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Fraternity: Clover Paisley -Intake – BARSANDSTRIPES

7 Jun

M/f; year: 2011; time: 16 minutes

‘Clover’ wears the same dress as Caroline Grey did for her Intake; is this the ‘fraternity’?
Stephen Lewis is the admitting guard here again; Clover is handcuffed, and as usual, she is very disrespectful of the process. Good for us, not good for her.

She is shown the strap. “Right over!” demands Lewis. “I AM right over.” Hem up, black panties, begin the strapping, legs spread wide. He pulls her pantyhose and panties down.

Time for the prison tunic. “Now strip!” She keeps her bra and panties on, and manages to change into the prison knickers without showing us anything, yet.

Fraternity: Caroline Grey Intake – BARSANDSTRIPES

6 Jun

M/f; year: 2010 time: 16 minutes

We haven’t figured out the import of the word “fraternity” in this series from BARSANDSTRIPES yet. The girls certainly are in a sorority of sorts after their ‘Intakes’ here.

Carolina Grey is featured in a few films at BARSANDSTRIPES, and more prominently (and currently) in Pandora Blake’s DREAMSOFSPANKING.

This is the standard Intake format, here in the walled dungeon room of the prison. Guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ will do the honors. Caroline is appropriately sassy and disrespectful. She is handcuffed and wears a multi-colored mod dress and eyeglasses. After Lewis has had enough backtalk he throws her over his desk and begins strapping her on her dress.

He pulls up the skirt; she wears white panties and a string-like garter belt, a new one on us. He pulls the panties and belt down, which she cannot quite prevent with her wrists manacled. She wants to know where the women guards are.

After a spanking and manhandling, she is shown the orange tunic, panties, and socks. She strips to bra and panties, puts on the tunic, then switches out the panties under the tunic. We will see more in future episodes.


18 May

CP actress Niki Flynn, one of the bravest and most inventive, pays her call at BARSANDSTRIPES and goes through the customary series of video appearances for film producer Leia Ann Woods. Niki, with an accompanying teddy bear, will be portrayed as a slightly loopy inmate, who derives some secret pleasure from the succession of spankings which constitute the regimen at this prison.

‘Intake’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) The conventional ‘intake’ procedure, and the first in this long series of episodes Ms. Flynn filmed with Leia Ann Woods and Michael Stamp. Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ and the delightfully demonic matron ‘Lucy McLean’ process Niki, whose name has been written on a white board as today’s arrival. They could have set up bleachers.

Niki is hustled in–she is wearing a black top with bare midriff, short skirt, and knee socks. She hugs a teddy bear. Her hair is longer here. Niki is made to toe the tape line while McLean reads out the charges and covers some rules. “You will learn the hard way. I’m going to give you a taste.” Kennedy takes her OTK in a standing position at the desk, skirt up, he bunches her red-and-black panties. Those panties down, he continues. Lucy is stabbing the teddy bear with a pen.

“Now strip. Put these on.” He points to the orange smock and the institutional undies. Niki takes off her top and skirt and Lucy fondles her with fingernails. which Niki does not like. After the smock is on, Lucy reaches under and pulls down the panties. Niki pulls on the issued pair; we don’t see much, but there are many segments to follow.

The guards scream at Niki as she is led away.

Niki Flynn-solitary days 1-3’ (MF/f; year: 2007; time: 14 minutes) Niki is confined to the barren solitary cell with its blanket-covered mattress. On Day 1, guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ is the first visitor. Niki assumes the ‘frisk’ position for a crisp handspanking, on the institutional panties and then on the bare.

Day 2 brings female guard ‘Jean Bradley,’ a resolute spanker of many films, stopping by with the leather sole-strap. She is possibly the hardest of all the spankers at BARSANDSTRIPES.

And on Day 3, Lewis is the bearer of the cane. He takes her panties down immediately and lays on 15 moderate strokes. At the conclusion of each of these sessions, Nike collapses on the mattress, neglecting to pull up her panties, and the camera zooms.

‘Face It-Solitary’ (MF/f; 2007; time: 15 minutes) The filming of the three Solitary days is caught again by a face-CAM, an oblique view of Niki, hands-on-wall, as the spanking, paddling, and caning proceed. All of the BARSANDSTRIPES actresses are attractive enough to merit such attention, the difference for Niki being her acting.

‘Birds of a Feather’ (F/f; 2007) Niki sits on a bare mattress in a sort of medical setting. Guard/matron ‘Lucy McLean,’ a virtual devil at this prison, puts on rubber gloves and turns on some electrical equipment, which makes Niki cringe. McLean turns on a ‘violet wand’ and begins with small shocks to Niki’s legs and thighs as she lies on the bed. “Stop whinging.”

A pause in the wanding, McLean takes Niki OTK for a fast spanking. Orange tunic off, back on the mattress on her back, in just black bra and panties. More wanding. Over on her stomach, panties down, Lucy does not quite do with the wand what you are hoping she will do.

Left alone in the cell, Niki rips open a pillow and fills the scene with feathers. When Lucy returns she is furious about the mess of course. She canes Niki on her bare bottom, hard enough to show white lines.

Guard Stephen Lewis enters this scene and almost forcibly takes Niki away. She is headed for something even worse, we guess.

‘Breaking Silence’ (MF/3f; time: 16 minutes) Niki, with ‘Adele Haze’ and ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ are dressed in prisoners’ smocks, ideal for flashing plenty of panty if one bends over, as you have to do in this prison from time to time. Webmaster Leia plays a trusty here, Niki and Adele are scrubbing an office with toothbrushes as Leia scolds.

A cat fight ensues–the girls wrestle harmlessly. Staff guards ‘Lucy McLean’ and ‘Paul Kennedy’ break it up. the girls are handcuffed, then each is put over the desk, panties down, for a strapping. Niki gets the cane in addition, and matron McLean tears her teddy bear apart before her eyes.

‘Flynn’s Ordeal-The Cross’ (F/f; 2007; time: 14 minutes) The scene opens on a darkened stage, and X-cross spotlit. Niki Flynn is lead into the chamber and to the cross by two guards–Stephen Lewis and Jean Bradley. She is made to strip naked–the orange tunic and black underwear off. She stands on tiptoes on the base of the cross and her wrists are fastened high.

Bradley will flog her with a martinet. Ms. Flynn gives us her little squeals as her back and bottom take on an uneven pinking. Lewis scolds as Bradley whips. Bradley grabs her hair and pulls her head back in one final scold before this session ends.

They leave Flynn fastened and stretched in this uncomfortable position. They’ll be back.

‘Flynn’s Ordeal 2-The Trestle’ (MF/f; 2007; time: 12 minutes) Bradley and Lewis return to the fastened naked Flynn, whose pink coloring seems to have subsided a bit.

They release her and she quickly moves to and bends over a wood trestle–the sawhorse style, but with a wider base and better carpentry. The same darkened stage and spotlit subject do nice things for Flynn’s nudity.

Lewis will use the strap, quickly and hard, bringing the color back to Flynn’s buttocks. She has not been fastened. She manages to hold her pose and keep her legs straight. Bradley takes over and completes the strapping. Great facials and more plausible acting from Ms. Flynn.

‘Backfire 1-Sting’ (M/f; 2007; time: 15 minutes) Ms. Flynn, still incarcerated at the institution, knocks and enters the governor’s (actor ‘Michael Stamp’) office and complains about the “matron,” who she says likes to torture prisoners and has murderd someone. Niki wears the familiar shorty orange tunic which permits easy detection of black panties.

“How dare you!” roars the governor. Niki, quickly back-peddling and apologizing, upzips her tunic and straddles the governor on his lap in an attempt to seduce him. We know he’d like a piece of her (and may well have done so in another film). He throws her on her back on his desk, spreads herlegs, and gropes her boobs.

But he will punish instead. He gets her around the front of his antique desk, tunic up, panties down, a steady handspanking. He threatens to cut her hair with scissors. This humiliation thread is found in Niki’s appearances at LUPUS/RIGIDEAST in Europe a few years earlier. Her hair has grown back.

He has been teasing with the cane, and now is the time. On the bare, about 18 moderate strokes–a general reddening, but no stripes. Good closeups, low shots, facials–Ms. Flynn knows how to behave during a caning.

The governor lets her up, rips open what is still zipped of the tunic, gropes her breasts again and rubs her pussy. She tolerates this then runs off. This will continue.

‘Backfire 2-Playtime’ (M/f; 27; time: 22 minutes) Ms. Flynn has been summoned to the governor’s office again, this time after hours. “This evening, my dear, you are here to see how the governor deals with rehabilitation…I intend to make this enjoyable for me.”

It seems pretty clear Niki is a reluctant but willing partner in what will be “playtime” tonight. First, she bends over the governor’s desk. “Pull down your panties…did you enjoy your visit to the chamber?” He is referring to her nude whipping at the X-cross and trestle.

Panties back up, the governor proceeds with a long whipping with a soft martinet. Niki’s squeals betray her pleasure. She takes her pants down again. Next comes the crop, which leaves a few minor marks. And last, a sole-shaped leather paddle, which achieves some red glow on these famous buttocks.

When the governor is finished, Niki is sent to the corner, pants down, while he completes some work at his desk. We’ve always enjoyed what RIGIDEAST did at this moment in these scenes–a staff member knocks at the door and enters on routine business and is transfixed by the naked red bottom.

After a fade, the governor returns to his office again and finds only the head of Niki’s teddy bear, a final calling card, on his desk. She must be gone, released or escaped, and this was probably the final segment in the girl-in-prison series for Niki.

‘Basic Instincts’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Two stalwarts from BARSANDSTRIPES cast share a cell, wearing the standard orange tunics and black panties. Niki Flynn awakes and climbs down from the top bunk, with her signature teddy bear, to greet her new cell mate, ‘Adele Haze,’ and soon the encounter becomes a lesbian embrace.

The girls caress, kiss, lick feet, begin undressing, and hump each other on the bottom bunk. Spanking scenes are cut into this action. During their passion, they don’t notice guard ‘Stephen Lewis,’ who has crept, paddle in hand, content to watch for a while.

When he screams at the girls, they do the expected recoil. They stand and put their hands on the bunk and Lewis begins paddling both bottoms. The remainder of the film depicts the paddling of the side by side bottoms, pants down, standard stuff. Notably, Niki is so much taller than compact little Adele her bottom soars a foot higher.

(Flynn and Haze) (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) The two miscreant girls are taken to the office and worked over by matron Lucy McLean and guard Paul Kennedy. Niki is first to be bent over the desk, spanked and whipped. Handcuffs released. Lucy takes some pleasure in pulling her buttocks apart, to Niki’s squeals.

Adele, who has had to watch, is brought out next; Kennedy and Lucy cane her together, while she is bent over, still handcuffed. Lucy has the severed head of Niki’s teddy bear, which she brandishes in Niki’s face.

Amelia Jane Rutherford – BARSANDSTRIPES

13 May

Leia Ann Woods’ website/CP production company, with Michael Stamp later, featured a parade of well known CP actresses over the years. Each made a series of short films passing through the women-in-prison theme.

Here is a large selection for the well-known actress Amelia Jane Rutherford, made in 2007 through 2009, when she was in her late twenties and still looking 18. Ms. Rutherford is tall–6’1″, and thin (elusive about her weight), blond with a clothes model figure (32A bust and 27 inch waist), except for one of the most memorable bottoms you will find in the genre–38″ hips. Ms. Rutherford made films, at least for CHELSEAPFIEFFERENTERTAINMENT, FIRMHAND, GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, DALLASSPANKSHARD, Pandora Blake’s DREAMSOFSPANKING, ENGLISHSPANKERS, Clare Fonda’s GIRLSPANKSGIRL,  HIDEFSPANKING, NORTHERNSPANKING, PAIN4FEM, REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE, REDSTRIPE, her own RESTRAINEDELEGANCE, SARAHGREGORORYSPANKING, SOUNDPUNISHMENT, SPANKEDCHEEKS, SPOILEDBRATS, SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM, STRICTYLENGLISH, and SHADOWLANE, in addition to this large oeuvre for BARSANDSTRIPES, and then moved to operate her own business and blog. Dates are elusive for actresses. She looks very young here. We are still finding her films.

‘Intake Day’ (M/f; 2007; 22 minutes): All the arriving convicted prisoners go through this process, as is common in the WIP genre, and these initial humiliating will=breaking appearances are often for us the most appealing. Amelia stands handcuffed in fron of a seated guard (actor ‘Stephen Lewis’). Amelia is dressed demurely in a two-piece suit, white blouse, eyeglasses, heels, hair up. She flirts with Lewis, sits on his desk, and won’t toe the demarcation line.

He tries to be furious, and releases her handcuffs. “I am judge, jury, and executioner in this office!” He forces her to bend over his desk. We hear the usual squawking Ms. Rutherford features. He begins spanking on her skirt. She feigns the traditional protest and shock.

Skirt up, “You can’t do that. I want to see a female on the staff!” She wears lace-trimmed pale pink panties, always the fashionable undies from Ms. Rutherford in all her films. There must be some interesting bureau drawers somewhere. Lewis pulls them down.

After more spanking, he gets his strap. “No way you’re going to use that!” After some strapping, he shows her the orange prison tunic/smock, which she naturally detests. After some equivocation, she capitulates and begins undressing. Jacket, white blouse,skirt, and pink bra go in a pile until she is nude. This humiliation occurs in each prisoner ‘Intake’ segment.

Amelia pulls on the black full-cut regulation knickers and zips up the tunic, so short that panties peek out. She pulls on short stockings, a leg show you’ll find in many of her films. When Amelia laughingly mocks this degrading uniform and her circumstances, she earns more spanks before she is sent to her cell.

‘Wakey Wakey’ (M/f; 2007, time: 21 minutes) Guard Stephen Lewis rousts Amelia out of the bottom bunk in her cell. She is sleeping in a naughty little turquoise satin nightie.

Lewis takes her OTK–Heavens to Betsy, no panties! He begins her wake-up spanking, the usual squawk. Great closeups of a lapful of bottom. Hands on her bunk, bend-over for a leather sole. Amelia objects. “I want to see another officer.”

Nightie off, she is naked–very nice trimmed Mohawk. After Lewis leaves, she pulls on her prison tunic and smiles to herself as if she (her bottom), is enjoying the attention. Ms. Rutherford looks very young here, the makeup scaled back for the prison setting.

‘A Cell Too Many’ (M/f; 2007; 13 minutes): Amelia is caught on an unauthorized cell phone by the prison governor (actor and B&S producer ‘Michael Stamp’); another opportunity for a spanking on the spot, a privilege he will exercise for himself from time to time.

He takes her OTK and pulls down her black knickers; he seems to fondle a bit more than he should, but who can blame him, and he IS the governor. Guard Stephen Lewis joins to observe; Stamp explains, a bit self-consciously, “I’m just giving her a lesson in humiliation.”

‘Painful Steps’ (M/f; 2007; time: 16 minutes) Guard Lewis rousts Amelia out of her bunk again; she objects to the prison conditions and her treatment, not recommended when your bottom peeks out from under your tunic. Her insouciant mocking demeanor heightens the erotic tension.

She kneels up on the bunk ladder for a spanking and a paddling, panties down.

‘Solitary Day One’ (M/f; 2007; time: 6 minutes) All the girls seem to earn a tour in Solitary at B&S, a cinder block room with a mattress on the floor; apparently the guards stop in for daily punishments, and if this were a MISSMARCHMONT or LUPUS film, maybe a bit more if the coast is clear.

Amelia sleeps in her tunic and panties. Guard Lewis puts her into the ‘frisk’ position against the wall for handspanking on her panties and then on the bare. She protests.

Afterward, she sulks on her mattress, showing plenty of tush.

‘Solitary Day Two’ (M/f; 207; time: 7 minutes) Lewis carries in a strap this time; same posture; moderate strapping; we presume these sessions were filmed in succession, so a rosy bottom would challenge the time line.

‘Solitary Day Three’ (M/f; 2007; time: 6 minutes) On this date, governor ‘Michael Stamp’ shows up with the cane. He gets to do the good stuff. Amelia sees the cane and seems resigned to the fate Solitary brings.

Frisk position again, panties down first thing. Stamp lays on 12 moderate strokes; Amelia falls to the floor after seven strokes, but manages to regain composure to complete the dozen.

‘A Lawyer’s Flogging’ (M/f; 2007; time: 16 minutes) Presumably the storyline here is that a flogging can be arranged at the prison by either Amelia’s solicitor or the government solicitor, in case the prisoner has been detected in some flagrant legal irregularities.

The stage-lit scene opens on a horizontal X-frame rack, padding in place, straps waiting. The structure is a more modest, plausible and sturdy model of the huge frame RAVENHILL used in some of their ‘blistering’ films.

Dissolve. A completely naked Amelia Jane Rutherford is strapped down on the frame, her estimable buttocks elevated by a centerpiece and padded by a blanket. She tosses and wiggles under the chains and straps, loose enough to allow the alluring freedom of movement.

Guard Stephen Lewis enters the concrete block room with a martinet and strap. Amelia thrashes in despair. With no dialogue, he proceeds to flog her moderately hard for about 8 minutes. She squeals and struggles.

BARSANDSTRIPES has worked out the lighting, closeups, sound, and angles which NUWEST struggled with its entire existence in these flogging scenes. Excellent work, especially between the thighs.

After 10 minutes, Lewis shifts to a short tawse and elicits different sharp little cries from the very entertaining Ms. Rutherford. She watches in (mock) terror as he switches implements.

One of our favorite performances from the Grand Dame, down to the dirty soles of her bare feet from the studio floor.

‘Judicial Punishment’ (2M/f; 2009; time: 23 minutes) Ms. Rutherford returns to the BARSANDSTRIPES studios two years later for another series, ‘Rutherford 2,’ on the women-in-prison theme.

Actors ‘Paul Kennedy,’ ‘Stephen Lewis,’ and ‘Michael Stamp’ confer about the difficult prisoner Rutherford, which will allow us a series of punishment flashbacks. We fade to the darkened dungeon-like room. Amelia is marched in, handcuffed, her ankles already cuffed. A blanket rests on a horizontal X-bar, which has a slightly raised platform exactly where the hips will go.

The guards read a charge against Amelia–she has violated prison rules. She will get 25 strokes of the strap. “Rutherford…strip!” She gasps, cuffs rattle, her undressing is always notable, and she is fastened on the ‘X.’ Her 37″ hips soar on the centerpiece, another memorable and savable view of this actress. After 7 minutes of strapping, she is released, put against the wall, left to think, while they “rearrange” things.

Fade back to the conference of the three men. Another punishment is recalled. Back to the dungeon, the naked Amelia is fastened over a trestle. “25 strokes of the flogger.” The guards count them out.

More conference. The men agree Amelia should be caned next week. Back to the dungeon, the governor, who always reserves this task for himself, lays on 12 strokes of the cane. Amelia’s twitching at stroke feints is the best part.

‘Dream or Nightmare’ (2M/f; 2009; time: 17 minutes) A segment which permits the long-tall naked Ms. Rutherford to perform a sophisticated stripper’s routine. The scene opens with a naked Amelia curled in the fetal position in a dog’s cage.

In a dream-like gauzy segue, we move to a chair on a set, where Amelia strips naked in the undulating runway style. Mostly bottom of course, some Mohawk, and we notice her shaving tastes change from year to year. Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ comes onto the set and spanks her as she moves around the stage-prop chair.

Segue back to the change, and then another spanking dream sequence, this time with ‘Stephen Lewis’ as guard.

‘Polished Cheeks’ (M/f; 2009; time:17 minutes) It appears Ms. Rutherford returned to BARSANDSTRIPES in 2009 for a “Rutherford 2” series, or some of her performances were held until then.

Guards ‘Stephen Lewis’ and ‘Paul Kennedy’ chat with Governor ‘Michael Stamp.’ The governor recalls with them how he caught prisoner ‘Rutherford’ asleep at his desk, some private files of his open. She had fallen asleep while cleaning, wearing her shorty orange ‘tunic,’ with black panties peeking.

In a flashback, the governor will exercise his prerogative and take her OTK in his office. “Lift your tunic.” It is a straightforward spanking, colorful, playful, and moderate, and most noteworthy for the extraordinary sight of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s bottom soaring on his lap. She squeals when he rolls her “pants” down; she denies reading the file and suggests she might report this spanking.

After a very entertaining smacking, the governor lets her up. When she pulls her panties up without permission, she has to hand them over and take more spanking over the desk, muttering “sexual harassment” to him.

She is set back to cleaning, uttering a “Fuck!” when she is alone. To complete the fun, she puts her panties in his desk drawer.

‘The Adjudication’ (M/f; 2009; time:16 minutes) The three men conference again. Prisoner Rutherford’s ‘attitude’ is the question. They decide she needs an adjudication, a procedure they have at this prison for yet another spanking ceremony.

Fade to the office; guard Kennedy has the task of spanking Amelia this time. A long scolding–she is defiant. He reminds her she has been convicted, as a practicing solicitor, of bribery and corruption. He pushes her over the desk, she wants to the see the paperwork which permits this punishment.

Pants down for a spanking–a steady squawk from her. He shifts to the strap. She grabs the phone and wants to call the governor. Kennedy permits her to dial through and the line remains open as she screams under the strap.

‘Target Practice’ (2F/f; 2009; time: 26 minutes) The three men conference again about the incorrigible prisoner Amelia Rutherford. This permits yet another fade to a scene in the faux vaudevillian-like dungeon room, made of gray stone walls which look made for a high school musical, down to arch window. The centerpiece is a hospital gurney. In attendance are matron ‘Lucy McLean’ and newbie female guard ‘Jessica Ward,’ and guard ‘Paul Kennedy.’

Prisoner Rutherford is called in–she doesn’t like the look of the poised guards and the gurney. Matron explains to Wood that she will demonstrate “disciplinary procedures” called “target practice.” Amelia questions why she must be the “subject” of such an instruction. Who better for it?

But first, onto the gurney for a “search.” Matron threatens another visit from the ‘violet wand,’ a little electro-experience we saw actress Niki Flynn endure. Tunic unzipped, Amelia is fondled on the gurney. This prisoner is a plaything for everyone on staff. Tunic off, panties down, long tall Amelia kneels on all fours. The matron and Wood share spanking.

She lies flat for the tawse, her bottom soaring in this posture. They fasten her wrists and ankles to the gurney and use her panties for a gag. More groping and strapping.

Amelia is released them bends over the end of the gurney for more spanking. When she stands this time, she pauses to allow us a leisurely frontal. She is marched back to her cell in just her bra.

‘Matron’s Turn’ (2F/f; 2009; time:14 minutes) Another turn with the ladies for Amelia in the dungeon room. Guard Wood brings her in. Matron McLean orders: “Strip! Everything…it’s medical!” Actress Lucy McLean combines a dour demeanor with a touch of humor. Amelia objects–she has already had her physical exam. But we know any chance to get Rutherford naked in this prison will be exploited.

Amelia gets naked, glorious as always. This posing is usually the highlight of each film, a stark naked fashion model. “On your back, please.” Snap with the rubber gloves. When the matron fondles with the gloves, “Cold?” “Yes.” Between the legs with the gloves, then Amelia rolls over. Ms. McLean has a decided skill in handling naked girls.

Cold stethoscope; on hands-and-knees, probe between the buttocks. the purpose of all this torment–there is a journalist secreted in the prison, and matron thinks Amelia knows who it is.

Spanking next, then the tawse. She is quickly marched out naked, being taken, she knows where. “No!”

‘Solitary’ (M/f; time: 25 minutes) In the prisoner file review conference, guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ explains to his associates that Ms. Rutherford is about “the least to learn a lesson.” The governor and guard Paul Kennedy agree Lewis should take whatever steps he needs.

Lewis visits the solitary cell. Amelia is hunched in a dog cage, in her orange tunic. Lewis pulls her out, bends her over the cage and straps her on her institutional black knickers, which is easy to do because the hem of the tunic covers nothing. Despite her steady protesting, “I want to lodge a complaint!” Lewis keeps it up, as it were. Panties down, Amelia’s resolve has melted. Not much dispute when she is ordered to take off the rest of her clothes. She manages to pose in all the right positions.

The scene ends with Amelia back in the cage, now naked. “You remind me of a wild boar, Lewis!”

‘At the Halfway House’ (M/2f; year: 2015; time: 14 minutes) A few years later, at least by date of release of the film, Ms. Rutherford has returned to BARSANDSTRIPES for stories which succeed her time in the women’s prison described above.

After an opening screen shot of a well-kempt prison cellblock, we begin in a sitting room, at a halfway house, where ‘Michael Stamp’ is spanking Amelia OTK bare bottom. Her white panties are where they should be, at her thighs. Apparently girls get spanked here as part of their adjustment.

Amelia complains–this spanking stuff is “boring and doesn’t have any effect.” She wants something else, like more community service. She should be careful what she wishes for. As the spanking continues, Stamp points out what many observers of this majestic bottom have said, that Amelia can keep up a steady prattle which the blows fall. A young matron, ‘Miss Page,’ is in the room and Stamp tells her to prepare for the next girl.

Page brings in ‘Aleesha Fox,’ who gets a look at Amelia’s bare bottom as she is released. It is now Aleesha’s turn. “Your first day here,  yes?” Stamp pushes her over the desk and begins smacking her black panties. Aleesha tries to be indignant. Panties down, this spanking is longer, more detailed. Stamp: “Now that’s an induction.”

‘Spanking New House’ (F/f; time: 27 minutes) Amelia arrives in the office of the halfway house, still wearing her prison smock, which has now become so small her panties peak out. She’s glad to be out and wants to put on her civilian clothes.

She is shocked to discover that the lesbian matron ‘Lucy McLean’ puts in some hours here also. Ms. McLean is heavier here and has not been hitting the gym like Amelia has. Lucy is going to hassle and intimidate her. Some smacks over the desk, and a threat to cut her blond curls.

Bend-over spanking, dark blue prison panties down, lefty McLean begins to have her fun with another naked girl. Fingernails rake Amelia’s buttocks. Amelia has to strip, McLean oogles. Long frontals. Rubber gloves for cavity search. Amelia objects–when did she have time on the prison bus? Fondling, probing, Lucy uses a magnifying glass. Some nude PT. Strapping, a lot of talk.

Lucy searches Amelia’s civvies before she can dress. Associate ‘Stephen Lewis’  arrives to take Amelia to her quarters and get his own share. Lucy puts Amelia’s panties in her desk drawer.

‘Room Service’ (M/f; year: 2013; time: 16 minutes)  Continuing from ‘Spanking New House.’ ‘Stephen Lewis’ takes Amelia from her meeting with Lucy McLean and more or less marches her into a nice bedroom, where she will reside for the moment. She is to settle in, he’ll be back. Amelia is not eager for that.

Amelia proceeds to take her clothes off–blouse, skirt, bra, and panties. She gets under the duvet naked;  she is restless because her bottom is sore from the  spanking McLean gave her in the office.

Lewis returns, Amelia doesn’t want him around. He eventually pulls  off the covers. Amelia is not all that disturbed at being naked in front of him. He is part of the staff. She is gloriously perfect as usual. “You are threatening my space with your proximity.” Typical Rutherford.

Lewis arranges her over some pillows. “You’re not going to do more spanking?” Lewis begins handspanking. When he grabs a paddle, “You’re a horrible man.” She accuses him of just having fun, that this is not punishment. After a not too severe spanking, Amelia promises not to be naughty any more. The film concludes with one of her nudie shows, where she rubs and examines her bottom.

‘Pillow Fight’ (F/2f; year: 2015; time:  10 minutes) A trifle, shot later in time from the institutional series above. Amelia with her friend ‘Aleesha Fox.’ The production values are a bit better here, suggesting time has passed.

Amelia and Aleesha have a silly pillow fight over a missing hairbrush. ‘Zoe Page’  breaks up the fight and will spank them both with a paddle. When the two girls bend over the foot of their bed for spanking, the comparison  of Amelia’s long legs and sensational bottom has never been more measurable. Mostly silly spanking. “Can we get to bed like good girls now?”

‘The Hearing part 1’ (M/f; year: 2013; time: 17 minutes) Another film made later, and all the models seem to be aging except for Amelia. She sits in a lawyer’s disciplinary hearing facing ‘Michael Stamp’ and ‘Lucy McLean.’ She has been doing some extracurricular lawyering at a prison. Is she an inmate herself?

Stamp has witnesses and sworn statements. He and Lucy recess for a decision, right there. Amelia actually bumps into the door as she goes to wait outside. The decision: she either goes back to prison or accepts corporal punishment. She accepts. “I’ll do that other thing.”

Amelia is asked to remove a strap from the desk drawer. She raises her skirt and bends over the desk, black panties and garter belt. Stamp does the strapping, Lucy holds her wrists. Amelia pulls her own panties down, several angles on the strapping.

Lucy is delighted to lead Amelia into another room for a cavity search, which we will not see.

‘The Hearing part 2-the Double Paddling’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 11 minutes) ‘Stephen Lewis’ brings Amelia into a room where ‘Lucy McLean’ awaits. The table holds a collection of spanking implements. They are going to continue Amelia’s punishment on their own, and they assure her “the Governor would agree with this.”

Amelia is encouraged to bend over a table. She is wearing black tights. Her blond hair is in ringlets here. Lewis and McLean will paddle her together, one on each cheek. They pull down her tights and comment that she is not wearing panties. Sort of silly paddling, could have been more crisp.

‘The Hearing part 3 the Cane’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) The conclusion of this creative oeuvre. Amelia returns to the hearing room to complete her sentence and is a little surprised to see Michael Stamp greet her, holding a cane. “Surprised to see me?” “Not really.” Amelia would have known Stamp would take this final opportunity for his shot at her bottom.

Amelia wears a semi-formal black dress and heels, ready to return to her law firm. Her hair is pinned back. He will give her 24 strokes of the cane, she will count, and if she misses, he will keep caning and the uncounted strokes are extras. Amelia doesn’t need convincing. She bends over the desk, pulls up her dress, and displays perfect pale pink panties. We don’t think there is another actress who can do this as consistently well.

Stamp warms her bottom with a handspanking first, which seems to surprise her. The first six cane strokes are on the panties, then she is allowed to rub, and pull them down. Then 18 more, her bottom full-screen for much of the way, a nice tight group of little white lines. She is allowed to rub and leave.

‘Bedroom Games at Halfway House’ (1) (F/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Amelia only has a moment on-screen here and is not spanked. ‘Zoe Page’ seems to be the matron here, and she greets new arrival ‘Aleesha Fox,’ gets her out of her BARSANDSTRIPES prison smock into rather tarty civvies, and gives her a good spanking to get things started for her stay at the halfway house.

Solitary-Emma Brown/Zena Stones – BARSANDSTRIPES

22 Oct

time: 38 minutes

Two female prisoners receiving staff visits while they are in ‘Solitary,’ in a Leia-Ann Woods production. Stone walls, metal cots, etc.

Blond Emma Brown is first; Day 1: administrator ‘Richard Harris’ visits first. She struggles to keep from laughing. A few good smacks usually clears that up. He makes her bend over, pulls down her black knickers for handspanking. Then she stands and takes up the ‘frisk’  position against the cell wall. Pants down, he smacks her pink. “Please, sir.”

Day 2: Guard ‘Lucy McLean’ enters. Trouble. She has rubber gloves. Cavity check under Emma’s prison smock, then a bend-over for the tawse.

Day 3: Richard Harris returns with the cane. A mild session, but nice if you like incarcerated blondes.

Zena Stones Day 1: Raven-haired Zena loses her panties to Harris pretty much like Emma did.

Day 2: Lucy McLean visits and Zena gets a short, hard strap,

Day 3: Harris visits with his cane.

Sick Bay Strappings – BARSANDSTRIPES

19 Jul

3 segments; time: 35 minutes

‘Sick Bay Strappings’ (F’/2f; 8 minutes): Further adventures of the girls we watched dropping their panties for the prison ‘Intake’ interviews. Actresses ‘Leia-Ann Woods’  and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ rummage around in a sick bay cell when they are interrupted by matron ‘Lucy McLean.’

The matron is going to strap both girls. Leia is put over the end of the bed, her orangne prison smock thrown up, black pants exposed. Very hard strapping, Dublin shivers at the wall.

Dublin gets the same in this short session.

‘Turn of the Screw’ (F/f; 14 minutes): Some role reversal here; if you are here to watch panties come down and bare bottoms dealt with, don’t try to figure out the plots. ‘Paul Kennedy’  is the guard, Leia the prisoner, Dublin is seated behind the Intake desk, in official uniform. Dublin puts Leia over the desk, takes her pants down, for a very hard strapping, and then 8 snappy, wristy experienced cracks with a cane. Leia has a nice little shimmy to her hips between the strokes.

‘The Phantom Visitor’ (M/f; 5 minutes): Blond prisoner ‘Amy Hunter’ struggles with guard Paul Kennedy over something, and ends up with a spanking and a paddling, of course without her knickers.

‘See It In Her Face’   Face-CAM repeats of some of the spankings.

Cell Block 1 and 2 – BARSANDSTRIPES

28 May

M/f; time: 42 minutes and 38 minutes; segments

Leia Ann Wood’s website, episodes of what happens to the girls in the cells of the prison they have been admitted to. We watched their ‘Intake’ spankings in other films.

Cell Block 1
‘The Party’s Over’ (M/2f; 13 minutes): Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ catches ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and redhead ‘Amy Hunter’ swigging a bottle of smuggled wine on their cell bunks. Around this place, spankings are meted out for just about anything.

Kennedy gets actress ‘Lucy McLean,’ playing her dour matron role, to help him; after a lot of yelling, Hunter gets the strap on the bare at the end of her bunk. Woods next–she spreads her arms wide to hang onto the bunk frame, pants  down. both retreat to their bunks without pants to conclude.

In general, the spankings in these B&S series are not severe, but we do recommend your attention for the plausible institutional ritual and the director’s attention to detail, especially to knickers.

‘Food For Thought’ (M/f; 5 minutes): Guard ‘Adam Strong’ suggests to inmate ‘Gina Moon’ that he will cut her sentence if she steers some of the loot she stole to him. He offers a little spanking to clarify her thoughts on the matter.

She bends over the lower bunk for a handspanking, and the strap; incomprehensibly, a blonde on the top bunk (“Hannah Martin”) sleeps through this melee. Gina capitulates and will give up some money to save her bottom.

‘Moon Shine’ (M/2f; 8 minutes): Actor ‘Richard Harris’ enters the cell of Leia and ‘Emma Brown,’ having already brought his paddle. He finds a little bottle of airline whiskey, which of course costs Emma her knickers. Lovely bend-over, our hundredth look  at her love-tattoo o0n her left buttock. Full-screen handspanking and paddling. She blames Leia for the contraband.

‘Fight Club’ (M/2f; 10 minutes): More all-stars, Leia and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ with Paul Kennedy again. Kennedy breaks up a wrestling match between the girls (like American ice hockey, we’d have enjoyed seeing them fight it out). Both are bent over the bottom bunk, he lowers both sets of knickers with care, and he alternates spanking both girls, as hard as we see at Bars and Stripes. Both girls rub in bed.

Cell Block 2
‘Planting Alcohol’ (M/f; time 11 minutes): Supervisor ‘Richard Harris’ shakes Leia Ann out of her bunk. ‘Emma Brown’ cowers in her bunk and will miss out here. He has found whiskey, she denies, but that doesn’t matter in this place. She spreads her arms to grab the top bunk, Harris rucks up her orange smock and spanks her with a spatula paddle and a strap. Ms. Woods is always insouciant. Panties down, 12 with a cane, good facials, back to bed.

‘Cell Spin’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Blond prisoner ‘Hannah Martin’ won’t tell where the drugs are hidden, calls guard ‘Adam Strong’ an “asshole,” who has tossed her cell, and she earns the usual. She grasps the top bunk, black panties down for a handspanking and the strap. “I might be a prostitute but I’m not a drug dealer.”

‘Going Down’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): ‘Zena Stone,’ a brunette with a Eastern European accent, is caught masturbating on the top bunk of her cell by guard Richard Harris. She has to stand on the bunk ladder, panties down, for a spanking.

‘Bunking Off’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): “Michelle Brown’ and Leia share a cell. Guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ chases Leia away (are the cell doors open?), rousts big blond Michelle out of bed, and spanks and straps her.

The Great Escape-Capture and Consequences – BARSANDSTRIPES

11 May

M/f; time: 44 minutes

Leia Ann Woods again with actor Paul Kennedy, in another prison story. Leia is incarcerated, her husband Charlie visits.

Charlie’s Visit (9 minutes): The segment features Charlie paying a prison visitation and sitting with Leia, under the watchful eye of a guard. After some unauthorized hand-touching (contraband is passed), Charlie’s visit is terminated and he is dismissed. The male guard is going to punish Leia here and now. Over the table, her shorty red prison tunic thrown up, he her bottom is bare because she wears a naughty thong instead of prison issue. “Is this OK for you, sir?” The guard delivers a sharp loud handspnking, brandishes a cane, but first cracks at Leia with a leather paddle. “Ooh, that is really nice.” She is not going to give the guard any more satisfaction than he is already getting.

Leia takes off her unauthorized thong and stockings in a taunting striptease style and is then sent back to her cell, to be inspected later. “I’ll see you this evening, sir.”

Cavity Search (13 minutes): In this segment we see Leia, again in her shorty prison tunic (we hope she put on panties this time), running through a field, in that delightfully unathletic way, trying to escape, and closely pursued by a male guard (Paul Kennedy), who tackles her and marches her back. “Do you know what is going to happen to you when you get back?”

Leia is handed over to a hefty female matron (Lucy McLean) in a stark painted brickwall examining room. “Mrs. Woods,” who is a nemesis to these guards, is ordered to “STRIP!” When she is naked, she kicks away her panties in contempt. The matron wants those panties, so Leia does a ballet-like bend-over worth the price of the film.

She kneels on the examining table, on go the rubber gloves, and the hunt-for-the-olive cavity search begins. You can also feel Leia’s squirming resistance. “You’re hurting me, bitch…pervert…” Leia is submissive stretched flat on her stomach on the table, pillows under her hips, ready for punishment. We recall submissive institutional postures, found throughout the genre and done as well here as anywhere. Leia’s high hard bottom swells on the table in the cold barren room.

The matron begins a hard strapping of Leia’s centered, elevated bottom with a two-foot long reformatory or razor strop. She cracks down aggressively with full swings, while Leia jumps and surges erotically with each stroke. Position change–another time-honored posture, Leia up on her knees, face down on a pillow, bottom-high. More ferocious strapping, winks from between her legs, the matron reaches under to massage her breasts.

Next, Leia on her back, into the diaper position, which she feigns not to understand. The matron has her lock her arms behind her knees to keep her legs elevated for more strapping. Leia is charming. The guard Mr. Kennedy is invited in to inspect the results. Leia is then handcuffed to the bed to be left for a while and looks delightfully worried about it.

Coup de Grass (13 mintes): A bit of naked female humiliation in the bright sunlight. Leia must crawl around, presenting her bottom to Kennedy for the riding crop, while she cuts the lawn to specification with a pair os scissors. Lots of entertaining versions of this posture too-maids scrubbing floors, etc.




14 Apr

Leia Ann Woods’s website;  we will combine a series of appearances by productive CP models.

CP maven Ms. Woods created her own CP company, where institutional spankings are the order of the day, women-in-prison style. She likes corridors, cinder block walls, clanging metal, cold floors, hopeless subordination, and dour countenances, and WE like the idea of a steady stream of convicts.

This concept of prison reception permits the entertaining humiliation of a series of well-known CP actresses portraying arrival convicts, in 15 minute segments, with the actors credited. Here are some of the first we have seen:

Gina Moon’  (‘Sent Down 2’) enters the reception room. “Stand on the line,” orders the officer, shaven imperious intimidating actor Karl Strong. A uniformed matron, actress Lucy McLean, stands by, looking very much like she has her rubber gloves nearby. Brunette Gina is dressed conservatively, part of the turn-on here, long hair, glasses.

“Remove the rest of your clothing.” Black skirt, garters and belt, stockings, flowered blouse. she manages to bend over dramatically to remove her impractical heels. and of course she pauses theatrically at bra and panties. Panties off; matron finds a drug bag in one bra cup.

Over the desk again, for contraband possession. The bra remains. 12 of the tawse. Gina concludes her spanking, accepts and zips into her little orange prison smock.

‘Amy Hunter‘ (‘Sent Down 2’): The Intake process will be about the same for each girl. Amy slumps in sullen hostility at the taped line on the floor. Hasn’t she heard what happens here? Actor Paul Kennedy plays a “senior guard.”

“We are here to make your stay with us as unpleasant as possible.” Amy has to strip, but the scene is accelerated. She is bent over the desk naked for handspanking and paddling.

‘Zena Stones’ (‘Sent Down 2′): Officer Richard Harris this time, in civilian clothes; maybe the Admin staff gets a bottom or two during the guards’  lunch hour. Brunette Zena, long hair, normal top and slacks. She is quickly bent over the desk, drops her own slacks, and is spanked on black lace boyshorts. She is directed to strip, and gets down to the bra/panties pause. Matron does the panties with a flourish. Zena has the biggest tramp stamp we think we have seen, like a coat of arms over a fireplace. Matron uses the tawse and Zena cusses. March off in her orange smock.

‘Sascha Harvey’ (23 minutes): Another prison reception; CP  actress Sascha Harvey gets the welcome on this Leia Ann Woods site, in a longer segment. A uniformed male guard and matron ‘Lucy McLean’ will do the honors. Tall glamorous brunette Ms. Harvey actually asks to “call her father.” She has received 12 months for possession of cocaine.

She gets the obedience lecture, hears the difference between the “hard way and the easy way,” and toes the line in front of the desk. The guard bends her forward over his desk and begins the handspankng on the skirt of her dress. Here is a girl who chose to dress respectfully before going off to prison.

He raises her dress to expose white panties, then pulls them down. “How dare you!” You should save your strength, Ms. Harvey. After this brief spanking, the guard makes her strip. This little humiliation is the best part of these ‘Intake’ episodes. Sascha unzips the dress, drops her panties, but retains the bra. She puts on the mocking little orange smock.

To complete the subjugation: Lucy gropes inside her bra cups for contraband, then herself gives Sascha a bit of the strap over the desk, on her prison knickers and on the bare. Then wrists are manacled and they march off.

Dublin O’Brien‘ (“Sent Down #3’) (12 minutes) One of the more entertaining actresses, with her feisty Irish accent and temper, and here a little more mature and filled out—her bottom still a jewel. She is brought to guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ in the office setting. She will be jailed with Leia Ann Woods to see if she can get some scoop on Leia’s husband’s illicit activities. But she needs to be spanked to legitimize the charade. Good thorough police work.

First, and OTK spanking on her bars-and-stripes print jeans. Kennedy helps her down with the jeans and her black panties. Ms. O’Brien is so tall both her hands and feet touch the floor as she forms a graceful bare-bottomed parabola. A  caning will complete the deal.

After she puts on the orange, shorty prison smock, Dublin drops her knickers again and takes 8 loud cane shots.

”Michelle Brown’ (‘Sent Down #3’) (15 minutes) Ms. Brown hasn’t gotten the word. She slouches and chomps gum in front of the admitting officer (‘Stephen Lewis’). Blond hair up, blue skirt, white blouse, running shoes.

When she spits her gum at Lewis, she goes over the desk, handspanking, skirt up, black panties quickly down, some leather strap, then she gets naked to put on the orange smock.

A conventional spanking. We hope you share with us the pleasure of this parade of subjugated ‘intakes’  in this institution. More big names to come.

‘Riannon Diablo’ (“Sent Down #3′) (12 minutes) Officer Lewis will elicit tears and involuntary quivering from this dark blonde.

Jeans and a top, Lewis helps her drop her jeans, tears quickly during a handspanking over the desk. He gets to the white panties. Top off, she is shaking. Tawny frontals.

Lewis produces a leather paddle which is a first for us–shaped like an exclamation point, a long stiff leather shaft and a round dot about the size of a dinner plate at the business end.  She is paddled naked, then given the orange smock. We will probably visit all these girls later in their cells.

‘Emma Brown’ (“Sent Down #1′) Pert actress Ms. Brown stands in front of the admissions desk; ‘Lucy McLean’ as the matron; ‘Richard Harris’  as the civilian supervisor. She wears a pink ribbed sweater and a minimal red skirt. She is made to bend forward from the painted line and lean on the desk. Harris flicks up her skirt to expose light pink panties trimmed in red.

Harris slowly lowers her panties. “This is what happens, Emma.” That left-buttock tattoo is alive and well. She gets a moderate handspanking in this posture. At the line, she is ordered  to undress–boots off, skirt off, sweater over her head, just a white bra. Rather than remove it, the matron feels under the cups, a ritual repeated often. “She’s clean.”

Emma puts her panties back on and zips into the orange prison tunic.

‘Leia Ann Woods’ (‘Sent down #1’ ). The tall brunette founder of Bars-and-Stripes plays a role. She arrives at Intake, wearing a long formal coat, looking more like a countess having stepped off the PanAm Clipper to get her luggage than a girl who will have to strip naked in a prison.

She’s got a major attitude, and the matron is aching to get at her. After some shouting, she bends over the desk. Harris throws up her skirt and begins spanking. He pulls down her knickers to discover more than a few marks from a recent spanking. After some tawsing on the bare, Harris shifts to the cane. about 15 strokes, a lot of banter, matron holds her wrists.

“Stand by the line and get your clothes off.” They wrestle; after threats to rip off her clothes, Leia agrees and gets down to just bra and stockings. Matron gropes under the bra and finds nothing. Stockings off, Leia slowly puts on  the orange smock.

‘Hannah Martin’ (‘Sent Down #1’). Another tall blonde with a good CP resume plays the Intake theme. She wears a festive white outfit more suitable for veranda cocktails than a cinder block admissions chamber. When she bends over and her dress hem is flipped up, the officer (‘Adam Smith’) and matron are surprised to see that her white thong leaves her buttocks completely bare.

Handspanking and six with a hard tawse. The matron helps her off with her clothes, without resistance. Nothing found under her white bra. Orange smock next.