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Driving Lessons – MOONGLOW

25 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

The stunning ‘Alison Payne’ plays ‘Paula.’ We picked up this film in a ‘Cavern’ collection, but it has been contained on some Moonglow anthologies and was clearly made by them back-in-the-day before shaving.

Paula approaches ‘Andy’ to borrow his car for the evening. She wears one of those jersey dresses which accentuates her body where it counts the most. Andy relents and sets a 12:30 curfew and no alcohol.

Sure enough, Andy waits up, and Paula staggers in at 1:10 AM. He films her arrival, so he can threaten to report her to her mother and thus blackmail into taking what he is waiting to give her. When she stumbles in, Andy is smacking his palm with a small paddle. “What is that in your hand?” She will “take a dose” or he will tell her mother.

He takes her OTK, the short jersey dress rides up, and he has her knickers down for another view of this celebrity bottom. As the spanking proceeds, the dialogue chatter continues, as Ms. Payne always does. Closups. “Getting warm, are we?” She jerks maddeningly as he spanks. “Quit wriggling, girl.”

Andy has Paula stand, drop her knickers and hand them over, which she does with a defiant and sexy gesture. “Pull your dress up and tie it around your waist.” This for no other reason than to give us a leisurely full frontal view, unshaven. He sends her off to put on her nightgown and return.

She returns in a full-length white silk nightie. He flourishes his cane. Paula objects (just slightly): “I thought I was getting the strap, not the cane.” He instructs her to bend over and pull her nightie tight between her legs, forming the perfect outline for her buttocks. The first 7 strokes are on the cloth, to sweet yelps.

“Pull your skirt up, bend over.” The wonderful bare bottom, nicely striped already. She’s getting “twelve.” We counted 14. Rubbing, closeups, legs open, extras for complaining (which she always does). Long hold on her bottom to conclude, and Andy smacks a few times as she organizes to leave.

This brief film is very nearly the best work we have seen of this actress.

Learn More – MOONGLOW

17 Mar

M/f; M/f; M/f; M/f time:  27 minutes

MOONGLOW actresses take schoolgirl spankings in a rough-cut film compilation we couldn’t find in the MOONGLOW catalogue, at least under this name. One of our favorite actresses, ‘Alison Payne,’ plays  ‘Caroline.’  She wears her school uniform–blouse, tie, and skirt, and she has that insouciant, snarky attitude this actress does so well.

Caroline hears from a male teacher she is going to be spanked, or her father will be called. The teacher grabs her OTK and pulls down her knickers immediately. “It’s not fair, sir…..I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”   You’re sorry?….. go the punishment room.”

In a choppy edit, we are suddenly on another part of the MOONGLOW set, a brick-walled room found in many of their films. “Bend over the desk please.” [again we hear the director’s voice, trying to get the positioning correct]. The teacher pulls up her skirt, lowers her knickers, and canes her very hard. Caroline counts out the strokes. The choppy scene is partially repeated, and the film  is flipped in mirror-image, so the instructor is caning with his left hand. We’re not offended—the longer Ms. Payne’s bottom is on the screen, the happier we are.

The second spanking sequence follows the same format. The instructor confronts ‘Victoria’ (the actress ‘Jenny Close’) and’Miss Smith.’ who is also a school supervisor, procuring these girls for the teacher. He grabs Victoria OTK and begins the same spanking. “Oh, it’s stinging.” Victoria has lied to Miss Smith about going to the disco. Rough cut to the punishment room again. Victoria is in school uniform and gets the cane over the desk–she counts out 12 strokes. We have the same mirror-image repeats.

Another session–the film is really just a set of short serial spanking stories featuring the Moonglow ensemble, as well as a full film added. ‘Susan,’  a buxom brunette, has been caught cheating by the same ‘Miss Smith,’ who has clearly figured out that this teacher fancies these young student bottoms. Susan goes to the punishment room and gets the same caning. “Keep still, girl. Feet together.”

The last segment features ‘Miss Smith’  herself, an older blonde.  The instructor blames her for a lot of these student troubles. Smith tells him she thought that in fact he had an eye for Victoria’s bottom. “I should take you to the punishment room,” he says. In the room, out of deference to her status, he canes her on her skirt—six strokes, but they are “useless.”  “We’ll try it with the skirt off.” Whte satin panties, then they come down, for the final six. Not much doubt both paritcipants enjoyed this.

The last part of this film contains MOONGLOW’s ‘Impertinence,’  which we have reviewed. A smarmy instructor canes a cute schoolgirl for having written bawdy couplets in her bluebook about his widely known spanking fetish.


the second

Class of ’94 – CALSTAR

11 Mar

M/2f; time: 56 minutes

Busy, busy CP stars; actress ‘Alison Payne’ (‘Lisa,’ or one of several names, most of her work at Moonglow) and CP-producer ‘Ivor Gold’ are featured in this conventional schoolgirl romp. Prefect/Head-girl Alison brings two girls, ‘Jackson’ and ‘Parker,’ to headmaster Gold, who wears his academic robes. The girls were caught smoking.

While Alison sits a bit indecently and disrespectfully on a desk, Gold searches the girls and finds cigarettes. This film was made early enough  in her career that Alison is still checking the camera now and then. Since detention and the writing of lines haven’t worked for these girls, “we’re going to try something new.” Gold wants them to guess what he has in mind, but they’re not going there. “I’m going to spank you…your parents have signed the form.”  “It’s against the law,”  they say, but when he threatens to call their parents, the girls capitulate.

Long-haired brunette Parker will be spanked first. She removes her boater and blazer and is taken OTK by Gold. He flips her skirt up to expose white panties. “You’re fortunate I’m allowing you to retain your underwear.”

Short-haired blond Jackson prepares for her spanking. Parker at the wall, panties on display. Same handspanking.

Parker returns. Panties down this time.   “Oh, no, sir.” To the wall, bare-bottom again. Jackson again, knickers down, then the three girls are sent off.

Dissolve to an exterior scene–Alison takes Gold to view some scandalous graffiti on the school wall. “Mr. Bruiser fucks the head girl,” and what looks like a used condom hangs on a nail. Alison is ordered to scrub off the writing and find the culprits.

Fade to a third scene: Parker and Jackson are smoking in a lounge, and playing with a large phallic cucumber. Parker drops her panties, bangs on the piano, and dances with the cucumber. Head girl Alison catches them, but the two girls jump her, get her to the floor for an unconvincing spanking, and a sexual tease with the cucumber. Gold interrupts the three of them.

We thought all this was taking place in a student lounge, but in the corner, a spanking trestle is visible. It is nothing more than a carpenter’s sawhorse with a blanket tied over it. Parker is made to lie lengthwise for a handspanking, Gold pulls down her panties, silly struggling. Jackson gets the same.  The girls are cornered, but Gold is not finished.

Jackson over the trestle again. She must count 25 from a strap. Alison will get to crop Parker, 25 of those.

Gold brandishes his cane. He will let Alison cane the girls. Skirts off, Alison gives each girl six strokes to start. Jackson is unusually shocked. Panties scattered on the floor (nice!), Gold will add his six strokes to each bottom, but not as hard -we were surprised- as Alison.

The girls dress and leave. Ms. Payne wasn’t spanked formally in theis film–must have another shoot later or had one earlier in the day.




Training Officer – CALSTAR

21 Nov

M/2f; year: 1993; time: 58 minutes

Very old CALSTAR, a film once by MOONGLOW, called ‘Thawed Bottoms’  in their old catalogue, and featuring ‘Joe Stewart,’ and one of our nominees for bottom-of-the-decades, ‘Alison Payne.’  Here, Ms. Payne has a heavy untended thatch of pubic hair and, a first for us, she and the other female actress are not shaved under the arms. This era (surely earlier than 1993) fascinates us–full frontal nudity often teasingly flashed; clothes are shed reluctantly;  the girls usually pose in cameo cheesecake-style, in a shower or changing scene, at least once;  and the spankings are thorough and erotic, but not cruel. This film would be uneventful except for Alison’s acting and the outdoor scene.

Alison plays ‘Kelly’  and another actress is ‘Sharon.’ Both report in girl scout-type uniforms to a cadet training camp at a snowy cabin. Trainer Joe Stewart jumps them immediately for being late and catches them smoking on their bunk beds.

To Kelly (Alison): “What are you going to get now?”  “Corporal punishment, sir.” The girls are ordered from their bunks wearing only jersey-like slips. Kelly is taken OTK, and being the experienced CP actress she is, knows to extend and spread her legs. Handspanking, white panties bunched, then pulled down, to display one of the industry’s absolutely greatest bottoms.

The second cadet is taken OTK, another tall blondish girl with an ample spankable bottom. She whimpers, and Joe does not spank as hard. Throughout, Alison gets harder doses. She is the star and surely was paid more, and must have a high pain threshold.

Joe continues the session. Kelly kneels up on a couch, slip up, white pants down again, for 12 very hard crop strokes. She gasps in her Irish glory, keeping her knees just wide enough. Welts begin. The blonde is bared and cropped, not as many and not as hard.

There follows an outdoor scene a bit adventurous for CP films. The girls are bundled up and hiking in the snow, following a map on a training exercise. They stop for a smoke and Joe catches them. They must drop their pants and bare their bottoms in the snow. “Get up, pants down, or you’re off the course…you want to go home without your certificate?” Some brief handspanking, snow rubbed on bare cheeks. We enjoyed the novelty of the setting and the concept.

Back to the cabin. “Be in the kitchen in 5 minutes, in your uniforms!” The clothes don’t last long. “Skirts off!” Kelly goes OTK again, pants down. “What a lot of noise you make for a little slut!” She gets a long spanking, because (1) she has a bottom difficult to move the camera away from, and (2) she can take the punishment. When she is finished and stands: “Undo your top.” She bares her breasts and frontal thatch for Joe, with a facial expression, as if to say to us: ‘Is this good enough for you?’

The blonde is spanked in the same way, then kneels on a chair for a big floppy razor strop, used only mildly. Yet she tears up, turning her wet face to us.

Joe announces it is “cane time,” and the blonde is first because she is already in position. Only seven strokes, moderately hard with a long thin whippy cane–she kicks her white-stocking legs in girlish discomfort. She seems to break down at this point. Her bottom is much more bruised than Kelly’s. She is cornered, blouse tied up, to provide us background material.

Kelly comes out for the cane, up on a chair, 6 strokes to start. Ms. Payne has always specialized in sassy insouciant backtalk while she is being punished, this performance exemplifies it. She earns 6 more strokes.

The blonde is put back on the chair for more, but since Kelly keeps up her chatter, it is she who gets more, in the ‘frisk’  position against the wall, 6 more. Kelly manages to giggle as she is caned and actually causes Joe to laugh also.

A  few more strokes for both girls, then the most exhilarating zoom-in on Kelly’s bottom, pink, some stripes, well done.

Joe lectures the girls; they stand naked facing us, full frontals. The blonde has retained her blouse. Kelly smiles at us. They will be getting their certificates.

Caned Secretaries – 6666 Productions

15 Nov

Bottom of the Century, ‘Alison Payne,’ discovered, in a film which was probably gotten from Moonglow (we later found it, called ‘Tracey’s Office Spanking’); our charming and courageous spanking actress and a blond friend of hers in a simple, unadorned office setting. Spanking combined with overt sex. ‘Tracey’ (Alison) and blond ‘Sharon’ find spanking implements, a huge cucumber, and try some Lesbian playtime in the office at lunch–nudity, sex play, spanking, etc. Tracy is dressed in jeans and a loose flannel shirt, which can’t hide smoldering contents.

Two guys in the office, bosses with leverage, discover them. This is too good to be true–two partially naked girls en flagrante in the office. Sharon demonstrates spanking Tracey. It’s silly—“That’s not spanking!”

The guy demonstrates on Tracey–one guy straps her and the other gives her a baker’s dozen with the cane on her tight jeans. Tracey takes her jeans down and the guys put her in the corner. A bare-bottom Alison always gets us through the week–there are only a few to remotely compare.  It’s about the way she present her wares.

The two guys turn their attention to the blonde, with Tracey’s pink world class tush in the background. Sharon is spanked and bared. Tracey is sent off to lunch, because matters are going to escalate here and maybe witnesses are not helpful.

Bill (the younger) and a Ponytail guy spank, strap, paddle, and cane her, getting her clothes off to display enough body for both of them, fondling and manipulating as they go. “She got off on that,” one observes. And she responds: “I think you got off on that.” So let’s do it.

The Ponytail sucks her nipples while Bill frigs and tongues from the rear. (Tracey/Alison returns from lunch, peeks in, feigns shock, but will not join in.) The Ponytail seats himself and Sharon begins a blowjob. Bill gets on the floor beneath her to do his part. The men switch places, the cucumber is employed as you would have expected, and the general melee devolves. Someone must have concluded, but we didn’t see it.

Fade to the “Next Day,” Bill knew Tracey would be peeking. “You’re going to get it today…stand up!” OTK, skirt, white panties, as only Alison can wear them. Both actors took the trouble to change clothes for the scene change, frequently overlooked. Hard, spirited handspanking. Shots of Alison’s pretty face and abundant Irish light brown hair. She kicks her feet in large white platform heels, a fashion suggesting a 10 year age to this video.

Alison stands and rubs while Bill gets his implements. “My bottom feels nice and warm.” “Take your skirt off…NOW!…take your pants off.” She objects, but just briefly, showing us a trace of pubic fuzz. She kneels on a chair, ready for the cane, just a spectacular sight. Almost 50 full-swing cane strokes are shown, various views, probably repeats, top-notch work. This actress’ twitching, gasping, and posturing are without peer. The caning scene lasts about 16 minutes.

Bill and Alison hug at the conclusion and he reaches down to fondle her bottom in the process.

Paula’s Punishment – MOONGLOW

8 Nov

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Glorious jewel from actress ‘Alison Payne’: we found this short film tacked on to another film we acquired from Moonglow. It is in fact listed in Ms. Payne’s filmography.

‘Paula’  begs ‘Andy,’ a guardian or adult sitter of some kind, to be allowed to have the car and stay out late. In a quick scene change, she has missed the agreed curfew. Andy can hardly disguise his delight. “I told you there would be trouble.” Alison’s contempt is playfully shallow.

“You take a dose of this [small paddle] and I won’t tell your mum.” Alison has long chestnut hair and wears a short striped jersey dress, a style of costume which she preferred and which accentuated her hips. Andy takes her OTK. Hem up, white panties. “Please don’t hairt me.” [Irish brogue approximate]. He handspanks; her pale buttocks quickly pink; he bunches the knickers.

“These are coming off.” We’ve said we never tire of this moment with Ms. Payne. She wriggles and banters, as always.

“Stand up, take your knickers down, right off, pull your dress up.” This is an opportunity for a leisurely frontal view, her wispy fuzz more sparse here. She loves to flash.

Andy sends her to get her nightie on. When she returns she sees the cane. “I thought I  was getting the strap, not the cane.” From her, we can listen to these innocent lines forever. She pulls her white silk nightie through her legs to present a tightly outlined bottom, 6 on the cloth, then at least 12 more on the bare, both Andy and Alison getting the count confused, benefit to us.

Spanked Lesbians – MOONGLOW

28 Oct

2M/2f; year: 1990’s; time: 51 minutes

Two ageplay guys and two girls; Uncle John, played by the experienced British CP  actor and producer ‘Ivor Gold, has charge of two girls with whom he is having plenty of trouble. He has called his friend ‘Peter’  to assist. Two dirty old men and two young girls–the stage is set. We found this film later on CAVERN.

The plot continuity puzzles and is not worth analysis. John stops off for a walk through a public park–why would he do that when there are bottoms to be tended to is unclear, when he double-takes an unconcerned girl sunbathing nude (of course on her stomach), the only purpose of this scene being to get another naked body into the film, and probably from an actress who wouldn’t agree to be spanked. Have we overdosed on CP films, or is that the actress ‘Alison Payne’ offered her posterior for this cameo?

The film cuts to the two girls during these expository scenes–they are playing naked Lesbian games, lots of pubic hair, and trying some spanking. John arrives and sends the girls to their rooms. They find his jeep keys, and are driving off when Peter, arriving to do his check-up, stops them and marches them inside.

“You’re going to be punished.” John starts on the first girl, a brunette, OTK, a lot of talk-talk, spanked on blue pants. When he tugs them down–“oh, sir.” What would the script show for that line in the year 2013? Peter spanks the other brunette. The men switch (party time!) –Peter uses a small hairbrush on the first brunette, then John uses it on her friend.

After the two developing bottoms are paired up for our inspection, John produces a huge tawse; one brunette kneels on a chair, knees wide, showing some vintage fur, but the tawsing is mild. Peter tawses his girl, some bruises show, but this is mild stuff. Time for the cane.

The girls are alternately caned by Peter and John, in several positions, about 20 strokes each, in sets of six or so, some counted aloud classic CP style. Peter is more severe than John. The girls flash frontal thatches from time to time. The girls are released, probably none the wiser.

Army Hundred – MOONGLOW

10 Sep

4M/3f; year: 2005; time: 47 minutes

More bare bottoms in the British military; large cast and a good amount of action, despite MOONGLOW’s low budget and typical limited setting. the actors are familiar–the girls can been identified on MOONGLOW’s website. Young ladies attend weekend military camp. You’d think the disciplinary practices would discourage membership, but we don’t ask questions.

Actresses ‘Alison  Payne’ and ‘Jane’  as Privates Brown and Cobb, crouch in camouflage costume in undergrowth, apply camouflage face paint, playing weekend warriors. Cobb accidently discharges her rifle and explodes Brown’s beer can.

Brown and Cobb are marched in front of the Colonel, joined by a third girl, ‘Ellis,’  played by none other than Nicky Montford. The three ageplay men, one is  Bob Carruthers, who make up this vaudevillian military setting, almost literally seem formerly rescued from Dunkirk. We have found that these older guys are less forgiving disciplinarians and want to get to the purpose of a spanking quicker. “You’re all going to get spanked until one of you tells what happened.” “Spanked?” questions Brown weakly. We are guessing these young females are weekend recreation for these geezers. “Remove your trousers.”

All three are taken OTK and spanked bare-bottom, white panties taken down, simultaneously. Colorful and noisy smacking sounds fill the air. Can’t hear the girls’ dialogue, their heads tucked down. Now they will be caned until there is a confession.

Brown (Alison) first. Flashback of her to another schoolgirl caning. Brown goes over a tall desk for a handspanking from a fourth male actor, just as geezer-like. Somebody has a good  contact in the MOONGLOW casting department. “Knickers down, girl.” Ah, that first moment when actress Ms. Payne removes her pants. 12 solid cane strokes, the male officer fondles, and the actress chatters away, as she does.

Back to the present, Brown is dismissed. It was she who was shot at. Brunette Ellis (actress Nicky Montford), the third cadet, was AWOL, with her boyfriend, when she too should have been crouched in the bush. “Have you ever been caned before?” “Yes, sir.” A similar flashback to her in a schoolgirl situation has been inserted. The same teacher handspanks her then canes her as she kneels on a chairs, Winchester style.  4 on her blue panties, and 8 more on the bare. Very hard stuff–a blotchy bottom. Actress Ms. Montford is one of the stalwart and brave CP characters.

To the present again, punishments are announced. Fifty strokes for Ellis for AWOL, and since Cobb has now admitted firing her rifle, one hundred strokes for her.

A new scene: a waist-high trestle/sawhorse has been brought in. Ellis (Nicky) bends over first. One geezer centurion gives her 25 strokes on her blue slacks. The second guy pulls down the slacks but leaves her knickers in place and lays on the second 25, including some intentionally down on her thighs. Well-striped young lady.

Last is blond Cobb, who carelessly discharged her rifle, four or five shots we heard. She wears white shorts, green knee socks, and a green top. The three ‘soldiers’ and the Colonel are needed for this one. The first guy lays on 25 strokes on her shorts, not as hard, because this is a big allotment. The second caner: “Take your shorts down, girl.” 25 more, and he fondles her at breaks. 25 more from the third participant, Cobb is well=marked at this point, Uppitt, a very unlikely “corporal,” is last with his 25, and he fondles more than he should.

Bottom closeups of the girls for comparison. They are lectured and released. You have to wonder if these weekend encampments have a reputation.

Spanking Dreams Compendium – MOONGLOW

29 Jul

3 segments; time: 50 minutes

Vintage MOONGLOW; three clunky 17-minute segments very early in their catalogue, when spanking films still had a touch of Vaudeville, as if you had to have a comedic streak to bare your bottom and allow yourself to be spanked on film. Crude storyboard graphics, limited camera angles, and tiny confined sets, but the  producers know all about CP.

‘Six of the Best’ M/f; Early work for the actress’ Alison Payne,’  our Irish or Welsh moll with the special bottom, both sultry and impudent at the same time. She’ s been caught smoking and will be caned by an off-camera male, “six cane strokes for smoking,”  an award she looks not unhappy about.  She kneels on a chair and pulls her own knickers down, a moment we have described before and can’t praise enough. She takes and counts out six good cane shots.

Alison beds down in her bra and full red knickers in a shabby room which looks like a day bed thrown up in the drab concrete store room MOONGLOW often used.  She rubs her bottom and drifts into the spanking dream; she is bent over a table, pillow elevating her buttocks, chestnut Irish hair flying, for 12 cane strokes on the bare, viewed first as a facial and then repeated, bottom full-screen.

‘Maid For the Birch” M/f;  A mutton-chopped Colonel Flack type bellows: “Where’s my breakfast, girl?” Lucy (actress ‘Lucy Bailey’), his blond maid, quakes in his presence. “You will be thrashed tonight…the birch. You’re going to get the hairbrush now.”

She raises her uniform maid’s skirt, goes OTK. The Colonel parts her bloomers for the treasure hunt to  bare her buttocks. Mild but colorful hairbrush spanking. The set is a flat, blacked-out room with a decorative screen background.

Lucy returns at 8 PM and brings a  birch bundle,  which she had to cut herself with the gardener.  She bends over, parts and holds her bloomers herself; the birching is long and entertaining. Closeups show twig fragments. She is granted a pause to rub. The scene  ends–the Colonel has been dreaming this birching.

‘Count Spankula’ M/f;  A young girl (actress “Janine’) is awakened by a Count in full Dracula attire, and before he bites into her bottom, he spanks and straps her, makes her take off her teddy nightwear. “You are under my command.” A thick pubic patch establishes the time of the film. One would imagine these actors, especially John Kirwood , had trouble keeping a straight face.

Term Ends (Rattan College #3) – MOONGLOW

11 Jul

M/f; segments; time: 25 minutes

Professor motivates his girls with spankings; another early film, where the plot permits segments, Another professor who like to spank his students as a precautionary device. The first 8-minute part features Welsh actress  ‘Alison’; probably we shouldn’t refer to her with the  ‘Alison Payne’ name we have used. Maybe it is ‘Liza Wigan, ‘ or ‘Alison Brett.’ It matters not. She presents the most incredible bottom to the camera.

She wears a tie, blouse, plaited skirt, and knee socks. Long chestnut hair early in her career. She is being held over at school for another term. Her parents have signed the CP waiver. “It’s not fair, sir.” Alison always puts up a sensuous dispute before bending over. The professor takes her OTK, blue knickers down immediately. He pinions her wrists for a short handspanking, then it’s off to the “punishment room.”

This is the faux-brick schoolroom MOONGLOW used many times. “Bend over the desk.” We hear directorial prompts on the soundtrack. Skirt up, panties down–how to describe this marvel. The cane. “How many, sir?” About 12 strokes are shown and counted aloud, some seen on the bottom, some facials. Repeats shown using primitive mirror images. A  few of the strokes seemed very high, and we see those wheals develop, because the caner did not attack her buttocks quite correctly at 90 degrees. But this actress has a high pain threshold.

Brunette actress ‘Karen’ plays ‘Victoria’  in the next 8 minute segment. She is brought to the professor by a plausibly older school staffer, ‘Miss Smith,’ who we CP devotees know should watch out for her own fanny in these circumstances. Victoria gets a bottom warmup on the bare, then to the punishment room.

Over the desk,about 10 cane strokes on the bare and the mirror-image repeats.

‘Susan’  is next to be brought in by Miss Smith, who tries to defend her against a charge of cheating. To the punishment room, “bend over the desk.” Skirt up, full white rayon panties. This time the professor uses a leather sole, and Susan quickly spits out a confession. He finishes her off with a half-dozen with the cane.

And now there’s Miss Smith. There seems to be some implicit understanding that the professor has been enjoying her delivery of these young girls. “I think 5 minutes over the desk will do you a world of good,” he says. Her protests are pro forma. She’s a player in all this.

Six cane strokes on her skirt; she has to take it off–all the more subordinating when you have to take off clothes and hand them over. Full panties, garter belt, stockings. He takes her knickers down and concludes her with six of the best.