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Kami Robertson-John Osborne – AAASPANKING

19 May

M/f; time: 13 minutes

Another appearance from these two, in the familiar classroom. Diminutive Kami is in a tennis dress. Osborne will spank her. Handspanking first on the full white panties which are part of a tennis outfit, before Osborne pulls them down. She has bent over a low vaulting horse.

The usual cute bottom, just a bit bigger and more feminine than her size would predict, and how she got the job. She kneels up on the horse, where Osborne has to steady her as he spanks with a slipper and hairbrush.

Paul Kennedy-Jean Bradley -AAASPANKING

6 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Plucky Ms. Bradley turns up her bottom for a spanking here. And she is not early in her career. She plays a teacher receiving her annual review from headmaster Paul Kennedy. After  a long discussion and criticism, she will be spanked, like so many of her students. Kennedy must have some fun with his staff, and there must be student teachers.

Bradley stands, raises her skirt, and bends over the desk. She wears full black panties, garter belt, and nylons. Handspanking to begin, she pulls her own panties down. She bruises quickly.

After a position shift, she takes off her garter belt and stockings and puts on schoolgirl clothing. To conclude, she bends over the desk for a very sharp bare bottom caning, lest she forget what it is like for the girls she makes films with.

Osborne-Kami – AAASPANKING

5 May

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Cute little Kami Robertson sits at a school desk. She wears a black dress. She is stressed to see that Osborne has a cane. She gets a lecture and is not happy about what she is hearing.

Osborne sits on another desk, takes her OTK, raises her dress, and pulls down her panties. After this warmup, Kami bends over the desk for the strap, bath brush, and another strap. The cane comes next. Such a lovely bottom in a classroom. Osborne  has enough screen time to cream her bottom with salve.



Osborne and Kami – AAASPANKING

4 May

2M/2f; time: 15 minutes

Need a title here. 2 girls pick at a stack of gym lockers, Kami Robertson and another girl. They find a paddle in one of the lockers. John Osborne and another guy confront the girls. They have found more spanking implements in another locker.

After a long discussion the girls bend over for the spankings to start. Both panties come down. The girls are separately spanked with the implements and the guys switch girls.


28 Apr

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

Nothing too unusual in this film, except a continuation of John Osborne’s fascination with the Girl Guides uniform. Two girls in the outfits are working on the kitchen. Osborne enters and will spank them both, on the kitchen counter. They will remain largely amused by the whole thing.

Both girls, maybe a bit outside the Guides age, wear very colorful panties. He will spamk them side by side, getting the knickers down, on the counter. The girls will successively assume the diaper position for one round, so this is not just a punishment spanking.

Kami Robertson Detention – AAASPANKING

23 Apr

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Kami Robertson stands fidgeting in the familiar well appointed classroom. She wears   one of those little smocks,, red here, and if the pattern follows, not much else. A young John Osborne enters. He takes Kami OTK immediately, smock up, white panties down. She is so tiny here, almost adolescent.

Kami kneels up on a straight chair, dress up, the perfect bare bottom. After a dissolve, Osborne has a cane. Mild stuff,  but beautiful.

Punishment Outfit – AAASPANKING

10 Apr

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Syrena and John Osborne. He is going to spank her for something. She strips naked and puts on a white gym slip, maroon pants, and knee socks. She waits, hands on head, for Osborne.

Osborne arrives with a few implements. Syrena climbs up onto a bed, and positions on hands and knees. Osborne begins handspanking. A camera can walk around the. bed, mixing face and bottom. Very pretty girl. She keeps fixing her hair.

Osborne takes her panties down. She struggles through two straps. Tears. Back to the corner.bare bottom. One of those girls with just the right equipment for this assignment.



Kami, Girl Guide – AAASPANKING

10 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

John Osborne with a very young and thin Kami Robertson. She wears a British Girl Guides uniform. Osborne has a thing about these uniforms. Some very pretty girls at AAASPANKING and NORTHERNSPANKING have worn them and taken them off for him.

Osborne snows Kami a trophy she won unfairly. The camera angles help enhance the   Image that Ms. Robertson is tiny. We are in the well appointed classroom. She bends over a classic vaulting horse for a paddle. Osborne pulls her pants down.

Next comes a strap. Kami’s long hair streams to the floor. And a bath brush, very sharply delivered. Kami has a marvelous bottom for such a little girl

A Birched Maid – AAASPANKING

5 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes

One of the most erotic and artistic films we have seen from TRIPLEAAA. A thin, almost gaunt Kami Robertson will take a slow and lengthy birching from  a guy named Harold, who will also help himself to handfuls of her body in the process.

Kami wears a loose yellow smock, which you know will be coming off. Camera angles on Kami make her look pre-teen. She surely is young here. OTK spanking first, handspanking and a ruler. Not hard,  but it will last awhile. Hands on the mantel, British style. White panties; Harold rolls them down ever so slowly. Some fondling, then the strap. A small square paddle—Harold likes to brandish the implements in Kami’s face.

Off comes the smock, it is just a simple wrap. Kami is naked now. A scene change, another spanking for Kami. This time a large and traditional birch bundle. Kami kneels up on a couch. Birch on the panties,  which are back in place. The birching appears mild, but  it covers her whole bottom and she is gasping. And also quivering.   Bottom bare.  There are excellent facial shots mixed in, and some frontal flashes.

Ms. Robertson made some good films. This is our nomination for No. 1.















Disciplined by the Auditor – AAASPANKING

1 Apr

F/2f; time: 15 – may be more

Apparently AAASPANKING has an air hostess series. We will have to be on the lookout. We doubt they’ll outdo Samantha Woodley, our number one hostess. Attendants Helen Stephens and Jessica Taylor have been summoned by the airline auditor. The girls wear cute 1980’s   outfits and auditor Olivia is an older woman much in the style of a Janet Beckwith or Dana Specht.

A lot of duty free merchandise has disappeared during the girls’ flights. They are offered a locker search and dismissal, or, of course “…your bottoms spanked. That’s how I deal with this.” The dour matron much prefers this. Helen is taken OTK first, her white panties stay on for now.  Same then for Jessica.

The girls bend over the desk now, white panties come down. Olivia uses a strap on both of them, which seems to amuse them.