Don’t Talk Back – NU-WEST

24 Jan

2F/f; time: 18 minutes

Very early film, the usual poor production, and just the barren sound stage. Three schoolgirls in pinafores and kneesocks. The film predates the formation of the NU-WEST cast, al least, they are not here. Two of the girls will cane the third girl.

The victim bends over the back of a chair and her pinafore is pulled to expose full white knickers. The girls alternate caning her, surprisingly hard, in sets of six fast strokes. There is a lot of pacing and circling in the NU-WEST way, having the effect of both letting the sting settle in, and of course eating up tape time. Some good overhead angles.

The panties come down at seven minutes. Both flanks are taking a beating from cane wraparound. Heavy tears. The film conclude with a fusillade of alternated single strokes. The girl kicks and screams. One of the caners looks over to the camera to see if they are done.

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