9 Feb

f; time: 13 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Sarah Gregory and then interviews her from off-screen. Some interesting terminology and Inside Baseball on the spanking film industry. Sarah is quite articulate and avoids melting into giggles for the most part. She got her first play spanking in high, but knew from kindergarten that she was fascinated. She had an early lesbian experience with a ”kinkster.” She doesn’t agree that spanking is a ”gateway kink.”

Her first professional spanking was with Clare Fonda. She mentions a number of the dommes—Paul Tubaman; Dana Specht was a ”theme mommy” at one point. She doesn’t think the ”vanillas” are as happy as the kinksters. She talks about SHADOWLANE, Erica Scott, and Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Sarah is ”involved” wIth John Osborne. He seems to have spanked her out of lesbian their first time, and later Sarah invited him to spank her at a Las Vegas suite party for SHADOWLANE. It became sexual.

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