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Nightmare on Kane Street – CALSTAR

18 Nov

2M/f; time: 44 minutes

An unusual film for CALSTAR, influence from the BDSM department on the ninth floor of their headquarters. A girl, identified on the box art as ‘Wendy Keeler,’ and called Evelyn here, ambles down a country lane, and is waylaid and dragged into an empty industrial building by a hooded male. She doesn’t struggle much.

In the building, they are met by a second hooded male. They get her top off quickly, we didn’t see a bra, and string her up with handcuffs. She struggles mildly. While one guy fondles her boobs, the second guy eases down her jeans and teases down her thong. He has to remove her heels to get her jeans off, and he puts them bsck on. He respects her feet on these floors?

They gag her with a necktie, not very effective, but ritualistic. Lots of rather intimate frontals during these struggles, reflecting tonsorial styles for this year. The staging and blocking do not feel like a regular producer for CALSTAR. One of the guys whips her with his belt. Not hard, but she twists and surges.

After a fade (needed of course to transition from one BDSM scene to another), Evelyn is tied naked over a plain sawhorse, which is covered with a blanket. She gets slippered here, the guy pulls his punches.


Another fade, she is tied onto a chair for the classic BDSM squirm, legs open. A cane appears. She is forced to drink some beer. When some spills, the men lick it off her body.

Fade again, Evelyn is strung up strappado for that cane. Somehow she is wearing different heels. CALSTAR’s box art says this torture went on for several days, but there is little indication of such passage of time.

Fade to an exterior scene. Evelyn is partially dressed and strung up again spread eagle. She gets the strap here. They get her skirt out of the way. She is seen walking around naked, essentially volunteering to go OTK.

More scenes; she is tied naked to a post and gets a modest frigging from behind.

On of the guys carries her upstairs, sack-of-potatoes, always colorful when the girl is naked. (Katie at NU-WEST, Samantha Woodley at FIRMHAND) Evelyn is tied into the chair again, but this time she escapes and we see her running around buck naked in the industrial rubble, those heels coming in handy.

Of course she is snagged, taken to the horse again, and caned. The guys spread lotion on her bottom.

In the final sequence, she lays naked on a bed, masturbating. Flashbacks suggest this was all a dream. Fun film, a number of set changes, unusual.

Troublesome Daughters – CALSTAR

24 Mar

M/2f; year: 1988; time: 31 minutes.

An old and clunky film, surely a KANE production from the George Harrison Marks era, distributed by CALSTAR. The actors are older, the plot improbable, and forget any continuity. GHM’s motive was to get pants off and bottoms smacked. For documented details of the CP film industry in this period, we refer you to a most studious reader of ours, blogger SPANKINGSUBMISSION.

An older guy, the house butler, is on the phone. GHM liked his ageplay. The butler is complaining to the Lord of the house about the behavior of his daughters. After a fade, Miss Prism, the governess, knocks and enters. He saw her spanking one of the daughters, and she will be fired for that, but she negotiates her way out of that, surely losing more leverage than ever.

After a fade, the butler catches Prism masturbating. Such gratuitous and salacious scenes were common in Marks’ work. She gets spanked for it of course. The way the spanking progresses—this is all a parlor game for them. Bend-overs, illicit frontals, the butler let’s her hair down. Rubbing. English Vice stuff.


Spanking for Nikki – CALSTAR

9 Dec

M/f; time: 31 minutes

An American film, and bit more aggressive than most. A couple are frolicking in front of a couch. As they caress, the guy pulls up her little black outfit to discover she is not wearing any panties. He gradually maneuvers her OTK on a low table and the spanking begins.

Lots of handspanking, probing, some frigging. She is loving it. He gets the dress off so that she is naked. More spanking and probing on the table. All sorts of naughty poses. Slipper, stick, cane. Diaper position. Cavity checks. Off they go to the bedroom.

Punished Call Girl – CALSTAR

14 May

F/f; time: 41 minutes

Subtitled ‘Big E #13.’ We have normally stayed away from and not reviewed films in this series, but we are locked down also, so we tried this one. Pleasant surprise.

After an exterior scene of what is probably Los Angeles, we see a woman sitting on a couch, waiting. We will see later the room has a wall rack of BDSM gear. This lady is a hired dominatrix.

Cut to a long and antiseptic hallway. A girl is looking for a room and knocks on the door in question. The matron receives her and begins the scolding—the girl’s employer is “disappointed” with her “service.” We’ve seen other films of prostitutes given an attitude adjustment.

The girl seems to know what is coming. She strips naked without objection. Lots of tattoos. The woman starts an OTK spanking, and standing. A strapping next, some of it in the diaper position. Sexy in this sterile ante room. And the wheelbarrow! Some interview!

After this initial and quite thorough spanking, the girl is taken to a bathroom. The woman is setting up enema equipment. She fills a black rubber bag and hangs it on a trolley. The naked girl steps into the tub. The hose nozzle is one of those squat, bullet-shaped models, medium size, and not so easy to insert.

The nozzle is lubed, as is the girl’s anus. The insertion is partially blocked by the woman’s hands. This cinema graphic detail has always been best done by LUPUS. The water is released, the girl bends over for more spanking.

This portion of the enema depiction is a new one on us. The woman breaks a coupling on the hose and marches the girl back into the sitting room. She has tied off the dangling portion of the hose to prevent leaking. No butt plug.

More spanking with the enema paraphernalia in place. And the cane. She is allowed to run to. The toilet. The disciplinarian calls her client to report the completed correction.

Painfull Memories – CALSTAR

17 Oct

F/f: time: 22 minutes

Spelling by the producer. Two credited actors in this American film: ‘Debbie’ and ‘Lesley Faye.’ Cute blonde Debbie, dressed credibly as a schoolgirl, is being scolded by her mother. She is being accused with having sex with her mother’s boyfriend. Debbie is asked to recall what happened to her the last time, setting up a flashback and the first spanking scene. Debbie was caught, lounging on a foldout bed, drinking beer. We go quickly to a brief and mild OTK bare bottom spanking.

Dissolve back to the present, where the scolding continues. Dissolve again to a bathroom, where Debbie was caught stealing a smoke. She wears only white bra and panties, loosely fitting. Her mother takes her to the living room, where she must drop her panties. She is strapped with a doubled belt on the couch, in various postures, including the diaper position. There was no shaving done when this film was made. Lots of pubic shots. Cute scene, and a bit more severe for the Americans.

Back to the present and the scolding. Debbie’s eyes bug out when she sees the cane her mother brandishes. She begs and denies, to no avail. She must drop her panties and bend over  desk. The caning is moderate, scattered snaps all over the place. Debbie confesses to the sex.

To the corner, more caning standing, panties up and down. Debbie great, American producer more adventurous.

Piano practice – CALSTAR

8 Oct

M/f; time: 19 minutes

An old but not vintage film, with Michael Dawes at the helm. An Auburn-haired girl is practicing on the piano. It is clear the model has never taken piano lessons. She wears a black top and plaid kilt. Dawes enters the room with a cane. He is in his latter-day unwashed and shaggy period. The set is different than the familiar CALSTAR rooms, because a piano was needed.

Dawes will of course cane her, and right to it in this short film. The girl bends over the piano, kilt up, little black panties. Dawes pulls them down slowly, in the style all his own. You would need a 10 cubic yard container to hold all the panties he has lowered.

He canes very hard, almost nasty. Marks develop quickly and become welts. And some marks down the thighs. A lot of pressure on that far buttock, suggesting this barrage is quite authentic. Lots of camera angles here, face, overhead, bottom closeup, long shot. Repeat, Dawes is nasty. He crouches for one of his intimate bottom inspections. This lady won’t be practicing piano for a while.

Punishment Room – CALSTAR

26 Sep

2F/2f; time: 26 minutes

Another disappointing American distribution. At least the idea is good. We are in a school ‘punishment room’ to witness two school spankings. Even on its limited budget, NUWEST could have done so much with this plot.

The first spanking is underway. ‘Miss Price’ is spanking a little blonde, ‘VirginIa,’ and not very hard. Panties down, handspanking and a paddle. There seems to be barn siding walls, suggesting some sort of ‘woodshed’ discipline.

In a new scene, Miss Price is arranging another spanking appointment, “tomorrow at 9 AM in punishment room 2.” Must be a very busy place. A cute blonde awaits Price in the room. A table displays a collection of spanking implements. The girl bends over the table and pulls down her own panties. “Pull ‘em down!” Paddling, palm slaps, not much.

But Miss Price is a bit of the devil. The blonde must crawl on all fours onto the table, skirt and panties gone, fully exposed, wearing just a gym slip. She gets the cane here and more laying flat on the table. Hard enough to make the film survive.

Naughty Baby-sitters – CALSTAR

6 Jun

MF/2f; time. 41 minutes

Formulaic CALSTAR, always entertaining for us. Two blondes, on the smarmy side, are babysitting. They look as if they would be comfortable on a street corner. They begin some Lesbian play with each other, ignoring the baby upstairs.

The couple comes home. It is the venerable ‘Jack Uppitt’ and a wife, the actress looking the same age as the babysitters. The sex play is interrupted, Uppitt is furious, and he will report the girls to their parents. Their Lesbian tendencies are secret. “Isn’t there another way?” The baby is wet and crying. Uppitt is quick: “You’re both going to get a good beating.”

First, the wife will spank both girls OTK, skirts up, thongs down, mild but colorful. Both girls are in gym shape. Uppitt brings the familiar CALSTAR oval paddle, and two more paddles for both girls. Uppitt hovers for .close looks and some fondling. Both girls are stripped naked during their paddlings. Uppitt does some paddling, much harder, and elicits squeals.

The wife continues the spanking while Uppitt goes for the cane. The wife will cane both naked girls—about 30 strokes are shown for each girl, half of them repeats. The girls have gone quiet. The models know this will reduce the strokes and improve repeat potential. One of the blondes glances at the camera in some desperation. We’d like to think this was more than she bargained for.

Uppitt and his wife arrange for the girls to return next week for another round of spanking, otherwise they will be reported. These two girls are lucky—in other films Uppitt arranges for a blowjob at this point. But he’s home, there is his wife, and the evening is ending.

Prison Officer – CALSTAR

31 May

F/2f; time: 49 minutes

An older CALSTAR distribution we must have missed. It features dominatrix ‘Miss Brown,’ buxom and mid-career by our estimate, at least as to making spanking films. The scene seems to be a reform school, actually someone’s nicely appointed residence.

Two girls, a brunette and blonde, referred to with inmate numbers and wearing working jumpsuits, are assigned be Miss Brown to clean up a garden area. Of course the girls immediately goof off and sneak a smoke. They are caught by the redoubtable Brown and marched inside (where there are less filming challenges).

The girls will be spanked in the formulaic style used is producer, with the added interest of Miss Brown’s threatening persons and her unusual interest in fondling girls’ bottoms.

The brunette will be spanked first. She goes OTK on a chair in front of an attractive hearth setting. Lefty Brown, spanks on her pants, then dark panties, and then on the bare. Brown is not so experienced she can resist a smile for the crew. Handspanking. The brunette bends over the chair, emits a muffled laugh, and earns more OTK. Brown uses the some leather paddle found only in CALSTAR films. Then a thin strap, crisply applied as always.

Then the cane. About 25 strokes are shown, shot from several angles- rear, side, face, etc. to permit repeats. Short, sharp, wristy. We don’t recall Miss Brown pulling any punches in any of her films.

The blonde is called in next and gets the same procedure. Miss Brown likes the girls’ thighs open whenever she can. Both girls remain quiet and mostly still throughout their spankings, so as to permit repeats. The blonde gets the same caning. She bruises more easily, noticed by the camera. The girl jumps and rubs more. Brown has her take her top off, so that she is naked. Quite heavy welts here. As with the brunette, she is sent off, with the threat that she will work naked if there is another offense.


Stolen Watch – CALSTAR

18 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Septuagenarian spanker and cocksman ‘Jack Uppitt,’ (David Charles)  in a short but complete segment here, which feels like an excerpt from a longer film we have not been able to find. He has caught a young blond student having stolen  his watch. We are in a one-room set with a couch, the scene of some other CALSTAR  distributions, where he has left some DNA behind in other stories.

Usual shivering acting. Uppitt pulls her top off  and she is suddenly naked. She has the centerfold  body and then some, quite a deviation from the normal schoolgirl CP model, but in line with the girls Uppitt gravitates to in his films. In essence, he likes tits as well as ass. He takes her OTK. “Legs apart,” as he always says. The girl has already been spanked today,  for another theft. He is going to spank her every day, lest her tell her parents. He likes to schedule his bottoms.

She kneels on the couch for the slipper. “Stick it out for me.” He arranges her into the diaper position on the couch and very much likes the view. He is the devil at getting a girl into a compromising position. Next, he splays her over a couch arm, another exposure. She has trimmed her pubic hair into the tiniest wisp. Time consuming we would think, and does such effort require assistance?

After a brief caning, he makes her clench the rattan between her buttocks, then sends her to her room. In some other films, at this point, he arranges an appointment with the unlucky girl in his own digs after supper, but not here.