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Don’t Talk Back – NU-WEST

24 Jan

2F/f; time: 18 minutes

Very early film, the usual poor production, and just the barren sound stage. Three schoolgirls in pinafores and kneesocks. The film predates the formation of the NU-WEST cast; at least, they are not here. Two of the girls will cane the third girl.

The victim bends over the back of a chair and her pinafore is pulled to expose full white knickers. The girls alternate caning her, surprisingly hard, in sets of six fast strokes. There is a lot of pacing and circling in the NU-WEST way, having the effect of both letting the sting settle in, and of course eating up tape time. Some good overhead angles.

The panties come down at seven minutes. Both flanks are taking a beating from cane wraparound. Heavy tears. The film conclude with a fusillade of alternated single strokes. The girl kicks and screams. One of the caners looks over to the camera to see if they are done.

Leia Ann Woods at XEROTICS

22 Jan

Caught with boyfriend‘ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Leia has been caught with a boy doing ’homework.’ Elizabeth Simpson marches her to the couch by the ear. Leia wears her favorite colors, a red top and black skirt. OTK at the couch, the little skirt pops up by itself. Slow spanking, knickers down.

Leia kneels on the couch for a paddle and strap. Her lovely tight bottom shines in the overlit set. Some more spanking positions on the couch.

cleaner punished’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Leia Ann Woods wears a maid’s outfit  and she has run afoul of her employer, Kirsty we believe, a familiar busty blond domme (and a reliable Bottom). The scene is the blacked out room with the parquet floors. Leia is taken OTK and her knickers come down immediately. Kirsty spanks unusually hard, more hits than smacks. You’d imagine a lot of models couldn’t take this. 

Leia surrenders her knickers, and commences sweeping the room, without pants. Nice. She bends over a chair, locking her knees as she does so well. Paddle and strap. More bare bottom broom pushing. She is fully red, and no wonder, from that spanking. 

‘Erica Caned’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Another simple and brief exercise with Bob Carruthers (Cooper) on the overlit sitting room set. Leia sits chewing her nails. Cooper arrives, and Leia immediately bends over. He pulls her white panties to her knees and begins with a doubled strap. Ms. Woods knows how to how position, keeping her knees locks and bottom perfect.

The cane next, about 30 strokes shown, repeats at least once. Quite severe. Stripes down Leia’s thighs we did not see hits for. Nice one-on-one film. Was that a passing frig from Carruthers at the end?

Erica in Trouble ‘ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Leia Ann Woods knocks at the door of the glass wall parquet floor set. She is received by Peters and a long scolding begins, during which she rubs her skirt in apprehension.

Peters goes for a cane, after a blackout. Were they resting? 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles and in slow motion. Leia steps out of her puddled knickers for no other reason than the theater. And she keeps her knees locked and her bottom out during the bend-over, in a style few models can match.

Erica’s Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Pervy Peter Carruthers again.  Brunette Erica (it is a young Leia Ann Woods) comes down a set of  stairs, wearing one of those little disposable house dresses which drive us spankos crazy. The dress is so short she can’t move a muscle without showing something. She was out late and climbed in a window to get home. Carruthers  can do his thing with her. 

OTK she goes,  panties down, lots of lovely facials from Leia. To the corner, hands on head. Just that move raises her dress to expose her bottom. The next phase will be kneeling on a chair for the strap. Fun to watch Leia’s face as she accepts her fate. Firm strapping, Peter  gets in his fondles. He must have loved seeing Leia’s name on the cast list.

Leia returns the chair to an adjacent room and returns with a cane. She seems to know the house. Leia, always athletic,  bends over and is almost able to put her palms on the floor. 10 snappy strokes, maybe some repeats, given the two camera angles, but lovely, given Ms. Woods’ career-long athleticism.

‘Erica’s Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Leia Ann Woods sits on her haunches on the bed on the garret room set. Always lovely and so spankable. Peters is off screen. Leia gets up, takes off her black skirt and unbuttons her white blouse. She kneels on the bed for the cane, using a pillow to separate her knees. Peters works her blouse over her head. Leia then kneels erect and leans onto the headboard. The cute, a cute red bottom. And a surprising leaisure frontal of shaved Ms. Woods. as if to say, “You asked, Here it is.” 

Leia-no panties‘ (F/f; time:25 minutes) We’re not sure this is XEROTICS. Might be NORTHERNSPANKING. Lucy McLean and Leia Ann Woods, two actresses certainly seen lunching (standing) in Glasgow on enough occasions. The two play mother and daughter. Lucy stops Leia from going out for the evening in rather scandalous undergarments. Not so naughty, really, but anything which earns Ms. Woods a spanking works for us.

OTK, when the short skirt comes up, no panties! Now this is a different matter. Leia is made to strip  naked and sent to get the strap. The whole point of the film is to view Ms. Woods’ trim and muscular body. Lucy makes Leia kneel on the couch for a routine strapping, then sends her upstairs naked to dress properly. Nude on a Staircase.

She is back in a little black dress, still not good enough for Lucy. And, what? Still no panties. What does Leia have planned? She earns 20+ strokes of the cane, hands on ankles. She is sent away to try again.

My name is Erica’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Leia Ann Woods in a schoolgirl character. With no hesitation, she leans over a stool and pulls her boy shorts down. The caning begins. Peters does the deed. 18 strokes are shown, repeats. Straightforward, no dialogue.There is a pause while Leia kicks away her knickers, then we resume. 24 more strokes shown, with repeats. Leia was asked just to bring her gorgeous bottom and courage to this film.

Peter Carruthers ‘ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) ‘Leia Ann Woods’ who reports to him in her nightie. It seems she sneaked back into the house late and has been drinking his vodka. “You’re going to get a damn good spanking.” Does she need to go to the toilet before they begin? No.

OTK on the couch, white panties down. He takes the panties all the way off. When Leia goes to the corner, the hem of her nightie rides up. She is sent to bring a chair and the strap.

“Right over.” After the strapping, she is sent for the cane. “Please don’t cane me.” Sweet but ineffectual–these girls rarely offer an alternative. Palms to the floor–this is definitely the athletic Ms. Woods. About 12 strokes, shadows of the film crew probably limited this release. Cooper likes his results, and if we were him, we’d keep replacing the vodka.

Stripped and Spanked’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Leia Ann Woods and Peter Carruthers in his short format. Leia strips quickly and gets a fast spanking on the overlit set. 

Very Honest’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The model is identified as Erica, and is Leia Ann Woods, although we will not see her face until the last seconds. The set is the blacked-out space with the desk and parquet floor, where we have seen rousing beatings of Nicky Montford, Rosaleen Young, Kara Jayne Dempsey, and Sarah Collins, among others. Erica is standing, getting the slipper, bare bottom, and the punishment is underway.

Peters is doing the work. He takes over with the cane, just moderate. She is bent double, holding her ankles. Very nice ritual. At one point she steps out of her puddled knickers and puts them on the desk. pussy closeups. When the caning is complete and Leia walks off the set, she throws Peters a look of scorn, as if he got to her.

Woods and Peters’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes.)Two warriors very familiar with each other, Leia Ann Woods and Peters. Both very young here. She reports to him in schoolgirl  kit. The set is a cobbled together work space, with window glare blocked by plastic sheeting. After a long scolding from Peters off screen, time for action.

Leia gets implements out of a drawer of a derelict desk and rubs her bottom reflexively. She bends over the desk, handspanking first., then a slipper She raises her skirt to display full white shorts. She pulls them down. After the slipper, she steps out of the panties, so nicely. Hands on head.

The cane is next, after a fade. Don’t know why. We know red bottoms can’t wait. Panties are back in place. Touch toes, panties back to the ankles. Muscular Leia locks her knees to thrust her bottom out. Peters wants those legs open. Mild with the cane here.


22 Jan

M/f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes

Cadet Kelly Wilson reports to Agean. Both are in uniform. A bit silly. OTK, skirt up, over a desk for a silly handspanking. Agean pulls his punches, rare for him. Over the desk, great bottom and great potential, unrealized. A lot of rubbing. We can only suggest this model chickened out after the shoot started.

Domestic Discipline – FIRMHAND

19 Jan

A pro forma 2009 series for, among others, Samantha Woodley, most notable because she is naked more often here. And other couples —the Stocktons and Alison Miller with Patrick Bateman.

(A) (M/f: time: 11 minutes) A stunning Ms. Woodley fidgets on a bed on her haunches. She wears a gauzy top over bra and panties. A male disciplinarian, her husband or partner, enters the room. She got too drunk last night and there are rules.

After some eye-batting, she removes her dress and the bra and panties, so she is naked. She maneuvers to prevent any frontal views, as she does, and it would appear she shaves. Hot stuff as she crawls around. She bends over the bed for the handspanking to begin. This is as sexy as we have ever seen her.

After a hug, she climbs onto the bed, arranges some pillows, and lies over them for a small strap. Very red. Wonderful.

(B) (M/f; year: 2009; time: 6 minutes) Samantha Woodley continues completely naked, rare for her. She lies on her stomach on a bed. She kneels up and spreads her knees. As usual, the camera shots are careful not to catch her goodies. The  mostly faceless male will handspank and strap her bottom. Her breasts hang. We can see her gasping for breath. A notch up the scale of eroticism for Samantha.


(C)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) The drinking incident seems to continue, or is it another one? She is still naked in the bedroom, and this time she gets the Spencer paddle, a big one. She caves at the strokes. Her bottom has lost some of its redness. The paddle strokes are on the mild side, a precaution for this implement. A concluding handspanking is much harder. Another hug. 

(D) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha is naked in the tub in a very tony bathroom. We love tub scenes.  The guy comes in and interrupts. Credit to FIRMHAND, the water level is just right so that Samantha’s boobs seem to be floating.1e2088b5-e3cf-49dc-bd2b-c4ad1a6af1cd

The guy pulls her out so that she is bent over the tub to be reached for a spanking. Because the tub is against the wall, the angles are challenged for the camera to catch both her face and her sudsy wet bottom. But a great job. Very cute.

557874d7-d689-4302-95ce-dd49432845e66b0ee1f0-8e3b-4b5c-8ee9-81dd6df9fe63914ac600-e4b9-4d75-b0ae-fb92ec5b2e79The guy lathers up and puts a bar of soap in her mouth. Great face. 

(E)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) The spanking in the bathtub continues. The guy takes the bar of soap out of Samantha’s mouth (it didn’t seem to bother her) and folds a towel along the edge of the tub. She bends over the edge on the towel and he goes to work with a very big bath brush.

Samantha’s boobs hang nicely. The angles are better here. The camera gets at her bottom and her face. Nice naked struggling, perfect setting for her glorious bottom. Back into the tub, knees up to her chin.

(F)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha wears a striped jersey dress and rides on a child’s swing in an exterior shot. Very much of a Rosaleen Young setting. Her domestic partner jumps her for bratty behavior. He drags her off the swing and begins spanking her standing, dragging her knickers down. 

The guy marches her inside by her ear, OTK on the couch, knickers at her knees, a routine but cute struggle. A sullen apologetic face. 

(G)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha wears the same jersey outfit and is playing with a dog. The guy approaches her and cuts a switch off a bush, which doesn’t like the sight of. Back inside they go again. Samantha bends over a stool. There are no knickers this time.

She wriggles and collapses in her signature style as he works the switch. The graphic reports 60 stokes. He switches to a birch bundle. Great scolding. You wish she could find some way of seeking forgiveness.

(H)(M/f; year: 2009; time: 4 minutes) Samantha kneels in front of a Christmas tree, pawing through gifts. She is throwing a fit over not finding something. She wears a shorty nightgown. A dog is in the shot, but he will bail out when the action starts.

The guy gets the naughty girl OTK on the floor, then flat on the floor on her stomach, panties down. The guy pins her by kneeling on her legs and spanks vertically.

(J))(M/f; Time: 6 minutes) The graphic suggests this is a ‘finale,’ maybe for Samantha Woodley’s appearances. Samantha  sits on a stool in front of a Christmas tree, wearing a deadly tight red dress. The guy who has  been scolding her seems to be her ‘father.’ Some father: “Pull down your panties to your ankles.”

She lies over the stool, the glorious bottom. The guy takes off his belt and  alternately handspanks and whips her. He holds her face up for us to see. To conclude, she must sit on the stool bare bottom, her cheeks hanging over just right. She must stare at the Christmas Tree.

(BA)(M/f; year: 2014; time: 6 minutes) Stacy Stockton and been eating Jonny’s food. We are on a very spiffy sitting room set, with leather furniture. Stacy is lovely in a loose floral blouse and very tight denim short shorts. She tended to be fashionable in all her appearances. Were there clothing sponsors?

Jonny takes Stacy OTK and wrestles down the shorts, not easy, and impossible without compliance. A thong remains. Striking facials from Stacy, hair off her face. Standard spanking. It gets better.

(BB) ( M/f; time: 8 minutes) Jonny catches Stacy on her laptop, when she should be doing  housework. She is wearing a fluorescent orange halter and tiny denim colored short shorts which peel on and off like panties. Jonny will spank her for being lazy. She bends over a chair arm for a ping pong paddle. Her bottom soars, one of the best in the business.

For some reason the OTK position is better. Jonny sits in a chair and peels down the skin tight shorts.Bare bottom. Usual lovely facials from Stacy. Graphic reads 280 smacks.

(BC)  (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Stacy is caught sunbathing in the nude. Jonny calls her inside. Stacy’s bottom is clear. She wraps a towel around her to protect that modesty.  She gets a handspanking and  cropping over a table. Some puss. Graphic says 154 strokes.

(BD)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Jonny confronts Stacy in their kitchen. She is not attending to the bills. She is wearing a halter in her favorite off-orange color, and slacks. She will bend over the stove for some instruction. Careful not to bump those dials. The camera catches her bottom, still with slacks on,  and cleavage provided by the halter. 

Stacy drops her slacks in slow motion to display matching orange panties. Closeups of her bottom at the stove. Panties down. We’d suggest letting her goof up the phone bill.

(BE)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Stacy is busy on a treadmill and she breaks it.  Of course the camera focuses on her bottom as she pumps. She wears her orange color. Jonny finds the damage later and takes her OTK. The leather furniture set. Slacks down, panties down, lovely simple spanking. 

(BF)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Stacy shows up late for a dinner with guests and will be spanked for it. Can they hear? They are in a bedroom. Stacy is not bad with the shocked face, just a glimmer that she will play along. Orange top, blue mini skirt. 

Bend over the bed, scandalous little skirt up for a strap. Just a thong. We should track Ms. Stockton’s modesty. Facial, bottom, and lovely low shots. Camera excellent here. Slow motion. Hugs. 

(BG) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Jonny confronts Stacy in the bathroom. she has taken her blouse off. She has borrowed some money without permission. She will bend over for the small paddle on her tight jeans. the graphic reads 90 on the jeans, 90 on the bare. hug to conclude. 

(BH)(M/f; year: 2014; time: 7 minutes) Stacy Stockton and John Stockton. In a kitchen. Stacey wears a low cut dress. John bends her over the stove for a riding crop. She raises her dress. Black thong. Routine.

(BJ) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Stacy has gotten into trouble with her credit card, which if Jonny were smart, he probably encourages. The set is the FIRMHAND bedroom with the four poster bed. Lovely facials from Stacy as usual. Jonny is going to use the ‘big board.’  She bends over, her jeans remain up, just as well for this paddle. About a dozen fairly hard strokes, low views, reaction CAM. They hug. She narrates and knows we want to see. She drops her jeans, just pink, no paddle bruises.  

(CB)(M/f; year: 2016; time: 8 minutes) Alison Miller and Patrick Bateman. Alison in her dyed red hair, one of the more extreme versions you will see.  Bateman will paddle her in a sun drenched kitchen. Alison pulls down her own slacks and panties. They laugh.

(CD)(M/f; year: 2016; time: 7 minutes) Patrick Bateman and Alison Miller. Alison bends over a kitchen counter and drops her jeans full screen, something she does. Fast use of the riding crop from Bateman. they laugh.

(CG)(M/f; year: 2016; time:10 minutes) Patrick Bateman and Allison Miller. He spanks  her OTK, bare bottom. Closeups, bruises. Fast and hard handspanking, otherwise routine. Long slow motion repeats.

(CH) (M/f; year: 2016; time: 6 minutes) We are always looking for some novelty in these somewhat repetitive series. Here, Allison Miller climbs up to stand on the fireplace enclosure and lean against the chimney portion. Very precarious. She wears vertically striped tights, like a circus acrobat.

Bateman will spank her in this posture. He pulls her tights and panties down. Her bottom is higher than his head, so that he paddles UP. A most unusual scene. Very red bottom. He pulls her tights back up and helps her down from the perch.

Lily Spanked Hard – LOVELYSPANKING

18 Jan

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Looks like an independent production from ’Lili and Aron,’ in the manner of Camilla Scott and Alex Hyde. It is a good one. Pretty blond Lili reports to Aron, handcuffed, and wearing just top and beige panties. She lies over a stool and her cuffs are refastened to trap her arms between the legs of the stool.

Aron will paddle her, not hard, but for most of the film. Panties down at 4 minutes; most significantly, Lili turns red in the face and really cries, dripping tears, impressively in the fashion of Elizabeth Burns of REALSPANKING.

And another detail we appreciated—cameras on tripods are intentionally seen, positioned to film the bottom and facial angles.

After School Lessons – REDSTRIPE

12 Jan

F/f; time: 21 minutes

Katie Didit and Honee Wells. Kitchen scene, pigtailed auburn-haired Honee got spanked at school and shows her bottom to Katie. Ms. Katie is angry and calls the school. It seems Honee was stealing and fighting, so the punishment will continue. Bend over a table, handspanking on white frilly knickers, which come down. There are the marks from the school spanking

Handspanking continues. Honee must strip, right there in the kitchen. She leaves her bra on. A quite hot standing spanking. Didit can be relied upon. Closeups. Over a counter for a slipper. Mottled bruises. Excellent facials. REDSTRIPE had a clever director for this one. Conclude with a spoon spanking.

1937-As It Really Happened – SMAX.

12 Jan

M/f; time: 24 minutes

A decent attempt to recreate what school spankings might have been like in 1937. A schoolgirl waits nervously outside while a master works at his desk. She is called to enter in the classic style. An umbrella stand holds canes.

First come palm slaps, then over a desk for a ruler on her knickers. There are segues here for no apparent reason. Some time seems to have passed. A female staffer brings the girl back to the master. The girl wears a long T-shirt, and when she goes over the desk, we see she was not to wear knickers for this assignation.

Simple and sexy caning. Quite hard. Closeup of welts. Good facials of an unhappy student. The teacher finishes her caning and tears up her file. Closeup again on her welts.

Amber Pixie Wells

5 Jan

Facing the Music’ (F/f; time: 40 minutes) PUNISHEDBRATS. A long film, released in clips, with Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells, the latter in just a brief appearance, and probably part of the management here.

Pixie gets the first schoolgirl spanking here. She is low key, very much muted in appearance. Amber has apparently doctored some photos to show a teacher sucking a dildo. Goodness, she should be sent to the shop teacher for that.

In the next segment Joelle Barros is spanked by another girl. And each of four following segments features Joelle getting spanked in various ways.

One More Thing’ (F/f; year: 2007; time: 8 minutes) PUNISHEDBRATS. Amber plays the cheerleader. Clare Fonda will spank her with a hairbrush. All OTK action. Clare takes her panties down. Excellent face and acting, above standard for CP films.

Tiny Tattoo’ (F/f; year: 2010; time: 8 minutes) PHNISHEDBRATS. A woman notices a tiny tattoo on the small of Amber’s back and is going to spank her for it. OTK, hard hairbrush on a bed. In the struggle, Amber kicks her panties all the way off, nice ritual. She is not shy about allowing some puss. Amber is young here, with a tight hard bottom which provides gap views.

‘Pixie SG’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) XEROTICS ‘Amber Pixie Wells,’ here with we think it is ‘David Pierson,’ who keeps his face off-camera. This film made have been made by their collaborative company and distributed by XEROTCS.

We have not said much about Ms. Wells, who has worked with a number of the principal CP film producers. (SHADOWLANE, GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, BADTUSHY, CHELSEAPFEIFFER et al) with big-studio looks, a tight little figure, and the ability to actually act, possibly not so easy as one might think, under the assault of a spanking. She also performs as a Top.

Pierson spanks her here on maroon panties and then on the bare. “You have a long afternoon ahead of you. This is just the beginning.” He snaps with an unusual short cane while she is still OTK. The conventional cane does not work here.

Ping pong paddle, 2 straps, the Spencer paddle, several canes in short bursts. Lots of facials of this natural blonde.

Favorites at XEROTICS

4 Jan

our personal choices

British Schoolgirl‘ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Perhaps the most surprising XEROTICS film we have seen, deviating from the many films we have reviewed in this XEROTICS series. The actor ‘Peters’ finally takes full advantage of his opportunity.

‘Elizabeth Simpson,’ in full schoolgirl kit, down to the necktie, knee socks, and maryjanes, awaits ‘Peters’ in what must be his office. She stands, head bowed, eyes averted. He arrives and reminds her that if in fact she had to be punished again today, she would be “caned and boogered.” Did we hear that right? He makes her repeat  what they agreed would happen, “caned and boogered.” “Have you ever been boogered?” No.

Elizabeth is already sniffling, for good reason. She lifts her gray pleated uniform skirt to display white regulation panties. She must wait in that position while Peters gets the cane.

She completely removes her panties and bends over. “Spread your legs.” The action is already more overtly sexual. “Touch your toes.” He warms her bottom with a handspanking, then lays on about 15 strokes with a cane. Marks start to appear at about 10. The last three strokes are with Elizabeth facing us, showing how miserable she is.

After a break, Elizabeth bends over an attractive antique table. Peters begins lubricating her anus with some gel positioned handily. One finger in, then several fingers. she is moaning and not necessarily liking this. “Relax, Simpson.” That is an instruction you will find in the how-to manuals. Peters holds her head up by her ponytails.

Peters drops his pants and rams Elizabeth. She spreads her legs submissively. This is almost barnyard stuff, not the staged porn film style. Occasional facials. Some school policy this is. After some ramming and jerking and another finger fucking, Elizabeth has to kIss his fingers then kneel on the floor, open Peters’ pants,and give him a blowjob. We don’t see much, but enough.

Elizabeth is upset and crying and allowed to leave, sore in some places she won’t tell the girls about.

Cold Comfort Farm’ Hannah, Ashleigh, Cathy2 and Kara Jane Dempsey (a limo full of blond superstars), at the stone country house. Maybe the piece de resistance of this country series, and we wonder why the producer did not make a long film of this episode. We assume these four bottoms needed preservation for a day’s shooting.

The four girls move around the property, the wind whipping at their hair and their little school skirts. Agean appears, carrying a cane. He herds the girls into a gravel parking area, closes a swinging gate, then has them climb up on a rail and bend over the top of the gate. He then flips up their skirts and pulls down the knickers of each girl.

He proceeds to cane them, “right down the row.” They squeal, one after another. After just a few strokes each—it is not easy to do a concentrated caning on the fence—the girls are sent off, walking down a road with their knickers at their thighs. Cute film.

Exercises with Valkerie’ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Not the title. Maybe our favorite Valkerie performance, and an affirmation that she is one of the hardest spankers among the dominatrices. Two lovely thin pigtailed brunettes, stark naked, are being put through drills in front of the familiar exercise wall. One is Angelina.

Valkerie has the girls lie on the floor, and she lies beside they to show them how to do sit-ups. She is so dissatisfied with their effort that she will convert this session into punishment, beginning by some strapping in the diaper position while they are prone.
The girls stand and will bend at the wall for more of the strap. Angelina is shocked at the severity pf the strokes and dances around. ”Oh, my God.” The second girl is equally distressed. Both girls have cute trimmed mohawks, amply shown.
Valkerie takes up the cane. The brunette we can’t identify gets 6 strokes—stripes, welts, tears. Angelina gets 15 strokes some only from the facial view. If there are repeats, we didn’t mind. Angelina really howls, and Valkerie has to wait for her to settle down between strokes. Valkerie keeps switching sides to even out the marks.
Given that these models are professional spankees, this is one of the most authentic performances we can recall. The girls really seem surprised by Valkerie are glad when the punishment is over.

Model no show’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) We think the earliest performance of Peters and Elizabeth Simpson we have seen. The set is a familiar couch scene, which will survive the years as these two produce many videos. Ms. Simpson is not quite of schoolgirl age, but close. They play spanking film producers. Simpson has muffed up some scheduling. “You’re fuckin’ useless.” She is amused by the dialogue. As the years will go by, she is most entertaining for us when she is ‘useless.’

Elizabeth drops her cargo pants, quite willingly. When she has shimmied OTK, Peters disposes of her black panties immediately. Peters directs her to look into the camera. We don’t need to repeat how beautiful, sexy, and fun-loving she is here or will be in her career.

Handspanksing and slipper over his lap, lovely. Elizabeth stands and bends over the couch. And last the cane, about 12 moderate but perfect strokes. Hands on head to the corner. Until further notice, we think this is the earliest film we have seen by the pair. 

Newcomer’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A very entertaining film we will take more time with. wry humor and a bit of a story. MOONGLOW’s ‘Bob,’ maybe Peter Caruthers. The set is just an untidy store room with an antique bed. A man named John Wilkinson (‘Vincent’) arrives for a one-to-one spanking session with a call girl. Bob is the girl’s pimp, and he will stay around to tutor. A saucy blond model, ‘Cathy2, greets Wilkinson. Bob instructs him to take her OTK and to “take her knickers down.” She is well bruised already, since this is her line of work. Wilkinson begins to spank, Bob urges him on. This is his first spanking, so Bob will show him how. The girl squirms on Wilkinson’s lap at Bob’s harder and more experienced smacks. “She’s a live wire.”

Even though she’s a pro, Cathy doesn’t like her bottom being used as a training pad. Bob takes over on the bed and spanks much harder, “to wipe that smile off her face.” Wilkinson tries again. Much better. He wants to know how much practice time is needed to be good at this. Bob: “Oh, a couple of hours a week. It’s an expensive hobby. This one is always available, aren’t you?” She nods a ‘yes’ after a hard smack. Bob shows Wilkinson how to rub and fondle. Cathy is very red and there is a lot to come.
For some reason all three players keep checking with the director, as if he too is grading the quality of the spanking. The next tutorial is the cane. They arrange Cathy over the foot of the bed. This model is very hot, that top should come off somewhere in the files. Wilkinson tries a few mild strokes. Bob demonstrates the technique and gets a yelp. “It’s all in the wrist.” Bob explains to keep the strokes on the bottom, not the back or legs.

Both men have canes. The girl’s bottom is held in closeup. Bob runs his fingers over her developing wheals. “It’s surprising what a bottom can take, isn’t it?” We’d have to say, they couldn’t practice on Cathy like this too many times a week.

“Don’t go too fast. Count yourself about five in between. Give her a little rub.” They keep checking, and we actually hear director Peters’ voice: “Three final strokes, and one from the Master.” Bob shows Wilkinson where to strike the bottom so as to minimize the wraparound.
Bob: “Two more. These you are really going to feel. You are making too much fuss.” The cute blonde Cathy screams and jumps up. “Get back down there!” A final rub from Pimp Bob. “She’ll be right here for you. There, she’s smiling. These girls are very good actresses.”

Uniform’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Among these thousands of XEROTICS  films we look for arresting non-prototype moments. Here, it appears Peters has caught Elizabeth Simpson without her school uniform. In the familiar Catholic classroom he has her standing on a chair, a very naughty intrusion you could only pull off when the school halls were silent.

Hands on her head: Peters pulls her jeans and knickers down. Precarious pose. He handspanks and canes her there as she wobbles. Peters  makes her squeeze a cane between  her buttocks as  he snaps at her horizontally. He rucks up her rank top and  tucks it under her bra. 

Peters turns her on chair and has her hold a cane in her mouth. Further humiliation. Arms      out wide and she balances a book on her head. More caning like this.  Off the chair, and rearranged kneeling. Easier to hit harder. Peters is all over the place with wild strokes. The far side gets the worst.

Nothing Sexual‘(M/f; time: 21 minutes) AAASPANKING Our favorite from this couple and this series. Of course the story is as sexual as can happen in this genre of CP films. The set is a fully equipped office, not something slapped together in the corner of a soundstage. Jasmine plays a deadly cute conventionally dressed employee of John Osborne’s, and she has carelessly booked a nonrefundable flight to Bermuda instead of the intended Barbados. He calls her ‘Miss Lau.’

This is a 3000 pd. error and she can’t afford to lose this job. She offers “something I can do for you to make you happy.” Osborne: “Something sexual?” “Well, yes.” He can’t dock her pay and he is a married man, old enough to be her father, so he suggests some old-school, “a damned good spanking.” “Spanking?” Jasmine does the startled incredulous. Osborne figures the street value is about 300 pds, so that’s 10 sessions, and “bare bottom.” “Are we talking hard it going to hurt?” A lot of dialogue in this film, much of probably adlib.

Jasmine is instructed to bend over; remember, “nothing sexual.” He begins handspanking on her skirt and then helps her to take it off. He likes her print bikini panties. She bends over a chair for more. How is it going? “I don’t like it, sir. Horrible.” He wants the blouse off, which surprises her. ”Nothing sexual, of course.” Down to bra and panties now.

“Very erotic,” Osborne observes. Bend over again. “I see the red coming through your very nice panties.” He wants her bra off. “My bra? You want me naked?” Not only that, but she must twirl. Lovely doesn’t cover it.

Bend over again, Osborne pulls her panties down. We should have mentioned that Ms. Lau has a clear bottom. Hands on the desk. “I want your bottom high in the air.” Jasmine is getting with it. “It’s getting rather wet, I should say.” The hairbrush next. “Oh, my God. whoa, Jesus Christ. You like seeing my bum red?” She wonders how many men there are out there like him.

Osborne is almost finished. He tells her next time he will put cream on her bottom. After all, there are nine more events. He twirls her. A lovely leisurely intended frontal. He watches her dress and he wants it slowly. This was part 1 today. A lot of payback to come.

‘Peters spanks nurse’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) This film is a bit more aggressive than these XEROTICS films we have been reviewing, and we don’t have the title correctly. We park this review here for expediency.

A very cute nurse, wearing just a simple white working smock, reports to a young ‘Peters.’ She is here in this empty room for discipline–she knows it, and there will be no resistance. After a short scolding, she pulls up her smock and lies over a table, displaying white panties. Peters decides he wants the panties off, so she stands and removes them. Peters notes that her bottom is already a bit red.

Peters begins immediately with the cane. Five strokes ripen as we watch. He calls her a slut and notices she is a bit wet between her legs. The nurse climbs up on the table, head low, bottom up, knees spread as far as she can without falling.

Peters leaves her fully exposed to get more implements. First a black paddle, then a ping pong paddle, which handle he breaks. She takes off her smock and lets her hair down, very sexy.

Hands on head, Peters makes her hold a cloth between her teeth, maybe her panties. More paddling standing, facing us, very erotic. A second paddle.

Touch toes, legs spread, she spreads her cheeks and Peters pokes her anus with the cane. Definitely advanced XEROTICS! Six more from the cane, she is wet again. The film contains a lot of profanity, and this nurse knew what she was in for. Peters most aggressive.

‘Ungrateful Ladies’ (M/2f; time: 31 minutes) Peters in one of his most kinky performances. Some websites name this ’Bottoms Up,’ which we reviewed separately below. Neither title does justice to this delightful film. Peters sits at the kitchen table on the country house set, scolding Pattie for her failure in helping the other housemate Cachia to learn English. Pattie is dressed casually, with little makeup or highlight, but wait.

Peters shows Pattie the house strap. She does not react. After a long scolding, Pattie stands and removes her skirt. She is not wearing knickers. It may have been our mood, but here is one of the most sensational bottoms we have seen. Top off, black bra off, she is naked. She must stand, hands on head, at the wall, while Peters gets Cachia.

Cachia, another rather plain blonde, is brought in to see naked Pattie. The girls seem vaguely familiar with this. Cachia is made to stand on a chair while Peters begins smacking Pattie. Peters makes Cachia drop her pants and knickers, up on the chair, facing the camera. Kinky.

Naked Pattie is taken OTK. Magnificent lapful. Peters adjusts her to get her legs open, his thing. It is Cachia’s turn, she climbs down. Peters will have Pattie spank her. A mild but colorful OTK, two mostly naked girls. A lengthy fondling included. Peters grabs Cachia’s hair and pulls her head up. Nice humiliation.

Peters will take over. Pattie stands on the chair facing us. Naked glory. Peters spanks Cachia harder. He grabs her hair again. We don’t see Peters handle his girls this much. She stands and removes her top, down to just white bra.

The next phase—Pattie bends over the chair for the strap. She kicks. Cachia is next for the strap. She gets very red. Now Cachia stands on another chair. Both girls display their pussies. The camera pans.

Of course there is a cane in the house. Cachia gets 5 light strokes and Pattie gets 6. Peters wants her on her toes, which of course does even more for her bottom. The spankings have not be severe, but these girls!

’Bottoms Up’ M/2f; time: 32 minutes) This is probably not the title of this film, another British production identified as SPANKINGONLINE. A young ‘Peters’ confronts an ordinary looking blonde, in simple top, skirt, and eyeglasses. Her average appearance makes her upcoming spanking all the more erotic. And Peters will be as pervy as you will see him. The girl has the responsibility of educating a foreign girl and she has failed.

Peters will sort her out. “One of the ways we deal with things here…..a damn good hiding.” He shows the  blonde a paddle. She will be spanked, then  be required to spank her student. 

The blonde takes off her skirt and is wearing no panties. To Peters, derisively: “Happy     now?” She knows what he is all about. She takes her top off. “Take your bra off.” Nose to the wall, hands on head, naked. Very dominating. 

‘Kasha’ is called in. She doesn’t speak English, so the blonde will translate from now on. The impending spanking is explained to her. She is made to stand on a chair, she drops her pants and Peters does the panties, his favorite. 

The blonde’s OTK spanking starts Next, the blonde spanks Kasha OTK, not very hard. Pervy Peters shouldn’t like this performance and he doesn’t. “I want to see  more color.” Now the blonde stands on a chair. Closeups of her shaved pussy. “Don’t cover your breasts.” Peters toys with these two naked girls. Peters spanks Kasha.

 Next phase. The blonde must bend over. “Legs apart, wider… afraid we will see your vagina?” He give her a quick frig. She gets a strap. Kasha is strapped  next, and she counts in her own language. She slips into English. 

Peters goes to get his cane. The girls get 6 strokes each, with Peters’ characteristic swooshes. He likes his girls on tiptoe. Very dominant, hot, erotic. The two cute blondes are sent off, naked. 

Veronica and Coach – SPANKINGSWEETIES

3 Jan

M/f; time: 6 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Veronica and coach Daniels. Apparently they are at a spanking party in Los Angeles and Veronica did not pack dark socks for him, a mock transgression to film a spanking. He is going to ”spank your bottom” red. They laugh through the scenario. ”I look like a goober in white socks.” ”I apologized, three times.” We see now that Clare has already spanked Veronica in another film. We have reviewed films of them together.

OTK, skirt up in one of her pretty flower print dresses, black lace panty pantyhose down. ”Is this what you do to your girls?” Squeals. She reports a ”sore bottom.” ”I know.” Hugs. Too brief.