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Absent Without Cause -AAASPANKING

2 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

John Osborne enters a room of a rather older schoolgirl with a cane. It is not a very well appointed set for a girl’s room. He has her remove her blazer and skirt and parade for him before he starts. The girl kneels on the bed, Osborne pulls her white panties down. She already has a red bottom.

Osborne starts with a hairbrush. She first lies flat on the bed, then kneels up, much more flattering to a bottom. Osborne switches to a cane and achieves bruises and marks. Otherwise a routine film.

Naughty at Blackboard – AAASPANKING

24 Jun

F/2f; time: 13 minutes

Jean Bradley catches two overage schoolgirls writing naughty things about teachers on.a blackboard. Rather a silly premise, but let’s get on with it.

The girls wear matching blue blouses and grey culottes. Bradley will spank them both in turn, conventional OTK on the bsre. Bottoms on parade.




Osborne and athlete – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

John Osborne with a brunette who can actually do vaulting exercises. There have been a few films where the spanking model can actually perform physical activities. Amelia Jane Rutherford can do ballet, Sophie Fennington has a topspin forehand, and more.

A cute brunette wears a sports bra and pants. She assumes various positions on a vaulting horse while Osborne smacks her. Very interesting, you immediately imagine those pants coming off.

The girl does in fact surrender her panties. Her diaper-like athletic poses display several pieces of vaginal jewelry and all else you need to see. She ends up lying flat for a caning Unusual film.


Kami and John Osborne – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Need a title for this one. Surely there was something between John Osborne and Kami Robertson. They made many films, and some are edgy. Kami has red hair here. She has been in his movie DVD collection and left a pile of empty clamshells.

Osborne takes her OTK. She puts up one of her patented little struggles. Jeans down, red lace panties. She is angry. Routine bare bottom spanking.

Osborne-More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

John Osborne continues his fascination with the Girl Guide uniform. Two uniformed girls are in the kitchen. They might be closer to den mothers. Osborne does not like what they are snacking on, which is all the provocation he needs to check their bottoms. They both wear festive print panties.

He will spank them both over the kitchen island, routine so far, but wait. The girls Remove their panties and climb onto the counter, and one kneels on all fours and the other assumes the diaper position. Pussy galore. And great bottoms.

Kami and Osborne – AAASPANKING

20 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

Another film we can’t title. We are in the usual well appointed classroom. Kami Robertson is in perfect schoolgirl attire and again looks so small. She has been caught using her cell phone during detention.

She hangs her head in embarrassment -something she is very good at. Osborne begins slapping her palms with a meter stick. Like many models, she seems to have a tough time with this. She bends over, skirt up. She fills out a pair of white panties beautifully. Osborne pulls them down, so nice.

He will use a cane or a stick now. And he stops to get in a bit more fondling than usual. Kami returns to her detention desk to work bare bottom.


More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

17 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

A bored John Osborne is watching television. Two girls, one is Leia Ann Woods, who are living under his guardianship for a brief time, try to sneak out of the house. They are wearing Girl Guides uniforms and are going to a costume party. Osborne catches them and is appalled at their appearance, a nod to the use of the Girl Guide uniform in CP films. The girls admit they bought the uniforms on EBay.

The girls are going to get the “strap and hairbrush.” They girls kneel side by side on the couch. They already smell of wine. Skirts down, handspanking and the strap. Then Osborne pulls the panties down. “Oh, come on!” The hairbrush and the strap.

Kami the Maid -AAASPANKING

8 Jun

M/f; time: 12 minutes

No title for this. Another cunning performance from Kami Robertson and A male actor we can’t identify. She is on hands and knees, cleaning. She can look so small and innocent.

The guy she is working for takes her OTK, has himself a fondle, and begins with handspanking and a ruler. Skirt up, white panties. She bends over at the fireplace, where the guy takes her panties down. He uses a strap and leather paddle.

Kami removes her house dress and is naked. Very sweet Some more fondling and spanking, then she returns to housework, but naked.

Scratched Car -AAASPANKING

7 Jun



Not the title. A large cast for a CP film, all regulars from the halls of NOTHERNSPANKING and AAASPANKING. Jean Bradley accuses two girls, Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods, of deliberately scratching her car. Got to love that Bradley accent. She is going to strip search the girls to find the keys they used. Pandora caves.


Both girls must bend over the desk. School skirts up. “At least you have regulation pants on.” Not for long. She handspanks both bottoms and pulls the knickers down.  Bradley looks at the director. We always wonder why they do that, these experienced actors. Pandora kneels for a ruler, same for Leia.

There is a fade here – we thought they were struggling with the script. Paul Kennedy enters. It seems the girls were after HIS car. He is a lech and a peeping Tom at this girls’ school, an occupational hazard much exploited in CP films. Bradley suggests he continue the spankings. He’d like that.

After another segue, probably to reset things, the girls are

arranged OTK over the two laps, facing in opposite directions. Handspanking and hairbrush, and of course Bradley and Kennedy switch bottoms. Kennedy gets his close looks at two pussies.

Showdown Session – AAASPANKING

7 Jun

F/f; time: 22 minutes

John Osborne, and off camera voice, has brought Sarah Gregory to see Chelsea Pfeiffer. It seems John has been spanking Sarah Nd not making an impression. He asks Chelsea to the job. She is only too happy. The scene is Chelsea’s spanking ranch.

Chelsea takes Sarah OTK and is impressed with her .bottom immediately. After some swats, she has Sarah stand and take off her dress. OTK again in bra and panties, the bottom looks even nicer. Chelsea uses some fingernails. “Oh, yeah.” This might be more than punishment.

Chelsea wants the bra and panties off. The panties are wet. “Not getting excited?” Chelsea plays with her boobs and spreads her buttocks. She blindfolds Sarah and uses a black leather paddle. Riding crop tease. Sarah kneels on a chair for the crop and some easy bastinado. Boobs hang. Chelsea plays with a spiked wheel all over her body. Boob and pussy slapping. They kiss, really kiss. More paddle ; bottom to the wall on parade.