Schoolgirl detention- OOHTEEKAY

22 May

F/f; time: 56 minutes

Our preliminary title and we are guessing at the producer. Miss Gillian-Lancer and a rather ordinary-looking but plausible schoolgirl. The girl hurries into an empty, an apparently real, school building, where she meets Miss G., maybe late for detention. GL will proceed with her formulaic punishment, scolding, pacing, and short periods of hard spanking.

“Get your blazer off.” OTK first, very full and loose red knickers. Hard and fast spanking, and down the thighs. Loud echo on what might be a gym. Walk and talk. Jumper and tie off, bend over for a tawse. Palm slaps.

Hands on head. Cane next. Six on knickers, six on the bare. Heavy stripes. Hands on head again, and then the table for one very hard cane stroke, maybe too much.

After a cut, the girl is in a new outfit, returned for more. She is polishing shoes and GL catches her playing with herself. Lexan ruler this time, heavy marks remain, familiar pain reflexes, gasping and quivering. Miss Gilian-Lancer/Hastings-Gore delivers. Massive stripes and skin pops. For some reason GL straps her wrists together and makes her go up on the stage. She should have been naked up there like some of the great METRO CHEEK-TO-CHEEK films.

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