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Spanked For Shopping – B and D PLEASURES

30 Jun

M/2f; time: 27 minutes
A harmless and playful adventure made in the early 1990’s by ‘Sonny Daze’ and another lucky find for us, a segment with ‘Tanya Fox’ in the early stages of her porn career, before the hardcore stuff, where she would use her estimable bottom for other purposes.

In the first episode, Sonny’s wife, a cute blonde, comes home with a bag of new lingerie. She teases him with some of the items, but he is disturbed by the cost, despite the titillation. “You know what I ought to do?…”

She knows; he takes her OTK, bunch her black undies, and has his way, gradually undressing her. As the scene fades, she is trying on things for him. She’ll be back out there soon and back here OTK.

Sonny and his wife discuss what in the world to do with sister Tanya, who is just an incorrigible shopper. Ms. Fox is an edible package here–in white blouse, denim skirt, and heels. Sonny takes her OTK and she squeals, as no one else can do just that way. When her skirt comes up, we’re absolutely sure both Sonny and his wife are dazzled for the moment by her bottom. To complete the session, Sonny adds a few smacks to his wife’s tush.

Fresh Tender Asses – BONVUE/B and D PLEASURES

15 Jun

F/2f; time:58 minutes

Two fantasies featuring none other than Tanya Fox! And she will save the best for last. In the first scenario Tanya is arguing with her blonde roommate, who is late getting ready for a double-date they have. The blonde is naked in a shower, in a bathroom larger than many New York apartments, but a set effective for the spanking to come.

The blonde is statuesque, if we say so, at least 6″ taller than Tanya. Tanya has pageboy dark hair here–if it is real. She had a series of hairstyles during her varied porno career. She is wearing a two-piece latex outfit. What kind of date was this to be?

She begins spanking the blonde OTK. A lot of girl and a lot of bottom. Typical silly dialogue. Tanya takes her top off–she has always liked to undress while she is spanking someone. She is proud of her natural, normal boobs. Spanking, caressing, various postures, playful lesbian stuff.

Tanya takes off her latex skirt and now to down to a latex garter belt, stockings, and black panties. Paddle next, Tanya always likes to caress, rake with her fingernails, and pry cheeks apart. Good camera shots from low angles. Both girls seem to be having fun.

It is a long scene in the bathroom, 26 minutes. Spanking, hugging, French kissing.

The second scenario, also in a domestic setting, this time a kitchen. A blonde in pink enters and greets Tanya, who is wearing one of her breezy dresses, common in her CP career, at NUWEST, CALSTAR, and SHADOWLANE, among others. The camera pans both glorious girls.

The blonde will be spanked, first standing, dress up, red thong. The girls are having a good time. Tanya takes a seat to spank her friend OTK. Massaging, fingernails, prying. The blonde takes off her tight knit dress, thong at her thighs, pubic fuzz.

Tanya unbuttons her own dress down the front. Glamorous coordinated white undies for this slightly retro actress, who knows the cues. Bra off, sweet little boobs, down to white panties and garter belt.

Tanya, getting naked herself, continues to spank her friend, with a small paddle and wetting her bottom with a kitchen sponge.

Now the blonde stands and starts to tease at Tanya’s satin panties, the first of that bottom we have seen in this film. The panties are worked down with theatrical charm. We have described this bottom a few times–it’s launched a thousand ships, should be on Mt. Rushmore, etc. The full screen well-lit shots might be the best we have seen of her. There is a lot to choose from. Two mostly naked girls fill the screen.

French kissing, an intentional fuzz flash from naughty Tanya. Wonderful film.

Beneath the Cane – BONVUE/B and D PLEASURES

15 Jun

M/2f; time:58 minutes
Early and playful spanking film. The actor ‘Sonny Daze’ never hurt a fly, but he did attract some noted CP girls in other films–Tanya Fox and Kyrie Kelly come to mind.

In a simple exterior scene, Sonny catches two girls smoking in the woods, despite the warning signs. Silly and awful acting, the sound quality not so good. The girls beg, is there an alternative to being reported to the police? “Jail or a bare bottom spanking…with a switch.”

Sonny explains what a ‘switch’ is, and one of the girls cuts one with his knife. Each in turn the girls drop their jeans and panties, bend over a wall, and take a mild whipping, typical of all these Daze films. It must have been cold here–everyone has a lot of clothes on.

A separate segment: ‘Kim Wilde’ arrives at “Bare Bottom Video,” answering an advertisement to perform. ‘Justine’ greets her. Kim claims, “I’ve never been spanked before.” Justine starts a sample spanking. Dress up, bare bottom, her thong serves as a handle.Sonny Daze enters and joins in the spanking, largely silly.

The next segment, 24 minutes long, is one of the more erotic from Daze. He plays a dance instructor supervising the training of a nifty and lithe little brunette, doing her ballet moves in front of him, wearing what they will call a “unitard.” Daze pokes ‘Hannah’ with a cane and is finally disturbed enough to move to punishment.

Hannah bends over a straight chair. The unitard is like a second skin. After some handspanking, she strips off the unitard. A lovely little perfect non-professional body. She is wearing just her toe shoes. Some nice casting, this is. He threatens the cane if she does not improve. She pulls on the unitard, center screen.

FADE. Hannah does ballet positions on the floor. Daze hovers over her. She is on her stomach, legs splayed at right angles, a position essentially impossible. Makes us think of some of the later NETTLES films, where the dancers are naked in these poses.

Some OTK spanking, unitard peeled down. She dresses and dances again. No good. Daze wants the unitard off now. Hannah covers her face, because now it is going to be the cane. Naked, she grabs her ankles, which this dancer does quite easily. Daze canes her, actually quite hard, we counted 30 strokes. “That is twice as bad as what you did yesterday.”

But Daze is not finished. He has Hannah stand and put her arms on her shoulders. 20 more cane strokes. Almost continuous dialogue during these canings prevented the use of repeats. Again Hannah dresses on screen, while Daze whacks her bottom.

Bare Bottom Memories -Volume 1 – BONVUE

14 Jan

year: 1994 time: 1:08

A collection of “vignettes,” as producer ‘Bill Majors’  narrates for us, from his Bon Vue/BandD Pleasures films, featuring about 5 actors from adult films, BDSM, etc. He would like us to believe that he did not know much about spanking films but was surprised at how popular they were. He  narrates for us and hold his stack of VCR films.

A few of these films we have intercepted and reviewed elsewhere, especially those featuring ‘Tanya Fox.” The spankings are mostly playful and harmless trifles, but ironically, the actors themselves are more experienced than many we see in the British and European films. They just don’t spank as hard or tease with as much nudity.

Films excerpted are ‘Bottoms-up,’ ‘To Taste the Strap,’ ‘Paddle Tails,’ ‘On your Bare Bottom,’ ‘Spanking Tails,’ ‘I’ll Take the Whip,’ ‘Double Trouble Spanking’ and ‘Old Fashioned Spankings.’

Collected Spankings Vol 1 – BONVUE B&D PLEASURES

18 Dec

year: 1991; time: 55 minutes

Tanya Fox! and several b&d  stars; 3 short spanking segments, not unusual or groundbreaking.

The first episode features Tanya Fox and Sonny Daze in a 32 minute romp, worth your time to watch Ms. Fox surrender minute by minute. She plays a naughty student teasing her tutor. The actors chuckle over their lines. First she pulls her botice down to tease him–no bra. He takes her OTK, dress up, he uses a plastic school ruler, a silly tool. Garters, stockings, black transparent panties.

The tutor bends her over the table–she teases and resists just enough to encourage him. The big moment–panties down, full puss. Daze gets her OTK, even he seems amazed by the sight. Where to begin on such a target? The segment is another tribute to Ms. Fox.

Kym Wilde plays a naughty cheerleader, spanked by Daze in her bedroom. How did he get there? “I know what you need.” “What’s that, a spanking?” Teasing, bare bottom, on her bed.

In the third segment, the actors Bill and Debbie Majors do a promotion of their website and portray a “father” who interrupts his daughter cuddling a huge stuffed animal. She gets spanked for smoking by the ambidextrous Majors. Good father, he lets her keep her panties.

Spanking, Spanking, and More Spanking – B&D PLEASURES

13 Dec

M 3F/3f; year: 1990; time: 55 minutes

Largely a trifle but for the appearance of 4 CP/B&D regulars, and our fascination with the unwrapped Tanya Fox.

Actor Jay Dee and blond actress Kiri Kelly (who also directed this film, which we’d guess was not screened in Cannes) sit on a couch discussing CP. Jay has given her a copy of Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’s Punishment,’ an erotic exploration into spanking and discipline. The set is the same as used in a number of Jay Dee/Tanya/Kiri films.

In another scene, Kiri has become aroused by the book, bares her bottom, and plays with herself on her bed. Her roommate Tanya Fox enters. “What are you dong?” Tanya assuages her embarrassment and suggests she spank her. A cute OTK scene follows, giggling and fun making, mostly a tribute to Kiri’s photogenic hindquarters.

Tanya and Kiri switch places. Tanya quickly takes her own panties off and cocks her estimable bottom up in Kiri’s lap. We pause to recall our favorite spanking on this breathtaking target. Maybe any one of her Nu West appearances, where the acting is subordinated to the action. Pretty facials, closeups, fondling, fingernails. The girls switch off a few times before this segment concludes.

The third roommate, brunette ‘Sloane Winters,’ overhears this salacious scene and joins. Kiri shows her the book and Sloane volunteers her bottom. She kneels on the bed; both spank her–all bottoms bare.

In the next scene–the film really is a sequence of short spanking segments, Kiri returns the book to Jay and describes the three-way with her roommates. He suggests she and Tanya set up some scenarios for Sloane (makes for more scenes). The girls plant some jewelry and accuse Sloane of theft. They are wearing silly B&D costumes of bustier, bra, stockings,heels. They grab hapless Sloane, Tanya sits on her, skirt up, white thong.

Somehow the girls turn on Kiri, the plotter, they get her blue panties down, for a kicking, fun-spanking.

“A Few Days Later”: It seems to be Tanya’s birthday, with the guaranteed implications. The girls gift her with a paddle. Enjoy that melodramatic look on her face when she recognizes the item. She is bent over a chair, pink panties down for the world-class view she can provide, but the paddling is a silly pulling-of-punches.

Jay and Kiri discuss how the games went. Almost at the end of the film, Jay will get at that bottom of hers. He drops her jodphurs and panties and gazes at length at her pussy. A long handspanking, riding crop, fondle, grope. Full-frontal flash at the conclusion. No shaving in this era.

Spanking Tails 1 – BandD PLEASURES

28 Sep

M/f; year: 1993; time: 1:06

There is a series of ‘Spanking Tails,’ collections of short spanking vignettes, with some light bondage mixed in. We focussed on this one because two of the segments feature Tanya Foxx, made in the early 1990’s.

#1 Cute redhead actress ‘Tina,’ having mishandled a thoroughbred horse on a farm where she works, gets a spanking in a faux straw-covered barn room. She wears cutoff jeans and bustier. The master of the farm handspanks her over a straight chair which happens to be in the barn, then removes her shorts for a fast moderate caning on her bare bottom, only a G-string showing. Tina is a seducive wiggler and poseur, with a large and provocative filmgraphy extant. This was mild stuff–she can use her bottom tomorrow.

#2 Actresses Tanya Foxx and Angela Faith fight over a potential common boyfriend in their apartment. Actor Bill Huston arrives ; he has one extra ticket to a rock concert and will settle their bickering by taking the girl who accepts the hardest spanking. This will not be one of the better spanking competitions we would recommend, except for the callipygian showcase.

Ms. Foxx is in the short black pageboy period of a career. She wears a short white jersey dress and appears to be all-bottom. Ms. Faith, a flashy blonde with some CP credits, wears a shiny blue cocktail dress which should be worn only by those who do not expect to bend over.

Bill: “We’ll start with Tanya first.” Hands-on-table for mild handspanks on her dress. Same for Angela. The girls say they can take more. 10 more for each. The girls step into their bedroom and return with a huge armload of spanking implements.

Angela gets the crop–she hikes her dress up herself. Same for Tanya–up comes the white knit dress–white panties on that spectacular tush. After another round with the crop, Bill swtiches to a long strap. The girls are starting to squeal.

Bare bottom time–Bill pulls Tanya’s panties down and smacks both cheeks with two hands, then he uses the big ameba-shaped paddle, but gently. It could loosen a few teeth at full power. Faith is next; because she wears a G-string, there is nothng to pull down.

Side by side, Bill alternates. A bit corny, but glamorous. An oblique closeup is worth printing out. He snaps both bottoms with a buggy whip, the first time the girls cannot disguise a little bit of discomfort. Tanya has opened her legs and stretched her lace panties between her knees. She knows the CP film drill.

Some cane taps for Angela. Tanya has tossed off her knickers with elan and flashes her trimmed beaver when she takes her place on the table. Bill blindfolds her with a scarf. “Ooh,” she coos. You can see every freckle she has in a similar scene in ‘The Taming of Veronica Allen.’ After both are mildly caned, Angela seems to quit and Tanya leaves with Bill for the concert. Bill asks her to leave her panties behind. “Toodle-oo,” she taunts over her shoulder. We’d like to be around at the end of the evening.

#3 Tina plays a wife who earns a spanking because of sexy provocative clothing she wears. Tina’s bottom squirms OTK in tight flower-print panties. Bare-bottom, Tina must kiss a heavy double leather strap before she feels it on her buttocks and thighs.

#4 Another Tanya episode, this time where she portrays a slightly playful domme, a role found in her repertoire from this era. In one of those faux dungeons where the walls seem painted for a high school musical, actress Angela Faith reports in bra, panties, and heels. Tanya: “Don’t try to con your mistress…you agreed to this.” Angela is handspanked over a chair and questioned about her orgasms. Tanya is not pleased about Angela “cumming without me.”

A hard round paddle–buttocks and thighs. “Stick that bottom out for me.” Panties rolled down sexily, bra off, hairbrush OTK, both the bristles and the flat side, some nipple sucking. Tanya is catching up for whatever she missed. The bigger ameba paddle, fingernails rake Angela’s buttocks. They walk to a spanking bench….

“Panties down,” because Angela snuck them up. Naked, she lies lengthwise on a padded sawhorse-style bench. “Spread your legs.” Several paddles–a wooden fraternity paddle used is the hardest yet, bottom and thighs. Tanya is ambidextrous. Session concluded, Tanya gropes between her legs just because she can. Angela is directed to take a shower “then wait for me.”

To Taste The Strap – B&D PLEASURES

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 1991; time: 54 minutes

Three M/f spanking scenarios with actor Sonny Daze, each with an adult film star whose charms without pants especially please and qualify her for CP filming. The spankings are mild and on the playful side. The attractions for us here are the glorious actresses, who are performing in various states of undress (and duress).

I-Sonny and actress Kym Wilde play on a couch. She wants a spanking and puts a video in a VCR to entice Sonny. Sounds of a squealing spanking are heard from the tape as Kym seduces Sonny. “I’ve been naughty,”  she coos, flashing her bottom. Kym looks 6 inches taller than Sonny and seems mostly legs, with a hard dancer’s bottom.

He plays with her OTK, gets her stripper’s latex skirt off, her thong down, for playful spanking and strapping. She wants to get in bed. “Now?’ she begs. “Not now….but this is a heck of a way to warm up.” Kym’s big powerful bottom is totally red before he carries her off-set.

II-Sonny w/curly haired British actress Tina. “Well, well, Tina. You finally made it to the punishment room.” He gets tiny Tina OTK, is amazed at her skimpy thong, and spanks her suntanned bottom. After some strapping, hands-on-chair, Tina lies lengthwise over a vaulting horse for 24 strokes of the cane, which are counted aloud. The strokes, as with all the spanking in this film, are not mean enough to raise welts, but she dances to the sting, her toes just touch the floor. At the conclusion, cornered, bottom on display, to the camera: “Maybe I should do this again.”

III-The estimable Tanya Fox appears with Sonny, as a frisky schoolgirl, dressed in black-and-white shoes, knee socks, plaid skirt, sweater-vest, blouse, and necktie. According to Ms. Fox’s filmography, she made a series of CP videos in the early 1o990’s, winding away from hardcore films.

“Wow…Sonny Daze…I’ve always wanted to be spanked.” Sonny: “Let’s get started, then,” as he rubs his hands together. “Are you warming up your hands for me?”

Tanya is invited to select a spanking implement from Sonny’s collection hanging on the wall. She picks a strap. “Ooh, thick!” Lots of playful erotic CP chatter throughout. Ms. Fox excels in naughty ad lib spanking talk. Sonny straps her down to the bench. Tanya coos in mock submission. Skirt up, loose white panties, a mild strapping. “Oh, it stings, sir.”

Sonny pulls down her panties to get at her “perfectly bare bottom,” and Tanya lifts her hips to assist in the frolic. The camera shoots up her legs from below. As he spanks, she kicks her legs wildly, encumbered by her panties at her ankles. “Are you having fun with your panties, fulfillinng your dreams?” “Yes, air.” After more strapping, Sonny strokes her bottom with his fingernails then releases her. Scrumptious Tanya gets up, favoring her sore bottom. “Oh, I’m dizzy.”

If you look at her films credited in 1991, you can understand she could not afford to take a severe spanking and keep up her appointments.