Hannah Stripped and whipped – DALLASSPANKSHARD

17 Feb

M/f; year: 2017; time: 55 minutes

A long film. Dallas is going to spank the bejesus out of pretty auburn haired Hannah, in a film issued in clips. She is brought in, cornered, and must drop her panties. Dallas has her sit on a stool and hang her bare bottom over the edge. He likes his poses.

‘SWITCH’: First, Dallas has Hannah hold a belt across the bottom of her buttocks, swelling them even more. DSH is on the only studio we have seen to use this cunning technique. She is left to wait in this posture. Dallas returns and begins with a thin switch. Hannah gasps and jumps realistically. A split screen of her face convinces that these little snaps do indeed sting. Dallas puts aloe in her palm and lets her rub. Even in this first phase, marks are developing.

‘PIMP STICK’: A new one on us, a wire flogger bent into a sort of rugbeater. We guess the coathanger wire stings. Skin pops begin to appear. Dallas asks Hannah to look at the face camera so we can see her misery. Tears begin and marks accrue—we still have a ways to go. Some handspanking—Dallas sees the damage.

‘WOODEN PADDLE’: Dress off, down to just the ritual bra, elbows on the stool, a moderate paddling. Dallas has her shift and lie over a pillow on the stool, creating on steadier target. Very impressive spanking, still going. Heavier bruised bottom and thighs.

‘TAWSE’: The same heavy spanking, Dallas has Hannah stay facing camera.

‘LEATHER PADDLE’: Same rough time.

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