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Punishment Files – MOONGLOW

24 Mar

time: 60 minutes

15 short spanking segments; each self-contained, most have MOONGLOW-graphic titles, and most feature one of the ‘Moonglow Girls’; we do not recognize any episodes as being excerpted from the larger MOONGLOW catalogue. If you crave your CP to cut quickly to the action, these segments will please you, although MOONGLOW still pays homage to the intimate cues which create the eroticism of the spanking fetish. But if you share our predilection and enjoy a bit of plot and foreplay, you can fantasize what stories could be wrapped around these climactic scenes.

Three segments featuring the tall brunette model ‘Nicky Montford,’ reputedly one of the toughest bottoms in the business, in ‘Spanked in the Kitchen,’ ‘Cadet Robinson,’ and ‘Swimming Pool Prankster.’ In the kitchen, when Nicky loses her apron, she is naked underneath. As a cadet, she is caned over a steamer trunk. At the pool, she is caned in her red bikini.

Two brief episodes featuring our perennial favorite ‘Allison,’ or ‘Liza Payne,’ or other screen names, but just that one bottom. And she is all-bottom for two more scenes into our collection, ‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ and ‘the Nosey Maid.’ We’d like to think that when you get Ms. Payne into the studio you don’t let her go until she has reached her limit.

Two segments with no facials, ‘Tanned Tart’ and ‘The Tawsed Waitress.’ Paddling, nudity, hanging boobs.

Several long segments using the spinning newspaper headline graphic in the ‘Extra! Extra!’ style. ‘Nurse Spanked-Prescription Muddled Up,’ MOONGLOW plays on their uniform fetish to discipline a sloppy nurse–a doctor gets her almost naked for her education. ‘A Sound Caning-Late For Hockey’ features a quaking little brunette playing the ingenue worthy of an old ROUE, having to discard parts of her school uniform and getting the cane over a trestle.

‘Pajama Caning-climbing out a dorm window,’ a strong entrant for those who like spankings in pajamas. A Head Girl scolds a student and then arranges to punish her later that evening. The girl reports in blue silk pajamas, kneels on two back-to-back chairs–the ‘Winchester position,’ handspanking, the cane on her pj’s, then bottoms down for a dozen on the bare. Kicking bare feet.

‘Refusing to Sneak-leads to a hot striped bottom’; the same Head Girl disciplines another exquisitely young-looking student over a desk; a dozen very hard with a cane.

‘Spanked-Cami Caught Drinking Beer’- an older teacher spanks little Cami on her white knickers.

‘Bad Day at the Manor’- MOONGLOW regular ‘Tom Cooper’; Cooper spanks a student in her nightgown–she’s got no panties underneath. The next day he spanks the accusing teacher, and then later a student or employee who was caught in the kitchen with her knickers down, doing what? he wants to know.

‘Shoplifter Caned’- a posture worth a moment to describe; a spreader bar rests across a girl’s shoulders like a bar bell. Her wrists are cuffed and fastened to chains which hang down, like a shoulder yoke for carrying water buckets. She bends over at the waist and takes 6 cane strokes on her jeans. Not functional restraint, but erotic and novel.

‘Pot-Smoking Waitress’ – an older actress (by schoolgirl comparison), the actress ‘Sandra,’ we think, in a satin uniform, gets the cane from Tom Cooper, and in ‘Caught in Bed,’ Cooper canes a student and a maid for being caught in bed together.

Tenant’s Ordeal – CALSTAR

21 May

M/3f; time: 55 minutes

Another landlord-tenant disciplinary session; ‘Mr.Richards’ got fleeced by two girl tenants; he will capture and cane them both, and also the female real estate agent who failed him. One of the tenants, ‘Alison Payne,’ will participate in one of the most entertaining punishments we have ever seen. The film has been reissued by some as ‘Tenant’s Extras,’ which title will become clear.

Richards, played by the late ‘Tom Cooper,’ and agent ‘Mrs. Jessup’ manage to snag ‘Gillian,’ who sold all the furnishings provided by Richards, because it was “junk.” The 900 pound deposit is not enough. Richards hints at an “alternative.” Jessup: “What she needs is a good spanking.” “What?” exclaims Gillian, credibly incredulous. They explain. “What does it mean…this…punishment?”

Jessup will do the spanking to start. Gillian, a petite blonde with a boyish figure, is taken OTK on a chair, the only furniture left  in the room. Jeans down, print panties, not much in the bottom department. Handspanking. Richards wants her panties to come down, then excuses himself to go to his car to get “something.” He returns with an armory of straps, paddles, and a cane. We have come to realize that British landlords all carry spanking implements in their Rovers.

Gillian kneels on a chair for a bigger paddle, then hands-on-chair for the cane. Her little unpadded bottom is already fully red, and this caning is going to hurt more than many. At least 20 strokes. Gillian is released, but she must order her roommate to report to the management office by the end of the week.

Richards now turns on Jessup, played by an older brunette. SHE is going to punished for “your negligence.” She doesn’t argue about it–maybe she likes it. OTK, Richards gets the skirt up, helps herself to rubs and feels which don’t seem a part of the punishment; panties down.

On the chair for the paddle and strap, then bent over the chair for the cane, the same 20 + strokes.

Fade to the management office, the oak-paneled narrow space CalStar has used for some colorful confrontations. ‘Laura’ arrives, the actress Alison Payne, older here, with frosted blond hair instead of her Irish chestnut locks. In all her films, she maintains a steady and naughty ad lib dialogue as she gets her treatment, even more so here.

Richards explains she is going to be thrashed. What does “thrash” mean, she asks. Her choices are: (1) pay back the 900 pounds (she can’t); (2) the police (please no); or the “thrashing.” You can see she is naughty enough to trade this temporary access to her bottom to dispense with this case. She is as cheeky and spankable here as we have ever seen in all her films. Richards takes her OTK–her tight red satin panties are spectacularly lit in the small space.

Richards is energized by her saucy and bold banter. “For the age of you, you’ve got some gum on you…you’re going to bend over the desk.” “Over the desk?” she parrots. “Get those knickers off.” “Right off?”

He will start with the strap. “What do you think of that?” But she taunts. Then, after another crack, “Bloody hell!” The closeups of this fantastic bottom are all you will need in this genre.

Laura won’t shut up. “I bet you want to fuck me, don’t you, Mr. Richards…you want extras, like fucking, sir?” Laura wants anything to avoid the cane, but Richards perseveres, bless him, although we’d certainly like to see her get a shagging. “I just thought it would make you happy.”

But he will proceed with the cane–tap-tap, snap, about 20 strokes, very erotic. Ms. Payne knows better than most how to roll and writhe. Richards checks between her legs. “This is exciting you, isn’t it?…why is this all wet?” “Do you want a rub…is that nice?” Breathless: “Yes.” Rubs and frigs.

Richards suggests he’ll stop by her apartment, but without his cane. “This is very wet…you are a naughty girl.” He kisses her bottom. “I’ll go and get you a lease for another apartment.”

Army Hundred – MOONGLOW

10 Sep

4M/3f; year: 2005; time: 47 minutes

More bare bottoms in the British military; large cast and a good amount of action, despite Moonglow’s low budget and typical limited setting. the actors are familiar–the girls can been identified on Monnglow’s website. Young ladies attend weekend military camp. You’d think the disciplinary practices would discourage membership, but we don’t ask questions.

Actresses ‘Alison  Payne’ and ‘Jane’  as Privates Brown and Cobb, crouch in camouflage costume in undergrowth, apply camouflage face paint, playing weekend warriors. Cobb accidently discharges her rifle and explodes Brown’s beer can.

Brown and Cobb are marched in front of the Colonel, joined by a third girl, ‘Ellis,’  played by none other than Nicky Montford. The three ageplay men, one of whom is the adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt,’ who make up this vaudevillian military setting, almost literally seem recently rescued from Dunkirk. We have found that these older guys are less forgiving disciplinarians and want to get to the purpose of a spanking quicker. “You’re all going to get spanked until one of you tells what happened.” “Spanked?” questions Brown weakly. We are guessing these young females are weekend recreation for these geezers. “Remove your trousers.”

All three are taken OTK and spanked bare-bottom, white panties taken down, simultaneously. Colorful and noisy smacking sounds fill the air. Can’t hear the girls’ dialogue, their heads tucked down. Now they will be caned until there is a confession.

Brown (Alison) first. Flashback of her to another schoolgirl caning. Brown goes over a tall desk for a handspanking from a fourth male actor, just as geezer-like. Somebody has a good  contact in the Moonglow casting department. “Knickers down, girl.” Ah, that first moment when actress Ms. Payne removes her pants. 12 solid cane strokes, the male officer fondles, and the actress chatters away, as she does.

Back to the present, Brown is dismissed. It was she who was shot at. Brunette Ellis (actress Nicky Montford), the third cadet, was AWOL, with her boyfriend, when she too should have been crouched in the bush. “Have you ever been caned before?” “Yes, sir.” A similar flashback to her in a schoolgirl situation has been inserted. The same teacher handspanks her then canes her as she kneels on a chair, 4 on her blue panties, and 8 more on the bare. Very hard stuff–a blotchy bottom. Actress Ms. Montford is one of the stalwart and brave CP characters.

To the present again, punishments are announced. Fifty strokes for Ellis for AWOL, and since Cobb has now admitted firing her rifle, one hundred strokes for her.

A new scene: a waist-high trestle/sawhorse has been brought in. Ellis (Nicky) bends over first. One geezer centurion gives her 25 strokes on her blue slacks. The second guy pulls down the slacks but leaves her knickers in place and lays on the second 25, including some intentionally down on her thighs. Well-striped young lady.

Last is blond Cobb, who carelessly discharged her rifle, four or five shots we heard. She wears white shorts, green knee socks, and a green top. The three ‘soldiers’ and the Colonel are needed for this one. The first guy lays on 25 strokes on her shorts, not as hard, because this is a big allotment. The second caner: “Take your shorts down, girl.” 25 more, and he fondles her at breaks. 25 more from the third participant, Cobb is well=marked at this point, Uppitt, a very unlikely “corporal,” is last with his 25, and he fondles more than he should.

Bottom closeups of the girls for comparison. They are lectured and released. You have to wonder if these weekend encampments have a reputation.

Condomania – MOONGLOW

11 Jun

MF/2f; year: 1994; time: 42 minutes

Pants off for Lisa Payne!  Any excuse for actress ‘Alison Payne’ to have to drop her knickers is all right with us. Here, in a grand old Moonglow production, along with actress ‘Jenny Greenstreet,’ she plays ‘Fiona,’ and has been naughty in her room with a boy and carelessly left a condom behind.

Jenny will toss Fiona out of the house, unless of course, she will “accept a good spanking.” Down to the “lounge”  they go–the sets are crudely simple in this era at Moonglow. Fiona is taken OTK; Jenny unfastens her slinky black evening gown from the neck and works it down her thighs. Fiona is not wearing another stitch. And we repeat, this is one of the great bottoms in all the industry.

Jenny has a strap nearby. “What’s that?” asks Fiona, in brogue. She finds out. “That hurts.” Or, in her accent, as best we can, “That airts.”

We don’t need a lot of detail on this rudimentary but entertaining story. We commend your attention to this early film, when full nudity was still novel and offered teasingly. And surely there must have been some frivolity on the sets with the girls and the lucky male actor. Maybe there are outtakes, as there are for some other Moonglow films. Jenny gets Fiona completely naked, but shortly Fiona jumps Jenny and is soon spanking HER.

‘Mike,’ the late great actor John Kirwood at Moonglow, beloved by all the bottoms on the staff, enters the scene and is entranced  by all the spanking and nakedness. He is Jenny’s husband, so Fiona is a houseguest or relative. “What a windfall,” he mutters. “They will pay for it in the morning.”

While Mike sleeps on the couch, the girls hide his spanking tools. In the morning, he starts on Jenny, soon he finds his implements;  she gets handspanking and two tawses.

We see Fiona combing her long beautiful brown Irish hair. In a flash of history, dating the film, we see hair under her arms. Before Fiona gets her turn at the morning spanking, Mike wants to advise her she should be using “British condoms,” not what Jenny found yesterday.

Fiona wears a tight jumpsuit, a body-fitting item the actress Ms. ‘Paine’ frequently features, because she has the equipment, and this is the forum to display it. OTK. “Get this wretched little dress off.” Naked. Handspanking, 2 tawses. Mike goes for his cane, Fiona gives us an intentional full frontal, abundant untouched foliage.

Finoa kneels on a chair, leans over its back, for the cane. One of the great bottoms, the world knows, we say every time. Six-of-the-best, because she sasses, 6 more, which are repeated to show 12. Fiona tries to divert by telling him that Jenny is “two-timing” him, which earns her 12 more as a snitch.

Jenny arrives. “What have you done to Fiona? She’s running around the house naked, holding her bottom.” Jenny gets the cane of course. Clothes off, 6 strokes, then she is accused of the cheating. On the chair, 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles.

The girls cream their bottoms and check their condom supply. Then a little out-of-character coda: the cast of three infrom us the film is sponsered by the “British Condom Society.”