Joanne’s Pain and Pleasure Trip – NU-WEST

25 Aug

MF/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

A NU-WEST find for us. Ed Lee combines his fetishes, again with the help of his carpenter. Joanne (we’re told, we never see her face) is tied down on a table, wearing just silk panties, garter belt, and nylons. She is arched over a bar, knees wide, hips elevated, face flat and hidden, wrists tied. Lee and Karen attend. Lee sips whiskey, his ‘assistant.’

Lee cuts Joanne’s panties off with scissors in closeup. Absolutely fuss puss on display. Lee goes to work with his dog whip, and Karen steps in to fondle and frig. As the whipping and play proceed, Joanne begins to surge and jerk on the table. Lee reaches under to play with her boobs while Karen probes. Karen pries open Joanne’s labia and she gasps.

The whipping continues. Some mild stripes. Aggressive frigging. A flogger next. Lee then lubricates a very large dildo. Karen strips off her latex dress to display the classic dominatrix harness with open boobs. She will insert the dildo, working it faster and faster, while rubbing Joanne’s clitoris. Full porn. The whipping and dildoing continue to conclusion.

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