Red Bottomed Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NU-WEST

11 Feb

MF/f’s ; year: 1984; time: 25 minutes

A very old film, the anticipated poor production values, and the early cast which precedes the NU-WEST regulars. The girls in the third part are probably showgirls. They won’t be spanked hard enough to affect their night job, although we have always suspected that a slightly pink bottom might be popular.

I- A mother awaits her two daughters, who have missed curfew. They are going to be spanked on the spot.They apologize. ”It won’t happen again.” Mother ensures them that it won’t. The blond daughter is spanked first. Skirt up, traditional NW undergarments—full panties, garters, nylons. Standard spanking. The second girl, similar, is spanked. Panties remain for both.

II- Four girls (showgirls), in various stages of underwear, use a hairbrush on each other. Again, panties stay on.

III-The bearded guy we see in early films. He comes to the NW office for a 1 PM appointment with Miss Jensen. He has to wait 45 minutes. It appears he is a consultant, brought on to spank some of the female employees. He is called in and proceeds to spank a brunette OTK on the desk. Quite hard, panties do come down here. The girl squeals nicely.

One Response to “Red Bottomed Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NU-WEST”

  1. Doogie February 12, 2022 at 2:57 am #

    How come none of the implement makers fashion a replica of the iconic NuWest hairbrush of N Korea? I wonder if Kim Jong-Un has one of the originals? 😁

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