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Driving the Lesson Home – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 May

F/f; time: 14 minutes)

Not sure of the storyline here. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays some associate of ‘Sarah Stern.’ Sarah is angry for the way Amelia has treated some lesbian couple at her dinner party, homophobic things. It is enough for Sarah to give Amelia a caning, and for Amelia to have no grounds to object.

Amelia rucks up her tight leather skirt and pulls her panties down for the caning to start immediately. 12 moderate strokes. Sarah is very much enjoying this, Amelia not so much. “I do like the little whimpers you make.” And she teases Amelia into flinching at swooshes of one variety or another. These girls are more than just friends. Sarah wants Amelia’s bottom kept on display for a little while.


27 Mar

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Lina’ wakes ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in bed. It seems Amelia left the lights on in the car and the battery is dead. Amelia’s apologies are silly. We all know she can offer something else for compensation.

Lina will spank her right there in bed. Covers off, Amelia has been sleeping naked–it is a thrilling sight. She is so tall, white/pink, and one would not know where to start. Handspanking and slipper first. More scolding while she listens naked. She kneels up on the bed for the strap. There really is no other spanking model better in this pose–that would be our vote. Amelia utters the usual “Oh, God, please!” even though this is only average stuff. Lina is loving it.

Uncle Bob’s Woodshed – Amelia Jane Rutherford

1 Mar

Ms. Rutherford seems to have come to the United States and made a few short films for this producer. The spankings were  mild enough that she could have filmed them all in one day. The plots are basic and the results forgettable, except that the cinematographer ‘Dodgy Dave’ does yeoman’s work and has experience in glorifying Amelia’s amazing bottom. We bunch the films we have seen here.

‘Amelia’s Love Spanking’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia reports to Uncle Bob, who lies waiting for her on a single bed. She confesses to irresponsibility; Bob has a cure for that and takes her OTK on the bed, without complaint.

Amelia wears an olive drab skirt  and beige lace blouse. Bob raises one knee so that when Amelia perches over it, her bottom soars even more. “Juts,” says the website. A standard spanking, skirt up, white panties down. She curls her bare feet. When Bob concludes his spanking, he strokes her bottom, with just a suggestion of a flick between her legs.

We are reminded of the archetypal NUWEST ‘love spankings’ series made maybe 30 years earlier than this film. Ed Lee gave his models conventional bare bottom spankings in a motel room setting, but he gave them some sexual release also, and the girls raised their hips in response. Occasionally they reciprocated for him. Ms. Rutherford did not make such films.

‘Scolded, Strapped and Forgiven’ (M/f time: 8 minutes) Amelia lies waiting on the same single bed, wearing jeans, her bottom elevated like a sugar loaf mountain on pillows. Uncle Bob enters and removes his wide leather belt. The scolding part has passed. He doubles the belt and gives her an unmistakably authentic whupping.

After about 3 minutes, Amelia kneels up, drops her jeans, and reassumes position. More loud strapping. Bob pulls her superfluous thong down at four minutes. Amelia screeches and buries her face in the bed linen, kicking her bare feet. Her bottom becomes white with the chafed skin. When Bob stops to stroke her buttocks, she jumps at his cold touch.

Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISH.COM

15 Feb

F/f; time: 7 minutes

Apparently ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made three or four films for this producer. This one is a simple one-set affair, of no imagination whatsoever.

Amelia and her cousin ‘Amanda, ‘ dressed in stylish party clothes, are prowling in Amanda’s parents’ bedroom, a simple, sparsely furnished set. As they explore, they find an umbrella stand full of canes, crops, and whips. Amelia: “Why would they have that here in the bedroom? That’s weird.”

The girls rummage through a chest of drawers, so small that it wouldn’t hold all the panties Ms. Rutherford has lost in her films. They find first, some spanking implements, and then an outmoded video camera, where they are able to watch Amanda’s mother being spanked by her father.

Next they find a spanking magazine and decide to try some of the games themselves. This first installment ends with Amelia’s pretty bottom bent over the bed for a playful spanking from Amanda.

School Party Caning – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

25 Jan

M/f; year: 2014; time: 19 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Agean’ in a fun domestic romp. The couple returns early and in a huff from a costume party, where he was dressed as a headmaster and she as a schoolgirl. But she role-played a bit too far at the party–in a ‘cloakroom,’  she allowed a man to grope her and she did the same. Hands up-skirt and down trousers!

Amelia indignantly argues that such behavior was consistent with the evening’s theme, didn’t they all do that it school, but Agean doesn’t buy it. He grabs her on their couch into the OTK position. Ms. Rutherford wears perfect schoolgirl kit and still pulls it off, at about age 35 here. “Oh no, it’s too late for that now, mister.” Maybe the party was meant to be a spanking party–let’s get some venture capital together to finance such a film.

Amelia’s bottom is mostly full screen; Agean fondles with fingernails. Panties down. “A headmaster would never do that!” Amelia stands and strips naked, facing us–more incomparable scenes from her. She is sent naked to get the slipper. Over the arm of the leather couch for a moderate spanking. Lots of dialogue from these pros.

Amelia kneels on the couch on all fours for the cane–“I’m not sure about this!” A dozen snaps, the strokes make her jerk out of position. After the 12, she checks her bottom. “It’s corrugated!” They decide she should dress and they should go back to the party, and he will bring the cane. Why not a few more minutes at home first?

Spanking Secrets – Amelia Jane Rutherford

12 Dec

8 short films made in the POV style in 2017; we have seen for our first time a button to click to make a donation to the actors. We’re thinking about it. Tax deductible? Can we donate to Ms. Phillips’ personal trainer and nutritionist?

‘Amelia-Air Hostess’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Good exteriors of an operating airport and terminal. Amelia, in hostess uniform, is confronted by her female supervisor. Reports of her rudeness to passengers. Feisty Ms. Rutherford won’t tolerate any advances from passengers.

In an office, the supervisor keeps a cane. “You’re not going to use that on me?” 15 strokes, mostly facials, kind of silly. You can surmise from this website’s trumpeting of the filming of Ms. Rutherford that she might have been on hand for just one day. Panties down, Amelia rubs and looks at the results in a mirror.

‘Amelia-Flatmate’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia’s female roommate has caught her drinking and making a mess. What sort of relation is this? Amelia is viewed POV-style, posed on a couch in an orange dress.

She is agreeable to a fast and conventional OTK spanking, lacy thong down.

‘Amelia-Lady of the Manor’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the first part of the film, Amelia plays the domme and spanks a female employee. There are just a few places in Ms. Rutherford’s oeuvre where she is the Top, we have reviewed them, and we have to say, with much adoration, she is not very committed to it.

In the second section, this same maid has found some leverage on Amelia and will spank HER. Blue dress up, blue panties survive.

‘Amelia-Schoolgirl Disruptive’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) the 40 year old Ms. Rutherford stands in full schoolgirl kit, two ponytails, knee socks. A faceless female plays the headmistress POV-style and will spank her OTK. The headmistress is pleased to see the “regulation white panties.”

The second part of the film–Amelia is spanked by the head girl.

‘Amelia-Secretary’s Appraisal (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia seats herself in front of her female boss for a performance review. She wears a blouse with a bare midriff and a beige skirt. Of course she is doing poor work. Despite her protestations and promises, “Either I fire you or you take corrective discipline.” “What’s that?”

Amelia steps off-screen for a moment to ask the other girls what “corrective discipline” means. She returns, noticeably resigned.  OTK quickly, she is all hips in this skirt. Skirt up, a thong which covers nothing. A standard spanking; her boss pulls down her thong, completely superfluous. There is that size label in  those new undies.

‘Amelia- the Theft’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A very chiche Amelia here, in a long flower print gown. Her friend or roommate has lifted some money from her purse. “I’m going to spank you,” Amelia as a Top again, and tepid but glamorous. A mild little OTK spanking.

Amelia discusses a repayment schedule– cash and spankings, or, less cash if the hair brush is used.

‘Amelia-Waitress’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia stands in front of her female restaurant manager–POV view, wearing her waitress uniform. There are noises in the background, as there will be on several of the films listed here, for a cinematic reason we don’t know. Amelia has been rude to customers and will be fired if she doesn’t accept a “discipline session.” Ms, Rutherford displays the usual shock when she hears what that means.

OTK, skirt up, black diaphanous panties. When the woman takes down the panties, “We didn’t say anything about doing that.” Standard spanking, lots of repeats.

‘Amelia – Warehouse Thief’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is caught on surveillance cameras pilfering on the floor of her warehouse job. A decent scene of the workspace. A loudspeaker summons her to the office. She is wearing a blouse with bare midriff and tight jeans.

When she is confronted, “Please don’t fire me.” “I’m not going to fire you…I’ve wanted to do this for a long time…I’m going to spank your bottom…naughty girl.”

OTK, jeans and thong down, standard stuff. In a new scene, Amelia, in different clothes, is prowling the floor again. Why not, her boss likes spanking.

Amelia Jane’s Hardest – DALLASSPANKSHARD

11 Dec

M/f; year: 2017; time: 1 hr 30 minutes

An historic document; Amelia Jane Rutherford returns to Dallas’ studios in 2017, this time in Florida, after having made a series of films with him 10 years ago, all of which we think we caught and reviewed here. More specific references to place and the passage of time are found here than usual in CP films. If the dialogue is accurate, Amelia must be 40  years old here. Dallas himself has entered a Gray Fox phase.

The film opens with Amelia completing her makeup for the shoot in what looks like a conventional hotel suite. An overdub: “Oh, God, here I am again, getting spanked by Dallas.” She wears a red sweater and a short beige skirt. They greet and chat. The scenario here is that Amelia has come here to be punished/spanked for a series of accrued personal failings.

For Amelia’s first punishable fault, she admits to not having been good at vetting her film disciplinarians, causing her some extra pain in the past. She has figured she is “too large” to attract kidnappers, too much to handle. Fetishist Dallas would like to try. How she earns a spanking for this weakness we don’t figure, but we’re good with it. For this first phase, she goes OTK. She confesses she hasn’t been spanked “for months,” because spanking film production has stopped for legal reasons in the U.K., and because her husband (Hywel Phillips) is injured. Skirt up, white lace panties down soon. Amelia does her nice little gasps. Standard spanking, perfect sound, lighting, camera angles. Dallas and Amelia will finish these sessions with a “fast and furious” flurry. She is good with the wide-eyed shock. “That’s one down–the vetting.” He demands to be called “Sir.” “I hate saying that.”

The second phase, “Trained to Strength Train” Dallas will spank her into being more willing to do her strength training. She will be taken OTK again, her panties are gone for the balance of the film. She and Dallas will alternate choosing from a selection of spanking implements. If she goes soft, Dallas will compensate by being more severe. We learn here that Amelia does not want to be spanked with a hairbrush ever again. “This is where I wish I was a switch,” which would have given her the disciplinarian’s viewpoint on these implements.

She selects a hard wood paddle. Why? Better now than later, we assume. After one smack from Dallas, “Oh, God, Fuck, ow!” Dallas’ choice is a ruler-like stick with Spencer holes.

#3, ‘No Book Blistering’ Apparently both Dallas and Amelia are working on memoirs, but not very hard. She lies bare bottom on the hotel bed, pillows elevating her bottom. He straps her with a doubled belt. Bruises have begun. Meet those deadlines!

#4, Amelia should avoid ‘Twitter wars.” Tempting and narcotic for her, but she knows she is only “feeding the trolls.” Back on the bed, for a paddle this time. She is struggling by now, and the concluding flurries might be bringing tears.

#5, ‘Bad Girl to Friends’ Amelia tends to forsake attention to her friends of work comes along. For this spanking, she is on all-fours on the bed for a tawsing, which leaves her gasping and crawling around.

There will be an unscheduled Phase 6, a “personal paddling,” a “private one for you and me.” Dallas has wanted first-refusal on her American appearances and is angry she came to Florida in 2016 without seeing him.

We see her, now stark-naked, through the bedroom door. After all these years of production, and hundreds of films. this may be our screen-saver. We remember her shivering naked at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL a memorable nude spanking from John Osborne on a brass bed, from AAASPANKING, and so many more, so carefully crafted, but this may be the best. We’re happy to keep the research going.

Amelia stands, bends over the bed, legs locked, naked. Dallas enters the room and lays a paddle across the small of her back. “It’s the giant wooden paddle, isn’t it?” Yes, the Spencer model. A beautiful paddling, filmed through the doorway. Tears.

The individual spankings were not harsh, but there were six of them, with telltale bruises, and the usual far buttock problem.