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Hotel Clerk – STRAND

3 Sep

F/f; time: 31 minutes

A film with some humor in it, a refreshing occurrence we often pine for. The STRAND cast. A familiar guy, who has lost his pants in more than one episode from this producer, comes to a hotel desk to complain about his room assignment. Sarah Stern plays the clerk, and she is not much interested in his situation.

The guy demands the manager, who is Miss Lina. She is more understanding, and takes Sarah into another room for a spanking. It is noteworthy to see these two older actors in a spanking scene. After the spanking, Ms. Stern is unabashed to stand for a long frontal. The hotel guest is invited in to add a few licks, as it were.

Academy of Dr. Marcus Blunt – KANE

5 Oct

MF/2fm; year: 1992; time: 45 minutes

One of our very favorites from director and producer George Harrison-Marks; he had the good judgment to collect some entertaining young and coming CP actors to carry this film, where almost everyone loses his or her pants. We had reviewed it before on another site, and were very much titillated to be able to write about it again with more advanced knowledge of the CP scene.

‘David Brooks’ plays a stuttering don in academic robes. When he leaves his office to find something to light his pipe, schoolgirl ‘Alison deBrett’ sneaks in to take a look at the upcoming exam answers.

Alison, using several other related stage names, continued on in a long CP career, mostly with MOONGLOW,  a few distributed by CALSTAR and CAVERN, and still more collected elsewhere. This may be her second or third film, and she certainly was off to a very naughty start in 1992. In full schoolgirl kit, with auburn pigtails, she looks ‘barely legal,’ so to speak. But she is as saucy and immodest as she will ever be in this film. See ‘Humiliated Neighbors’ from MOONGLOW for a mature Alison.

93f9a003-48ff-46f0-9301-fd08ff3ca2abBrooks asks her name, ‘Jenny Pennywhacker,’ and he recalls it, because he whaled on her cousin’s bottom in this office just a few years ago. He announces a “sound spanking” will set things right. Jenny goes OTK very quickly, happy for the reprieve. Skirt up, regulation full dark knickers. She lurches at the first smack. All through her career, she was entertaining as she was spanked, and bold. Brooks soon has the panties down.


Jenny will now kneel on a chair, which again she does with alacrity and compliance. Brooks gets her bare bottom positioned just right. Trim and perfect, knees wide, plenty of puss. First he uses a studded strap, then 21 strokes of the cane, counted out with gasps from Jenny.

FADE. Jenny arrives at her cousin ‘Samantha’s’ house. Samantha is a hooker, and she is in the process of receiving a bare bottom flogging from a client. Jenny walks in on it, then leaves. The guy completes the spanking, pays Samantha and departs. That is apparently enough for him.


Samantha scolds Jenny for interrupting, and Jenny confesses she herself was just whipped at school. Samantha remembers that dirty old Don. She has Jenny show her bottom. “Oh, my God.” (not really, but these are British films) She rubs Jenny’s bottom, maybe a bit too tenderly. “I’m going to teach that bastard a lesson.”


FADE. Samantha bursts in on the Don at his desk, wearing her tarty outfit. He remembers her. She seems to convince him that his spanking of her cousin was illegal and that he had better accept a beating himself. We move right along, he bends over his desk, Samantha helps him get his pants down. He seems to be wearing regulation knickers himself. On his bare butt, he is handspanked, flogged, and caned. When Samantha leaves, he mutters his pleasure.


Back home, Samantha finds Jenny, in just panties, masturbating with a KANE magazine. She’ll be spanked. She kneels on all fours on the bed. Samantha pulls those knickers down, and we get the most explicit display of her possibly ever in her films. And her pubic fuzz actually seems adolescent. Handspanking, flogger, and cane. She actually cocks her bottom to increase the view. At the conclusion, she falls into more than a friendly cuddle with her cousin.




Humiliated Neighbors – MOONGLOW

25 Sep

2M/2f; time: I hr. 5 minutes

A later film with ‘Joe Stewart’ and perhaps our own enduring favorite bottom, ‘Alison Payne.’ This film contains some explicit sex and certainly illustrates what these actors needed to do to keep coming up with ideas. It was probably made in 2001 or 2002, possibly before death of MOONGLOW director John Kirwood. Compare Ms. Payne here to her first films at KANE in ‘Blistered Young Buns’ or ‘Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire,’ or ‘Academy of Dr. Marcus Blunt,’ 10 or 15  years earlier.

Day one: Alison and Jane have moved in near Stewart and they pay him a visit. They see opportunity and so does he. He serves drinks at a familiar MOONGLOW couch. When he is out of the room, the girls lift his credit card.

Day 2: The bank contacts Joe–the girls spent 2000 pds and he has figured it out. When  Alison stops by again, Joe steps out and returns with his collection of spanking implements, “his pain canes.” “I’m going to try one of these on you.”

Alison looks a little distressed, not as much as she could do in her earlier films. She tells Joe that she’d rather have sex than a spanking. Joe begins fondling Alison, but decides the cane is much better.

Alison bends over the couch and Joe begins snapping the cane on her jeans, leaving white lines. That bottom, maybe not the  trim model we coveted in her earlier years, is still breathtaking. Joe keeps working her boobs and crotch before he helps her down with her jeans. Oops, no panties. Jeans up and down a few times for the fun of it. Handspanking. Joe slaps her thighs to spread her legs to get at her pussy for a very hard frig, which seems OK with her, Very raunchy stuff in this latter day from these two.

Day 3: Joe escorts confederate  ‘Jane’ into his house. She spent some of the money, so he will start on her. OTK, white panties down, some fondling and frigging during the spanking. Top off, panties gone, Jane kneels up on the arms of the easy chair, her thighs as wide as necessary, for the strap.

Joe calls in ‘Jim,’ another guy who must have been watching the spanking. He is not wearing pants and he strokes his erection. He steps up behind Jane and fucks her doggy-style. Some decent porno filming supports that this was surely real. We wondered where this guy came from. A horny crew member? No face.

Jim must have finished, because Joe returns to spank, strap, and frig. He moves Jane to the couch and puts her into the diaper position. Paddling, strap on her pussy, more frigging, and some attention to her anus here. Not your typical MOONGLOW!

Time for the most serious punishment for the almost naked Jane. Over a chair, Joe’s cane fractures on the first stroke. A second cane, after two more strokes that breaks. “It wasn’t me!” But it was. Eight more strokes with a third cane. Top off, more fondling, and 15 more strokes. Wild marks on her thighs and flanks, and some real welts. He gives her a jolly frigging while she holds her  hands on her head.

Day 4: Alison has been called to return. She sees the pillows he has arranged on the chair. She lies over them. Joe handspanks and straps her on her short skirt, slapping her thighs when she wants to close her legs.

Alison stands and begins removing clothes. Facing us, she removes her top and skirt, and lets Joe take down her bikini panties. She sits in the chair now, Joe flogs her pussy with a weighted strap and we can the full view of Alison.

Punishment Date – MOONGLOW

8 Sep

M/f; time: 52 minutes

Early MOONGLOW, featuring one of our favorite bottoms, attached to the actress ‘Alison Payne,’ her most common stage name. This film may have been titled ‘Wife’s Sister,’ the storyline fits that title.

A woman arranges for a man, a professional, to spank her sister Alison. She has been in trouble at work and this punishment will prevent her firing. The man enters the room where Alison waits. She knows him, seems to be expecting him, and must know what this is about. She has run off and escaped this once before. She is alarmed by the armload of spanking implements her carries. “Not all those!” Alison, with her long flowing chestnut Liverpudlian hair, wears a loose black jersey and tight white tights, making for a delightfully scandalous appearance, in her best places. And she knew this was coming!

OTK first, white leggings soon down. He selects a paddle with studs, eliciting a gasp. Throughout the film, the spanking scenes are repeated with frame reversed–the right-handed spanker becomes left-handed, etc. A way to deal with a separate camera angle. But those buttocks are symmetrical. Only a model like Alison,  this bottom, can pull off this duplication. Alison kneels on a chair, elbows over and onto a table, more paddle. She is muttering curses.

Spankings continue–riding crop, rug beater, martinet, tawse.

The guy sends Alison to “put on something sexy.” You wonder just what the sister’s wife intended to happen here. Alison returns in bustier, garter belt, and stockings. The brother-in-law pulls down her top and helps himself to her boobs.

Alison lies full-length on a blanket-covered table. Her wrists and ankles are tied to the legs. Panties come down for the first time, at 25 minutes. [a loud motor noise intrudes, like a panting dog, albeit a very big one, another flaw which may explain why this film has been so scarce]. Puss shots between her thighs. “You won’t get away from me this time.”

At a pause she asks, “What are you looking for?” “I am admiring the view.” More spanking with a shoe horn. More martinet. “You can’t walk out on this one.” He checks her bottom, “It’s getting a bit warm.” And red.

A leather sole next, when she twists around, there is some hair under her arms, setting an early date on this. More riding crop, the studded strap, flogger, sole.

Best of the Cane – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

time: 2 hours

Nineteen spanking and caning segments from MOONGLOW, another collection of self-contained, titled stories, some from films we have seen and reviewed, with Moonglow Girls. Others we can’t find, despite the catalogue numbers MOONGLOW provides. Someone somewhere sits with the full MOONGLOW catalogue.

‘Alison,’ possessing our nomination for a world-class bottom, supplemented by her Liverpool acting skill and temperament, is featured in the first three episodes, ‘Condomania,’ ‘Term Ends,’ and ‘Legal Beatings.’ We’ve said before we enjoy the evolving fashions of pubic hairstyle.

‘Aura’ and ‘Elena’ get the cane on their slacks over a trestle.

‘Emma Brown.’ in a segment entitled ‘The Chemistry Master’s Car,’ plays the cute schoolgirl. Her buttock love tattoo is visible through her white panties. A male disciplinarian is offended by that tattoo and spanks her over two chairs–the ‘Winchester.’ And last, Emma, completely naked, getting caned over a twin school desk, breasts squashed, a highly entertaining segment which includes ‘multicam’ views.

Moonglow Girl ‘Jenny Greenstreet’ is caned by MOONGLOW founder the late John Kirwood and in another scene for stealing cash in a restaurant/men’s club, from ‘Minnie the Jinx.’

‘Karen’ or ‘Jenny Close’ in three episodes, one with Kirwood.

‘Lorrayne’ is caned by two guys and then gets a creaming (she really needs it), from the film ‘Getting Ready,’ which we can’t find.

‘Lucy Bailey,’ 17 minutes from ‘Flatmates’ Discipline.’ She loses most of her clothes and is caned by her husband in front of dinner guests in her own home. A nifty plot line, very British, used occasionally in CalStar and NuWest. When a cane shatters, a guest happens to have another in his car.

John Kirwood in his ‘Gardener Mudstock’ role canes two girls.

‘Melissa’ is caned by ‘Sir Jasper,’ again in the person of Kirwood.

‘Sandra’ in sessions called ‘The Cheat’ and ‘Caught Smoking.’

John Kirwood does a long session with a fluffy blonde referred to as a “one-on-one first caning.”

The wonderful collections concludes with four schoolgirl spankings, ‘Lucy,’ “Jana,’ ‘Donna,’ and ‘Jo.’

Punishment Files – MOONGLOW

24 Mar

time: 60 minutes

15 short spanking segments; each self-contained, most have MOONGLOW-graphic titles, and most feature one of the ‘Moonglow Girls’; we do not recognize any episodes as being excerpted from the larger MOONGLOW catalogue. If you crave your CP to cut quickly to the action, these segments will please you, although MOONGLOW still pays homage to the intimate cues which create the eroticism of the spanking fetish. But if you share our predilection and enjoy a bit of plot and foreplay, you can fantasize what stories could be wrapped around these climactic scenes.

Three segments featuring the tall brunette model ‘Nicky Montford,’ reputedly one of the toughest bottoms in the business, in ‘Spanked in the Kitchen,’ ‘Cadet Robinson,’ and ‘Swimming Pool Prankster.’ In the kitchen, when Nicky loses her apron, she is naked underneath. As a cadet, she is caned over a steamer trunk. At the pool, she is caned in her red bikini.

Two brief episodes featuring our perennial favorite ‘Alison’ or ‘Liza Payne,’ or other screen names, but just that one bottom. And she is all-bottom for two more scenes into our collection, ‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ and ‘the Nosey Maid.’ We’d like to think that when you get Ms. Payne into the studio you don’t let her go until she has reached her limit.

Two segments with no facials, ‘Tanned Tart’ and ‘The Tawsed Waitress.’ Paddling, nudity, hanging boobs.

Several long segments using the spinning newspaper headline graphic in the ‘Extra! Extra!’ style. ‘Nurse Spanked-Prescription Muddled Up,’ MOONGLOW plays on their uniform fetish to discipline a sloppy nurse–a doctor gets her almost naked for her education. ‘A Sound Caning-Late For Hockey’ features a quaking little brunette playing the ingenue worthy of an old ROUE, having to discard parts of her school uniform and getting the cane over a trestle.

‘Pajama Caning-climbing out a dorm window,’ a strong entrant for those who like spankings in pajamas. A Head Girl scolds a student and then arranges to punish her later that evening. The girl reports in blue silk pajamas, kneels on two back-to-back chairs–the ‘Winchester position,’ handspanking, the cane on her pj’s, then bottoms down for a dozen on the bare. Kicking bare feet.

‘Refusing to Speak-leads to a hot striped bottom’; the same Head Girl disciplines another exquisitely young-looking student over a desk; a dozen very hard with a cane.

‘Spanked-Cami Caught Drinking Beer’- an older teacher spanks little Cami on her white knickers.

‘Bad Day at the Manor’- MOONGLOW regular ‘Tom Cooper’; Cooper spanks a student in her nightgown–she’s got no panties underneath. The next day he spanks the accusing teacher, and then later a student or employee who was caught in the kitchen with her knickers down, doing what? he wants to know.

‘Shoplifter Caned’- a posture worth a moment to describe; a spreader bar rests across a girl’s shoulders like a bar bell. Her wrists are cuffed and fastened to chains which hang down, like a shoulder yoke for carrying water buckets. She bends over at the waist and takes 6 cane strokes on her jeans. Not functional restraint, but erotic and novel.

‘Pot-Smoking Waitress’ – an older actress (by schoolgirl comparison), the actress ‘Sandra,’ we think, in a satin uniform, gets the cane from Tom Cooper, and in ‘Caught in Bed,’ Cooper canes a student and a maid for being caught in bed together.

‘Cruickshank Caned’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) This segment and the two which follow may come from another film. catalogue C46. We add them here for simplicity. A prefect wakes up Emma Brown, delicious in bed. The prefect reports her to (either Peter Carruthers or Tom  Cooper). Emma is brought to him and she is quickly over a spanking trestle and caned on her white knickers.

The female prefect pulls down her knickers. After this caning, of course the male turns on the snitches, this prefect and another.   Both are caned.

‘Swimming Pool A Tip’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Emma  Brown again, with  the same two giirls as above. They are spanked in a laundry room by a faceless male.

‘Swimming Pool Incident’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Emma Brown is spanked again, this time in a hot red bikini. Each of the same three girls is caned, on their bikini bottoms after they drop their wraps.

Teacher’s Torment – CALSTAR

13 Aug

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Early, smashing actress ‘Allison Payne,’ plays ‘Penny,’ a schoolgirl staying temporarily with an ‘uncle’ type. She wears full schoolgirl kit. She lies in front of a TV, flashing her long legs and higher. She has discovered Uncle’s cache of spanking videos and is fascinated. And later, she is scolded again for trying to watch one.

If she is that interested, he will show her how spanking is done. He is a school teacher himself, where his admiration of the female bottom can be acted out. Uncle is played by a familiar smarmy ageplay actor, familiar from KANE and ROUE. He takes a willing Penny OTK. Skirt up, a brief spanking on her regulation knickers, explaining the spanking sequence.

He gets his fingers under the elastic. “Not my bare bottom, sir.” “Have you ever been spanked on your bare bottom?” “You’re the teacher.” This little interplay on the ‘bare bottom’ phrase is as cunning as you can find.

Uncle spanks carefully until Penny’s bottom is fully pink/red, a view of ‘Ms’ Payne’ worth capturing. She stands and takes her skirt off and turns to expose the fullest bush of pubic hair you will see. She walks up the stairs to bed, another one of those bare bottoms on the stairs scenes.

Penny strips naked for bed, slowly. Blouse, bra. Much of this film is a celebration of the actress’s body. More unique frontal. She puts on a silky nightie, gets into bed, and seems to be playing with herself after that erotic spanking and exposure. She decides to put lotion on her bottom, more display of her assets.

In a new scene, she puts on sexy lingerie for Uncle to catch her. More lotion on her bare bottom while she watches TV, cartoons! Uncle does catch her, and now the spanking will go the full distance. Over a chair, nightie and bra off, naked. He makes her say more of the cue words: “Please, sir, cane me hard.”

Penny’s bare bottom is full-screen, a shot which can’t be improved. When Ms. Payne is caned, she always reacts as if she was not quite expecting how hard the cane would be. Uncle counts the first 6, she the second 6. He feels the emerging wheals. “Oh, yes!”

“Stand at the mantelpiece, open your legs, put your bottom out.” Penny takes the traditional British pose. She counts out two more sets of 6. By now, she displayed wild marks and wheals, on her lower back and thighs. “I will let you off with another two,” which are very hard and make her twist and fight the instinct to resist.

Again she is sent to bed, up the stairs, this time naked. Perfect.

Army Stripes – MOONGLOW

5 Aug

2MF/5f; time: 60 minutes

A comical costume drama; Army sergeants spank their female recruits in the squad room. Everyone wears heavy wool uniforms reminiscent of WW II image. The film opens when the male sergeant catches two girls sitting when they should be working. He spanks them on the spot, an event of little note except for the way discipline can be carried out in this outfit.

The film features a number of the identified MOONGLOW actresses–Liza Hughes, Jane Wright, Sandra, Lesley, and the wonderful Allison Payne.

A woman NCO comes in, takes over the spanking from the sergeant, then complains to him about why he was doing it, then is grabbed OTK herself for her trouble. Still no hard action, just a circus.
The sergeant will spank the girls again, using a sole. The girls are lined up against the wall, then bent over a chair, thongs down for the cane. The British Army girls finally have to strip off their heavy uniforms.

One girl strips down so that she is wearing just her stockings and a cap. Anything for the sergeant! Frontals, bend-overs, various positions.

Fade to a new scene, “Two Weeks Later. Some People Never Learn.” The sergeant catches three girls playing cards, one is ‘Allison Payne.’ It will be the cane, panties down. Allison is brought into the squad room, panties down, she kneels on the two chairs for the cane. the actress keeps up her usual ad lib banter as the punishment proceeds. Almost 35 strokes are shown, surely repeats, but the longer this bottom is on the screen the better. Her part is all too short. Another girl gets about 15 strokes over the chairs.

“Another Time Another Place” a hefty female is reading regulations posted on the squad room wall. She is then seen being caned panties down over a trestle by a different male. She is scolded, “Just because there is a war on, it doesn’t mean we can take everyone for a ride.” 15 strokes, sniffles.

CP Research Institute – CALSTAR

21 Jun

2M/2f; year: 1997; time: 55 minutes

The sign on the door says ‘Punishment Corporal Psychiatric Research Hospital,’ where a ‘doctor,’ the “famous Dr. Ward,” presides over punishment spankings.

‘Sir Adrian’ has brought his recalcitrant wife ‘Anna’ to Dr. Ward. While Anna waits outside, the men discuss her behavior and Adrian’s ineffective spankings. Adrian sports a paronial red bears. Ward is a balding professor-type. Another ‘patient,’ ‘Tracy,’ (actress ‘Alison Payne’), stands against the wall, her skirt raised, bottom bare except for a thong, as if treatment had been interrupted by Adrian’s visit. Anna is called into the room and spots Tracy’s bare bottom. “Oh, my God, what is this?’ Didn’t she see the name on the door? This isn’t a chiropractor.

Adrian’s spankings haven’t been working. Let’s see why. She goes OTK, in a long black skirt and black top. She has a drab and shy expression, not too eager about all of this. Skirt up, black satin panties. Ward is observing closely. Adrian is too tender and considerate as a spanker. “Are you all right down there,” he asks his bent-over wife. When Adrian goes to pull her panties down, it seems they are fastened to her top leotard-style and have snaps in the crotch. There is an unplanned humorous moment while he gropes to unsnap them. “Don’t see these very often,’ observes Ward. The girl laughs at this unscripted moment, and it appears the spanking actor has no idea what he would find.

The doctor keeps observing as Adrian spanks, and suggests a “little more weight behind it.” Ward will show Adrian. She bends over a desk. “Put your elbows on the desk.” His handspanking isn’t much better. A spearmint-shaped paddle elicits bruises and whining, lovely closeup. Adrian tries a wide three-fingered tawse, but again he is a softy. Ward does it better with a wide strap. “Some people enjoy this, but my interest is purely professional.”

With another strap, Ward spanks Anna in the diaper position. She certainly didn’t expect to be put on display. They try Adrian’s razor strap, with Anna lying lengthwise on the desk, one leg out, one on the floor. Glamorous and unusual. That strap must have bitten because they don’t continue.

“Time we moved to the cane.” There is a sweet sequence where Ward shows how to strike the buttocks–avoid wrap-arounds, don’t let the tip dig in, one cheek, both cheeks, maximum sting, etc. Quite clinical; we took notes. They agree. The actress playing ‘Anna’ looks at the director repeatedly here for some reason, as if, ‘Are we really going to do this?’ “Eighteen” should do it. Adrian does 15 strokes (some repeats). There will be 9 more, to be counted aloud. “Understand?” “Yes, doctor.” She is short of breath and she counts. “What is your opinion, dear?” “I don’t think my opinion matters much, does it?” She gets up, rearranges her clothing, but the boys think just a bit more is called for. Two more cane stokes on her skirt and three more on her bare bottom. She stands with her pants down while they discuss her bottom like a fish as the market. The pattern of wheals is wild and irregular.

The next segment at the Institute is entitled ‘Last Session the Cane,’ and may have been the original title of the film. The patient is the aforementioned Tracy, whose blushing backside backdropped the previous section the video. She is a nurse, and her ‘Dr. Stevens’ has sent her for some work to be done. It is the second time in a week. She has chosen corporal punishment vs. firing. The actress ‘Alison Payne’ is a familiar Irish performer with a long list of films. Some here with CalStar, but mostly with MOONGLOW. Beside having one of those perfect spankable bottoms, she has mastered an insouciant acting style which engenders colorful and entertaining spanking sessions, maybe the most exciting we have seen. Beside being slovenly at work, Tracy was caught in a “compromising situation,” which was on her knees in the doctor’s surgery with her boyfriend.

Dr. Ward can fix this. It’s “dismissal or a visit to me, corporal punishment.” The cane. “The cane?” She is denied a warm-up, and knows it is going to hurt more without a warm-up. Moving along, bent over, skirt up, 8 lovely snapping strokes on classy white lace knickers. On the bare, another half-dozen. This young lady puts out an orgasmic, itching wiggle, and has an incomparable bottom. “Take these down now.” Hands on the wall, feet apart, in the ‘frisk’ position, straddling a small table to accentuate her pose and thrust her world-class bottom even further out, for 20 wonderful singing stinging strokes. “A little rub, if you like,” at 7 strokes; another a 14. “We’ll finish with six really firm ones.” “Really firm?” Yes, and fast. Breathtaking for her and for us–we had to walk around a while.

Blistered Young Buns – BIZARRE

3 Jun

Ensemble; year: late 1980’s; time: 59 minutes

One of George Harrison Marks’ live spankings in a nightclub setting, and featuring several familiar characters from the CP scene. About 20 people sit at a long table, watching and cheering, as a series of girls are brought forward and spanked as a “dress rehearsal” for a GHM video in the works. Mild cute stuff, all in all.

The first girl brought front-and-center is one of our all-time favorites, the long chestnut-haired hot-tempered Liverpudlian colleen called various names–Alison Payne, Liza Wigan, and more. This is one of her earliest appearances, made at about the time of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies On Fire,’ for KANE or BIZARRE. We remember this video because of the respectable canings she took and will take often in her career with KANE, MOONGLOW, and CALSTAR. Her pale Irish skin and breathtaking hips and bottom provide wonderful contrast whenever she is spanked, here in front of the merry crowd.

A brunette and a blonde, also GHM regulars, mix in, are spanked, spank each other, skirts up, panties down. The action on-stage is too hectic to chronicle. The screaming and squawking are contrived. Liza is paddled then caned, while she tries to recite the lines she will use in the video. Her pale splotched bottom full-screen steals the show. GHM actually creates some blood flecks on one thigh, not his style and surely not intended. The crowd chants “Harder!” The plucky Liza is clapped off the stage after an entertaining 15 with the cane.

A third blonde is treated on stage by another male cast member–she gets the bare hand and tawse. At this point, you are scanning the spectators for pretty faces who might be next to be called forward.

And next is a brunette in one of those shorty satin rented Halloween nurse costumes. Over a chair, black panties down–handspanking, paddling, tawse, and a touch of the cane. GHM is her male spanker. To the nurse: “Say, Aah,” and crisply spanks her bottom. “Aah.”

An older blond woman, a staff member in other videos named ‘Christina,’ is almost spanked, but we fortunately are spared more. Two more pretty brunettes we’ve been eyeing in the background spank and paddle each other. One actually gets naked and does little bows to the crowd, which shares with us admiration of her nifty package. We need a longer exposure to her.

At the conclusion, all the girls, seven or eight of them, moon across the stage; the men patrol back and forth, slapping bottoms. It is all high merriment, no full powered action, and no nudity except the stunning brunette, and no frontal glimpses except the few winks.