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Suddenly a Spanking – CPENTERTAINMENT

20 Feb

F/f; year: 2013: time: 19 minutes

Another appearance at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking ranch for Amelia Jane Rutherford. The premise here is that Amelia messed up her schedule on a U.S. tour and shows up four days late at tbs ranch. She was going to make a spanking film anyway, and now they have the pretext.

Chelsea starts the traditional OTK spanking

Amelia wears denim shorts and a short sleeve flannel shirt, cowgirl stuff. Shorts down, white panties. Chelsea takes her rings off. Panties down, it takes a lot to crack Ms. Rutherford’s pain or humiliation thresholds. Hairbrush last. The film concludes with Amelia rubbing her bottom full screen with her back to us. Very nice.

Ariel Anderssen at NEANDRA

19 Jan

Ms. Brooke-Hamilton made 20 or so videos with this German BDSM producer in 2016 or 2017. She plays both a Top and Bottom in the films.

‘Hair Bondsge’ ((F/f; time: 16 minutes) A brunette calls at Ariel’s place. Ariel greets her, wearing a sort of bondage apron. The girl is carrying bondage headgear. The producer here took some trouble to fashion the design of the front door like a prison door.

The brunette is escorted in and seated in front of a vanity mirror, where Ariel starts to work on her hair. Ariel handcuffs the girl to the chair and fastens a very large ball gag in her mouth, strapped behind her head. The girl slobbers through the gag as Ariel fashions two long pigtails.

The gag is removed and the head harness is put on, somewhat in the fashion of a pony girl contraption. The harness has, its own ball gag, one that goes all the way into the mouth. Ariel fastens all the straps and then puts little padlocks on each buckle.

The girl is released and sent on her way. The harness is very tight and won’t be coming off without the lock keys. The girl drives off, presumably home. Like to think someone is skating for her to provide the other part of her day.


19 Sep

M/f; time: 40 minutes

Ariel Anderssen and Hywel Phillips have made an attractive film for those into feet, and shoes, and bastinado. Before the action starts, the opening scenes are lovely exteriors of Ariel walking about in one pair of tony shoes or another.

Eventually she calls at a Tutor mansion, where she meets Temptress Kate Dawson, who gives her the address of professional disciplinarian Byron Richards. Kate calls Richards. Ariel is on her way.

Hywel Phillips plays the disciplinarian and admits her. With the minimum ado, Ariel takes off her Burberry raincoat and shoes, ducks through a low English doorway and lies flat on a harvest table. Richards ties her ankles together and goes to work with a crop on her bare soles. As always, Ariel plays that the first stroke is worse than she expected.

After this first session, a week passes before Ariel returns to Richards for a second treatment. She finds a note on his door. She is to enter, and take off all her clothes while Richards watches. Kate too is watching, on her computer at her house. Ariel is now naked and just as breathtaking as ever. Richards straps her down to a spanking bench and begins cropping her soles. Ariel writhes. Kate looks virtually liquid as she watches. She should be masturbating, but RESTRAINEDELEGANCE doesn’t do this.

Another week-Ariel reports again, is soon naked, and Richards drips hot wax on her soles. There follow a succession of visits, some BDSM activity, a few very nice gags, a lot of nude posing from Ms. Phillips. When Ariel leaves the house each time, she is in bare feet and should have more trouble walking.  Kate has been watching all the visits on her computer. 


6 Apr

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Ariel wears a little red dress and apparently not much else. She will kneel in front of a custom made wood stock frame, multi-faceted to hold a standing victim or one kneeling.

Ariel kneels on a pad with her back to the frame. Hywel fastens her ankles through holes so that her bare feet are positioned for bastinado. He manacles and fastens her wrists together, and after a cute struggle, he gets a ball gag into her mouth. The film is taken up with Hywel tormenting her in various ways, especially those wriggling bare feet.

Hywel turns on a spotlight which illuminates her on the floor. There is no spanking or nudity here, although we don’t see any panties under the very short dress. Nonetheless, this is one of the sexiest films we’ve seen from Ms. Rutherford.







1 Apr

F/2f; 10 parts; time: 89 minutes

An odd and unfortunately ineffective film, given the extraordinary cast.  Amelia Jane Rutherford and Nicky Montford play students in the final hours of rehearsal for their school play. We have not seen these two world-class bottoms perform together before. The headmistress, it must be ‘Miss Svenson,’ is very dissatisfied with their performances and will urge them through preparations via their bottoms

Part 1(11 minutes). Amelia is partially dressed for the stage, wearing a white blouse and panties, no pants  as yet. Nicky wears a silly party dress. Valuable minutes of each episode are wasted by a repeated scene of the girls writing production graphics on a blackboard, designed for internet episode clips. The acting is silly and must have been intentionally corny. Despite the length of this video, neither girl takes the spanking she could have been expected to accept, especially Nicky, the acknowledged most courageous bottom in the trade.

Nicky is spanked first OTK, just a frolic for her. Amelia’s turn next, in part 2.

Part 5 (10 minutes). The rehearsal continues. The girls have no panties now. They argue. Amelia dances around, flashing her perfect beaver trim. Both girls must stand at the wall in the frisk position, for the hairbrush. Then each must bend over and grab ankles for individual spanking.

Part 6 (18 minutes). The silly rehearsal continues. The girls practice their ‘final walkdown’ on stage. Except here, they have bare bottoms. Now this is the kind of school show we’d like to have seen at those many nights of torture.

Svenson will have each girl bend over for a spanking with a series of implements. They rotate, for the major portion of this longer segment. This would have been a good time to make some marks, but it didn’t happen.

Part 7 (8 minutes). The punishment continues. Svenson says she will use the “heavy tawse,” which it really isn’t. We’ve seen some really lethal-looking heavy leather tawses. Only Amelia is strapped in this segment.

She’s Been Very Naughty – SPANKEDCHEEKS

20 Mar

F/f; time: 18 minutes

A standard performance from Amelia Jane Rutherford and Zoe Page, except for a little touch of BDSM. Zoe leads Amelia, crawling naked, by leash attached to a dog collar. This is theater, but we know who would have the dildo in her drawer.

Amelia is taken OTK naked. Zoe has a huge pile of spanking implements. Amelia will move around the room, flashing her sweet frontals. Paddles, tawse, strap. Standard stuff except for a nude Amelia. They depart to a bedroom.



The Facility -FIRMHAND

22 Feb

Yet another series from Amelia Jane Rutherford, 2020 release.  Here, she plays an investigative reporter embedded in a training school designed to teach girls submissive traits. Implausible enough, but in this series  we will have some more inventive directorial ideas.  Amelia has been embedded before, very early in her FIRMHAND work in ‘School Spanking  Expose.’ The results of her ruse are the same.

(A) (M/f; year: 2020; time: 6 minutes) Amelia’s pretense as an investigative reporter seems to collapse immediately. She is marched into a building in handcuffs. The set is the very familiar office scene used so frequently by the producer. Amelia’s long blond hair is curled. Anthony P. Scott plays the lead in some of her newer films. The rest of the male leads are on injured reserve.

Not sure how it happened so fast,  but lefty Anthony will begin spanking Amelia over the desk. “I need you to stand up and take your clothes off.” “Why should I do that?” But she starts. Red panties. And she has to remove her blouse. She is not much for wearing a bra. Solid spanking to start. Slow motion repeats. And she is going to be volunteered as a “companion” for Facility staff. Promising.

(B) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) The episode opens with Amelia standing in the office  in just red bra and panties. Her undressing not complete. The camera angle is low and close enough to depict her looming in the scene. Wonderful.  Anthony demands that she remove her bra and panties. She turns just to the perfect angle to pull down the panties. We marvel again at Ms. Rutherford’s exquisite body.

Anthony flourishes a dog collar for her, but first he will spank her. “What is that? I’m not wearing that!” OTK naked on a straight chair, her long blond hair, ringlets in this series, abounding. Anthony spanks quite hard, encouraging for this early in the series. More low camera to accentuate the buttocks.

After a very entertaining spanking, Anthony locks on the collar, Amelia helping by getting her hair out of the way. Anthony collects ALL her clothes and leaves. In an entertaining concluding scene, Amelia is locked in the room stark naked. She tries the windows and door. We see her pressed against the frosted glass door.

(C) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Discovered now,  Amelia sleeps on the little brass bed, in the nude of course, except for the dog collar, locked on and not removable. There must be no pajamas issued at this facility. Anthony enters, rips off her duvet, and makes her lie on her stomach, pillow under her hips. He straps her.

Amelia always excels in this posture. Her long blond hair, curled here, r takes 10 years off her chronology. After this strapping she falls to the floor and sits on her haunches, another specialty. Lovely frontals along the way. Amelia then dresses angrily. Anthony gives her the Facility handbook to study. He will be back unannounced to see how she is doing. She knows this will be another guaranteed spanking. Slow motion repeats.

(D) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia is on the brass bed studying the handbook, knowing a spanking is coming. Anthony enters and takes Amelia OTK. Lefthanded, with a plastic hairbrush. We like to see one of those wood long handled jobs. White panties down. Very hard, spectacular bottom. Slow motion of the jiggle.

(E) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Anthony will give Amelia a mouth soaping here. A new bar of soap is soaking in a bowl of water. Anthony inserts it in her mouth. As often happens in such scenes, the bar is too big to go in very far.

Amelia bends over the bed, bare bottom, for the crop. A medium spanking, the soap pops out, and Anthony reinserts it. Some bruises now—something is happening. Amelia crawls around on the floor then washes her mouth out. Slow motion repeats.

(F) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Some variations on the theme here, and a pinch of BDSM, appreciated. Amelia sits on the bed, still studying the Facility handbook, having already been spanked for slow learning. She decides to break out of the locked bedroom. Using a Bobbi pin from her long  curled blond hair, she is able to pick the door lock.

Fastidious actress that she is, she returns the pin to its purpose in her hair and sneaks outside. We have an exterior scene of the English country house being used in many FIRMHAND series. As Amelia sneaks away,  Anthony catches her and drags her in the front door. He removes her dog collar and locks on a shock collar. After a brief warning, she is much impressed by what could happen to her. She hurriedly strips naked, probably the record in all her films.

With the same willingness, she drapes her naked self across a spanking trestle, here in the ‘Punishment room.’ Anthony will strap her with a long implement which looks like a whip. Mild stuff though, the shooting day for this series is only partway through. After the whipping, she is left naked in the room overnight.

(G) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) It must be the next morning. Amelia is naked in the punishment room. Anthony returns and will keep up the training. She arranges herself on the trestle, standing and leaning on it. She will be caned. There are a variety of bruises. The caning is moderate. Anthony has her dress. There will be more. Slow motion repeats and closeups.

(H) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia enters the office again and is shocked to see a formidable looking device on the desk.  “What is that, a dildo?” Not exactly. It is a huge penis gag,  the black protuberance about 4” long and as thick as a toilet paper roll.  “Yes, for your mouth.”Amelia absolutely refuses to put it on.

”Wnat is rule number 4?”  Amelia has been studying. “Traveling companions  make themselves available for sexual favors for senior party members.”  And some typical Brooks-Hamilton dialogue: “I’m willing to follow those other rules, but this, this thing right here is an embodiment of this fucked up patriarchal system you’ve got going on out there.”

That’s OK with Anthony. He will paddle her bare bottom over the desk until she agrees to put it in, and then she will get the same number of strokes while wearing it.   During these negotiations, all the while he brandishes the remote control for her electric shock collar. Rock and a hard place.

Amelia bends over the desk and gasps as Anthony virtually rips down her panties. After six moderate strokes on her already bruised bottom she collapses to the floor and acquiesces. She stands and contemplates the gag laid out. “You’re going to watch  me?” She slides her mouth down on the black rubber penis and fastens the straps behind her neck. A lovely touch of BDSM flowing from some of the more hardcore films she has been making in this era.

She stands and the paddling continues. Muffled gasps. If we ever want Ms. Rutherford to be silenced, this is an  approved method. Anthony leaves Amelia collapsed on the floor, gag in place. We hope there will be further training for other sexual skills.

(J)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) The series regresses to conventional punishment. Amelia is dressed again in her Facility school pinafore and blouse. Anthony is reading more of the handbook to her. He gives a palm slaps with a strap, just a few, and she crumbles  after each one.

She is sent to the umbrella stand and pulls a yardstick out from among the canes. Amelia bends over and puts her palms flat on the floor. Aw, she’s just showing off. We can’t pick up a newspaper. The jumper has mostly come up. Anthony pulls down her white panties and goes to work with the yardstick. Varied bruises still show. He grabs her hair. Some facials. To conclude, Amelia is reminded of still other Facility Rules.

(K)(M/f; time:9 minutes) Another episode filmed in the office. Amelia still in her jumper outfit and now wearing her dog collar. From the elapsed time on the clock above the blackboard, it looks like the crew can film these episodes in short order.

Anthony informs Amelia he is now a ‘senior party member’ and has selected her as his companion. She is his for life and he can do whatever he wants with her. She asks warily if spanking is all he will do. “I’m going to lots of things to you.”  “How much….how often?…is this the main thing you like to do?” There might be more. “It’s one of the main things.”

Amelia kneels up on a straight chair and bends all the way over its back, her head hanging to the floor. She can always do these athletic poses. Anthony raises her skirt, pulls down her panties, she gasps, and he spanks her with a flexible strip of plastic with Spencer holes. Not hard though.

Amelia climbs off the chair and assumes the diaper position on the table. The camera crew is well aware of how revealing this pose is, so the shots are varied and brief. Anthony uses a small paddle. There is plenty to smack—bottom and thighs. Once again, Anthony is kind with the paddle. But he does avail himself of a long feel of Amelia’s bottom, a suggestion of her new status.

Amelia rolls around into an all-fours position. Anthony will use a synthetic cane next.

(L)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) The finale of this series, the 11th episode. Amelia is caned on the table by Anthony, following a long summation on the previous episode. She is on on all fours, head down, bottom highest. Her bottom is now marked with a random collection of marks and bruises, attesting to the notion that these segments are filmed in close succession, Off hand, we do not recall Amelia’s bottom being in such a condition in other series.

Tne caning is mild and a bit silly. Amelia climbs down and bends over the back of a chair for some wooden spoon, also light Anthony unzips his fly and there is a brief  faux moment of him taking his Companion over the back of the chair.





















Spanking at the Training Centre – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIO

19 Feb

M/f; time: 26 minutes

The set is the familiar FIRMHAND studio, the space with the single brass bed. Ariel/Amelia narrates for us. She is confined in a slave training centre. Last night she tried to escape, was caught, and caned bare bottom over a trestle in front of an audience of partygoers. (Is Mr. Phillips handy? We’d like to see this acted out.)

Ariel stands and drops her black shorts, teasing us.  She hears Earl Grey coming and jumps into bed. He is not fooled.  “We’ve had enough of your stories.” He will spank her. Out of bed, she bends over, hands on the mattress, knees locked. First, Grey photographs her bottom.

Maybe because of better camera angles, Ariel and Grey move to the FIRMHAND  office. OTK first, then she kneels on the floor in front of him. Grey slaps her face, several times, rather ironic, and rare for her, we think.

On the floor, she works herself into the wheelbarrow position. Grey has his chance, but her black panties stay on. We read somewhere that Ms. Anderssen is acutely aware of the exposure in this position. The camera is challenged because there is no position over Grey’s shoulder. After a short time, she falls off.

Grey leaves her. She has been instructed to strip naked, which she does slowly, with the pubic flash. When naked, she rearranges some furniture and gets out the spanking implements and handcuffs. The producers know we love to see her moving about in the nude. She sits on her haunches on the familiar table, ready for Grey.

Grey returns and selects a large red flogger. Ariel gets on all fours, on her elbows, so that her bottom is highest. He shifts to a cane and uses effective hard short snaps, harder and harder. He handcuffs her and we see her back in the bedroom. Might be a tough night.














Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISHCP

24 Jan

F/f; time: 22 minutes

It appears Amelia Jane Rutherford made a few films with this producer, not to be confused with STRICTLYENGLISH. We will do some research. Amelia and her cousin Amanda find a cache of spanking implements, a CP instruction guide, and a camera with a selfie film of Amanda’s parents doing some CP play.  The girls will experiment themselves.

The girls are dressed in party clothes. Of course it is Amelia who will be spanked. The girls try handspanking and various positions, using paddles, straps, rods, and canes they find in the room.  Amanda tries a rugbeater on Amelia’s bottom and some slaps on her palms. Amelia prefers the bottom. The girls keep consulting the CP instructional manual they found.

 Amanda is going to try a cane on Amelia and practices on a pillow, with some pointers by Amelia. When Amelia bends over, bare bottom, the strokes are much lighter. The girls hear male voices and run off.

A rather silly film after all Spanking is too mild. 



Flight Attendant in Peril – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIO

17 Jan

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Ms. Anderssen tests the outer limits of credibility with this plot. She plays an airline hostess returning home after a series of long flights. She is jumped in her apartment by some sort of dominatrix, in the person of Zoe Page. There is some dispute over an  antique necklace. Ariel is subdued with chloroform.

She awakes tied and spreadeagled on a single brass bed. The film will be a combination of spanking and BDSM, albeit not much of each. With all this travail, her little airline cap is still perched in place. Zoe handspanks her first. Her skirt has been pulled up to display black panties and garters.

Zoe will now cane her, about 36 strokes, taking a long time and certainly not the attention gainers we seek. We have yet to see Ms. Page put her back into it. Panties eventually come down.

After a fade, we see Ariel tied to a chair in a part of the familiar FIRMHAND studio. We get a few minutes of the traditional bondage struggle, except Ariel is not tied tight enough to make it sensual.

From nowhere, Dodgy Dave runs onto the set and unties her. Zoe interrupts this, and in a struggle Ariel knocks Dave cold. The logic of this confounds. Cut to an exterior scene, Ariel is again tied to a chair, so silly and weak that we just don’t accept it. Zoe blindfolds her.

Dave arrives, subdues Zoe, and unties Ariel. The silly ‘perils of Pauline’ frolicking comes to an end. Ariel ties up Zoe. No bite at all in this film, unusual for Ms Anderssen/Rutherford/Phillips.