Miss Disciplinarian – LIZZARDCREATIONS

24 Jun

F/f; year: 2005; time: 28 minutes

An entertaining tidbit, with ’Miss Rigby’ as discipinarian, and ’Shanelle’ as the client. We are familiar with Shanelle from her subsequent work in the XEROTICS distributions. She has been sent to the professional disciplinarian by her husband. We would like to have known for what, and what she will do about it when she gets home.

Simple barren room set. Shanelle knocks and is admitted. She wears tight pink jeans and a white top, bare midriff. OTK immediately, not much dialogue. A hard and rapid handspanking, the way it will be. ”Remove your trousers, you won’t be needing them.”

Yellow panties, back OTK. Rigby pulls the panties down. Shanelle struggles, shocked. Her wrist has to be restrained.

Shanelle is given a stack of school clothes to put on, since she has been acting childish. After a seque, she returns in cute full schoolie attire. ”Right over” for more spanking, bend over for a huge leather paddle, quickly switched to a smaller one, full white knickers.

Panties down, a strap. All this is consistently hard. No punch-pulling in this video. To the wall, but something angers Rigby, so back OTK for more fast and relentless handspanking.

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