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Naughty Baby-sitters – CALSTAR

6 Jun

MF/2f; time. 41 minutes

Formulaic CALSTAR, always entertaining for us. Two blondes, on the smarmy side, are babysitting. They look as if they would be comfortable on a street corner. They begin some Lesbian play with each other, ignoring the baby upstairs.

The couple comes home. It is the venerable ‘Jack Uppitt’ and a wife, the actress looking the same age as the babysitters. The sex play is interrupted, Uppitt is furious, and he will report the girls to their parents. Their Lesbian tendencies are secret. “Isn’t there another way?” The baby is wet and crying. Uppitt is quick: “You’re both going to get a good beating.”

First, the wife will spank both girls OTK, skirts up, thongs down, mild but colorful. Both girls are in gym shape. Uppitt brings the familiar CALSTAR oval paddle, and two more paddles for both girls. Uppitt hovers for .close looks and some fondling. Both girls are stripped naked during their paddlings. Uppitt does some paddling, much harder, and elicits squeals.

The wife continues the spanking while Uppitt goes for the cane. The wife will cane both naked girls—about 30 strokes are shown for each girl, half of them repeats. The girls have gone quiet. The models know this will reduce the strokes and improve repeat potential. One of the blondes glances at the camera in some desperation. We’d like to think this was more than she bargained for.

Uppitt and his wife arrange for the girls to return next week for another round of spanking, otherwise they will be reported. These two girls are lucky—in other films Uppitt arranges for a blowjob at this point. But he’s home, there is his wife, and the evening is ending.

Prison Officer – CALSTAR

31 May

F/2f; time: 49 minutes

An older CALSTAR distribution we must have missed. It features dominatrix ‘Miss Brown,’ buxom and mid-career by our estimate, at least as to making spanking films. The scene seems to be a reform school, actually someone’s nicely appointed residence.

Two girls, a brunette and blonde, referred to with inmate numbers and wearing working jumpsuits, are assigned be Miss Brown to clean up a garden area. Of course the girls immediately goof off and sneak a smoke. They are caught by the redoubtable Brown and marched inside (where there are less filming challenges).

The girls will be spanked in the formulaic style used is producer, with the added interest of Miss Brown’s threatening persons and her unusual interest in fondling girls’ bottoms.

The brunette will be spanked first. She goes OTK on a chair in front of an attractive hearth setting. Lefty Brown, spanks on her pants, then dark panties, and then on the bare. Brown is not so experienced she can resist a smile for the crew. Handspanking. The brunette bends over the chair, emits a muffled laugh, and earns more OTK. Brown uses the some leather paddle found only in CALSTAR films. Then a thin strap, crisply applied as always.

Then the cane. About 25 strokes are shown, shot from several angles- rear, side, face, etc. to permit repeats. Short, sharp, wristy. We don’t recall Miss Brown pulling any punches in any of her films.

The blonde is called in next and gets the same procedure. Miss Brown likes the girls’ thighs open whenever she can. Both girls remain quiet and mostly still throughout their spankings, so as to permit repeats. The blonde gets the same caning. She bruises more easily, noticed by the camera. The girl jumps and rubs more. Brown has her take her top off, so that she is naked. Quite heavy welts here. As with the brunette, she is sent off, with the threat that she will work naked if there is another offense.


The Band Played On – CALSTAR

2 Aug

M/f; time: 11 minutes

A brief exercise. A paunchy and scruffy ‘Michael Dawes’ excitedly wakes up ‘Cyn.’ His band’s video is playing on MTV. When she won’t get up, he decides to spank her right there in bed. He gets her shirt up and then her red panties down. One of his standard spankings, lots of chances for wandering hands as she squirms on his lap on the edge of the bed. The bed does not permit good camera angles.

He sends her to a closet to get a strap. She wiggles her bare bottom and flashes him with her sweatshirt. Over the end of the bed for a strap. Here closeups make up for any previous deficiencies.

Magician’s Methods – CALSTAR

2 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A glorious ageplay oldie, with ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’  and ‘Barbie Mel.’ Larry plays a magician. He is trying to train his pretty blond on-stage assistant, and the only way which seems to work is spanking her. Sir Larry covets his naked girls and their bottoms, dancing his fingers over their bodies in all his films. Barbie undresses for him–she will be spanked naked of course, but Larry wants to examine her figure in detail, given the costume she wears on stage. First comes a strapping, mild but vintage.

FADE. There has been a poor rehearsal, another spanking is in order, more serious. “I intend to spank you, then the paddle, then the cane.” Such formal announcements are part of the ritual in this CP era. The spankings are standard. The caning is something else. “Time has arrived to drive the lesson home.” Larry snaps hard with wristy strokes. We counted 35 strokes, there were some repeats, and Ms. Mel knows the value of going dead silent. Larry checks her bottom along the way. “You’re warming quite well.”

Larry wants her to massage the marks away before the next show; otherwise, she will have to wear a bustle. And he wants her naked for a twirl. He likes his girls. As close to the dirty old man you will find. You wonder that if, on the set, the girls didn’t have some problem with him.

Strap For Sophie – CALSTAR

1 Nov

M/f; year: 1997; time: 27 minutes

A CALSTAR which we reviewed 10 years ago for another site. Formulaic stuff, but still very entertaining. Looks like an actual office was garnered for this shoot. From the soundtrack, the set is near a rail line. Secretary Sophie shuffles around the office. Her boss, a CALSTAR veteran with a slightly perverted touch, is unhappy with her work and her attitude. And, he doesn’t like her short skirt, which lets her bottom peek out.

Sophie admits her poor attitude is the result of troubles with her boyfriend, who she argues with all the time and gets spankings as a consequence.  The boss figures a spanking here might work. It certainly appeals to his prurient interests, and it could be argued Sophie is asking for it. “We might enjoy our relationship better.”

He has Sophie bend over the desk so he can inspect her loose-fitting silk panties. He begins smacking, she doesn’t object at all. He bunches her panties and will continue with two different straps and a black leather stiffened paddle, getting in his fondles and squeezes.   No one must be around.

Sophie is made to strip down to just garter belt, once again, OK with her. She wants this job. The boss will cane her with his “brand spanking new cane.”  About 35 strokes are shown, various camera angles permit repeats, and Sophie spreads her stance to facilitate things.  There are welts and bruises. The boss moves around, “to practice my backhand.” He takes a very intimate look at his “handiwork” and is clearly having fun.

He informs Sophie that she will report every Monday morning for “three quarters of an hour of punishment.”  We’d have to say that the government might prefer this to unemployment benefits.

Retired Neighbor’s Troublesome Cleaners – CALSTAR

18 Oct

M/3f; time: 56 minutes

A weird film featuring the geriatric porn star ‘Jack Uppitt,’ among his other names. He plays a decrepit and disheveled pensioner. Three rather smarmy girls have been sent to his house to clean, Cleo and Mandy (blondes), and a black girl.

The goofy girls, hardly dressed for work in their little shorts and tops, set to cleaning. Jack receives a call from Cleo’s mother, who complains to him about her behavior. Jack had some reputation as a disciplinarian when he worked in the school system. Cleo’s mother wants her punished.

This is enough plot for Jack to get started. First, two rounds of OTK handspankings for the girls, panties down. The girls set back to work with no pants on.

Jack gets a slipper and there are two more rounds of spankings, the girls bending over a table and peeling off clothing until all three are naked. Jack is spanking harder here. Next comes a round with a very large and thick strap/paddle.

British style, now it is time for the cane. The black girl is caned first, and she is the bravest. She jumps up after numerous of the strokes. “All you do is whinge.” 20 strokes are shown. Repeats. She has been instructed to remain quiet to facilitate editing, but she struggles. Mandy holds her still.

Uppitt tells Mandy, “I have other plans for you.”

Cleo is caned next, a lighter dose, 12 shown, again, repeats. The first two girls gone, Uppitt leads naked  Mandy off-set by the hand, fussing with his fly.


Aupair Interviews – CALSTAR

16 Oct


A tall male actor, referred to as a ‘brute’ in other CalStar films, ‘Mr. Jaeger,’ has a nice gig here. He is interviewing aupair candidates for his children, and takes the opportunity to spank them and work their clothes off. The scene is the CALSTAR white couch.

‘Miss Clark’ is the first applicant to arrive. Jaeger explains the work and further indicates he wants to see if she can take a spanking, something he will be inclined to do from time to time. He gets her OTK, gradually gets her panties down and coaxes her to get naked. Clark is having increasing difficulty taking the spanking.

Finally naked, bending over the couch for the strap, she stands and asks to stop. He admires her tight and stacked little body, as do we. She sits naked on the couch with him, keeping her legs together. She agrees to stand for a few more strap smacks, but decides the job is not for her, gathers her clothes, and leaves. “Thanks for nothing,” she mutters. If it were us, we would have kept on interviewing and finding a way to make this happen.

A floozy blonde, ‘Florence,’ arrives for the second interview, one day late from France. He explains the procedures to her also. She has more invested…she has flown from Paris. She apologizes and suggests “We can come to some arrangement.” “…we spank bottoms…get over my knee…you might enjoy it.” OTK for a handspanking.

After some spanking, he begins to work down her slacks. “Oh, that wasn’t enough?” He uses her thong as a handle and keeps spanking. Cheeks getting red, legs spread, he massages. After some tawsing with Florence kneeling on the couch, Jaeger shifts to the cane. He fondles and maybe gets in a frig as she takes the touch-toes position. “I’m scared.” “You can go any time you wish to.”

Six strokes of the cane, very hard, instant marks. Florence is surprised. “Take your clothes off. I want to see what you look like…yes, everything.” She strips slowly [as an airplane flies over]–top, bra, stockings, thong. She keeps her back to us; from glimpses we can see she is not the package the first applicant was, but she is more courageous.

“We have one final test.” Jaeger has a cane-device, two or three strands of cane twisted in a licorice stick configuration and capped on both ends. He lays one fiercesome stroke, which sets her howling. She passes the test and is hired. They leave the room to find the children, and she utters a HOO-RAH as they pass out of sight.