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Bondage Ordeal with Mr. Strong – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIOS

25 Apr

M/f; time: 32 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Hywel Phillips. Amelia plays an employee who has been caught stealing company secrets. Phillips, the corporate security officer, wants to know what she did with these secrets. He is going to torment her with bondage until she talks.

“Strip!” “What?” After threats of firing, Amelia begins to undress as Phillips snaps at her with a riding crop. Blouse, bra, and skirt off, she stands, hands on head, in just pantyhose and pink panties. These posings are central in all her films. Phillips fondles and searches her, although there is no place to put anything. Well, there are places, but this producer won’t do that. Phillips even looks inside her mouth.

He has her bend over and smacks her bottom. “What are you doing?” “Extracting information.” He uses a paddle and crop on her boobs. He pulls down her pantyhose, cuts off her panties with scissors, and stuffs them in her mouth. She must kneel on the floor, knees wide, hands on head. Next comes some red rope, tied around her waist and chest, and through her crotch in bdsm style, except it is done loosely. She is tied hands and feet and struggles quietly on the floor, also in the bdsm format.

While she struggles on the floor, Phillips will replace the panties in her mouth with a black leather cock gag. “What is that?……no, no.” More bondage and hogtie struggle. The pantyhose will stay on in this film. Phillips attaches nipple clamps and Amelia continues the struggle. Mostly silly stuff, but the cock gag was new.


10 Apr

M/2f; time: 37 minutes

Some odd torture from the normally dependable NORTHERSPANKING. Amelia Jane Rutherford and Mila Kohl play ballerinas, two body opposites,  to be kind. Amelia is scolding Mila while she holds a cane. Amelia must be the diva.

Stephen Lewis enters and hugs Mila. He can defend her and Amelia is going to bein trouble. After endless dialogue, he is going to spank Amelia. He takes her OTK on the piano bench, pulling up her gauzy ballet skirt to expose full white panties. Not much action. Next, Amelia bends over the bench for the cane, not much considering the actors. And the panties survive. The strokes seem sharp enough. Mila is enjoying the misery of the prima ballerina.

A segue, probably the next morning. Lewis wakes Mila up  and spanks her on her ample pajama bottoms,  private punishment for her role in all this.


9 Apr

F/f; time: 29 minutes

Long enough for a separate review. Zoe Page is in a snit on the set of the FIRMHAND office. Amelia Jane Rutherford arrives late, up the stairs to the office. Amelia is some kind of lingerie saleswoman and has offended Zoe to the point that a spanking seems warranted.

OTK she goes. Zoe asks her “left or right?” another acknowledgement that in the CP world, the two buttocks don’t get equal treatment and care should be taken for equal distribution. Loud shouting and scolding, skirt up, pink panties. Loud squawk and awkward dialogue. We’ve often thought a decent screenwriter could be found, just for the privilege of watching.

She is being spanked for “whatever I did.” Amelia is sent to a corner for display and then is allowed to leave. She leaves her bag behind, which is full of scanty lingerie. She rubs her bottom down the stairs. Zoe spies her letting air out of Zoe’s parked car. She can do this with her fingers, no tools.

Amelia remembers and returns for her bag and will be spanked again. After. Another OTK session, panties down this time, Amelia leaves again, having to duck down through the low British doors. Another girl is being called in for a spanking.

Paying Attention – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Mar

F/f: time: 20 minutes

Warriors Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford again, in a bit of a trifle. The girls return home from a party. Zoe is mad that Amelia does not pay attention to her and will spank here for it. Good pre-bedtime activity.

Amelia wears a little black dress, and when she is OTK, her black panties come down. Standard spanking. Amelia gets up and hobbles around in her lowered panties while Zoe gets the implements. Frisk position at the familiar closet doors. Mild ping pong paddle, floppy paddle, big tawse. Amelia’s panties are stuffed in your mouth for a gag, the best part.


27 Mar

M/f; time: 39 minutes

Another longer film from the Phillips,’ and a lot of fun. Amelia plays the vicar’s wife. She calls on a parishioner (Earl Grey) to apologize for having double-booked the parish hall and messed up his daughter’s birthday party. She wears a tight white skirt and dark breezy blouse.

Amelia can not avoid a thorough scolding, and also cannot avoid a spanking Grey is going to give her.  She is made to hike her skirt and she displays transparent green panties. There are some bruises. Panties come down. “I want to see the evidence.” Grey takes her OTK. “We must make a proper job of this.” She admits her husband was “very cross” and “he spanked me.” “How?”

Grey wants to see the bruises from the vicar and makes her take off her panties. Back OTK, bare bottom. What a lapful she always is. She towers over Grey, a comparison FIRMHAND could always disguise. Amelia makes no effort to cover her puss. Floppy paddle. Panties on the floor.

She kneels on the couch. Grey wants better swings. Loud and colorful. Amelia always delivers.  She admits the vicar gave her 8 strokes. When Grey caresses her bottom, Amelia jumps. More handspanking, then Amelia is allowed to dress and leave.

New scene. Amelia returns to Grey’s house  wearing a new outfit. (Of course, it’s Ms. Rutherford.) It’s a  flower print skirt and yellow sweater. Apparently she’s been talking around the village about Grey’s proclivities and wasn’t afraid to return to his house. He will use a cane this time. Amelia plays horrified. She pulls up her skirt and  takes down her white panties herself. She bends over, 6 cane strokes. Usual holler from Amelia and caning flair from Grey.



26 Mar

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A longer film from this studio, some of it in the POV style. Amelia Jane Rutherford is narrating. She sits in a fully decorated parlor. It seems she has lost a promotion at her bank job. ‘Vanessa Hogerty’ got the job, and Amelia sits on a pillow, just having been spanked at the bank for something. . Interesting Human Resources policies at this bank. Amelia wears office attire of jacket, blouse, and skirt.

Amelia is forced to submit to “corporation discipline,” and is summoned to the punishment room. The bank has such space. Amelia can hear another girl screaming in the room, a little detail wonderfully emulated from RIGIDEAST or NUWEST. Another erotic little detail for us, Amelia must wait out in the hall in her undies. And for her, this always means lacy finery. We wish someone would walk by. She has to keep her hands on her head.

The screaming girl exits, rubbing her bottom. Earl Grey calls her in. The set is the familiar FIRMHAND office. Amelia tries to explain herself and the opinions she posted on Facebook. As Grey discusses the spanking coming, the camera pans Amelia’s body. Amelia is very good at acting nervous. OTK first. She is ordered to pull down her panties, and she expresses the indignation we never tire of. Panties off completely, OTK again, Amelia is not shy to give Grey the full frontal.

Zoom to her discarded panties. Nice. Amelia is given written notice that there will be more spankings.



21 Mar

F/f; time: 33 minutes

A sequel to ‘Manageress Spanked Hard.’ Amelia narrates. She is planning some revenge on her bank boss Vanessa Hogerty for the spanking she was given. Amelia’s hair is pinned up here, and she wears a white blouse and pink skirt. She has found some emails which incriminate Vanessa (Zoe Page) in some office sex.

When Amelia offers Vanessa the choice of being investigated or taking some discipline, she makes the right choice. And Amelia has arranged that she herself be assigned as the punishment officer. Vanessa is made to stand in her underwear waiting outside the punishment room, in what is supposed to be a hall in the office. We’ve always thought there must have been somebody on the crew who could play a  passerby witnessing this humiliation. Vanessa wiggles half-naked in a long wait, BDSM style,

Amelia arrives, pulls down Vanessa’s panties, and marches her into the punishment room, the FIRMHAND office set again. The panties get back in place for the moment, and Amelia sits behind the desk to give her a long scolding.

Amelia takes Zoe OTK, for a rare dominant role in the many films she has made. Zoe complains that her position is not very “graceful.” “Were you graceful sucking cock from under a desk?” Zoe bends over the desk bare bottom for a mild handspanking. A lot of talk and scolding, then Amelia canes her, so mildly that we can see she is in comfortable as a Top. Silly bawling.