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Sarah Spanked by Her Men – AAASPANKING

12 May

M/2f; time: 14 minutes

A playful exercise where John Osborne and Paul Rogers will team up to spank Sarah Gregory. She sits in bra and panties, on the phone gossiping about the men. She mimics a Texas accent about “butt spankers.” She is caught and sent to get the spanking implements. She brings back a Spencer paddle and a strap. The men will alternate spanking her with both, panties down. Osborne also slaps her face, unusual in this genre of CP films.

Bathtime Brats – AAASPANKING

15 Apr

M/f; time: 8 minutes

A rather silly exercise, despite the appearance of John Osborne, Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, and Casey Calvert. The rather adult girls sit in pj’s, having a sleepover. Osborne enters with a paddle. Wouldn’t you be similarly tempted if you can a house full of giggling young bottoms?

Osborne takes Sarah OTK first and paddles her on her pj bottoms. A nice showcase of her big bottom. Pj’s down. Christy is next for the same. And Casey last. Osborne lines up the three bare bottoms for the paddle and strap. No tears coming here.


3 Apr

M/f; time: 7 minutes

John Osborne will spank a very pretty brunette, Jenna. In a residential setting, he takes her OTK and begins spanking on her dress. Dress comes up, Jenna stands to lower her pantyhose, back OTK. She stands again to remove her thong. Very nice facials from this photogenic model. Bend over for final handspanking.

Cocktail Bar Cock Up – AAASPANKING

18 Mar

M/ f; time: 13 minutes

Rosie Ann is working as a bartender in a very well appointed bar, a sophisticated set compared to some, in this time-tested CP scenario, where inefficient female bar staff get spanked by their owners.

Auburn haired Rosie looks like a working staffer, in little black dress and eyeglasses. John Osborne comes on the scene and lays out his spanking implements. Rosie bends over barstool, dress up, black panties. Handspanking first, knickers down, a clear bottom. He shows her the straps and uses several. Nice fuzzy frontal. We notice the plastic bar chairs are in the shape of penises.

Anna Never Learns – AAASPANKING

15 Mar

M/f: time: 17 minutes

Miss Anna and John Osborne. He is unhappy with her not cleaning the house. He brings a vacuum cleaner to her, while brandishing a bath brush and huge strap, lest she doesn’t understand. OTK quite easily. Dress up, white thong down, he uses the bath brush while she lies flat over a hassock.

Spanked, Strapped, and Caned into Shape – AAASPANKING

14 Mar

M/f; time: 14 minutes

John Osborne and Lily Swan. She wears exercise gear and is intent upon eating a big candy bar. Osborne catches her. Lily is a stroked blonde heavy on the tattoos. He takes her OTK and begins spanking on her blue pants. The pants come down, black lace knickers. He puts the candy in her face as he spanks.

Knickers down, a standard handspanking. He leaves the set and returns with a strap and cane. Lily looks very unhappy about it. The strap first; Osborne manages to turn her buttocks crease red. The cane brings tears and wheals. For the last part of the caning, she must assume the push-up position on the floor.

Spanking Sarah the Brat – AAASPANKING

11 Mar

M/f; time: 19 minutes

A simple exercise with John Osborne and Sarah Gregory. No rehearsal was needed for this one. A playful spanking in a fully stocked kitchen. Sarah wears a blue skirt and black top. Her figure has matured in just the places we want. After some frivolity, Sarah gets a straight chair from off screen and we are ready to begin.

Osborne chases her around a little before she more less falls into the OTK position. Handspanking on her skirt, more or less routine. Skirt up, black panties bunched. Panties down, we’ve said a bunch about her famous bottom. She is sent to get a hairbrush, and in moving around, there are long frontals, cunning and unusual for her. OTK for the hairbrush and a playful hug to conclude.

Kennedy and Woods – AAASPANKING

9 Feb

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Paul Kennedy and lights-out Leia Ann Woods sit on a couch, having a silly tussle about domestic matters, each fighting laughter and waiting for the action to begin. Ms. Woods has a slight reddish tinge to her hair here. He grabs her OTK. She is ready herself. Skirt up, black panties, standard spanking on the black leather couch.

Knickers down, The folks at AAASPANKING see a lot of bottoms. Even they know this is special. Kennedy produces a strap and continues on her bare bottom.

Osborne and Spanish Kami – AAASPANKING

7 Feb

M/f. Time: 10 minutes

Another appearance with these two. John Osborne calls for Kami Robertson on an empty stage as he slaps his palm with a slipper. Kami wears a sort of Spanish flamenco dress. He starts her with a standing Spanking on dark knickers, which he soon pulls down.

A chair is produced. Kami kneels on it, still bare bottom, for the slipper. At the conclusion, Kami wipes tears, although her bottom has gotten tougher than this at this point in her career.

Act, Look, and Behave Like A Lady – AAASPANKING

27 Dec

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Johnny Lake and Harley Havik. Gotta love these motel room sets. Harley is dressed scandalously, in a top with a laced opening, bare midriff, her thong out above her tight slacks. Of course she thinks this is cool. After a long scolding, Lake takes her OTK on the bed. Lovely straight long blond hair down her back. Lovely slow spanking, slacks and thong down after a bit. How could Lake not be excited with Harley writhing on his lap?

With a segue, Harley bends over the foot of the twin bed. Lake has found a strap with a handle. He is still rather kind with the strap. Harley’s bottom is a nice pink/tan. Lots of full screen skin.