Mistress Tara’s Family School – BLEUVISIONS

15 Mar

F/f; year: 1998; time: 43 minutes

Subtitled ’Sassy Schoolgirl.’ From a producer we don’t know. A pretty blond schoolgirl is caught masturbating on CCTV and must report to the headmistress. The model is Cindy Ireland. She is inspected, gets her face slapped, and the headmistress smells smoke on her breath. Very good intimidation. ”Fifteen” strokes seem warranted.

CIndy picks a paddle out of an array. OTK, paddle on white knickers. Hard enough spanking to be encouraging. Headmistress does to the knickers. She rakes with her fingernails. ”You must be a lady…I am going to teach you.” The hairbrush. ”Open those legs…are you going to be good for me?” Pinching, probing, over a table for a flogger, vertical strokes catch her pussy.

Big frat paddle, a lot of sexy talk. On Cindy’s naked back the Headmistress uses lipstick to write ”I will not write on my teacher’s desk.” More paddling. The headmistress wants to show Cindy ”the difference between a little girl and a woman.” She has Cindy undress her. More fondling, an attempt to wipe off the lipstick. She tries some salve.

The Head takes off Cindy’s blouse. She uses the belt Cindy uses on lower classmen. Cindy must use her teeth to unbutton the Head. Cindy redresses in woman’s clothing, all these diversions to limit the spanking scenes. Cindy gets a whipping strung up the wall.

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