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Innocents Taken – BIZARRE

2 Sep

F/f. Time: 34 minutes

We haven’t figured out the relevance of the title, but the film certainly is bizarre. Another piano lesson. This one goes a lot further. Blue Angel and Cindy Hope are credited. Don’t know who is who. The film is subtitled ‘Piano Pounding.’

A very pretty pigtailed blonde sits a piano, doing poorly at her lesson. The female teacher her scolds, the student starts to undress. Shorts off, no panties. Bend over, top off, no bra. She sits back at the piano, naked. Nice. Looks like she expected to be naked today..

OTK, the teacher frigs her boldly. She has spanking implements. The girl is spanked around the room. The teacher sits up on the piano and the student gives her an oral job. Not your average lesson, and way beyond the imagination of ROUE.

The girl stands at the piano and the teacher closes its top on her to pin her still. The teacher undresses and puts on a strap-on dildo. The girl lubricates the black dong and then is fucked at the piano. Not so bad to come unprepared.

Spanked Roommates BIZARRE

31 Mar

Three vignettes- F/f; M/f; M/2f.  Time: 60 minutes Josie Harrison Marks directs.

We don’t need to detail this silly film. Lorraine Ansell, Zoe Rose, and Barbara Carlisle are credited. Two girls spank each other, a couple argue and the guy spanks his wife— at least he has implements in the house.

The couple catches two girls and spank them. We were too bored to ascertain plot details. Another guy appears: “I can tend to your behinds.” He oils them. Skip this one.


Hot Live Caning #1 -BIZARRE

5 Nov

Time: 57 minutes

The nightclub scene again and the off-screen audience. ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’ will introduce three farcical spanking scenarios. This 1980’s film is of interest only to depict the times in which it as made, probably when bare bottom spanking was still illicit. No other nudity here. KANE Magazine, George Harrison Marks, etc.

The first story seems a replay of the storyline of the film ‘Mandy Bates’ distributed by CALSTAR. A female teacher spanks and canes a blond female student because she found the teacher’s spanking magazine. The headmaster joins the fun, paddles and canes, and gets at the teacher. This teacher wears vagina jewelry.

The next act–a very hot brunette is spanked, little black dress up, just a thong, spanking and caning. A lot of conversation.

Larry again–a blond student is spanked for drawing obscene pictures. Again, the headmaster interrupts and spanks the older teacher, some age play KANE liked to do.

Larry shows 2 girls a KANE magazine then spanks them.

No More Spanking – BIZARRE

2 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Not the classic BIZARRE from  years ago. A bit of spanking here and mostly hard porn, so  we will condense our review. A pretty brunette model named ‘J.J. White’ plays a schoolgirl. She has been caught smoking and is quickly OTK. White print panties are down  quickly. She is begging to be let off. The male teacher gets  his cane. He makes her strip naked and puts her over the back of an easy chair. She seems just slightly amused by all this so far, despite some discernable marks on  her bottom.

She is begging and falls onto her knees into the b.j. position. She opens his pants and he is ready–a huge erection. A long b.j., some lap sitting, cowgirl position, some missionary, and a decent money shot.

Hot English Punishment – BIZARRE

20 Sep

M/f; time: 22 minutes

A playful ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis.’ She is cavorting in her kitchen in her bikini, and when she is unwilling to cook her husband breakfast, he is going to spank her. It must be a common practice in this house, because she hardly objects.

OTK she goes, bikini pants down. “It’s not fair.” Bend over a table, spanked with a kitchen spoon. The guy wants Sarah to lie flat on the table so that he can use a hairbrush. Ms. Lewis does not have the classic CP-film bottom, but she has made numerous clever and naughty films, a huge contribution.

Onto her back, Sarah must spread-eagle on the table, very revealing for her. Up, bra off, back on the table on her back, legs up and spread. Strapped on her pussy and thighs.The diaper pose–the first time we recall seeing all the vaginal jewelry Ms. Lewis wears.

She will now work naked in the kitchen, where she gets the strap and cane, and displays the combined bruises from all the foregoing implements, particularly the white cane lines on the red/purple bruises.

Implements of Pain – BIZARRE

18 Sep

Time: 59 minutes

Probably a KANE production. Three 20 minute spanking segments, all with the slightly awkward and unfulfilling completion so common of this producer. We don’t seek harshness or severity, but now that we have reviewed thousands of CP  films, we’re looking for a little imagination.

I-“Lazy Wife’ A tall Russian-looking guy with a Mohawk haircut spanks his wife on their couch, various postures and implements. Not a thing to be learned here.

II-‘Girlfriend’Carboot Sale’ This must be a British equivalent of a garage sale. Plucky spanking model ‘Sam Johnson’ is caught with KANE videos and a copy of the magazine, so if she is so curious, her boyfriend gives her a session–handspanking, paddle, cane. Sam has a thong tan. His CP collection?

III-‘Poetic Justice-First Date’ The same ‘Russian’ guy spanks another girl on the couch, gets her naked for the paddle and cane. Nothing.

Schoolgirl’s and Daughters – KANE

17 Aug

2M/f; M/2f; time: 48 minutes

Punctuation by the producer. George Harrison Marks at work. A boy and girl, in hippie or bohemian dress, cavort on a couch. The guy gradually gets his girl’s clothes off and gets to spanking her. She is the typical girlie so covets by Marks in this era. It is all rather silly. Too bad he couldn’t go further in this era.

The girl’s father interrupts and the boy runs off. The father continues the spanking of his naked daughter in this mostly a nudie show.

The second half of this film contains the 24-minute version of the second half of ‘Hot Young Cheeks’ we reviewed as a BIZARRE film. We repeat here–it is a schoolgirl spanking featuring perhaps the most erotic little student we have ever seen. Never saw her again.

Morning Discipline – BIZARRE

31 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A guy stumbles into a messy laundry room and summons his wife, the actress ‘Rachel Evans,’ a small, dark, braided blonde. This deserves a spanking.

OTK right there in the laundry room, silly but sexy. Rachel is sent to get the family strap. She wears just a shorty satin nightie, which now comes off. She is naked.

She is paddled, her husband rubs her bottom with the paddle as he spanks. Sex play. Bend-over, hands on chair legs wide, puss. He teases between her legs with the paddle. He adds frigs, and she likes it.

Rachel opens his pants and begins a blow job. He is huge, and it certainly looks like she has done this before. It is hard work, and he spanks as she sucks. They fail to have a money shot, although it looks like they thought they were close.

Piano Pounding – BIZARRE

28 Jul

F/f; time: 35 minutes

There are at least a half-dozen portrayals of girls taking piano lessons (always poorly) –ROUE, CALSTAR, REDSTRIPE come to mind. Usually the female instructor takes some liberties to motivate the student; here the lady instructor pushes the envelope far along.

‘Miss Harcourt,’ a sultry European brunette, arrives at a student’s house. The girl’s father admits, “Amy has not been practicing.” Harcourt is not surprised, and maybe a little pleased. “Can I be strong with her?”

Lovely young blonde Amy sits at the piano–it’s awful. Harcourt moves quickly to the motivation, spanking. Amy stands and bends forward over the piano -a mild and ineffectual smacking. Harcourt orders her to take off her skirt. “What?” No panties–that is why she was hesitant. Top off, she is naked at the piano.

After a series of little spankings and some piano, Amy kneels up on the chair and Harcourt frigs–two fingers bring gasps. Harcourt walks off-set and returns with a collection of spanking implements–and this is not her house! Some belt and tawse; Amy runs around the room, a perfect little body she has.

Matters escalate. Harcourt puts down the piano top–she can’t quite do it, but they keep rolling. She sits on the piano top, spreads her legs, and raises her skirt. No panties. The full puss on display. Amy is encouraged to give her some oral while she keeps practicing.

Harcourt rolls down the top of her dress, steps off-screen again, and returns with an impressive strap-on dildo, a long black dong hangs limp on a hinge. Amy gets in position over the piano and Harcourt fucks her from the rear; then Amy turns, for treatment from the front, and some of the best closups of the almost full penetration of the dong and action you will need to see.

They kiss and cuddle. Who cares about lessons?

Spanking Academy – BIZARRE

21 Jan

year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

A large cast of actors found in many soft-porn B&D films; ‘Mistress Midori’ is teaching what looks like an adult night school class of couples on spanking and discipline. The couples will be asked to share with the class their own spanking experiences, which permits a series of flashback scenes.

The first couple is the late actress ‘Anna Malle’ and her husband ‘Hank Armstrong.’ The scene depicts Anna reading porn and spanking herself. Hank interrupts and is happy to take over. Anna wears classic bra/panty/garter stuff from soft porn. They play at spanking and tussling before heading for the bedroom.

The second couple to share, ‘John’ (Ernest Green) and “Roxanne Hall’ discuss their Friday night ritual. Roxanne lies naked on a bed, rehearsing her little demerit list confession, awaiting her spanking. John comes home and spanks her mildly as the actor does in all his films.

The next couple play a boss and secretary; she gets playfully spanked over a desk and then simulates a blowjob to complete the scenario.

The last part of the film is the best; Mistress has been assisted in the class by a willowy, brooding brunette, the actress ‘Ivy English,’ whose erotic presence has been felt during the couples discussions.

“I have prepared a demonstration.” Ivy is made to strip down to bra in front of the three couples, who are loving this. The Mistress then spanks mostly naked Ivy with various implements. The men has better keep their hands where we can see them.