Summer Camp Spanking- NORTHERNSPANKING

12 Mar

M/4f; year: 2020; time: 22 minutes

Paul Kennedy in a rather disappointed girls’ camp punishment session. Maybe we have seen too much porn. There are a number of camp films which exploit your imagination. The four girls are fully decked out, caps and all, in their bunk room, getting up the courage to report to Kennedy. They were caught off camp grounds.

They report, and they know CP is authorized here. Kennedy announces: ”You’re going to be caned, each of you.” Brunette pigtailed Linny Lace is called out first. With a ”why me?” look, she bends over for a warmup handspanking on her white panties. The cane next. ”Twelve strokes each.” She pulls her own knickers down, lines develop.

Linny returns to the wall, the girls look at her bottom. ”Yes, please do look.” Blond Harley Havik is next, her panties are very tight. She is loud about her spanking. Maddy Marks next, and Alex Reynolds last. We wish Kennedy had taken the girls privately one at a time and taken just a few more of the liberties occasionally seen in the genre.

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