevie Rose and Marie in an exterior scene, along a rocky path in high desert hills, like California. Both girls are American. Is XEROTICS distributing an American product? The girls play some silly hide-and-seek game which ends up in a spanking.

Marie spanks Stevie bent over a rock, on her jeans, then her print panties, then on the bare. Mild stuff and mostly silly. Marie picks up a paddle off the ground. “I can totally use this on you.” At least Marie has gotten Stevie a bit pink. The roles reverse and Stevie gives Marie the same harmless spanking.

Late night Spanking’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Stevie and Harley sneak in the house after having been out all night. Lilly is waiting for them. Blond Stevie Rose wears nothing but a bikini and fuzzy leggings. She is first to go OTK. Her bottom is already red she was doing all night included some attention to her bottom. Bikini bottoms down. Lilly has a kitchen spoon at the ready.
Harley is next. She gets the same spanking. All rather conventional

Nude Spanking’ (MF/2f; time: 17 minutes) Stevie Rose and brunette Daisy with a young guy, maybe Kyle Johnson,  with a Prince Valiant hair style, when they were hot. We don’t believe we have seen Ms. Rose in an XEROTICS distribution. We might guess XEROTICS picked off films like this, discarded by others.

Kyle will have the girls strip naked. Stevie is quite buxom here. Naked Daisy is taken OTK first, Stevie’s bottom in the shot. Kyle spanks mildly, lefthanded. Everyone is amused. Stevie is spanked next, right handed. To conclude, both naked girls spread out beside him, one on each side, so he can spank both. Bottoms and pink skin, the defining shot of the video.

Spanked Naked Thieves’ (MF/2f; time: 27 minutes) A longer film,  with Kyle Johnson, Stevie Rose, and Kendra. It seems the girls spent on his credit card after he passed out at a party. Another circumstance where a guy can exact a price on a girl’s bottom for a payment. After a long scold, the girls strip naked, and they will not be shy about frontals as they move around. Kendra is spanked first. then it is Stevie’s turn. 

After Stevie’s warmup. Kyle takes off his belt and she gets a whipping. “Oh, my God.” 

‘Tanned Hides’ (F/3f; time: 14 minutes) Stevie Rose with two other girls, Marie Lavender and Daisy. The trio has made a series of films. They gambol  on a bed. Stevie has darker hair here. They are giggling about pictures on a phone. Stevie will spank only Marie in this episode, kind of silly, lying flat on the bed. Daisy escapes. Maybe there is a part two.

Three Spanked Rover Chicks’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) An unmemorable attempt at a spanking romp. The meaning of the title escapes us. Kyle Johnson with his partner Stevie Rose, with Marie Lavender and  Kendra. The four of them wear silly outfits beyond our ability to describe.

The girls seem to anger Kyle, who will take them OTK one at a time, knickers down, for conventional spankings.

Trip well earned’ (F/2f: time: 9minutes) Stevie and Misty, with Lilly in the domme role. American actors. There is some disagreement about a trip to Hawaii. The dialogue is garbled for us. Somehow spankings are in order. Mist heavy with facial jewelry and tattoos, goes OTK first. Mild and silly to begin. Slacks and thong down, tattoos all over the place.

Stevie OTK next. She is blonde here. Pajama pants and red polka dot panties come down. Moderate spanking. Not much to this film. We wait to see Ms. Rose take a real spanking.


’Prostitutes Punished’ (F/2f) Two naked blondes, ‘Robin’ and ‘Shay’ loll on a bed. They are prostitutes, and their Madam Miss Woods  is unhappy with their performance–complaints from customers, etc. A spanking is in order.

Standard spanking and strapping; the most interesting part of this film is a shot of the two spanked bottoms, lying on the bed, viewed up their legs.

After School Detention‘ (F/2f; time: 6 minutes)  Two disheveled blondes, Robin and Shay,  report to Miss Woods  for detention and get the usual scolding. The girls are in full schoolgirl kit, except when they must bend over a desk we see two pairs of sexy panties. Woods quickly whips both pairs of panties to the ankles. The girls get gentle handspankings in the bend-over posture.

Back to School‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Robin’ has returned to a classroom, wearing a school uniform, a little sloppy. She is out of practice, a ‘graduate’ returning for some discipline in some kind of therapy session, “to learn how to be a schoolgirl again.” A bit farfetched, but we never object to a spanking, and Robin’s slightly insouciant demeanor suggests some punishment.

The ‘teacher, the familiar brunette Miss Woods in this series, will get to it. (Hourly rates?) Spanking, “on the bare bottom, like the olden days.” She removes Robin’s kilt and pulls down her panties, suggesting that white knickers might have been a better choice.  After a mild OTK spanking, Robin is sent to the wall. “Take off your shirt and bra as well.” Definitely back in school now.

Teacher makes her wear a boater and a regulation tie; otherwise, she is naked. Bend-over for a strapping. Robin is very tall and pendulous. Mild, but kinky and fun. How many therapists have a decorated classroom? Maybe this is a real teacher, just moonlighting.

Expensive Punishment’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Miss Woods with Shay here, who for some reason looks very tall, close to a foot over Woods. Shay is being scolded for having bought something very expensive and will be spanked for it. Shay stands and Woods unfastens her jeans, then red lace knickers down. OTK. Handspanking. Hands on a chair for the strap. Brief frontal.

The Reading’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Miss Woods spanks with her slightly lesbian touch. A female drama student is not reading with enough emotion. She has an attitude. There is a way to deal with that. The girl bends over, skirt up, knockers down, red bottom. Handspanking to start to ”get some feelings.” The strap next, surprisingly hard. She must continue to read aloud as the strap falls. Better. Back to class.

SG GB‘ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Two girls, Robin and Shay, in detention in the classroom set. The headmistress Miss Woods comes in and she wants to have a look at the girls’  bottoms. They bend over a desk, she flips up their kilts, and slowly pulls down their panties

She examines and probes the bottoms, making salacious remarks about the scenery. One bottom belongs to ‘Robin,’ with her lizard tattoo on her right buttock. Super zoom on the bottoms shows goose bumps. “This punishment will be our little secret.”

Shay’s Spanking’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Blond Shay drops her jeans and thong and takes a conventional OTK spanking. The female domme Miss Woods needs to spread her buttocks, just for the fun of it. Cornered. 

Spellings and Spankings‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Girls in XEROTICS’ faux classroom. Blond Shay is given a spelling test, and when she misses virtually every word, “Multiple spankings, my dear,” from domme Miss Woods. But first, she has to pull her own panties down and wait in the corner.

Vagina Must Be Dry or You Will  Be Caned’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Miss Woods deals with a masturbating girl. The set is the double bed room. Of course the brunette is not dry. Knickers down, over the bed, an already red bottom. Handspanking, then a very big cane. About 15 strokes, and some slow motion. 

Visit to Miss Woods’ Office’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Not sure this is XEROTICS. The scene of this spanking is a school office, nice oak book shelves. A very cute brunette, a prefect in fact, is going to be punished for bullying.

An older female will have no trouble putting bruises on her bottom for an offense like this. OTK, fully white panties down, a conventional spanking. The teacher gets the cane “for your naughty bottom.” Bend-over, panties at her thighs, 7 strokes with repeats.

This teacher is having a bit of fun. The girl has to remove her blazer, skirt and take her panties all the way off. Bend over again, six more strokes of the cane.

There are some fades and cuts in this film. 12 more strokes grabbing ankles with a “thank you, Miss Woods.” Cornered, bare bottom.

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