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Driving the Lesson Home -SPANKINGSARAH

18 Dec

F/f ; time: 14 minutes

Not sure what the relationship is between Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Stern here is, but Sarah is angry with Amelia about how she handled a dinner party for lesbian friends and calls her ‘homophobic.’ Sarah seems to have the power to spank her for it.

Amelia goes over a spanking bench centered in the room, skirt up, panties down. Ms. R.utherford’s jewels are more on display here than usual. 12 strokes of the cane. “Keep still….and SHUT UP!” Sarah enjoys swooshing and admits she lies giving pain. “I do like the little whimpers you are making.” There is some discussion about that last stroke. Sarah will take a seat and just contemplate Amelia’s bottom for a while.

We’re Going to Teach You a Lesson -SPANKINGSARAH

18 Dec

MF/f; time: 9 minutes

A ‘House of Correction’ story. Apparently Amelia Jane Rutherford spent some time here as an inmate; now she is a “member of staff.” She has forgotten some important rules very quickly. “You’re going to be caned by both of us…six strokes from each of us.” That would be ‘Aunt Katy’ and male ‘Parker.’ She’s never been caned by two people at once.

She is ordered to take off her smock; she is shocked, and we will see that the reason is she is wearing only panties underneath. “Knickers off.” “Why?” Naked now but for stockings, we can see a faint glow from another film. Over a high trestle, the two alternate cane strokes. Cute, as Amelia grabs in pain. Routine stuff. We assume Ms. Rutherford came to these studios  and made a series of short films.


Traveling Disciplinarian – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

7 Dec

M/2f; time: 37 minutes

We continue to review this site in the hope Hywel Phillips/ Ariel Andersen will break some ground for us jaded spankos. The productions continue bland and frivolous for us, notwithstanding surefire blood flow from the sight of Ms Anderssen/Rutherford/Phillips. We assume that British law lurks about in these productions.

Ariel sits naked on a hotel bed, on her haunches, one of her most effective poses. There are many to choose from. She plays with metal bondage devices. A knock on the door, ‘Liesie Lauren’ enters. She is also stark naked. Did she scamper down the hall from another room, or did she brave and make a dash from her car through the lobby? The two naked girls look through and admire a suitcase of rattling metal bondage stuff.

Ariel has found an advertisement for a ‘traveling disciplinarian.’ The two horny naked girls decide to text the guy. We see Hywel Phillips answering the text by voice. He’ll be over in an hour, not next Wednesday, an hour. They girls giggle and chat as they wait. There isn’t  much they have to do–they’re already bare naked, and no dishes in the sink or such. ‘Mr. Richards knocks at the door–they let him right in, no inquiry! All this is sufficiently improbable that we’ll that we’ ll chuckle along with the fantasy. Richards brought gear. The girls will tell him, “We’ve both been very naughty!” With just a trace of incredulity, “I can see that.”

(We recall two other NOTHERNSPANKING ventures with the Phillips’ with this Disciplinarian theme, one to see Niki Flynn, a  novelist missing her deadlines, and another to  Amelia, who needs to expunge some guilt.)

First, the girls kneel on  the floor for spankings from Richards. Just some pink glow, no damage done. “What do you girls have in mind for the rest of the evening?” The girls want metal bondage. They invent a scenario to get the juices flowing. The girls tease us by keeping their knees together as they sit upon the headboard of the bed in discussion.

Richards will play a policeman who will barge in, catching them hacking on their  computers. The girls have gotten their panties back on. Doesn’t every hacker fear being raided? He cuffs them together and works their bottoms with their own hairbrush. He takes their panties down again. They do the indignation thing again.  Bend overs, some puss, silly “thank-you’s.”








Private School Discipline – DELCO

29 Nov

F/f ; time: 13 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Bianca Rose, and Adriana Evans are credited. Amelia and Adriana are called to the school office. They  have been late again, and four detentions have failed. More stern measures are in order.

Headmistress Bianca has a hairbrush. Ms. Rose is quite the accomplished Top in CP films. She seems to get a bit excited as she does her work. Adriana will be spanked first, on a leather couch. Skirt up, print panties. Amelia observes. Hairbrush, handspanking. Knickers down.

Amelia is spanked next, orange top, tight blue shorts. Bianca wants the shorts gone, then the white panties. Conventional spankings. The girls compare their bottoms at the conclusion.

Teacher Training – SPANKEDCHEEKS

28 Nov

M/f.;  time: 22 minutes

An entertaining film which rolls up many of the acting skills Amelia Jane Rutherford has crafted in her career in the CP film business. She plays ‘Becky,’ a music teacher. Parent Mr.White has detected that his daughter is being spanked by Becky, without his consent. Guess there are bottom checks at his house.

Ms. Rutherford has played this part before, in SHADOWLANE’s  ‘As  Tears Go By,’ a longer film with more provocative sexual tension and of course a very young Rutherford. Any vengeful parent would have a self-control issue running into a willowy teacher like this.

Becky and White will chat for the first eight minutes. He explains what he has learned, he knows she used ‘implements.’ Becky cheerfully explains she loves the paddles and straps because they  are very painful but do “no damage.” The set is the usual office space; Amelia wears a skimpy silk blouse and a red skirt. Her hair is pinned up teacher-style.

Becky is all too willing  to go and get her “three main implements” and show them to White . After the usual  dialogue–the school does not know about these spankings, he’ ll report her to the headmistress,  she’ll  do ANYTHING to settle this privately,etc. Becky is being overly solicitous to White,  seductively  flashing her 8′ of legs, and maybe a little suspicious where this is headed.

White grabs her OTK. “Oh, my God. “(Of course) Skirt soon up, and very quickly her red bikini panties come down. Amelia is not protesting all that much. White holds her wrists. Her bottom turns red very quickly.

Becky moves to a chair to kneel for the paddles. Just a brief  frontal flash for us and White. She modestly covers, but doesn’tseem to  mean it. She counts 24 of the strap, and then counts the ping pong paddle. She forgets to count. That’s a do-over. White is hurting his back, so he sits to continue the strapping in a  sort  of OTK.

Amelia slides to the floor, her hair is delightfully mussed. She is excited now and suggests  more action. She takes her panties all the way off and they leave the room. “I need to be taken in hand. I won’t be needing these (panties). Would you care to accompany me to the bedroom?”


Breaking the Rules – SPANKEDCHEEKS

23 Nov

F/f; 22 minutes

Zoe Page interviews Amelia Jane Rutherford in an office, the usual set. This time it is a strip club and there are rules to be explained. And there is punishment. “Spanking.” “Oh!” Amelia insists she will not be a problem. “I just want to dance.”

But as it should be in this line of work, Zoe needs to see her naked for this part of the interview. Amelia strips, all too quickly. “Lovely.” Ms. Rutherford does a devastating twirl and Zoe suggests (requires) that Amelia  walk around the club naked for a while to get used to it. Zoe clearly likes this part of management.

FADE. Amelia has already broken some rules by performing at a private party. Zoe wants her naked for this discussion. The first employment warning will be the aforementioned spanking. OTK, just a black thong. Zoe notices that Amelia’s bottom is already red.. “Oh dear.”  In general, we think Ms. Rutherford has avoided this filming conflict. Thong down. Zoe spanks hard, Amelia can take it. Zoe wants her knickers and files them for her “collection.”

As in the film ‘Over My Knee ” Amelia will next be spanked in the Winchester position. She gets the strap, and she shouts so much Zoe gags her with those knickers. The paddle next. “Against the wall, stick your bottom out, spread your legs like the slut you are….you can dance the rest of the night with your knickers in your mouth…back to work.” Zoe loves all this.


Rob Banks Get Spanked – DALLASSPANKSHARD

19 Oct

M/f; year: 2018; time: 52 minutes  (4 parts so far)

A contemporary release from DSH, either from the archives or from maybe a recent visit by Amelia Jane Rutherford to the U.S. for a spanking party. Didn’t we hear some dialogue somewhere that she promised never to visit without a stopover with Dallas? If these dates are close to current, Ms. Rutherford might be over 40 years old here, and we say again, she still stirs our loins.

An intentionally silly story to set the scene: Amelia is a bank robber, part of a criminal organization; Dallas is an FBI agent, doing ‘black ops,’ which includes “enhanced interrogation.” When Amelia is given the choice of a ‘black hole,’ being released onto the street to face her gang, or interrogation, she’ll take the latter, feigning not to know what that means. Of course we all know and we’re ready to start.

In one of Dallas’ rooms at his studio. Amelia wears a flower-print blouse, a very tight skirt, and, we’ll see, stockings. Her hair is braided into two pigtails. The spanking begins in an opening scene-‘The Red Division.’ She is OTK, but pretends not to know why this peculiar posture works for discussion until the first smack lands. We’ve seen her portray this moment hundreds of times and it still entertains. As she squeals, Dallas: “This is much better than a  lie detector test.”

Skirt up. “What are you doing?” Beige lace panties soon down. “No!” Her stockings terminate at her thighs. This session ends with her lying bare bottom across a long hassock, awaiting the next phase.

‘OTK by the FBI’:  Dallas returns with a small oval paddle, about the size of a vanity hand mirror. OTK again, the paddle bites, and Dallas soon splits it. “Maybe you were doing it too hard.” Amelia demurs but must hand him a handy hairbrush. “Ow. That’s so much worse.” Silly gangster talk. Back onto the hassock to await the next phase.

‘The Pain Police’:  ‘Lucy Leggs’ lies on her stomach on the padded hassock. Bra, stockings, ballet slippers,  but no panties. Dallas brings out a collection of implements. He wants all  the European contacts in the syndicate, and seems to be in a position to strap her bare bottom until she talks.

He uses several straps; Amelia’s squawks are silly although justified. She starts to give up names. Dallas pulls her legs back to discomfort her, but actually Ms. Rutherford is in such good shape it has no effect. “Fucking hell!” is all she can come up with. A lot of talk here, the only way to preserve Ms. Rutherford’s bottom in this long film.

Amelia is now sitting on a stool in just that bra, her bottom hanging over perfectly, like a British schoolgirl on a dunce stool.Da.las will snap at that bottom with three paddles—a short lexan stick, a ruler-like lexan, and a thin, round wood paddle. This spanking is not very hard, coming from Dallas. At the conclusion, Dallas puts the paddle in Amelia’s bra band and snaps her back with it. All in all, one of her milder events. Had she reached her limit in this session?