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Spanking Court-Unhappy Return for Alex

8 Mar

M/f; year: 2011; time: 20 minutes

Another impressive spanking at this most corny ‘court.’ Once you’re past the silly opening court procedures and the testimony, we get to the punishment room and some rocking paddlings.

Alex has been here before, and now she has been caught protesting and giving the police a hard time. The judge awards her 200 swats of the wooden paddle, and there is no appeal in this court. Alex is quickly taken to the punishment room where she appears in front of the spanking bench in orange scrubs. She drops her pants and panties and knows how to climb onto the bench.

Her knees on pads, her belly on the flat pad, her wrists are cuffed. The male guard uses a Spencer paddle and lays on 200 impressive  strokes, which Alex counts aloud. No attempts at repeats work in this method. The guard varies the strokes to even out the bruises. Alex’s concluding mug shot includes one of her bruised bottom. Too bad there aren’t more in this series, a bountiful theme.


Spanking Court – Angela Charged with Being An Accomplice – ALPINESIERRA

13 May

M/f; year: 2010 time: 19 minutes
The judge scolds from the bench at the Spanking Court. Angela is charged with having taken money and taken an exam for another girl. She argues with the judge from behind her podium. These films would not be any fun without some dispute.

He awards her “200 Level l swats with the strap,” She argues that is more punishment than the girl got who paid her to take the exam. This angers the judge even more, so he adds “25 Level 1 cane.” Angela still protests: “A caning is not a spanking.”

FADE. Angela is locked in a holding cell, wearing the orange uniform. A hooded guard leads her out, shuffling along in ankle shackles, to the “sentencing room.” She climbs up onto the punishment bench, a padded inverted-V. She is fastened at the ankles, knees, lower back, and wrists. The guard pulls down her uniform pants and panties. Her bare bottom is at the apex of the bench.

When the guard wipes down the strap he will use, within her vision: “Oh my God, you-all are hardcore here.” The guard lays on 200 moderate strokes, which Angela counts aloud.

Next comes the cane, 25 strokes counted, harder, and she yelps to prove it. Angela’s hair has covered her face for the few facial shots. They didn’t figure out how to cure that. She is lead back to her cell bare bottom.

The film concludes with facial and bottom mug shots.

Spanking Court -ALPHASIERRA

4 Dec

A series of films, all on the same theme. The acting is silly, the costumes are intentionally a spoof, and the actors appear as amateur as you will find. The spankings are mostly mild, but we found entertainment in the pomp.

‘Busted For Speeding’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) Comical episodes, which will help you get through the sketchy acting and more tepid spankings. The concept, we have said, is a sort of spanking version of ‘Judge Judy.’ People have their conflicts resolved by a spanking judge. RAVENHILL did a better job at conflict resolution, but, no offense, these stories will entertain for their slightly amateurish tinge.

The ‘judge’ sits high and diminutive, almost out of sight, on his bench, in front of the ‘Spanking Court’ shield, hearing the complaints of ‘Heinz,’ whose wife ‘Katerina’ is constantly speeding. Her excuses are specious. When it transpires that Heinz has GPS documentation of her driving behavior, she is angry at the invasion of privacy, and now certain that her goose, and her bottom, are cooked.

He awards her “100 lashes,” and when she protests, “300 lashes.” She is manacled and led away by a female bailiff, a tall girl in uniform, short skirt, boots, and cap–very corny BDSM. Heinz accepts the judge’s offer to execute the punishment. We are reminded of some early rudimentary NUWEST, where Ed Lee teaches husbands how to whip their wives.

Now in an orange jump suit, Katerina is led to the spanking bench, a padded platform with knee pads and straps. With the help of Staff, she takes off her pants and panties and is strapped into place.

Heinz does the strapping, camera angle from the rear, we didn’t pay close enough attention to ascertain the count, but Katerina won’t sit for a while. A ‘reporter’ with a microphone does a post-spanking exit interview. Contrition is the key here.

‘Mother vs. Daughter’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Daughter Brooke has been sent back to court. She is failing in college; the judge does not like her attitude, he puts her on probation, and will see her grades from time to time. But while she is here today, for reinforcement, he awards her 100 strokes of the paddle.

FADE to the punishment room; orange jump suit; over a trestle; the bailiff pulls down her pants and panties. The male guard assisting wants to know about her. “This one’s been OK so far–a college girl.” The guard and bailiff fasten her.

The male guard paddles her, not hard–he pulls his punches a bit, but 100 is 100. White scuff marks on her darker skin.

‘Sybil and Sandra-Return for Their First Probation Appointment’ (MF/2f; time: 15 minutes) Mrs. Baker has brought her two daughters, Sybil and Sandra, back to the judge. They have broken their previous court agreement and made a party mess at home.

The woman doesn’t look too much older than her daughters. The judge hears the story, looks at pictures, and awards the girls “100 swats with a leather paddle.” They are led away by a bailiff, who looks like she should be turning letters on a game show, even as they protest the punishment.

FADE to the punishment room. The girls strip off the pants to their orange jump suits and their panties, and are fastened side by side to horizontal iron bars, legs spread. A male guard and the bailiff paddle them together–the girls count out 100 strokes on bare bottoms. Soft stuff, but fun.

‘Whitney Comes Clean Again’ (M/f; year: 2005; Time: 22 Minutes) Using the format we have described before for ALPHASIERRA’s version of ‘Dr. Phil,’ the judge awards recidivist ‘Whitney’ “150 strokes of the leather strap,” In a fit of pique, she scratched obscenities on her boyfriend’s car.

The baliff handcuffs her and leads her off. Later, in her holding cell, the roving reporter with the microphone asks how she is feeling. “You sentence will be carried out in a few minutes.”

She is led to the punishment bench. The attendants, who see their share of bottoms, remember her. “She’s been here before…you know the drill.” Whitney strips from the waist down and kneels on the padded bench. “Try to keep the screaming to a minimum this time,” staff requests.

Big soft tawse, some bruising, conventional stuff. The institutional intimidation is the best part.

The Spanking Court-Erica Scott – ALPHASIERRA

31 Jul

2M/2f; year: 2011; time: 43 minutes

Spanking tongue-in-cheek; more sub rosa CP mirth from this modest California producer–actress ‘Erica Scott’ stands in the faux court room, before a judge who sounds like a Philadelphia Phillies fan, arguing her case against a man who has some claim against her. Ms. Scott suspects the words “Spanking Court”  on the official shield on the wall do not suggest she will get a fair hearing.

Surely enough, after brief debate, the vaudevilian judge awards her 200 strokes of the paddle, administered forthwith. She is suitably shocked and led away.

In the punishment room, her accuser gets to use the paddls, and the judge gets to witness. Erica wears blue hospital scrubs, hands over the tie-tie pants, and climbs onto the padded punishment bench. Her male accuser gets to pull down her purple panties, then lays on 200 strokes, which she counts aloud. Partway along, he shifts to a thcker wood paddle. We see the customary white circle-bruises typical for where the wood strikes first. At 160 strokes, he drops his aim t0 her lower buttocks and thighs, to her very vociferous displeasure.

Halfway through this film, a second penitent, ‘Alex,’ has her day in court, a return visit no less. A young dark blonde. Alex has been protesting on-campus. This earns her 200 with the paddle also, no free- speech around here. In the punishment room, she hands over her orange prison pants, loses her orange panties after she is belted to the trestle, and gets 200 on an already red bottom. Tears drip down.

The Real Spanking Court -Angela – ALPINESIERRA

8 Jul

M/f; year: 2010; 20 minutes

Nothing like being sentenced to a spanking injcourt. Mock drama in a mock courtroom. A  robed judge sits high on his bench, looking down on ‘Angela,’ who will be arguing her case and trying to save a layer of her skin from behind a lectern. The set touch which most impressed us was a California state flag on a pedestal.

There is a silly debate–Angela took money to take tests for people. The judge, who reminds us of used car salesmen on live Los Angelos late-night TV 40 years ago, adjudicates without deliberation.  “200 strokes of the strap, level one.” “But…but…” exclaims Angela, who could not make her closing argument.  The judge adds 25 strokes of the cane

tTe best part of the film–a ski-masked guard takes Angela out of her cell and leads her to the “sentencing room.” They meant “punishment room.”  but we are chuckling too much to laugh any more. Angela shuffles along, wearing manacles and the prototype orange smock.

The guard fastens her down on a padded hump-back bench, but not before she actually mutters aomething like, “What is this thing?” Straps at her ankles, knees, and shoulders and wrists. Her bottom is elevated at a height above the guard’s waist. He rucks up the two-piece smock and pulls down her blue panties.

He makes her watch him carefully oil a strap, then he lays on 200 strokes, which she counts aloud. After the requisite WOOSHES, he adds 25 strokes of a cane, counted out.

Angela’ssession concludes with a mug-shot style view of her bottom. These guys have been watching Raven Hill but they don’t have the same comedywriter.