The Physics Master – STRAND

11 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a pigtailed schoolgirl here. The set is the familiar Asian room. Hywel plays her physics teacher and confronts her. ”Amelia” has been doing poorly in physics and he has his remedies, time tested. He shows her his ”bucker upper,” a paddle.

She is going to get 24 from the paddle and 24 of the very heavy double strap. Attention to the bottom is proven to focus the mind. Bend over, hands on a neat rustic bench, white panties soon down, strap on the bare. Very nice.

These STRAND films start off with a bare bottom and a girl‘s cries, like the earliest RIGIDEAST films. Amelia is back seated on the bench. A shelf behind her has spanking implements. Next comes a strap in this tutorial session. Amelia faux shock. Palm slaps. ”That hurt worse!”

Hands on the bench for the cane. Hywel announces: ”Regulations…caning always on the bare.” He pulls down her knickers. She counts out about 18 strokes. Usual desperate cries. ”I hate it.” ”You may touch your bottom.” She sits painfully on the bench to work on her physics. Not clear if she is naked.

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