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Schoolgirl’s and Daughters – KANE

17 Aug

2M/f; M/2f; time: 48 minutes

Punctuation by the producer. George Harrison Marks at work. A boy and girl, in hippie or bohemian dress, cavort on a couch. The guy gradually gets his girl’s clothes off and gets to spanking her. She is the typical girlie so covets by Marks in this era. It is all rather silly. Too bad he couldn’t go further in this era.

The girl’s father interrupts and the boy runs off. The father continues the spanking of his naked daughter in this mostly a nudie show.

The second half of this film contains the 24-minute version of the second half of ‘Hot Young Cheeks’ we reviewed as a BIZARRE film. We repeat here–it is a schoolgirl spanking featuring perhaps the most erotic little student we have ever seen. Never saw her again.

Morning Discipline – BIZARRE

31 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A guy stumbles into a messy laundry room and summons his wife, the actress ‘Rachel Evans,’ a small, dark, braided blonde. This deserves a spanking.

OTK right there in the laundry room, silly but sexy. Rachel is sent to get the family strap. She wears just a shorty satin nightie, which now comes off. She is naked.

She is paddled, her husband rubs her bottom with the paddle as he spanks. Sex play. Bend-over, hands on chair legs wide, puss. He teases between her legs with the paddle. He adds frigs, and she likes it.

Rachel opens his pants and begins a blow job. He is huge, and it certainly looks like she has done this before. It is hard work, and he spanks as she sucks. They fail to have a money shot, although it looks like they thought they were close.

Piano Pounding – BIZARRE

28 Jul

F/f; time: 35 minutes

There are at least a half-dozen portrayals of girls taking piano lessons (always poorly) –ROUE, CALSTAR, REDSTRIPE come to mind. Usually the female instructor takes some liberties to motivate the student; here the lady instructor pushes the envelope far along.

‘Miss Harcourt,’ a sultry European brunette, arrives at a student’s house. The girl’s father admits, “Amy has not been practicing.” Harcourt is not surprised, and maybe a little pleased. “Can I be strong with her?”

Lovely young blonde Amy sits at the piano–it’s awful. Harcourt moves quickly to the motivation, spanking. Amy stands and bends forward over the piano -a mild and ineffectual smacking. Harcourt orders her to take off her skirt. “What?” No panties–that is why she was hesitant. Top off, she is naked at the piano.

After a series of little spankings and some piano, Amy kneels up on the chair and Harcourt frigs–two fingers bring gasps. Harcourt walks off-set and returns with a collection of spanking implements–and this is not her house! Some belt and tawse; Amy runs around the room, a perfect little body she has.

Matters escalate. Harcourt puts down the piano top–she can’t quite do it, but they keep rolling. She sits on the piano top, spreads her legs, and raises her skirt. No panties. The full puss on display. Amy is encouraged to give her some oral while she keeps practicing.

Harcourt rolls down the top of her dress, steps off-screen again, and returns with an impressive strap-on dildo, a long black dong hangs limp on a hinge. Amy gets in position over the piano and Harcourt fucks her from the rear; then Amy turns, for treatment from the front, and some of the best closups of the almost full penetration of the dong and action you will need to see.

They kiss and cuddle. Who cares about lessons?

Spanking Academy – BIZARRE

21 Jan

year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

A large cast of actors found in many soft-porn B&D films; ‘Mistress Midori’ is teaching what looks like an adult night school class of couples on spanking and discipline. The couples will be asked to share with the class their own spanking experiences, which permits a series of flashback scenes.

The first couple is the late actress ‘Anna Malle’ and her husband ‘Hank Armstrong.’ The scene depicts Anna reading porn and spanking herself. Hank interrupts and is happy to take over. Anna wears classic bra/panty/garter stuff from soft porn. They play at spanking and tussling before heading for the bedroom.

The second couple to share, ‘John’ (Ernest Green) and “Roxanne Hall’ discuss their Friday night ritual. Roxanne lies naked on a bed, rehearsing her little demerit list confession, awaiting her spanking. John comes home and spanks her mildly as the actor does in all his films.

The next couple play a boss and secretary; she gets playfully spanked over a desk and then simulates a blowjob to complete the scenario.

The last part of the film is the best; Mistress has been assisted in the class by a willowy, brooding brunette, the actress ‘Ivy English,’ whose erotic presence has been felt during the couples discussions.

“I have prepared a demonstration.” Ivy is made to strip down to bra in front of the three couples, who are loving this. The Mistress then spanks mostly naked Ivy with various implements. The men has better keep their hands where we can see them.

Bikini Models Spanked – BIZARRE

5 Jun

2M/4f; time: 53 minutes

Redheads are good spanking subjects. The story: 2 sleazy and lecherous photographers spank their bikini models for trumped-up studio infractions. The spankings are all by hand, OTK or a version thereof, and mild, on pretty and mostly bare bottoms. Taking off your pants was clearly part of this film audition.

I-Randy spanks the sext redhead on her thong, while partner Rubin watches. Lots of silly “ooh’s” and “aah’s” but good scenery, enhanced by a dressing room mirror reflecting nice facials. He gets her shirt off, her thing down, and eventually the bra. He points out that she is not the “innocent little girl from the Midwest” any more. She doesn’t look so innocent to us.

II- Rubin has caught his own butterfly, in the person of a classy blonde in a little black dress, and panties, and not much else. She does a teasing strip tease and manages to reverse things and spanks Rubin. She strips him down to shorts–he is not fighting this–then naked, but we can’t tell how excited he might be, just a suggestion of it would have been fun.

III- Rubin has now captured a chunky brunette in leopard bikini. Handspanking. Bikini off, nipple play. Silly stuff.

IV-A photo-shoot, 2 bikini’d girls handspank and strip each other, then do the baby oil thing. All in all, just keep moving, nothing to see here.

Blistered Young Buns – BIZARRE

3 Jun

Ensemble; year: late 1980’s; time: 59 minutes

One of George Harrison Marks’ live spankings in a nightclub setting, and featuring several familiar characters from the CP scene. About 20 people sit at a long table, watching and cheering, as a series of girls are brought forward and spanked as a “dress rehearsal” for a GHM video in the works. Mild cute stuff, all in all.

The first girl brought front-and-center is one of our all-time favorites, the long chestnut-haired hot-tempered Irish colleen called various names–Alison Payne, Liza Wigan, and more. This is one of her earliest appearances, made at about the time of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies On Fire,’ for KANE or BIZARRE. we remember this video because of the respectable canings she took and will take in her career with KANE, MOONGLOW, and CALSTAR. Her pale Irish skin and breathtaking hips and bottom provide wonderful contrast whenever she is spanked, here in front of the merry crowd.

A brunette and a blonde, also GHM regulars, mix in, are spanked, spank each other, skirts up, panties down. The action on-stage is too hectic to chronicle. The screaming and squawking are contrived. Liza is paddled then caned, while she tries to recite the lines she will use in the video. Her pale splotched bottom full-screen steals the show. GHM actually creates some blood flecks on one thigh, not his style and surely not intended. The crowd chants “Harder!” The plucky Liza is clapped off the stage after an entertaining 15 with the cane.

A third blonde is treated on stage by another male cast member–she gets the bare hand and tawse. At this point, you are scanning the spectators for pretty faces who might be next to be called forward.

And next is a brunette in one of those shorty satin rented Halloween nurse costumes. Over a chair, black panties down–handspanking, paddling, tawse, and a touch of the cane. GHM is her male spanker. To the nurse: “Say, Aah,” and crisply spanks her bottom. “Aah.”

An older blond woman, a staff member in other videos named ‘Christina,’ is almost spanked, but we fortunately are spared more. Two more pretty brunettes we’ve been eyeing in the background spank and paddle each other. One actually gets naked and does little bows to the crowd, which shares with us admiration of her nifty package. We need a longer exposure to her.

At the conclusion, all the girls, seven or eight of them, moon across the stage; the men patrol back and forth, slapping bottoms. It is all high merriment, no full powered action, and no nudity except the stunning brunette, and no frontal glimpses except the few winks.

Hot Young Cheeks – BIZARRE

5 May

2M/f; M/2f

A trifle, except that the second segment contains the single most spankable schoolgirl portrayal we have ourselves ever seen in the genre. We are making some effort to see what other work this actress has done.

Case 1: Two punky teenagers are gamboling on a girl’s couch. The rock=musician boyfriend is aggressively intent on getting into her pants and is making measurable progress. He has gotten her top and pants off and has begun spanking her when the girl’s father hears the commotion, chases the punk out, and continues spanking his daughter, using a handful of implements he says are kept at the ready for his wife–yet another version of the British household arsenal. The blond girl has quite a body; the only real action in this segment is watching her struggle to avoid the strap and the paddle.

Case 2: Two cunning blond students caught cheating by a teacher, a venerable actor-spanker from this producer, with an unmistakable eye for the young tush. The girls are sent to his office to be spanked one at a time. ‘Marilyn James’ is first–submissive, hands-on-head. She cowers as the professor waves the cane. Camera gets in close, helping us to see more than she intended showing. She squawks, and blonde #2, the smouldering ‘Michelle,’ is seen listening in the corridor, chewing her lip in apprehension. Marilyn pulls her pants up when the professor gets the cane, but “we’ll have these right down,” and back over the desk for a short effective 6 strokes, bottom full-screen.

Michelle, the virtual prototype for a saucy schoolgirl, who would be trouble for any male teacher–blond pigtails and bangs, pouty lips, blue saucer eyes, and with a body pressing for release against her classic attire, whispers breathy frightened inaudible answers to the professor’s probing questions, heads-on-head. She is going to be spanked, she knows, but she will not be caned, because Marilyn lifted the answers to the test from her.

She is stretched across the desk also and the professor pulls her pants down right away. This is a bottom which can cause bells to ring. Her handspanking is moderate and a joy. Her squeaks of discomfort will stay in your head. The professor decides she must take off ALL her clothes–the mildest objection crossed her face and evaporates. She faces us–little auburn peach fuzz winking from below a little round girlish belly. After just the perfect amount on button struggle she pulls her silk blouse over her head. No bra, and a powerful perfect body, flat stomach, countable ribs, and breasts seeking attention.

Eyes downcast in embarrassed shame. Totally naked, somewhat more than totally naked. The professor continues to handspank her. When he finishes, he twirls her for us, lest we missed anything. She is sent naked to her bath, clothes in a bundle. He’ll be joining her to assist–“It’s part of the punishment”—this clever perverted bastard, he’ll get his fill of Michelle, cane or no cane. Elegant ageplay.