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Katie’s Teacher Interview – AAASPANKING

23 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Brunette Katie is concluding her teacher interview with John Osborne. She gets the job, but now Osborne must explain the renumeration comes with caveats, “strings attached,” and why the collection of spanking implements is displayed in front of her. This model can’t resist checking with the director when she spins what she thinks is a good line.

She slowly gets the idea she is going to have to accept a spanking. She keeps looking at someone, as if she were accompanied here. It is rather cute.

Segue. Katie is kneeling up on the table, pillows under her knees and elbows. Osborne starts spanking on her red skirt then on her pantyhose. Pantyhose down, lots of tattoos. Katie should not be a gym teacher. The soft flogger next. Handspanking, two hairbrushes. Panties down, her bottom is elevated enough for quite a view. He pats her, spanking complete. She seems to have enjoyed it. When is her quarterly performance review?

Locker Thieves – AAASPANKING

28 Sep

2M2f; time: 14 minutes

Our title. Kami Robertson and another girl  sneak into a room and try keys on lockers. The set is just a room with two stacks of lockers moved in to make this story. Kami again looks barely legal in her little gym outfit.

John Osborne and another guy catch the girls fussing from locker to locker. The girls  have found and are puzzled by one leather spanking sole. The men have the girls open other lockers, where they find hairbrushes and straps.

The men will now spank the girls. They bend over in front of the lockers and are first spanked on panties and then on the bare. Then various OTK and bend-overs using handy chairs. Standard stuff. Kami gets very red. 

4 Girls with Osborne – AAASPANKING

15 Sep

M/4f; time: xx

John Osborne has summoned 4 girls in an otherwise empty room. The girls wear average day-to-day dress, which, for us, makes this all the more sexy, an unorchestrated and slightly candid spanking.

He will spank the row of girls, on their panties and on the bare. One of the girls is a prefect—it looks like she will escape, but Osborne adds her bottom to the row near the end. Nothing special.

Spanked on Stairs – AAASPANKING

15 Sep

M/2f; time: 18 minutes

John Osborne confronts and will cane two schoolgirls at the foot of another one of those very British wooden central staircases. It is called here the “punishment landing.” It is a British CP tradition, a tony girls’ school thing. How many times has Amelia Jane Rutherford been bare bottom in this situation? One girl here  is Kami Robertson. And Danielle. The girls were reported for cheating in Latin class.

After 4 minutes of scolding, the girls bend over at the foot of the stairs. Osborne pulls both pairs of panties down and warms up both bottoms with his hand and a bath brush, which he has brought for this appointment. He then canes both bottoms. Facials can be added from shots down the stairs.

Escalation. The girls must strip naked. They are sent up to a landing to be displayed naked. A class bell rings. The girls cringe in embrrassment. All we needed here was a cascade of approaching footsteps.


14 Sep


A big Glasgow crew here—Paul Kennedy, Jean Bradley, Leia Ann Woods, and Pandora Blake. Need a title. Kennedy and Bradley interrupt Leia and Pandora in a large sauna, not the conventional round shape, but a rather industrial rectangle. The girls are in bathing suits and sipping wine.

After the conventional scolding session, Bradley turns off the churning power and the waters become still. This would be a cute move if the girls were naked.  Bradley gets Leia out of the water and begins her spanking over the edge. Leia is always wonderful with little or nothing on. And we are assured of wet bottoms here. Handspanking and a strap. Bikini bottoms down. Leia undulates with professional CP experience.

Pandora out of the water next for her spanking. Bikini down. Immediately. Bradley uses a different studded strap here, and Kennedy joins in. Routine stuff from four hall of famers.

Osborne and Sarah Gregory – AAASPANKING

27 Aug

 M/f; time: 13 minutes

An older Gregory here, very buxom, only slightly contained by a bright red party dress. The scene looks like a hotel suite. OTK on the bed to start, skirt up, matching red thong.

Osborne wants the dress off. Underneath she wears a bustier and nylons. The bustier  comes off and she is proud of her maturing boobs. She is down to just the red thong, almost a G-string She lies on pillows, very nice. Osborne uses a floppy square strap. Osborne takes the thong down, Sarah is aroused! Excellent facials.

Absent Without Cause -AAASPANKING

2 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

John Osborne enters a room of a rather older schoolgirl with a cane. It is not a very well appointed set for a girl’s room. He has her remove her blazer and skirt and parade for him before he starts. The girl kneels on the bed, Osborne pulls her white panties down. She already has a red bottom.

Osborne starts with a hairbrush. She first lies flat on the bed, then kneels up, much more flattering to a bottom. Osborne switches to a cane and achieves bruises and marks. Otherwise a routine film.

Naughty at Blackboard – AAASPANKING

24 Jun

F/2f; time: 13 minutes

Jean Bradley catches two overage schoolgirls writing naughty things about teachers on.a blackboard. Rather a silly premise, but let’s get on with it.

The girls wear matching blue blouses and grey culottes. Bradley will spank them both in turn, conventional OTK on the bsre. Bottoms on parade.




Osborne and athlete – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

John Osborne with a brunette who can actually do vaulting exercises. There have been a few films where the spanking model can actually perform physical activities. Amelia Jane Rutherford can do ballet, Sophie Fennington has a topspin forehand, and more.

A cute brunette wears a sports bra and pants. She assumes various positions on a vaulting horse while Osborne smacks her. Very interesting, you immediately imagine those pants coming off.

The girl does in fact surrender her panties. Her diaper-like athletic poses display several pieces of vaginal jewelry and all else you need to see. She ends up lying flat for a caning Unusual film.


Kami and John Osborne – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Need a title for this one. Surely there was something between John Osborne and Kami Robertson. They made many films, and some are edgy. Kami has red hair here. She has been in his movie DVD collection and left a pile of empty clamshells.

Osborne takes her OTK. She puts up one of her patented little struggles. Jeans down, red lace panties. She is angry. Routine bare bottom spanking.