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28 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Pretty blonde ‘Veronica Weston’ narrates. One of the most entertaining bathtub/wet bottom films we have seen. She wears a breezy summer print dress. She holds one of the most lethal straps we can recall, a 2’ leather Spencer model, at least an inch thick.

A male who will remain unseen begins a mild handspanking, Veronica kneeling. Split screen, dress up, routine. White gauzy panties down, dress off, the scene shifts to a sudsy tub. Veronica has gotten her hair on the walk.

Into the tub, nicely filmed. She sets up on all fours in the water for the big strap. After each stroke, necessarily mild from this tool, she ducks her bottom underwater, an entertaining first for us in a bathtub spanking. Veronica spreads her knees wide for balance. The spanking concludes with Veronica standing, squirming to hold position.