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Reyna’s Asylum Punishment – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

24 Feb

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Sarah Gregory has always had a bit of the devil in her, in evidence here. Brunette Reyna seems to be a patient here. She is completely naked, tied down face up on a bed. Matron Sarah hovers, in her white smock. She puts on rubber gloves—Rayna figures out why quickly. Sarah takes her temperature anally, and is very good with the twirling and thrusting of the thermometer, one of the best we have seen.

Might as well do some handspanking while Reyna is in this vulnerable diaper position. Lots of boobs here. A small sole paddle appears, then a bigger strap. Reyna is untied and kneels on the bed for a moderate caning, some in the diaper position again.

Hannah Stripped and whipped – DALLASSPANKSHARD

17 Feb

M/f; year: 2017; time: 55 minutes

A long film. Dallas is going to spank the bejesus out of pretty auburn haired Hannah, in a film issued in clips. She is brought in, cornered, and must drop her panties. Dallas has her sit on a stool and hang her bare bottom over the edge. He likes his poses.

‘SWITCH’: First, Dallas has Hannah hold a belt across the bottom of her buttocks, swelling them even more. DSH is on the only studio we have seen to use this cunning technique. She is left to wait in this posture. Dallas returns and begins with a thin switch. Hannah gasps and jumps realistically. A split screen of her face convinces that these little snaps do indeed sting. Dallas puts aloe in her palm and lets her rub. Even in this first phase, marks are developing.

‘PIMP STICK’: A new one on us, a wire flogger bent into a sort of rugbeater. We guess the coathanger wire stings. Skin pops begin to appear. Dallas asks Hannah to look at the face camera so we can see her misery. Tears begin and marks accrue—we still have a ways to go. Some handspanking—Dallas sees the damage.

‘WOODEN PADDLE’: Dress off, down to just the ritual bra, elbows on the stool, a moderate paddling. Dallas has her shift and lie over a pillow on the stool, creating on steadier target. Very impressive spanking, still going. Heavier bruised bottom and thighs.

‘TAWSE’: The same heavy spanking, Dallas has Hannah stay facing camera.

‘LEATHER PADDLE’: Same rough time.

The Science of Spanking – STRICTENGLISH

12 Feb

M/f; time: 7 minutes (part 2)

Amelia Jane Rutherford is getting a silly spanking, in a standing position—she looks her full 6’2” here, against a small male spanker. Skirt up, her bottom looms here. After the slipper, skirt done. After a fade, skirt up for the cane. Amelia lowers her knickers herself and takes some hard and wild strokes.

Red Bottomed Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NU-WEST

11 Feb

MF/f’s ; year: 1984; time: 25 minutes

A very old film, the anticipated poor production values, and the early cast which precedes the NU-WEST regulars. The girls in the third part are probably showgirls. They won’t be spanked hard enough to affect their night job, although we have always suspected that a slightly pink bottom might be popular.

I- A mother awaits her two daughters, who have missed curfew. They are going to be spanked on the spot.They apologize. ”It won’t happen again.” Mother ensures them that it won’t. The blond daughter is spanked first. Skirt up, traditional NW undergarments—full panties, garters, nylons. Standard spanking. The second girl, similar, is spanked. Panties remain for both.

II- Four girls (showgirls), in various stages of underwear, use a hairbrush on each other. Again, panties stay on.

III-The bearded guy we see in early films. He comes to the NW office for a 1 PM appointment with Miss Jensen. He has to wait 45 minutes. It appears he is a consultant, brought on to spank some of the female employees. He is called in and proceeds to spank a brunette OTK on the desk. Quite hard, panties do come down here. The girl squeals nicely.


9 Feb

f; time: 13 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Sarah Gregory and then interviews her from off-screen. Some interesting terminology and Inside Baseball on the spanking film industry. Sarah is quite articulate and avoids melting into giggles for the most part. She got her first play spanking in high, but knew from kindergarten that she was fascinated. She had an early lesbian experience with a ”kinkster.” She doesn’t agree that spanking is a ”gateway kink.”

Her first professional spanking was with Clare Fonda. She mentions a number of the dommes—Paul Tubaman; Dana Specht was a ”theme mommy” at one point. She doesn’t think the ”vanillas” are as happy as the kinksters. She talks about SHADOWLANE, Erica Scott, and Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Sarah is ”involved” wIth John Osborne. He seems to have spanked her out of lesbian their first time, and later Sarah invited him to spank her at a Las Vegas suite party for SHADOWLANE. It became sexual.