21 Nov

One of our projects is to find the definitive birching film. Happily, this endeavor is not complete.

‘Deep Impact’ LUPUS/RIGIDEAST. Our best yet.

Dreams of Destiny-Victorian Interlude’ FIRMHAND. Rosaleen Young

Five O’clock Birching’ GIRLNEXTDOOR PRODUCTIONS. (F/f; time: 41 minutes) We have found this producer’s work mostly silly. Not this one. Miss Svenson and Rebecca, not the redhead seen often with Svenson at XEROTICS. Rebecca has been caught stealing from the charity offerings. Svenson is going to give her a whipping at the end of the day.

She is lectured and must report at 5pm. There is a notice posted on the door, informing a possible visitor that a 24-stroke birching will be underway inside. Rebecca arrives in a robe, which she must drop. Svenson wants the bra and panties off too. Thus the announcement on the door.

Blond Rebecca bends naked over a vaulting horse. The birch bundle is an unusual and and nasty one. Really, it looks like five canes taped together. Birch bundles are usually handfuls of twigs, which produce fiery patterns on the buttocks. Rebecca takes 25 slow strokes, repeated from various angles. Stripes appear across both cheeks. It is an impressive and realistic punishment. Good facials.

Rebecca gets a rest period in the corner, naked still. More birching, more marks. She must kiss the birches. Then her palms are strapped. We enjoy these after-hours punishment appointments.

‘Warlock’s Revenge’ LUPUS. Reviewed here. A naked maid is birched on a ‘Spanish donkey’ horse. This performance will be hard to top.

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