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Sanctioned Punishment – SPANKINGSARAH

3 Jul

F/f; time: 23 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford receives a girl at her house–the familiar SPANKINGSARAH set. The girl wears an institutional blue uniform and carries a briefcase and two canes. It seems Amelia was caught with drugs and has elected punishment at home rather than prison. “You’re going to have punishment instead of prison…read it and sign it.” The consent agreement. The young matron shows Amelia the implements she has brought and explains that she is going to use all of them. Amelia asks if there is an easier way. “No.” What was she thinking?

The first part–Amelia goes OTK, she is  wearing a slinky black dress. A lefthanded handspanking is first. Hem up, white panties. “This is just a warmup.” Panties down. Amelia does not like it but does not resist.

“Shoes off, panties off, dress off…bend over.” We’re not sure what she said, but the dress will not come off. The matron uses a very big floppy tawse. Two more paddles and we are ready for the cane. “Count each stroke.” “Oh God, one, fuck!” 18 solid moderate strokes, and then a repeat from a different camera angle. Rare for this producer.

The matron gathers her gear and leaves. We thought there might  be a suggestion of a weekly appointment.

Motivational Measures – ENGLISHSPANKERS

30 May

M/f; time: 19 minutes

A standard performance from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ although we are tempted to challenge our own notes. Is there such a thing? Amelia is in a red top, tight leather skirt, glasses, hair up. She is in an office. Her boss, ‘Mr. Lloyd,’ is training her as a salesperson. He is very unhappy, and will spank her now, apparently part of the training.

“I’m the boss. You agreed to the training.” OTK, panties down quickly, routine in the office it seems. Does she want the job or not? Standard spanking, the guy gets in a lot of rubbing and admiration of what he has on his lap. A lot of conversation decreases the amount of pressure on Amelia’s  bottom in this film.

When she stands she tries to cover her front. Lloyd is getting his implements. “What are you doing?” She stands at the wall in the frisk position, it will be “twenty-four” with the strap. Moderate. Then 24 more with a paddle, she must apologize after each stroke. Then another strap, and she must recite “thank you for your help” after each stroke. 24 + 12 here, and “I will not winge.” We’d like to imagine this spanking being replayed on a screen in the company lunch room.

Driving the Lesson Home – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 May

F/f; time: 14 minutes)

Not sure of the storyline here. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays some associate of ‘Sarah Stern.’ Sarah is angry for the way Amelia has treated some lesbian couple at her dinner party, homophobic things. It is enough for Sarah to give Amelia a caning, and for Amelia to have no grounds to object.

Amelia rucks up her tight leather skirt and pulls her panties down for the caning to start immediately. 12 moderate strokes. Sarah is very much enjoying this, Amelia not so much. “I do like the little whimpers you make.” And she teases Amelia into flinching at swooshes of one variety or another. These girls are more than just friends. Sarah wants Amelia’s bottom kept on display for a little while.


27 Mar

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Lina’ wakes ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in bed. It seems Amelia left the lights on in the car and the battery is dead. Amelia’s apologies are silly. We all know she can offer something else for compensation.

Lina will spank her right there in bed. Covers off, Amelia has been sleeping naked–it is a thrilling sight. She is so tall, white/pink, and one would not know where to start. Handspanking and slipper first. More scolding while she listens naked. She kneels up on the bed for the strap. There really is no other spanking model better in this pose–that would be our vote. Amelia utters the usual “Oh, God, please!” even though this is only average stuff. Lina is loving it.

Uncle Bob’s Woodshed – Amelia Jane Rutherford

1 Mar

Ms. Rutherford seems to have come to the United States and made a few short films for this producer. The spankings were  mild enough that she could have filmed them all in one day. The plots are basic and the results forgettable, except that the cinematographer ‘Dodgy Dave’ does yeoman’s work and has experience in glorifying Amelia’s amazing bottom. We bunch the films we have seen here.

‘Amelia’s Love Spanking’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia reports to Uncle Bob, who lies waiting for her on a single bed. She confesses to irresponsibility; Bob has a cure for that and takes her OTK on the bed, without complaint.

Amelia wears an olive drab skirt  and beige lace blouse. Bob raises one knee so that when Amelia perches over it, her bottom soars even more. “Juts,” says the website. A standard spanking, skirt up, white panties down. She curls her bare feet. When Bob concludes his spanking, he strokes her bottom, with just a suggestion of a flick between her legs.

We are reminded of the archetypal NUWEST ‘love spankings’ series made maybe 30 years earlier than this film. Ed Lee gave his models conventional bare bottom spankings in a motel room setting, but he gave them some sexual release also, and the girls raised their hips in response. Occasionally they reciprocated for him. Ms. Rutherford did not make such films.

‘Scolded, Strapped and Forgiven’ (M/f time: 8 minutes) Amelia lies waiting on the same single bed, wearing jeans, her bottom elevated like a sugar loaf mountain on pillows. Uncle Bob enters and removes his wide leather belt. The scolding part has passed. He doubles the belt and gives her an unmistakably authentic whupping.

After about 3 minutes, Amelia kneels up, drops her jeans, and reassumes position. More loud strapping. Bob pulls her superfluous thong down at four minutes. Amelia screeches and buries her face in the bed linen, kicking her bare feet. Her bottom becomes white with the chafed skin. When Bob stops to stroke her buttocks, she jumps at his cold touch.

Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISH.COM

15 Feb

F/f; time: 7 minutes

Apparently ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made three or four films for this producer. This one is a simple one-set affair, of no imagination whatsoever.

Amelia and her cousin ‘Amanda, ‘ dressed in stylish party clothes, are prowling in Amanda’s parents’ bedroom, a simple, sparsely furnished set. As they explore, they find an umbrella stand full of canes, crops, and whips. Amelia: “Why would they have that here in the bedroom? That’s weird.”

The girls rummage through a chest of drawers, so small that it wouldn’t hold all the panties Ms. Rutherford has lost in her films. They find first, some spanking implements, and then an outmoded video camera, where they are able to watch Amanda’s mother being spanked by her father.

Next they find a spanking magazine and decide to try some of the games themselves. This first installment ends with Amelia’s pretty bottom bent over the bed for a playful spanking from Amanda.

School Party Caning – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

25 Jan

M/f; year: 2014; time: 19 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Agean’ in a fun domestic romp. The couple returns early and in a huff from a costume party, where he was dressed as a headmaster and she as a schoolgirl. But she role-played a bit too far at the party–in a ‘cloakroom,’  she allowed a man to grope her and she did the same. Hands up-skirt and down trousers!

Amelia indignantly argues that such behavior was consistent with the evening’s theme, didn’t they all do that it school, but Agean doesn’t buy it. He grabs her on their couch into the OTK position. Ms. Rutherford wears perfect schoolgirl kit and still pulls it off, at about age 35 here. “Oh no, it’s too late for that now, mister.” Maybe the party was meant to be a spanking party–let’s get some venture capital together to finance such a film.

Amelia’s bottom is mostly full screen; Agean fondles with fingernails. Panties down. “A headmaster would never do that!” Amelia stands and strips naked, facing us–more incomparable scenes from her. She is sent naked to get the slipper. Over the arm of the leather couch for a moderate spanking. Lots of dialogue from these pros.

Amelia kneels on the couch on all fours for the cane–“I’m not sure about this!” A dozen snaps, the strokes make her jerk out of position. After the 12, she checks her bottom. “It’s corrugated!” They decide she should dress and they should go back to the party, and he will bring the cane. Why not a few more minutes at home first?