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14 Sep

‘The Spanking Hitman’ (M/f; 2013; time: 1hr 8 minutes)

In the year 2013, we wonder who between these two entrepreneurs hauled their ass to whom. We’ll bet Dallas packed his equipment and flew to Great Britain. Or possibly Amelia was in the US for a spanking party.

In this simple story, Dallas plays a hitman, hired to kill Amelia, but when he sees her, he would rather spank her. Smart guy, not to let this bottom get out of circulation.

For the entire film (released in five parts) Amelia will be stretched across a bed or parade around the room, wearing just a gauzy negligee or  less or nothing  at all, while Dallas spanks her exposed bottom and she negotiates maybe more  spanking in return for living on. We didn’t focus too much on the storyline.

The set is a hotel room, intentional, not a cheap set alternative.

There will be a few good lines, typical of Ms. Rutherford. As she sits in her favorite pose, on her haunches on the bed, Dallas offers her a snack. “If I’m going to die I don’t want to eat.” And when she squirms away from the first spankings, “I’m not going to be accosted in a hotel room!”

Amelia answers a knock on her hotel room door and Dallas bursts in, brandishing a .45 or a Glock. Amelia is commoner engaged to a Prince, and Dallas is hired to prevent the marriage. But somehow he sees what he can do here and changes his plan.

He pulls Amelia over the bed, pulls down her panties, and begins a startup handspanking. She is docile—she thought she was going to die. When he pauses: “Are you finished?” He holds his pistol to her bottom and admires his start. There are two cameras here, one for Amelia’s facials and one on her bottom.

Dallas pulls out an armful of implements. (We didn’t see him carry them in.) “And behind door #2…” he says as he shows them. Amelia feigns not to know what they are. “I am not going to be clubbed to death.” Not exactly, but it could seem like that.  Dallas starts with a small paddle, next a strap, hairbrush, another strap. Cute rocking bottom.

Dallas jumps her on the bed, a chance for him,  but he is a spanko.

The next segment is a segue. Amelia lies naked over a bolster, her wrists bound and fastened to it. A simple bondage device we haven’t seen. Her bottom is elevated high enough for several purposes. What a display for this famous lady.

Dallas uses a floppy double strap, a stiff strap, and other implements. A split screen is introduced for us to enjoy the facials. They seem to address the camera, as if the storyline calls for this to be filmed. Suspend disbelief about how all this equipment appears. Room service?

And working toward a conclusion, Amelia is naked at her room window, on an upper floor. Dallas now has a cane. Little hard experienced snaps make her squeal. Nobody in the hall? Wood paddle next, a standing spanking. He has to hold her still. Her nakedness is silhouetted in the big window as the light fades outside. Amelia has become linked with her spanker, a Stockholm relationship.

In outtakes, Dallas’ Sabrina, the director, has added some delightful nude poses from Ms. Rutherford, challenging the best she has ever done.

Somewhere we read Amelia is the fulfillment of a Nicole Kidman without pants. There are examples of Nicole without pants. No offense, we vote for Amelia.

Amelia Jane’s First Spanking – DALLASSPANKSHARD

14 Sep

First Taste of Real Discipline’ (M/f; time: 37 minutes)

This may be the first film Amelia Jane Rutherford made at DALLASSPANKSHARD. From the dialogue about their email interchange, her present anxiety, and her hairstyle, this could be 2007 or so, not long after GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

The scene opens with Dallas interviewing Amelia from behind the camera. She sits, shyly and nervously cowering on a couch.

Dallas sets the fantasy. “She has got a discipline problem at home and might be able to use my services.” Amelia can’t make eye contact with Dallas. He gets her to acknowledge she knows what Dallas does here. He takes her OTK full length on the couch, flower print dress up, and he begins a warm up spanking–just a little attention-gainer. He spreads some Aloe Vera gel on what buttocks are exposed from her skimpy panties–“This will keep your bottom wet…it stings more.”

He sends her to the corner. “Take off your dress and your underwear…you’ve seen my site. You know what we do.” She unwraps the summer dress and strips off little white boyshorts. She does in fact know how Dallas likes to pose his naked models. She leans against the wall, hands on head, elbows touching the wall, bottom out. Wonderful. He asks her to look to the side at the table where the spanking implements are displayed.

Naked and Gelled -Implements’

Totally naked now, Amelia returns to an OTK position with Dallas, flashing

the teasing frontal, so important a moment in all her films. He begins spanking moderately as they chat. He asks she hold her head up and look into the camera. She struggles seductively and complains. “This isn’t hard. Do you want to see ‘hard’?”

Lovely shots, overheads of her long thin body. Her hair musses, she shows an unhappy face. More gel on her buttocks. She doesn’t like the sting. “It makes it worse,” which of course is the intent. There is some alcohol in it. Dallas proceeds with a fast handspanking before he stops, winded.

Now Dallas will employ some implements, which are laid out for her to reach. First a round paddle, then a stiff leather paddle, very hard and sharp. Amelia squeals in surprise and struggles. She counts out a last 10.

More gel and then a leather strap. Lots of rubbing, some adlib out of roleplay dialogue, as the spanking progresses. 10 counted.

More gel, glossy bottom and thighs. Then a short hard red strap, hard, sharp and local. Laughing tears. Amelia is marking up like you will rarely see in all her future work. And a wooden ruler, 20 counted. then back to the corner, very naked. The camera zooms on her blotchy bruising. Some of the best corner time we have seen. Amelia’s bottom might actually be swollen. She will be itchy on the flight to London.

FADE. The spanking is over. Amelia is curled up in chenille robe, perched at an angle so as not to press on her buttocks. She looks shaken. They discuss the experience and she demurely comments on the spanking tools. “This (the “red rubber one”) was the worst…I didn’t think it would be,” referring to one of the paddles. Dallas thanks ‘Colorado Spankers,’ who supplies him with the naughty implements.


28 Aug

M/f; time: 29 minutes

We review this appropriately at Halloween and revise it now with screenshots. Arlel wears a naughty latex nun’s habit, so short there will be no bending over, or shouldn’t be. She addresses the press on the patio of what is probably the real Brooke-Hamilton residence. Rain has sprinkled through the lattice cover. She explains the “Convent of Mercy” is not guilty of the “prurient speculation” about it. There are no “sexual shenanigans” in Father Daniel’s convent.

Inside, the usual low door frames for Amelia, into the familiar Asian room; Hywel is playing Father Daniel. Ariel wants a reward for dispelling the press. Rather than wait for a heavenly reward, she wants “earthly” attention. (There is a spanking trestle in the foreground.) Daniel asks her to “disrobe.” Latex cape off, she now confesses she is not wearing “underthings.” Daniel helps her unsnap. She is now naked but for a headdress habit. Loving frontals.

Daniel directs her to a shelf where she finds and puts on a white garter belt and stockings, in a ballet of reverse striptease. They have this stuff handy.

After nun Ariel does some modeling, she bends over the trestle for the spanking to begin. Earthly rewards all around. Strap, belt, crop. The wrist device is interfering with the sanctity of these spankings, so Daniel moves it to the front, opening the glorious bottom. Belt, crop, flogger, cane, moderate. Some handspanking and frigging. Squeals.

Amelia Jane Rutherford at STRAND

25 Aug

Some short films we believe are STRAND products.

‘Amelia Spanked’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Amelia is a perfect schoolgirl here, although a bit postgraduate. Pigtails, perfect gray outfit, necktie. She is begging not to be spanked. A woman in a monogrammed blazer takes her OTK, also perfect tight white panties. Is this Hastings-Gore, making a film with Amelia?

Textbook handspanking, knickers down. Background school noise, nice touch.

Jealous Partner – SPANKINGSARAH

20 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her male partner have returned from a party, where he was flirting with other girls, and she is angry. She wears green slacks and a tan jersey. They argue, and somehow the husband is clever enough to turn the tables on Amelia, and SHE will be spanked.

He takes her OTK. ”What the hell you doing?” But they’ve been partying and the bedroom adjoins. ”You’re the one who has done something wrong.” Slacks down, white lace panties down, a routine spanking for this shooting day at STRAND. The husband is sitting on a high stool, which show off Ms. Rutherford’s height and Rushmore bottom.

Frisk position with more cautious treatment from a tawse and soft paddle. Lots of implements in this household for the eventualities

Thieving Whore Taught a Lesson – SARAHGREGREGORYSPANKING

9 Jun

F/f; year: 2020; time: 15 minutes

This film is probably from archives. Amelia Jane Rutherford would be 42 years old here. She plays a prostitute tryings to ascertain what customer Dodgy Dave wants. ”You like bottoms.” ”I do.” He is in the right place. Amelia is wearing on of her tight blue knit dresses, slutty with garters showing.

When she wiggles her bottom and pulls out a condom, Zoe Page, the madam, interrupts. Amelia’s been stealing. Zoe is going to spamk her. Dave is front-row, the condom won’t be needed. Hair grabbed, Amelia is pulled OTK. Zoe never spanks hard. Dress up, black thong to her knees, Zoe has a hairbrush handy. Amelia is a big beautiful lapful. Dave hands her another hairbrush, longer and thin, but Zoe is still gentle. Must be a long shooting day.

Interviews – FIRMHAND

7 Jun

‘Alison Miller by Abi Whittaker’ (F/f; year: 2010; time: 11 minutes) The girls are silly here. Not much time was taken to plan out what the script would be. They discuss the shooting of ‘Reform School.’ Alison also hates the paddle, there were two of them. They discuss the kick boxing scene, caning techniques and accuracy, school uniforms.

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ (F; year: 2006; time: 10 minutes) An interview we have done elsewhere, but it is so entertaining we look at it again with our advancing knowledge of Ms. Brooke-Hamilton. She still makes spanking films 15 years later, albeit with a greater seasoning of BDSM.

Amelia sits with a cup of tea, full screen, in natty sweater and blouse. This interview was made after her naughty ballerina series at FIRMHAND. She had never met the male disciplinarian Earl Grey. She describes how the spanking, “It got harder and harder as the day went on,” referring of course as to how the paddles and canes come out in the last episodes. She was prepared for the cane but was “scared” when she saw the”big wooden thing.” The board was the worst, each stroke succeedingly worse. The cane is more subtle,, but the pain lasts longer.

Being naked in front of the crew is “daunting,” quite different from nude modeling. She likes to name names She has met Samantha Woodley and Lizzy Madison, sexy college girl types. Her second shoot at FIRMHAND was the actress diva story with Sandy Cameron, and directed by a MAN. It was tougher—Sandy is more severe.

She discusses the invention of the Amelia Jane Rutherford name. There will be other identities to come. She found an outlet for her nasty quality with Dallas of DALLASSPANKSHARD., “He made me cry.” But FIRMHAND is tougher. “So many things during the day.” She. Invites us to watch the Amelia Jane Rutherford Collection.

Ashley Thomas, by Kat St. James’ (f; time: 4 minutes) Ashley is a thin and glamous brunette. We have not reviewed any of her work. She sits (gingerly) in conversation with Kat. Ashley had a great time. Right off: “What did you think of the board?” “Intense.” Kat: “But it was smooth sailing after that, right?” It was her first spanking film. She got used to being naked in front of the crew. She liked her Top, “Mr. Bateman.”

She is sore. “Can we see it?” She drops her jeans and panties. She is mottled red over her bottom and down her upper thighs. We thought Kat was surprised. “Wow.”

‘Belinda Lawson’ (F; time: 4 minutes) Ms. Lawson narrates by herself. She has just finished her fourth shoot with FIRMHAND, this one with Earl Grey. She was spanked with the bare hand, strap, slipper, and cane. She shows her bottom, well marked we thought, but for her, “not too bad.” She is “quite hot right now.” Her favorite implement is the cane. It stings, but it doesn’t throb.

Camilla Scott’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) This fascinating model, with Earl Grey, he calls her “Milly.” We have built a collection of her work elsewhere on this site. She likes the straps and tawse, and consistent with most girls, doesn’t like the “big American” wood paddle. “It really hurt.” She will be doing more work at FIRMHAND. We have repeated and expanded this review at the conclusion of the series ‘A Perfect Education.’

‘Justine Adams with Michaela McGowan’ (F; year: 2013; time: 5 minutes) Justine disliked the hairbrush the most, especially one with a small head. Michaela says she is more uncomfortable when she has to spank a friend, and that she actually prefers being a Bottom rather than a Top.

‘Kaytlin Davis’ (F/f; year: 2005; time: 3 minutes) A tall thin buxom brunette talks about her first spanking shoot. It hurt more than she expected. She criied. Like most of the girls, the board was the worst, followed by the cane. The bare hand was the easiest. She shows her bottom.

‘Allaura Shane and Alison Miller’ (2f; time: 7 minutes) A silly concluding interview after a filming, where a chihuahua dog ran through the shots. Holding the big board, they laugh about spanking each other. Seems to have been Allaura’s first shoots. The girls display canes broken during the takes. “Cane snapping trend.”

Kelly Morgan with Alison Miller’ (F; year: 2013; time: 6 minutes) Playful and hot model Ms. Morgan, our favorable naval cadet. She is still in full uniform here and they have just completed a paddling scene. She still gets nervous and sweaty during the filming. She doesn’t plan on crying but always does.

Waiting for the paddle is the worst. The girls giggle. She will be coming back next week for another shoot. “I love it all up to that paddle.”

‘Michaela McGowan with Cindy Wallace’ (F; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) Michaela sits covered with a blanket. She is cold, because the studio is cold, and because, she shows us, she has a cold pack on her bottom. The implements used are laid out in front of them. Michaela never had a clothes brush or a leather paddle. The strap and tawse burn. The paddle was worse today. The cane is the worst. The best? Cindy’s acting. She has finished as a Top with Justine earlier but is still not spanked out.

Natasha Peachy’ (M/f; time: 2 minutes) We have reviewed one of her series. We were attracted by her normal, non-theatrical librarian appearance. She too dreaded the board, especially the anticipation of waiting for it with a bare bottom. The cane was nearly as bad. An off-screen male voice does the interview. She shows her bottom.

‘Beth Thompson’ (F/f; year: 2013; time: 6 minutes) Very pretty long-hair brunette Beth is interviewed by Kat St. James. She describes her first spanking shoot—she never cried before. She didn’t like the big school paddle, the ‘board,’ “scary.” She liked the pingpong paddle the best. The girls are in a jacuzzi with Patrick Bateman and a third girl. The three girls show their shiny wet bottoms

‘Military Training’ (2f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford and Leia-Ann Woods chuckle through a brief discussion of their experiences making this series, which we reviewed. They had their apprehensions about being spanked in so many settings. Leia’s least liked implement is the wood paddle. Amelia doesn’t like the bath brush. The ladies are very sophisticated here. We had some trouble with Leia’s Glaswegian.

‘Samantha Woodley’ (2f; year: 2005; time: 4 minutes) Samantha sits with another girl, doing a Christmas promotion, and purportedly talking about her first spanking shoot at FIRMHAND. Given the acting here, it might be her first cameo appearance. The girls both agree the “big board” is the worst. Being naked in front of the crew is tolerable for Samantha, except when she has to “wait around” in the buff, alone in that state, while adjustments are made. We’d like to see an outtake.

The cane is bad too, especially after the big board. Everything is bad after the big board.

‘Samantha Woodley and Abi Whittaker’ (2F; year: 2006; time: 12 minutes) Charming chat between these two. Despite the fact that both were accomplished and in-demand soft porn actresses, they manage to appear like two college girls meeting on break. This is the best of these FIRMHAND interviews we have found.

They sit on a couch. Samantha has been attracted to and excited by the thought of spanking since she was a child and was first spanked at 16. She needs to be dominated in her scenarios. She admits to enjoying working for SHADOWLANE, DALLASSPANKSHARD, and FIRMHAND. She especially liked the series ‘Natural Brats’ with Sierra Salem, here at FIRMHAND. She likes relationships where she doesn’t have to prompt for a spanking. She has met and likes many people from the spanking party scene.

And she is a name dropper, which is helpful in these interviews. She recalls the ‘English School’ series with “Niki Flynn and Miss Hastings-Gore,” which is reviewed on this site. She loved the rich-girl role in ‘Discipline Program’ with Earl Grey. She finds her directing work easy—she knows the fetish value of panties coming down, protesting, corner time.

British trademarks—the cane, and school uniforms. She thinks the “board” is “excessive,” which of course just excites us when we see it. She recalls one contract where she shot for three days straight.

‘Samantha Woodley and Michaela MCGowan about OTK Air’ We added this interview to the conclusion of our review of this delightful series.

Sasha Harvey and Alison Miller’ (F; year: 2013;time: 7 minutes) On their first day they did 5 segments and there were a lot of tears. The experienced Ms. Harvey says this was her first filming. She says anything made of wood is “serious trouble,” but for her the leather tawse is the worst. The hand or the pingpong paddle are the easiest. The girls are quite serious here, not giddy as in many of the model interviews. They discuss, quite rationally, how their shoes match their panties. The spanking was more intense than anticipated, more sobbing.

‘Stacy Stockton Exclusive Interview’ (f; year: 2013; time: 5 minutes) She giggles here. She is discussing her ‘Private School’ series. The wooden paddle and black strap are the worst for her. At the conclusion, she looks into the camera: “We go through a lot to entertain you. Sacrifice our booties.”

Stacey Stockton with Alison Miller’ (F; year:2014; time; 9 minutes) The girls are silly and adolescent here. Alison can’t seem to get Stacey’s stage name right. Stacey too dislikes the paddle and prefers the crop the most. Closeup lovely facials. The girls have worked together now for two days. This is a wrap-up interview on a series we did not review. For fun, Alison asks Stacey to smack her once, as hard as she can.

‘Taylor Ash and Cindy Wallace’ (2f; Year: 2009; time: 13 minutes) The most chatty and articulate interview for us at this point. Taylor is on the ‘solid’ side. After this particular shoot, she is finding the spankings easier. The worst part of the day?—the mental preparation. The handspanking stings the most. The wooden paddle makes her nervous. “It is not on my Christmas list.” It has been adjustment being the only naked person in front of that many people.

What was the naked “humiliation time” like? Weird, thinking of the people staring at her. And she remembers the first moment when her “underwear” came down.

‘Tiffany Bennett and Stacy Stockton’ (2f; time: 3 minutes) The girls giggle here like British valley girls. They might prove, both raven-haired, that it isn’t only blondes who have more fun. They laugh about films they made, that their bottoms might need some rest, and that they will use their boyfriends for practice.

Tiffany Hendricks with Cindy Wallace’ (f; time: 7 minutes) The girls sit at a table. Tiffany is talking about her first spanking shoot, a series about a college girl and a Dean. She liked the fantasy of playing a bad girl. Her worst part of the day—toward the end, when the spankings piled up. The best—the wood paddle. Cindy is surprised to hear that, no girl likes that. The worst—handspanking. The girls are a bit awkward with their dialogue. Cindy loves Tiffany’s jeans. “They show the perfect spanking .bottom.”

‘Valerie Bryant and Richard Anderson’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Valerie has made her second series with FIRMHAND. She found the bath brush the hardest, and today she had built up her tolerance for her first caning. She was shocked by it, and glad it came at the end of the day. She laughs with Anderson that, yes, her clothes got tighter during the day. She sits with Anderson wearing a blouse open down the middle. The last scene was topless. “In case you are wondering, they are real. “

2F; time: 24 minutes) One of FIRMHAND’s confessional films, this one longer and more enlightening. Michaela McGowan and Lizzy Madison discuss making spanking films, as opposed to more hardcore work.

Lizzy says she had only been spanked by Samantha Woodley until she made the series with Michaela. She likes being a submissive and appreciates FIRMHAND’s flexibility. The girls discuss their acting. Lizzy likes her boyfriend to spank her. The girls discuss the cane.

Lizzy doesn’t like the big board. Michaela doesn’t like the hairbrush but is OK with a strap. And about nudity: the girls are OK showing their bottoms,  but not much else. This explains their acting in many episodes we have reviewed. They are keenly aware of the degree of bend-over and where the camera is. They prefer not to do topless or naked scenes. “Stick to the butt.” It is interesting to consider how these actresses and their peers modified their views over time.

(F; time: 4 minutes) Shannon Carson and Samantha Woodley discuss Samantha’s first spanking filming. The episodes with these two might possibly be those appearances in the ‘Samantha Woodley Collection.’  “The board was the worst.” As to nudity, Samantha was OK showing her bare bottom but found baring her breasts embarrassing. She wears a low cut purple blouse and wonders if anyone who knows her is seeing these performances.

Private University – FIRMHAND

23 May

Another series from Amelia Jane Rutherford. If the copyright date is close to this release date, she is in her mid-forties here. Although we hope you will read on, we regret FIRMHAND did not seek out some spanko screenwriter for some inspiration, rather than this mundane plot line. After all, Ms. Rutherford has been making some explicit films elsewhere.

Amelia seems to have wandered into some ’private university,’ in a residence. Some strange law requires her to attend, so professor Phillip Johnson will exercise his dictatorial power to motivate her.

(A)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) They are at the ’Marconi House,’ where professor Johnson is tinkering with some electronic equipment. After making clear Amelia is indentured, he grabs her OTK, rips off her pantyhouse, pulls down her red knickers, and gives her a standard spanking. She is predictably shocked, so to speak, but submissive.

(B)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Johnson’s private instruction, enforced with spankings, continues. He explains the electronic equipment. She is not interested. More uneventful OTK. Slow motion.

(C) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The classroom instruction continues, one-on-one. Some time has passed—her bottom has cooled down, and she wears yellow knickers, a favorite color, we could document. OTK again, Johnson uses a slipper. He rips down the knickers. Ms. Rutherford is good about keeping the hair off her face. Slow motion.

(D)(M/f: time: 7 minutes) Amelia’s slippering continues. Silly caterwauling. She stands to continue taking her lecture notes. slow motion repeats.

(E)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) We’re hoping for some innovative action here, with all this electrical equipment handy. Amelia continues her academic note taking. She bends over for the strap, still in her flower print dress and yellow knickers. slow motion.

(F)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) The professor continues Amelia’s private educational spanking instruction. She has bent over a chair, hair correctly off her face, yellow knickers down, low angles of her world class bottom. Slow motion repeats.

(G) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia, in exercise clothing, leaves the ’classroom’ and comes outside onto the lawn area seen in several FIRMHAND series. She does some vaulting and handstands, impressive for a model in her mid-forties. The professor follows her outside and takes her to a bench for a spanking. She bends over for a paddle he has brought. Pale blue knickers down. The graphic reads: ”He’s just getting started.”

(H) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia’s paddling continues in the garden. We have to wonder why Ms. Rutherford made this mostly silly film. Maybe completion of a FIRMHAND contract. After all, she has gotten rather inventive on other sites. With all his experience, Prof. Johnson still checks back with the camera. After the paddling, she pulls her knickers up and is sent back inside to the lab. Slow motion.

(J)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia sits working on an electrical device when she drops and breaks its. Johnson arrives. ”Now you’ve fractured it.” He picks up a strap, and she bends over a chair, pulling her white panties down herself. Strapping. Slow motion.

(K)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) More strapping here. ”Please, may I keep my panties up this time?” ”No.” Over a chair for more of the tawse. Camera angles here make Johnson appear almost 18” shorter than Amelia. After this strapping, Amelia hears she will be lodging at the professor’s house, where he will keep a ”sharp eye” on her. Sounds like a continuation and scene change.

(L)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is objecting to being interned by Johnson. She sits on a brass bed, wearing a flower print dress. ”We need an intensive course for you.” She complains. ”You know what happens when you argue.” He wants her in her pajamas NOW. ”It’s only 8:30,” and she is not keen on undressing in front of him. He flourishes a hairbrush. ”Brush my hair?” No, a bedtime spanking.

OTK, full white knickers roughly yanked down. Good spanking. Slow motion, pajamas later?

(M) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The hairbrush spanking continues. Amelia has a big bottom in some of these shots. She is certainly taking her punishment. Faux tears. slow motion.


(P) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia’s paddling continues for trying to escape.


(R) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The professor pulls down her pajama shorts and goes to work with the huge FIRMHAND paddle. About 10 strokes, some low angle views ”How much does it hurt?” ”A lot, professor.” Closeup rub and about 7 minutes of slow motion replay.

(S) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia hasn’t finished her college project. The title was ’The Social Impact of Wire Communication Since 1955.’ Rather than submit a written report, Amelia will try to foist off an interpretive dance as a substitute. ”The only marks you’re going to get for this are on your bottom.”

The professor has a cane handy. (Meaning this shoot is nearing wrapup.) Amelia is conditioned now. She drops her tights and little red mesh panties. Hands on a stool. 12 strokes. Countable stripes on her bottom. Slow motion.

(T) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) The caning continues, about 15 more strokes, if these are not repeats. Zoom on unmistakable stripes. Amelia is sent to do her written report. Did she leave her pants behind?

(U)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Professor Johnson tells Amelia she didn’t pass the test. He is in the position to know and to control. Amelia is corny/surprised. ”I was quite proud of my
current-things.” She must decide, more spanking or be expelled. With little hesitation, she raises her skirt and drops her knickers.

She is well-marked by now, a variety of patterns. The big meter stick, nothing exceptional. Slow motion. We remember an SOL production where Catherine Corbett had to retake a chemistry test with no pants on, her teacher ready with the strap.

(V)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia continues to get the huge meter stick from the professor. She drops her panties and shows she is well marked. There are extraneous noises on the set, but they forge ahead. Repeat angles on the strokes. Some low strokes she can’t like. This is the finale. Amelia retrieves the panties she kicked away. They shake hands. The Professor accepts the trade, having been able to smack her bottom as compensation for her poor performance. She will take the stick with her, in case it is needed again.

(W) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) An interview after the finale. Amelia will discuss making the film among inserts of scenes from above. She is back to work after two years down during the COVID pandemic. She wrote this story. Philip Johnson is a good friend. During the down time, she learned to sew and made some of the costumes here.

She discusses making ”10 movies a day at FIRMHAND, a lot to ask of your body.” She relies on cream moisturizer after a day’s work.

Live Shoot at Lone Star – SPANKING101

18 May

3M/3f; time: 22 minutes

Paul Tubaman Rogers will introduce Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, and Amelia Jane Rutherford at the Lone Star spanking party, in a large and empty echoing banquet room. If there is an audience, they remain quiet.

A little scenario is created to add some titillation to the spanking. Ava and Kajira have managed to disappear $3000 from a charity fund. He will spank admission out of them. Purportedly on stage, Ava goes OTK, fast smacks, loud squeals, skirt up, black panties down. She is sent nose to wall, bare bottom. Kajiri gets the same. ”No, please, no.” We remember her exotic hair and tattoos from GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

The girls are then paddled in turn, bent over, panties down.

Amelia makes her appearance. There should have been applause. The story: she wants to renovate the house, but her husband objects. OTK, silly struggle, Amelia acts surprised. ”Darling, what the fuck!” The language surprises Tubaman.

Skirt up, red panties. When he takes them down, ”Whoa, whoa.” She gets up and flashes a frontal while Tubaman gets a paddle. Hands of a chair, skirt up, Tubaman rips down her panties. Squeals.

The girls are called back for the finale. John Osborne and other guy join Tubaman and the three girls are spanked bare bottom OTK for the charity. Should have been a roar. An easel notice reads $100 a swat. A line of a dozen or so men and women are seen, holding paddles and belts, awaiting their cracks.

The Physics Master – STRAND

11 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a pigtailed schoolgirl here. The set is the familiar Asian room. Hywel plays her physics teacher and confronts her. ”Amelia” has been doing poorly in physics and he has his remedies, time tested. He shows her his ”bucker upper,” a paddle.

She is going to get 24 from the paddle and 24 of the very heavy double strap. Attention to the bottom is proven to focus the mind. Bend over, hands on a neat rustic bench, white panties soon down, strap on the bare. Very nice.

These STRAND films start off with a bare bottom and a girl‘s cries, like the earliest RIGIDEAST films. Amelia is back seated on the bench. A shelf behind her has spanking implements. Next comes a strap in this tutorial session. Amelia faux shock. Palm slaps. ”That hurt worse!”

Hands on the bench for the cane. Hywel announces: ”Regulations…caning always on the bare.” He pulls down her knickers. She counts out about 18 strokes. Usual desperate cries. ”I hate it.” ”You may touch your bottom.” She sits painfully on the bench to work on her physics. Not clear if she is naked.