Wayward Wives – MOONGLOW

13 May

M/f; time: 41 minutes

A old MOONGLOW, from the day when male spankers were often not seen on camera. Three parts.

(1) Chanel. Pretty blonde, not a schoolgirl.Her husband has caught her having an affair, and he is going to spank ner until she owns up. Sounds almost worth it. Bend over, a handspanking begins. There will be no sets or scenery, just bottoms, hands, and implements. The guy uses the swipe-stroke technique. Never heard from any of the model interviews how this compares. Next comes the cane on the pants—lines can be seen across the cloth.

Chanel is allowed to rub, then the spanking continues. The guy takes down her green pants and white panties. More caning on the bare. ”You’re making too much noise.” More spanking. ”Please don’t call your brother.” Must be his sister-in-law, now a bottom he can sample whenever. Knickers up, for today.

(2) Mandy, aMOONGLOW regular, is awkened. She has been in trouble at school. ”What are you going to do to me?” She is wearing a strange BDSM leather strap device from her waist to her knees. To prevent self-abuse? No interference with her bottom though. “Six of the best.”

Scene change: Mandy is caned on her blue skirt. Six more strokes.

(3) Jade. A saucy blonde, who looks like she needs any number of spankings. She returns home to what must be a husband. She has been gone so long he thought she was ”disappeared.” For some reason, she takes off her top to display her boobs. Pants off, into bed wearing just a thong.

The following spankings might be masturbatory dreams. She gets a caning on her shorts, and at the wall in her schoolgirl outfit. Over a chair, ”10 strokes,” skimpy panties. Is that a schoolmaster caning her? significant marks by this time.

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