Domme Ladies at XEROTICS

15 Apr

Attitude changer’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Agean, and Jean Bradley as a Bottom. Without much discussion, Bradley is ordered to stand at the fireplace, raise her skirt, and pull down her knickers. Is she overdrawn? Credit cards maxed out? Agean turns her red with a strap. Next comes the cane. Bradley kneels on a hassock and bends forward, head to the floor, the kind of posture she has imposed on many a young lady. All bottom. Over 60 strokes are shown, only a few repeats could we detect. A significant pattern of wheals, especially on the far buttock. They hug at the end. The couple has outdone any spanking Coach Daniels and Elizabeth Burns at REALSPANKINGS, except in the bedroom.

Bradley’s Retribution’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Peters has had oomplaints about Jean Bradley spanking her students too much. Some lovely turns on this plot. Coach Daniels spanks Elizabeth Burns for the same thing at REALSPANKING. And there’s Amelia Jane Rutherford, a student teacher, being spanked by a parent at SHADOWLANE.

‘LIkes to Be Punished’ (2M/f; time: 9 minutes) The various models in the XEROTICS distribution system probably were aware that this film proved Jean Bradley could take what she dished out. First, Agean gives Bradley a significant OTK spanking, which she takes quite stoically.

Peters wants to avoid bad publicity. ”So you’re going to pull my knickers down snd fhrash me?” OTK, knickers down. ”Embarrassed?” Bradley won’t give him the satisfaction of an answer. Apparently the offended students are outside listening. They should be given a peek.

Cut to Vincent spanking Bradley on a kitchen set. Agean interrupts and takes over. First with a strap, very hard, very red. Then a cane, hands on a chair, about 35 strokes shown, white stripes over the red cheeks. Some repeats but not many. 

‘Voluntary Caning of Missouri Smith’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Then there’s the switcheroo. A few famous ‘Tops’ have allowed themselves to  be spanked on film–we are not historians, but we think we have seen, at least, Jean Bradley, Miss Smith, Miss Hastings,   ‘Miss Brown,’ Miss Parker,’ and the famous and busy couple ‘Daniels and Burns’ at REALSPANKINGS  and at their own site, defy our eyes and offer their mature bottoms. The young female models in dressing rooms must have enjoyed this. Many of the girls went from Bottom to Top as they grew older;  it is this reverse we find rare and reportable.

Here, the domme ‘Miss Smith’ has volunteered for a caning. We have failed to identify her on numerous XEROTICS films we have reviewed here, which we will fix. She asks a male disciplinarian for a caning, and selects “hard.”

“Take your dress off…face me.” The guy then yanks down her thong. Miss Smith bends over the footboard of an unmade bed. Her mature bottom seems a bit touched up already. Maybe she rides horses. About 25 cane strokes are shown, and they are very hard. There are numerous repeats, from two camera angles, so that there may have been only 7 or 8 strokes in all.

But impressive nonetheless. This short film  could be shown to prospective models. “See, Miss Smith can take it too.”

Miss Smith and Henderson’ (MF/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Smith has Isis on the garage door set. Isis is always dressed flamboyantly, here in a tank top and a white mini skirt. Smith puts her over the desk, skirt up, pink knickers down. The strap first, then a paddle. Isis is quite heavily marked from a recent caning.

Henderson joins, and as these things go, Smith will get a spanking for exceeding her authority. Henderson bends her over the desk for a brief paddling, skirt up. Smith wears a thong worthy of the models. She struggles under a quite hard spanking. 8 cane strokes and some trouble sitting down.

Caning for Miss Smith’ (M/f: time: 7 minutes) Good sport Miss Smith will take a legitimate caning here from Mr. Harvey. He gets her knickers off and she bends over the foot of the bed for a good session, plenty of marks.

Bell Rings, Bottom Bends’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Dean Harvey gets on an elevator with Miss Smith and takes her to his apartment. Some unusual scene changes for XEROTICS. After a brief chat, he takes her OTK and gives her the same bare bottom spanking she would give a model 20 years younger. And, lying on pillows, she gets a huge strap. Hooray for Miss Smith

Painful employment‘ (M/2f; time: 23 minutes) A ‘doctor’ is arranging his instruments in his office. We can only hope he will use them. His receptionist, the actress Miss Smith brings a little blonde to him. She sits in a sort of gyno chair. There is a lot of talk, he looks at her teeth, but those weren’t dental instruments he was fiddling with.

It seems she is faking some ailment, that this is his lunch hour, and that she has been here too many times before. He gives her the CP film choice–take a spanking or be reported (to school?). She is left alone to contemplate. She decides to take the punishment, raises her skirt and drops her thong and waits for him in the corner.

The doctor returns, is pleased to see her bare bottom waiting, adjusts the chair, and takes her OTK. He is a lefty. The blonde seems surprised by the ferocity of the spanking, a nice reaction. After the spanking, she is sent to the wall.

The doctor summons ‘Rachel’ (Miss Smith) and explains the ruckus she must have heard coming from his surgery. He wants to see her after 5 PM. “You are going to get some of the same.” Rachel should have stopped that silly appointment. The doctor  returns to the little blonde and finishes her off with a strap.

After 5, Rachel returns and is taken OTK for a routine spanking, bare bottom. This actress plays mostly a Top, but she is a willing soul once in a while.

Shanelle’s Punishment’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) We deviate from the schoolgirl theme for a moment. An older couple, at least compared to XEROTICS schoolgirls, stumble home from partying, up a stairway and probably onto the garret room set. The guy is mad at Shanelle (Miss Parker) and is going to spank her.

There are many good CP films about naughty wives and girlfriends getting spanked at home after misbehaving at parties. Some old fashioned costume dramas from CALSTAR, Amelia Jane Rutherford with various husbands in STRAND productions. Even though she’s drunk and could stimulate some action for later, Shanelle doesn’t want to be spanked here.

She wears an evening dress. She is bent over and put on the couch. She fights her handspanking. Dress up, gold sparkle panties (she was expecting this?), he works them down as she struggles. The cane next, starting light and then harder. She wriggles and grabs and should now be ready to do what she is told.

‘Wind Up’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Thomas Cameron and Miss Smith seem to be on a date, at her place. She shows him her collection of spanking magazines, including some old JANUS issues. So he will give it a try. Silly OTK on her skirt and handspanking on her white lace knickers, which come down for the paddle.

Thursday Discipline’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Can this be? Is that Ms. Hastings-Gore/Gillian-Lancer standing there? In front of a fireplace, wearing schoolgirl stuff. She is with a young Agean, so the chronology could be right. The set is one of the XEROTICS ‘mansions.’

OTK she goes, kilt up, Agean takes down her white knickers As the spanking proceeds, HG’s knickers find their way to her ankles. She kicks them off over her high heel maryjanes. Hands on head, red bottom displayed, while Agean gets a strap. Hands on the chair. Various angles on the strapping, from the floor, and overhead.

Strapped Before Dinner’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A surprise. An older Miss Hastings-Gore, dressed in business attire, stands in a kitchen, and SHE raises her skirt and drops her knickers. Peters will strap her. She gets a jolly strapping and handspanking. And for good measure, she gives us a frontal flash at the sink, with an “Oh, if you must” glance. It would have been fun to see any outtakes or banter from these two on set.

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