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Low Marks – BLUSHES

10 Aug

M/f; time: 20 minutes

One of the very early BLUSHES or ROUE films, in a tone parallel to ‘Detention Room,’ ‘Big Girls Do Cry.’ and ‘Half-Term Punishments,’ where ageplay guys, sometimes OLD guys, have their way with very young, submissive, nubile schoolgirls. There is a palpable sexual edge to the spankings, and all very British.

A schoolgirl rides on a swing attached to a tree limb, outside an almost palatial rural ‘cottage.’ A man calls her inside from an upstairs casement window. She goes in the house, maybe a little fearfully, and is greeted by an older guy, with one of those nanny-goat beards. He flourishes her terrible report card, It is a country house, with wooden doors and rustic hardware.

“I know what I am going to do, I am going to give you a damn good spanking…get some of your things off!” This isn’t necessary to spank her, but  it is what we do in these films. He picks at her clothes until she has been stripped to gymslip and panties.

OTK she goes, and she is a struggler. He takes her panties down, right off–plenty of fuzz poking between her legs. He spanks her here and moves her around, providing some leisurely frontal shots. He positions her kneeling up on a chair, the classic pose–the camera zooms on her bottom.

The geezer gets his cane, actually two of them.  He takes some practice swooshes, delighting in it, and she flinches. “Stick your bottom out.” He will cane in spurts, wildly, with the camera switching from bottom, to face, to full shot, in choppy editing. The girl struggles so much the guy can’t achieve clean hits. Of the many canings we have reviewed, this one seems one of the most realistic of a girl very much not liking the experience. She is slow to settle back in place after flurries. The guy strokes and fondles her bottom, and may well slip in a little frig.

He has the girl dress and move outside to the “woodshed,” where presumably they will continue. He did not want anyone to see her in her undies being led to the woodshed. Moving through the house, they pass the stairs to the second floor. We’re sure the girl would have volunteered to go upstairs were she given the option.

Big Girls Do Cry – BLUSHES

9 Jul

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Very old and very naughty ageplay; country gentlemen play with girls less than half their age.

Several spanking scenarios mixed together here; it looks like young ladies are indentured in a country house as baubles for the men there, a theme repeated in several other BLUSHES and ROUE film. The  opening scene is shot through the gauzy narrowed lens BLUSHES used to convey voyeurism A gentleman is handling and spanking a young blonde, gradually coaxing her clothes off, until she is naked. He spanks and fondles. At the conclusion, a friend joins him to partake of this little naked morsel.

The next scene is the longest. Before the fire at the country house, ‘Susan’ is trying to undress for bed and stay in the light of the sitting room because she is afraid of the dark and the cold upstairs. The gentleman on duty, ‘Uncle George,’ teases her, peeks as she strips, grabs her clothes, and otherwise works himself and us to a frenzy.

He tricks her into getting her OTK; she has already taken her panties off. She may not be as reluctant as she would appear. He turns the lights out on her and they next meet upstairs in his bedroom.

He begins a long fondling, spanking seduction, getting her pajamas off finally. Lot of shots of her swelling reddening bottom on the bed as she tries to avoid his slaps and cane taps. Plenty of frontals too, in the dim light of the firelit bedroom.

The film has a starling conclusion for this era of CP film. Susan is naked and looking very adolescent. She sits astride Uncle George on the brass bed, appears to settle on his penis, grabs the brass bars of the bedstead, and begins the slow up-and-down, trying to restrain her own gasps of ecstasy.

Half-Term Punishments – BLUSHES

6 Jan

5M/5f; year: early 1980’s;  time: 54 minutes

Historic vintage British film, and perhaps the naughtiest plotline potential you can find. A long review, as seen though our amateur eyes. Smarmy old British gents have a country estate full of young girls between terms at school, the purpose being to punish them, get their clothes off, spank them in all sorts of ways. This film distinguishes itself from others with similar storylines of detained girls, in that the men here clearly have prurient intentions, with some suggestion of fruition. We’ve composed this long review to try to do the film justice.

The film opens to the screams of one of the girls, being slippered, bare bottom, bent over a chair, her panties rolled down to her upper thighs. Thoughout this film, the positioning of knickers plays a central and ceremonial role, because they are the distinguishing manifestation of the surrender of the victim. Through the wavy window glass of this country estate, we see a Rolls Royce arriving with more men, eager subscribers to this fetish hunt club.

There is a scene of several men  gathered in a sitting room, discussing what they will do with the girls. ‘Lucy’ (this may be Lucy Palmer from ‘Room 2D,’  a film some vintage-oriented reviewers regard as the most erotic of all time) passes through the group in a white tennis dress. She is a redheaded gamin who catches your attention. One of the men tells her, “You’ll be getting what you deserve shortly.”

The girl who was getting slippered also passes through the room. Her knickers still down. The  men admire the job done on her bottom. Lucy is now jumped, she resists sweetly, and she is vigorously spanked OTK. Very intimate, well-lit shots for this era, pubic hair peeking out between her thighs. We read somewhere the actor ‘Alan Bell,’  who is one of the pouncing men, was the director. Lucy’s unhappiness is enjoyed by the group, and they applaud their confederate ‘Charlie,’ who performed the spanking.

A cute curly blonde, ‘Jasmine,’ is grabbed next. she has been watching the slippering in horror. The men push her up on the mantel, pull her knickers down, and begin a rousing handspanking– two men, each has a buttock. “What do you think you are doing?” she declares helplessly.

A housekeeping scene–through an open doorway, partially naked girls race around the kitchen, encouraged by an old geezer, who can be seen in other early Blushes films, doing his work on young female bottoms. How did he get this gig?

After a disastrous dinner presentation, the girls are pulled out of the shower, taken downstairs to see the men, who lounge in apres-dinner mode, the girls trying to cover themselves with towels–desperate helpless little morsels they are–and of course the towels are too small to do the job. The men rip off the towels they can reach and send the naked girls scurrying for bed, but not really.

There follow two private bedroom scenes,  when men visit girls privately, separately for little sessions. First, a ‘gentleman’  bursts in on ‘Rosalind,’ in her pink shorty pj’s. “I think you should take your little pants off.”  “What for?” she stammers, knowing pretty much what this is all about, and she doesn’t hesitate long. Resistance at this country house over this weekend probably doesn’t have its rewards. She gets a mild bare bottom smacking but shows us plenty.

A major portion of the film is devoted to the second bedroom appointment. “Good evening, Christine.” This may be Alan Bell as ‘Uncle Eric,’ who has made some poignant films for Blushes. The actress is Eileen Daly, a doe-eyed auburn/redhead, also with a dynamic body, soon to be seen in toto. Ms. Daly continues to act in the year 2013. Not surprising, this film could NOT  be found in any of her biographies we saw. She was less than 20 years old when she agreed to this with her agent. We could not find any other CP work she did. This is memorable and is one of our favorite scenes in all the literature.

Christine is back from the bath uncle wanted her to take and wrapped in just a towel. She knows what her uncle intends. “Have you learned that bottoms are are not just for sitting?” “Uh…sort of,” she hesitates. Another girl seeing where this is headed.  She lets her hair down slowly in the sexiest way. Eric rips off the towel and she reflexively covers up, lifting a knee and bending to cover her boobs. She is told she will have to come to this house every school holiday “between now and your eighteenth birthday.” Naughty dialogue.

Eric takes her OTK, quite naked, for a slow and moderate handspanking. She flails and struggles in one of the most erotic spanking squirmings you will see. After a short revealing kneeling on the floor, she bends over the brass footboard for the cane–boobs hang, bottom soars in shadowy light. Breathtaking, you will remember this image  a while.

Eric gets her across pillows on the bed for the cane. You can hear her whisper sotto voce “Not too hard.” Bell knows this made the soundtrack and dismsses her anxieties and tells her she’s going to get what’s coming. “Kneel up, head down, bottom up!” Little gasps. On the soundtrack, we hear Rosalind’s cries ringing  from the other bedroom. “Stick your bottom up, up, up!” Another kneeling position for the cane, she is ordered to get in bed, quite naked. the film ranks in our top five.

The concluding scene features 3 of the girls, in just camisoles and panties, being put through PT exercises and getting whacked one at a time. Panties are discarded as the humiliation plays out. Great ageplay.

What Bottoms Are For – BLUSHES

20 Jul

M/3f;  year: 1985; time: 45 minutes

Young bottoms, older men, vintage ageplay; seems a bit earlier than 1985;   maid answers the phone in a country house, what appears to be a ‘reform school’ for young ladies who need attitude adjustment. Two blondes are seen in the background as a man arranges for the arrival of another client.

The master turns to the girls, has them strip naked, and put on white panties and little sunsuits. They are embarrassed but resigned to the requirement. The scene is viewed voyeur-style through an open door, the illicit vantage point suggested in many of these early films. Nudie undressing is a major part of this era of film.

“I’m going to give you a demonstration of the things you sit on….what bottoms are for.” He calls in the maid, ‘Miss Penny.’ He takes her OTK and rucks up the silly little skirt to her fetish maid’s outfit to expose striped silk panties. To think, Penny gets spanked for illlustration whenever the master wishes. The blond girls shrink at the sight. “That’s what is about to happen to you.”

The master torments the girls in turn, rucking up their sunsuits and working down their panties, a process interferred with by the crotch straps, but it is fun–the girls know they are helpless baubles. Mild spanking and whimpering, very erotic. He lowers their tops to expose their breasts, undeterred by their shy little maneuverings.

The next morning the girls are brought outside to the pool, shivering in just knickers. Pants off, they do so silly PT, if naked PT can ever be considered silly. The reluctant girls are urged into the water, but soon are out for more PT. (It  must have been decided it was too cold or the scene didn’t film well.)

Inside, the naked girls in turn lie across a stool and make swimming motions, while the master spanks them with a ruler, a frivolous acivity but very submissive. The master teases them with the tip of his cane.

Miss Penny is summoned again, for another demonstration! She wears the same knickers as yesterday!  She is first spanked with a ruler, and then in a new scene, is being caned on a glass tabletop in different knickers. The girls listen to this punishment from outside the room, and now they wear different sundresses, which will provide access to the important parts.

The pervert-master is overtly sexual. He torments and undresses the girls slowly, fondling, twirling, exploring. Their resistance is meek. Naughty talk, slow spanking, the end-game for one or both of them is clear. The master tells them it is time for bed, puts his glasses down on top of a discarded pair of panties on a side table. To one of the girls, “I hope you has the good sesne to make the necessary preparations.”

Spanking For Pleasure, Caned For Truancy – BLUSHES

20 Jul

2M/f; time: 18 minutes

Smarmy, overtly sexual  spanking tale; one of the most erotic  sexual spanking stories you will see, made in the golden age of BLUSHES and ROUE in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, featuring brunette actress Jenny Close and two of the classic ageplay characters, who have chased post-teen bottoms in a number of films, and who we always thought must be major investors to get these roles.

The “Headmaster,” an older British ‘gent’ with a gray-white hairstyle you’d expect to see in the circus, and his associate, another guy with roving hands in his films; student “Clark” has been caught at a bus stop, escaping from school. She is brought to the Head, who explains “corporal punishment” to her. She immediately protests, to no avail.

The Head to his assistant: “Take her shirt off.” The guy starts with the blouse buttons. “What do you think you are doing?” He gets her blouse and tie off. No bra. After giving us a moment, she covers up. “We’re going to make her ashamed….lie down, on your back!”

The openly deviant and sexual aspect of the discipline is palpable in this film. The young lady seems to have no choice, as don’t any of the girls undergoing ageplay torment in various states of nudity in the BLUSHES and ROUE films of this era. Whippings at school are preferable to facing parents.

“I hate this school.” “You’ll hate it even more in a moment.” The HM hands the cane to his associate and leaves. “The headmaster wants you caned, so caned you will be.” He makes her kneel on the floor, “head down, bottom up.” He flicks her pleated blue skirt over her head to expose blue knickers. She is helpless.

Teasing her with the tip of his cane, she must stand. He tweaks both nipples. “Bend over, touch the floor, you’re a dancer.” The first caning comes on her knickers–six strokes, the fifth is high and wild, causing Clark to jerk and reach back. She gasps on each and quietly counts aloud and requests the strokes. She stands and rubs. “I like caning pretty girls’ bottoms,” the guy states the obvious.

“Bend over, I’m going to bare your bum…if you tell your parents you’ll be in real trouble.” We’d have to think awhile what worse could happen to her. He lowers her knickers slowly, with practiced perversion. “Aah…nice marks.” Pats and fondles, and a winking puss without a hair. Six more cane strokes, very hard, full swings, more desperate gasps and some spliced editing of unhappy facials.

“We’ll take those knickers right off now, don’t you think…and the skirt.” She is stark naked and he can’t resist: “If only that Headmaster could  see me now, WOW!” She bends over for the next round, he smacks her bottom, demanding she speak up. Six more on the bare.

“I’m enjoying this very much…we’re coming up nicely…stand up for a minute.” Another opportunity for a full frontal. “Down you go…open your legs.”

Five more strokes, when the Headmaster bursts in. He is impressed with his associate’s progress, thrilled with the naked Clark, and quick to seize the cane.

“Lie down,” on the floor again, on her back, for the taking. We don’t see this sort of overt subjugation in most CP films. He has her roll over onto her stomach and lays four more strokes on her bottom. He grabs her hair and pulls her up to face into the camera–no hiding of her pain! One more slap on her bottom, then she is sent to class. “You’re going to be in terrible trouble if you run away again.” Quite a caning and humiliation, 24 strokes or more, and difficult to do repeats when you have to gasp out the count.

Detention Room 1 – BLUSHES

17 Mar

2M/2f; year: 1986; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

An amended review. Historic ageplay, very young bottoms and older schoolteachers, lovely naughty stuff from the early BLUSHES genre; two beautiful schoolgirls snared by older men, with the focus always on the “bottom.” Here two misses are held in detention and are to be punished for their poor academic performance. Actors Alan Bell and John Hotten play ‘Mr. Fordyce’ and ‘Mr. Elliott’ and will torment and spank the girls in a classroom setting and in a manner best not discussed with the school board. And you would need to be sure of no interruptions during this hour. Is the door locked?

Jane, a blonde, and Penny, an unusually striking brunette, retrieve safety pins from their desks and are shown how they will pin up their short uniform skirts, part of the long foreplay to the main event. Each girl stands, fails on a quiz question, then pins up a corner of her skirt, until both skirts are fully pinned up and the girls’ well filled-out regulation knickers are completely on display. Jane, and especially Penny, show delightful distain at having to be so humiliated. But we are just getting started.

Matters escalate. When the girls miss their next questions, they must remove their panties and pin them to the blackboard. We’re watching closely. Both girls remain bare from the waist down, but wear blouses, sweaters, knee socks, and heels from here on. Very sexy. Jane gets the first spanking, over a stool, after 18 minutes of anticipation and safety pinning. Penny is then spanked a little bit harder and is the first to start with the sniffles.

A  camera angle from the rear of the classroom presents a view of two bare-bottomed girls seated at their desks between torments. The girls are made to kneel on their desk seats and lean forward onto the desktop, presenting the obvious visage. Various spankings at their desks and over the stool accrue from failed questions. The two men keep working on these bottoms until detention is over. Sweet stuff. Occasional frontals, no shaving.

Of course the cane has been lurking. Jane is first and must kneel precariously on the stool, her pretty bottom high and bright, for about 10 moderate strokes. Pretty Penny is much less fortunate and we are the beneficiary–she takes about 40 increasingly hard strokes. She teeters delightfully, hands-on-head, to keep her balance, kneeling erect on the hard stool, as Fordyce laces her bottom, kept front and center in the camera. Ouch.

This film always suffered from a lighting error. This copy is longer, and possibly a little brighter. In this copy, at the very end, Penny is seen naked in bed, waiting fearfully. Bell has collected his post-spanking rewards in other BLUSHES films.

School Reports 1 – BLUSHES

7 Apr

M/2f;  time: 21 minutes

A classic oldie with all the production qualities we were fascinated with in the 1970’s, when we discovered that films had been made catalogiing our fantasies. The real tears flow in part 2 of this couplet, the groundwork laid here. Schoolgirls Julie and Amanda reside with their Uncle George and Aunt Martha. The girls are naughty, frisky, and just begging for what happens in these films.

Martha prepares dinner, George comes home from supervising a construction project, and the girls frolick at school on the way home, all in a series of exterior scenes which took a little work. The girls, two cute and plausible blond adolescents, in full school unform, blazers, and berets, gambol into the home, almost late for dinner. George is furious with their insouciance and appearance and eager to see what we guess he hopes are bad ‘school reports”  due this day.

He is a spanko, we can see. He patted Martha’s bottom when they embraced, and he whacks Amanda with a newspaper when the girls are sent to clean up for dinner.

There follows a scene common in these early Blushes, Roue, and CalStar films. Through the open bathroom door we watch the girls leisurely strip naked and bathe from the sink, turn and bend for full inspection, frontal nudity, but mostly plenty of bottom, and enticing preparation for events to come.

Downstairs, George and Martha talk. He wants to get at them and warns: “The girls need a damn good lesson….they need to feel my strap or cane.” He loves the spanking words. Martha is defensive and protective of the young ladies, apparently experienced with his proclivities, something which will cost her tears in part 2. He is harshly critical of her and she seems quite obedient.

The naked girls dress slowly in their bedroom, we voyeurs behnd the camera. Martha joins them with warnings. She explains: “….it’s time you felt the sting of his cane around your bottoms.” She describes for them the lasting feeling of the cane on flesh; she too loves the CP cues.

Under some pressure to control the girls herself, she takes first Julie then Amanda OTK on their bed, pulling their little panties down. These spankings are erotic teasers for things to come. The girls come downstairs where Uncle George dials up the intensity in part 2.