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11 Jan

2F/3f; time: 54 minutes
An odd film; we don’t have the title correctly and probably the wrong producer. We’ll amend when we can.

Three schoolgirls in charcoal gray, a matron in white uniform, ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ as the senior teacher, and ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ as a young teacher. All the action for this large cast occurs in the corner of a room at the base of a steep set of stairs. There is often no room on camera for everyone.

The schoolgirls are spanked in various ways; they change into gym kit, Ms. Lewis gets spanked herself, by Gillian-Lancer and the matron and also by the students. Handspanking, strap, cane. Confusing action not worth detailing. Minimal bare bottom, mild punishment, and convoluted storyline.

These Girls Must Be Caned – BRITISHSPANKING

18 Feb

M/2f; time: 37 minutes

Two “schoolgirls” are spanked on a sort of Vaudevillian set, a blacked-out stage with a few classroom props. The male disciplinarian will show little of his face; he wears academic robes.

‘Mary Anne’ will be spanked first. She is average-looking, that is, until she has taken her clothes off. After some perfunctory scolding, she goes OTK, school skirt up, white knickers quickly down. After this preliminary, she stands and bends forward onto a tall lectern for the tawse, panties down again, this time with gusto by the professor.

While the professor twirls a cane, Mary Anne is ordered to strip naked, which she does with some embarrassment, trying to cover herself. Back over the lectern, he begins moderate strokes. “Are you counting these?” Whimpers. “Yes.” About 12 strokes, then she apologies for her transgressions–leaving campus, smoking, her studies.

‘Sophie,’ a blonde, is next. She is soon OTK on this stage. The professor sees to her knickers. Over the lectern for a strap. When she strips naked, she pauses at her panties with a beseeching glance. Good frontals as she faces the disciplinarian. Over the lectern, she has a solid, muscular bottom and strong thighs. About 15 strokes, zoom in on the damage. She can’t help watching and jumping at some strokes, earning some do-overs. Impressive wheals and some skin pops at the conclusion.


14 Jul

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

A formulaic schoolgirl session with a few variations–the girls wear peculiar one-piece shift-like dresses like a hospital orderly, and the headmistress is a bit more severe and mischievous than her board of directors would probably prefer.

The girls are French, or very good actresses, because their cries of pain will be in a foreign tongue. A very dour headmistress, in dark clothing. glasses, hair in a bun–all the trappings of a CP lesbian dominatrix, has them on the carpet in her office. It is either expulsion or, well, let’s get on with it.

Among other things, the girls were caught with a spanking videos, giving this headmistress ideas. She relishes discussing “red rare bare bottoms,” “knickers at the ankles,” etc. “Which one of you will go first? Let’s start with you, Sophie.” Sophie is a thin blond and looks to be not only out of finishing school, but out of college and even graduate school. She raises her simple dress to expose full-cut white panties and goes OTK. The handspanking is moderating before the headmistress tugs down the pants. Sophie is sent to the corner to stand bare bottomed.

Light brunette Lucille receives the same, having to pull her own panties down first, an appreciated submissive gesture.

Sophie returns, drops her drawers herself, and takes a fairly hard slippering. Lucille’s turn–while she is getting the slipper, Sophie standing to the side, must peel off her dress, in the same camera shot. She is naked but for a lacy bra. She ensures we don’t miss her curly pubic hair.

These spankings are filmed in an unusually ornate room, with tapestry wallpaper. Victorian paintings cover the walls, and furniture reminiscent of a residential hotel lobby.

It is Lucille’s turn to take off her dress. She is down to her bra. The screen is filled with pink flesh. The headmistress is ready with a martinet. The girls take turns, hands on the couch, for moderate strokes.

The headmistress takes some pleasure in showing the girls a very still tawse and a cane. They are told to take off their bras, and the headmistress teases the girls’ breasts with the tawse and cane. “You can walk out of school now and face your parents or finish it here.” The girls take brief sessions with the tawse before it is cane time.

Sophie is caned first, just 6 strokes, and the headmistress pulls her punches. Lucille gets a similar light 6. We finish with the side-by-side view; the nudity and humiliation are the best parts of this video.

Uniform Discipline Vol 2 – PARADOX BRITISHSPANKING

7 Mar

F/f; F/f; time: 53 minutes

If you like women in uniform having to bend over; the copy we watched was called ‘NEW Uniform Discipline.’ A tall uniformed military officer, ‘Ms. Elizabeth Barton-Jones,’ is to be punished, and she clearly knows what is about to happen. First, she is ordered to watch the caning and showering scene from Sophie Fennington’s ‘Canings and Cold showers.’ Seven minutes of that video are repeated here, in sepia tones. Spankophiles would agree these sequences of Sophie over a table and in the shower are hall-of-fame level in the CP genre. Presumably, the producers of Paradox, British Spanking, and SfP are affiliated.

The officer reports to room #10, a bare NuWest style punishment chamber, watches the film, and confronts an attractive blonde wearing a doctor’s smock, who will administer the discipline, and an equally attractive nurse, who will assist. Ms. Barton-Jones bends over a trestle and gasps when her panties are immediately yanked down. The fetish aspects of corporal punishment are satisfied by both the military and the medical garb.A few handslaps then a thorough strapping with an oblong mean-looking paddle/strap. The punishments here, as in other Paradox films we have seen, are firm and realisitc. “Take your skirt off…we haven’t got all day.” More hard strapping, excellent closeups.”Crop, nurse!” Very hard session with the riding crop. Barton-Smith stands again–jacket off, tie off, knickers removed from her ankles, bend over a trestle, in just her hat, a blouse, garter belt and stockings. Nice humiliation as the nurse observes and Barton-Smith is spanked on her way to nudity. Another wicked strap is used. “You’re whimpering.”

On her feet again, blouse off. A hard-working bra shows a dramatic figure, all disguised in the bulky uniform. The “doctor” announces we “need to take harder measures,”  which after the hand, crop, and two straps, can only mean–the cane. It is a huge, thick, senior cane, not the whippy, swishy variety. Ms. Barton-Smith takes about 15 strokes, with lots of crying and pleasing, pauses, jumping up, etc. Realistic, we thought.

Another moment when Barton-Smith stands. She takes her bra off andf finally her garter belt, and is naked. Quite a body. She denies Lesbian rumors about her. The nurse: “I don’t think she’s been punished enough.” In other settings, such a nurse could suddenly find herself over the trestle. Another brief caning over the trestle, then a short strapping of her palms, providing an extensive study of her breasts. Pro forma, she is sent off naked, clothes in a ball.

A separate spanking story follows. Brunette ‘Rebecca Hamilton’ studies her punishment slip. She must report to a Don at her finishing school for corporal punishment. The Don is male porn actor ‘Jack Uppitt,’ one of the great naughty and intrusive spankers in this British era.

The uniform here is simple, zippered white shift, as if she were a nurse’s aid or beauty operator. It will certainly come off easily. She reports to the Don, an entertaining  goofy guy we’ve seen at work on other girls in the ‘Finishing School’ series, an effective spanker, an inveterate pygophilist, and excellent at reducing a girl to tears. He is actually wearing his mortarboard.

This is meant to be a punishment session. Rebecca goes OTK, is handspanked on her Navy-blue regulation knickers, they come down. She asks in Oxfordian rhythms: “Is this necessary, sir?” “Certainly is.” She stands to hand over her panties before the OTK continues, with a very hard, mean-looking round leather paddle. The Don spanks with powerful strokes. The camera angle is on the level with her buttocks, so her round solid bottom is highlighted.

Up again, the little shift-like dress easily over her head, down to just white bra, which the Don decides is better off, back OTK, “legs slightly apart, please” to finish with the paddle. “We’re going on now to the cane.

The girl bends over a piano, naked, and seems to know to arch her back and  stick out her bottom without direction. She has probably been told a few times in fact what a great borttom it is.  About 30 strokes, but not as severe as previous punishments. Closeup obliques show countable welts, but the Don is easing up. She has fulfilled her requirement and may leave.


9 Sep

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Another whipping for Nicky Montford; this actress has made a number of short CP videos, where she takes memorable and revealing canings and strappings which may defy your comprehension as to severity. Here, she has been caught masturbating and will be spanked on the spot in the hallway.

The familiar disciplinarian Peters makes her stand on a chair. She lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to display the target–she has been spanked recently. He takes her panties from her and hangs them on the newel post of the adjacent staircase, and erotic and subordinating little gesture we always enjoy when performed by spankos who covet the trophy.

“Open your buttocks….wider.” After this inspection she climbs down. “Grip the chair…spread your legs.” He opens her cheeks again, then begins a handspanking. Next he uses a small hard leather paddle.

She stands and strips naked. He slaps her breasts with his paddle–this more than CP, his interest in her. More spanking over the chair, jaybird, various intrusive shots.

With his cane, he taps her nipples and handslaps her stomach and pussy.

Bend-over, touch-toes, “leap wider,” to spread her legs as far as she can. The usual long and amazing caning for Ms. Montford: 8 strokes, a pause, 10 more, rest, a few more. She is dead quiet, there are various angles filmed, and probably repeats. Marks all over her bottom and thighs.

Her tormentor keeps going. More handspanking, more of the cane in a standing position. When she is finished, he makes her squeeze the cane between her buttocks, a long hold, then he spreads oil where it will do the most good.

Wait Till He Gets Home – BRITISHSPANKING

15 Aug

MF/f; time:  23 minutes

Punishment CP actresses, an older ‘Dublin O’Brien’  awaits her “niece.” A blonde in schoolgirl kit walks in, looking like actress ‘Rebekah Jordan.’ “You’re late.”

Dublin takes her OTK, white panties down–the actress keeps her hair off her face. The spanking doesn’t take. Into the corner, pants down. “I’m disgusted with you.” Dublin gets her cane. Bend-over, hands on the couch, for 20 mild strokes. “Thank you very much, auntie, for teaching me a lesson.” Do we believe her?

Uncle Jack is due home at 6 PM. “He wants you in your pajamas.” The blonde knows what that means and begs. Dublin calls Uncle Jack–“She’s waiting here in her pajamas. She knows she’s going to get her bottom thrashed,”  and she whispers a  request from the schoolgirl, “Could she keep her pants on?”

Jack arrives and festivities commence. She has to drop her pj bottoms. “You call that punishment?” he says when he obaerves the marks. We begin with OTK, filmed from a low angle to provide glimpses between her legs. She is scolded and teased before she kneels bare bottom on a stool, bent forward with elbows on the couch. a sexy position and a mild caning.

Bare Bottom Brits #13 – BRITISHSPANKING

8 Jun

3 segments; time: 56 minutes

‘Naughty Knickers’ (M/f; 18 minutes) Blond actress ‘Heather Stanton,’ still with a persistent little cough found in some other films (you don’t stop filming in CP), chats on the phone. The male character Peters she has made most of her films with enters. She is late with homewrk at school, all the time.

He devises a clever cure for her habits. He cuts out the seat of a pair of her knickers, so her bottom will be easily accessible to anyone on short notice. Then, “I’m going to make sure over the next half-hour your arrogance is gone.” She looks delightfully shocked.

OTK spanking, sniffles. Over the table for the cane, the cut-outs providing a nice target. A dozen strokes, the lines develop on the screen as we watch. She begs to use the bathroom halfway through. At the conclusion, “kneel straight” on the chair, “spread your bottom cheeks wide!”

‘Work discipline’ (M/f; 8 minutes) Blond Heather at a makeshift desk doing her work. The regular male actor, here her boss, “You’ve got a data loss.”  She can be fired (sniffles). “I need this job…isn’t there anything else I can do?”  “…I  would give you a bloody good thrashing…this is the real’re prepared for that?…you need a pretty good hiding.”

“Take your jeans down…and the knickers.” OTK. Her bottom is clear, despite her busy filming schedule. Bottom closeup, hands-on-head. This actress is always good for a leisurely nude pose. She agrees to the strap and bends over a chair; boobs hang in that popular posture. Doubled strap, slow-motion added. Top off, naked. More strapping, before the boss finishes and asks her not to discuss this with anyone.

Finishing School Discipline #4 – BRITISHSPANKING

16 Apr

MF/2f; time: 49 minutes

We loved ‘Finishing School 1-3,’ circa 1998, simple formulaic schoolgirl spankings, great exploitation of innocent students–pajamas, after-hours, total nudity, embarrassment, etc. with no nastiness or cruelty, and of course smarmy humorous disciplinarians, nudging the girls right to the edge of impropriety. This FSD #4 carries the same “Paradox” production logo, but is more recent.

The scene is a finishing school in a tony London neighborhood. A gray-haired ageplay gentleman, familiar to us from ‘Moonglow’  and ‘CalStar’  appearances (and we later know to be ‘Jack Uppitt,’ with a tendency to negotiate sex with his spankees) , is a member of the school’s board of governors and pays a call at the school on some disciplinary matters.

The sets, costumes, and production standards are excellent. The spanking scene is a well-appointed sitting room–no sense of a motel room or an office with the furniture pushed aside, as we often see. We get it all here–pristine sets, pretty girls, good dialogue, and crisp discipline. There is the fireplace mantel. Will anyone have to lean on it?

The first matter is student ‘Turner,’ who has hassled and assaulted French teacher Mss DuPont. The governor and Miss DuPont discuss what should be done with Turner. “Punish her severely, we might get through to her…” Miss DuPont takes unusual care to describe her own youthful spankings, in colorful detail, “always on the bare bottom.” Governor: “You believe in the bare bottom?” “Yes.” The governor must be getting a rise out of this. “So you’re going to give her naked bottom a good beating?” “Yes.”

The governor decides to let Miss DuPont deal with Turner. When she is alone, to herself: “I think I am going to enjoy this.” DuPont is a young sophisticate, a thin blonde dressed in white slacks and a spiffy jacket. We hope the board of governors finds some dissatisfaction with something she has done at a future date.

Turner, a blond, uniformed, credible schoolgirl, is called in, given the lecture, and is dragged OTK. Skirt up, blue pants, she struggles realistically, especially as Miss DuPont works her knickers down, which she was eager to do, in a sexy little tussle we wish was done more often. The OTK handspanking is mostly struggling, but we only just begin.

DuPont has Turner stand and lean on the spanking bench, for a slippering. Charming, perfect spankable bottom, taking on some pink, perfectly lit and positioned. DuPont is smiling and enthusiastic; Turner whines just a bit too much.

DuPont: “Let’s have a look at you.” She removes Turner’s necktie and unbuttons her blouse–no bra. Turner drops her own skirt after a moment of dispute and stands naked. “Hands at your sides!” DuPont  is thrilled, the camera pans and zones in on one of those perfect mohawks and holds as she stands naked. Intense stuff.

Hands-on-bench again. “Open your legs.” More hard slippering, full-screen bottom closeups. Turner is sent off naked. Is she finished?

In another scene in this sitting room, the governor is going to deal with tall, thin, blond Johnson, identified as actress ‘Rebekah Jordan’ in some places. She is accustomed to this guy. “You know the position” –OTK. Skirt up, lovely little white panties, just barely covering a small, tight, athletic bottom. This actress keeps her legs locked straight, thrustng her bottom dramatically high on the governor’s lap.

She too wrestles with him; he has to pin her free arm as he spanks. This gentle resistance we find very stimulating. She stands, skirt off, pants at ankles, hands-on-head makes her blouse rise and her bottom peek out as she moves. Ritual-postures another praise-worthy notation for the British at Paradox. To the bench for a mean-looking thick embossed leather strap. Only moderate swings, but to good effect, and fast sets cause Johnson to squirim. Lovely choking tears and wet face in closeups. The governor may be having his fun but he is not finished.

“Get in position. You’re going to get caned.” Johnson puts hands on the bench, legs straight. Her bottom is thin, perfectly molded, and hard. With less flesh, these strokes must hurt more. 20 strokes are shown, mild to moderate. She cries and twists seductively. Long shots of her, naked from the waist down, in the staid setting of the Victorian furnishings, are appealing.

After 12 strokes, she shifts to hands-on-knees posture, legs about 18″ apart, which tightens her bottom even more. A few bright wheals show on her thighs. To conclude, she bundles her clothes and hustles off half-naked. The governor is seen leaving for the day, hopefully energized for whatever he does next.

Spanking Auditions – BRITISH DISCIPLINE

29 Jun

2M/2f;  time: 28 minutes

Two spanking film audition ‘interviews,’ done  in Internet style, in one room, one camera, one spankee.

I ‘Jodie’s Desires’  ‘Jodie,’ a vivacious young frosted blonde, with a charming Scottish accent, plays a girl eager to be spanked for fun and profit. She “likes the action, being dominated,” and is teased by the male interviewer into to pleading to us: “I’m looking for someone to spank me, please help!” This actress does as a good a job as we have seen of beng enthusiastic about dropping her pants without appearing to have done it many times before.

[as sirens ring on the soundtrack] Jodie shows the spanker her bottom, bare but for a flowered thong; it has rouged marks from a recent spanking. As he takes her OTK, she giggles and laughs nervously. Her mirthful demeanor adds a dimension to the erotic byplay. They laugh more when he asks Jodie to drop her ‘cheap Pri Mark” jeans. After just a short spanking, he rolls down the thong. Jodie’s bubbly persona is just as evident below the waist.

Beautiful round and red bottom; the camera holds a closeup on it as they talk and change positions. The interviewer has a collection of implements. Jodie will receive two strokes from each and choose her favorite. Hands-on-chair, bare bottom out. 2 from the tawse, 4 from a heavy leather paddle (why were they’re four, Jodie wonders), 2 from the “school slipper,” and 2 little snap-turtle bites from a cane (‘yeoww”). She likes the paddle best. So did we–it covered most of her bottom. But she liked the cane least.

The guy paddles her about 10 times, moderate, from a fearsome piece of leather, and 2 final hard ones. She concludes her very successful interview by standing bare bottom on  a chair. The camera does not get in quite close enough.

II -‘Russian Labor’: Alexandra: In a short segment, an attractive Russian blonde auditions for a job, but is told it is “film work for the adult industry.”  The interviewer gently steers her to accept an audition for a spanking movie. He explains–too many girls accept this assignment then can’t produce when the filming starts.

“Take your trousers down.”   Alexandra baulks, feigning surprise that this is to be bare-bottom. The spanker urges her OTK, and begins spanking on her pink jockey-type panties. She giggles nervously; he spanks harder, taking the panties down. He achieves a nice uniform glow.

“I can say to the client that you’ve had a bottom spanking.” He stands her up and gives her a fast twirl. Cute number–she is shaved clean. He gives her the address of the film company and sends her along.

New Domestic Discipline #2 – BRITISH SPANKING

28 Jun

M/f; time: 39 minutes

The origins of this film and this producer are better known to the professional chroniclers of the CP industry. References to ‘Paradox Adult Film Entertainment’ and ‘Spanking for Pleasure’ encourage us that erstwhile British CP queen Sophie Fennington might have been in the front office.

A young brunette, ‘Lucy,’ who looks very much like the actress Rosaleen Young and performs with some of her signatures (although we have found no reference to this film in her biography), lolls among her stuffed animals, reading ‘Harry Potter,’ setting this film in about 1997. She sleeps naked, we’re happy to report, giving us a nude scene when she arises to put on her school uniform, including boater.

Lucy is staying with a male characfer we have praised in several CalStar distributions–he loves the female bottom. He’s called ‘Reggie’ in ‘A Mutual Agreement,’ among other appearances, and he gets into a girl’s knickers in the most entertaining, mischievous ways. No  exception here.

As a sort of spanking ‘uncle,’  he is appalled with Lucy’s schoolwork. He has talked to her headmaster and her parents. Confronting her, having laid the goundwork, “I am to act…in loco parentis…tonight…you know what you are in for.” He takes pleasure in telling her how hard the spanking, tawsing, strapping, and caning will be.

Another nude bathing scene, Lucy’s soft, youthful, natural body on display, every inch, including downy fuzz and sweet normal breasts; we FADE to the evening session underway. OTK, handspanking, on her black knickers. She makes “pathetic noises,” says Uncle. She calls him “pervert,” she is of course correct, but it costs her. “Let’s get those pants right down.”

Her bottom is blotchy already; he pins her struggling legs with his own, keeping up his characterisitic CP-related prattle, i.e. “Your bottom resembles one of your mother’s marvelous summer puddings.” He works her legs apart to stroke her inner thighs. “Pervert!” she mutters.

Uncle shows her his tawse. Lucy stands and strips naked–unfortunately this action was accelerated. Fuzzy pubic front, standing there in just knee socks and shoes. Cute stuff. Uncle fondles her head to toe.

Lucy bends over the couch arm, straddling it in her crotch. He straps her hard, sucking on his pipe, while she hollers after each stroke. She curls on the couch, naked in the fetal position, while he pours a cocktail and shows her the cane. This is a good actress–she reflexively reaches to cover her bottom when she sees the rattan.

Bend-over, hands on knees, legs “wide apart please.” very exposed. 10 slow strokes, hard enough to get anyone’s compliance. Pervy Uncle bends for a close look at what he has done to her buttocks: “I almost want to sink my teeth into it.”

He is an exquisite tormentor. He concludes her evening with a long, slow fondle of her as she stands nude for the camera, followed by another slow creaming of her bottom.