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Flight Attendant in Peril – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIO

17 Jan

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Ms. Anderssen tests the outer limits of credibility with this plot. She plays an airline hostess returning home after a series of long flights. She is jumped in her apartment by some sort of dominatrix, in the person on Zoe Page. There is some dispute over an  antique necklace. Ariel is subdued with chloroform.

She awakes tied and spreadeagled on a single brass bed. The film will be a combination of spanking and BDSM, albeit not much of each. With all this travail, her little airline cap is still perched in place. Zoe handspanks her first. Her skirt has been pulled up to display black panties and garters.

Zoe will now cane her, about. 36 strokes, taking a long time and certainly not the attention gainers we seek. We have yet to see Ms. Page put her back into it. Panties eventually come down.

After a fade, we see Ariel tied to a chair in a part of the familiar FIRMHAND studio. We get a few minutes of the traditional bondage struggle, except Ariel is not tied tight enough to make it sensual.

From nowhere, Dodgy Dave runs onto the set and unties her. Zoe interrupts this, and in a struggle Ariel knocks Dave cold. The logic of this confounds. Cut to an exterior scene, Ariel is again tied to a chair, so silly and weak that we just don’t accept it. Zoe blindfolds her.

Dave arrives, subdues Zoe, and unties Ariel. The silly ‘perils of Pauline’ frolicking comes to an end. Ariel ties up Zoe. No bite at all in this film, unusual for Ms Anderssen/Rutherford/Phillips.



14 Jan

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Ariel Anderssen and Anthony P. Scott will recreate a bit of ‘120 Days of Sodom,’ although we’re fairly sure the Marquis would have and did push it a lot further. Ariel says she is “shocked” about the play, but hardly.

She wears a T-shirt, mini skirt, pantyhose and heels. She begins crawling on the floor  of a set used often by RESTRAINEDELEGANCE.  This role play is described as “work shopping” for a literary critique group. A series of fetish punishments begins.

Heads on head, crop on her skirt, then skirt up, crop up her thighs. In these films, you are not going to see a stroke which takes her breath. Wrists fastened to a strippers’ pole. Ankles tied informally to a makeshift spreader bar. T-shirt up, Anthony whips her on her back. Unusual but mild.

Pantyhose down, small cane on her red bikini panties. You want Anthony to get on with it! Ariel pulls her pantyhose up—we wonder why. Lashing and cropping all over her body. Kind of silly. Now, a ball gag into her mouth. The Marquis didn’t have all this technology. Some boob flogging; a blindfold, and nipple clamps, weighted.

Bondage Table Decoration – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIO

13 Jan

M/f: time: 33 minutes

Apparently there is going to be a party, and Ariel will be tied down on the dinner table as decoration. We remember a much more demonic derivation of this idea in a story by SHADOWLANE’s Brian Tarsis. There won’t be much spanking here, but there will be plenty of AJR.

Hywel Phillips will be tying Ariel to a fashionable  harvest table in the kitchen. Given that  Ms. Anderssen is 6’1” and there must be settings for six, this is a big table.  First she strips to bra, panties, and pantyhose. She is handcuffed and bent over for a brief spanking. Bra off, kitchen spoon spanking. Ariel climbs up on the table and lays face down, legs spread, arms stretched. Her wrists and ankles are tied, very slowly! to the table legs. There must be a market somewhere for this sort of thing. Hywel teases with a crop, then inserts a dental gag, which he cranks open, to the surprise of Ariel. A  very good moment. He shows her more gags he has, but this one does the job.

Another good BDSM touch—Hywel pulls her head back by tying her ponytail to a rope around her waist. He sets the table around her. He teases her with a crop, strap, flogger, and cane. A camera shot up her legs—she still wears her pantyhose. We suspect this is another part of this market.

And last, a blindfold, one of her nylon stockings. Some tears, miserable face. Quite a centerpiece. The doorbell rings and guests arrive, voices, gaiety. Ariel surges in her restraints  at the thought of the sight she presents. Now maybe we understand why Hywel left her pantyhose and thong on.





10 Jan

MF/2f; time: 15 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sophie Parker in schoolgirl uniforms —plaid pinafores. Ms. Rutherford is a good 9” taller than Parker. On a one-room set, the girls are  being scolded by  Mr. Stern, Sarah Stern, and Katie Didit. There is a long silly scolding. The girls have been doing too much tweeting. We want them to get on with the business of the day.

Mr. Stern spanks Sophie first. OTK, hem up, full white panties. Tattoos Stern takes the panties down. Amelia watches. Kind of silly. Amelia gets the same spanking,  bare bottom, more brief. Bare bottoms to the wall.


10 Jan

We have revisited and rewritten our review of this delightful film from DALLASSPANKSHARD. Amelia Jane Rutherford’s performance ranks high for us among  her works. And the spankings, she will say in a concluding interview that it was the hardest of her career. We might challenge that, but of course she is the marketer.

The story is of course a knockoff of the 1960’s TV series ‘I Dream of Jeannie, ‘ starring Barbara Eden, playing a genie in a bottle In the possession of a U.S. Air Force astronaut in training. If you remember the series, filmed when even navels could not be shown, you’d share a spanko’s view that a spicy spanking would have been fun. Ms. Eden wore gauzy flowing harem garb, with flashes of cleavage. There musthave been  outtakes   of wardrobe malfunctions.  Ms. Rutherford almost duplicates the character, all 6’ 1” of her with 38” hips. If you wanted to see saucy Ms. Eden get spanked, Amelia will relive it. DSH produced this 57  minute story in stand-alone clips.

‘A Hot Cup of Janie’ Dallas sits in his kitchen  in his USAF coveralls. Genie Janie  makes coffee for him, way too hot, and earns a spanking. Must be routine in this household. OTK, her gauzy  pantaloons down, no panties. She will not be wearing any in these episodes. Standard hard spanking from Dallas.  Naked posing, squeals, flashes of the most minimal Mohawk we recall for her.

’Hair of the Hare’ Janie has caused a mustache to grow on Dallas, while he is in a meeting. Another spanking. You sense her bottom craves the attention. OTK in the kitchen again, harder this time, more posing.

‘You’re a Genie, Janie’ Dallas looks down into Janie’s bottle and falls into her little harem lair. She has crashed his car. Another spanking, and here on her bed. You can imagine the opportunities. Hairbrush this time.

In part 2, she is so willing she blinks him a better hairbrush. Lovely bottom angle shots here.

‘Who’s Your Master?’ Dallas demands to enter Janie’s bottle again. This time she has doctored his medical records so he appears disqualified. Another spanking. She blinks a lash or quirt for him to use.

‘Quirt and Strap’/‘Belt and Tawse’ The spankings continue on her bed. Getting harder. Janie jumps in pain.wonderful bottom shots and posing.

‘Razor Strap’  Back in the house, Dallas now wearing one of his familiar outfits from other films. Janie has ‘disappeared’ his girlfriend. Another spanking. Janie kneels up on a chair, bare bottom. No other spanking model to compare. This strap hurts. She struggles to hold position.

‘Paddle and Such Master’ Janie kneels facing us, just a trace of fuzz. Dallas will use that floppy paddle with spatula-like slots. It must bite a bit. Janie collapses. Next, she struggles through a huge paddle.

’Janie’s Taco Heaven’ A post filming interview, Amelia still in costume. She had never seen ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ until she came for the shoot. She was born in 1977. She tells us this was the hardest spanking she has ever done. There have been similar references to appearances at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL and REALSPANKINGS. 

Dallas admires her as “blonde, smart, and funny,” just a minimal list of adjectives we would apply. It seems that when she comes to the U.S. to see Dallas (we don’t know if they are in Florida or California here.), she has come to love DEL TACO, apparently not found in the U.K. And she tells us she was just spanked yesterday in a shoot with Chelsea Pfeiffer,  not as hard as this experience. We have reviewed that film and will revisit and amend it. This must be Vegas or California.














Pet Thief Paddled Punished – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Jan

F/f; time: 11 minutes

This tenuous storyline continues. Amelia Jane Rutherford has stolen and sold Sarah Stern’s pet tortoise. She was already caught and spanked in ‘Pet Thief Caught.’ For some reason, the producers saw fit to extend the story.

Sarah flourishes a leather paddle. “I have no tortoise. You’re going  to have no bottom.” If she were really intent on that,  we’d feel a lot better. Amelia bends over a small chest and the paddling starts. She is a bit melodramatic. “You should give up stealing a d take up being a actress.” Skirt up, the same silly outfit as in the first film. Full white panties down, the usual wonderful bottom full screen.

Breaking the Habit – New Arrival – SPANKINGSARAH

31 Dec

2F/f; time: 14 minutes

Sarah Stern and another actress play nuns in full habit, knitting in the convent. Amelia Jane Rutherford is a ‘rescued’ prostitute.  Ms.Stern is certainly comical here; she has chosen many implausible and silly characters, surely intentionally to relieve the boredom in a theatre where we accept absurdity.  After all,  how much time can you spend contemplating Amelia’s bottom?

At the convent, for a new arrival, especially a prostitute, an introductory spanking would be in order. Stern announces: “I’ll show you what we do with our hands here.”  OTK,  a routine handspanking on black panties.