Highland Manor House

6 Aug

A British producer we are just discovering. Fancy production values, pretty girls, and careful respect for British schoolgirl spanking ritual. No familiar models so far.

‘Girls Punished For Playing in the Snow’ (F/3f; time: 26 minutes) The Highland Manor House looks very much like girls’ schools we are familiar with. Two girls frolic in the real snow on a palatial lawn and are caught by the headmistress, tagged ‘Domina Scarlet.’ Her acting is ‘Miss Brown-minus,’ high praise.

She brings blond ‘Alisha’ and brunette ‘Bella Bird’ inside. The ritual spankings will take place in an elaborate library, one of several exquisite sets. After a long scolding, the action. OTK first, the girls in turn, white knickers down. Alisha then Bella. Moderately hard, excellent varied camera angles. The girls sit and write lines while the other is spanked.

Phase 2, the strap. The girls bend over school desks side by side. Two bottoms. Obliques. After more scolding, the cane. Because Alisha has been the instigator, she gets it. Hands on the fireplace hearth, another detail, Scarlet lets Bella lay on six of her own.

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