Camilla Scott at REDSTRIPE

2 Mar

There are quite a few of her films associated with the STRAND production of REDSTRIPE. We have found X so far. Some are advertised as “home made,” with the familiar sets seen in XEROTICS and GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL from Alex Hyde and Camilla.

House burglar’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Not the title, but another home made film from Alex and Camilla. She has broken into his flat to live there, because he was never around. She was clever enough to change the locks. Alex arrives home and frightens her into letting him in. ”Who are you?” She sits cowering while he scolds. ”Why shouldn’t I call the police?…I will punish you myself.”

Alex gets a cane and locks the door. Kissie seems willing to take a spanking rather than the alternative. OTK on the familiar couch, skirt up, white knickers. They come down, a slow familiar handspanking, but a little harder here than in many of their films. She gets up and lies over the arm of the couch for a strap.

Alex lets her up. If it were us, we’d give her a spare room and tell her the rent will be taken every Friday night.

Kissi and the Young Farmer’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A farmer ( Alex Hyde) catches Kissi/Camilla Scott trespassing on his property. She has been climbing on his hay bales and treading on his crops. Kissi is dressed in short coveralls and does a decent job at being an adolescent. This won’t stop the aggrieved farmer. Nice exterior scenes, expensive for low budgets and found in several other Hyde productions.

After threatening the police and her parents, he grabs Kissi and bends her over. Handspanking first on her shorts. Coveralls unsnapped and off. The farmer takes off his substantial belt and goes to work on her white lace panties. She reacts reflexively to the sting of each stroke.

Panties down. The whipping continues. Kissi struggles to keep from reaching back to cover herself. Nice facial shots are mixed in, with some frontals. A strong spanking for STRAND, we thought, although Ms. Scott never marks much. He should have taken her inside by the hand.

The Mortgage’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow on their home set in another film they made. He is on the phone and learns that their mortgage application has been denied because of bad credit caused by Bow’s secret misuse of credit cards.

That is always an automatic spanking. The couple is very young here. Bow kneels up on their couch and the handspanking begins on her summery print dress. Dress up, black lace panties. Alex takes them down. Bow moves around and lies over a couch arm, protecting her modesty. Alex uses his belt on her tan bare bottom. All mild stuff but cute. Tears. Hugs.

‘No Party For You’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) This REDSTRIPE advertises the submission of homemade films for the producer to review and buy. This would explain the production of the similar films by Alex Hyde and Camilla Scott found at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, FIRMHAND, XEROTICS, and other STRAND affiliates.

On the familiar household set, little Camilla sneaks in the patio door and turns on the TV. She is wearing a hot little dress with inviting cleavage. She makes a phone call—she is arranging something for tonight. She hears Alex Hyde entering the house and hides under a table, little girl style.

He hears the phone call and a succession of others. “What are you doing here?” He seems to be a friend or relative who is allowing Kissi to stay with him at what he calls his “flat.” From the calls coming in, he figures out a party is developing.

Not here. Spanking time. He bends her over a table, skirt up, kitty cat panties soon down. He moves her to the kitchen door, where he wants her to spread wide in the opening. She must take her skirt off. She is defiant and angry, different than her usual submissive.

Alex canes her in the doorway, rather hard, she jumps. This position allows the camera to move to both sides of the doorway. We thought Alex moderated the strokes partway through.

Another graphic at the conclusion of the film invites amateur submissions.

’Sleepover’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Kissi’s little cowering persona again. She has had a sleepover in Alex’s house and her girlfriends were rummaging around in his room. (found his implements?) She wears white shorts and a T-shirt. AND, the most spankable offense, she used his credit card to buy food. ”You’ll be punished.”

Cut—Kissi is OTK, we missed what happened to her shorts. Gauzy panties down, full screen, lovely stuff from this nifty tended body. Very good shots of the spanking, including angle we like showing both her face and an elevated bottom. A struggle, one of her better spankings.

Cut—Kissi sits on the couch, no pants, apologizing.

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