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Aupair Interviews – CALSTAR

16 Oct


A tall male actor, referred to as a ‘brute’ in other CalStar films, ‘Mr. Jaeger,’ has a nice gig here. He is interviewing aupair candidates for his children, and takes the opportunity to spank them and work their clothes off. The scene is the CALSTAR white couch.

‘Miss Clark’ is the first applicant to arrive. Jaeger explains the work and further indicates he wants to see if she can take a spanking, something he will be inclined to do from time to time. He gets her OTK, gradually gets her panties down and coaxes her to get naked. Clark is having increasing difficulty taking the spanking.

Finally naked, bending over the couch for the strap, she stands and asks to stop. He admires her tight and stacked little body, as do we. She sits naked on the couch with him, keeping her legs together. She agrees to stand for a few more strap smacks, but decides the job is not for her, gathers her clothes, and leaves. “Thanks for nothing,” she mutters. If it were us, we would have kept on interviewing and finding a way to make this happen.

A floozy blonde, ‘Florence,’ arrives for the second interview, one day late from France. He explains the procedures to her also. She has more invested…she has flown from Paris. She apologizes and suggests “We can come to some arrangement.” “…we spank bottoms…get over my knee…you might enjoy it.” OTK for a handspanking.

After some spanking, he begins to work down her slacks. “Oh, that wasn’t enough?” He uses her thong as a handle and keeps spanking. Cheeks getting red, legs spread, he massages. After some tawsing with Florence kneeling on the couch, Jaeger shifts to the cane. He fondles and maybe gets in a frig as she takes the touch-toes position. “I’m scared.” “You can go any time you wish to.”

Six strokes of the cane, very hard, instant marks. Florence is surprised. “Take your clothes off. I want to see what you look like…yes, everything.” She strips slowly [as an airplane flies over]–top, bra, stockings, thong. She keeps her back to us; from glimpses we can see she is not the package the first applicant was, but she is more courageous.

“We have one final test.” Jaeger has a cane-device, two or three strands of cane twisted in a licorice stick configuration and capped on both ends. He lays one fiercesome stroke, which sets her howling. She passes the test and is hired. They leave the room to find the children, and she utters a HOO-RAH as they pass out of sight.

St. Rules School For Young Ladies -Make Believe – CALSTAR

6 Oct

M/f; time: 30 minutes

An odd film which does not follow the CALSTAR format. ‘Philippa Briggs’ room. A curly dark blonde lies on her bed, reading the Marquis de Sade, fantasizing, and peeking out the window at a male gardener at work. She masturbates.

There will be a sequence of dream scenes, where she is being spanked and tortured. A caning; a spanking while bent over in a pillory; and bent over a trestle/sawhorse.

Start at the Bottom – CALSTAR

20 Sep

M/f; time: 52 minutes

‘Anthony Lawton’  confronts a blond employee. She has goofed up somehow, and while she searches for some papers he needs, he admires her bottom.

After a FADE, she is being spanked OTK and apparently enjoying it. A  strange spanking scene in the office, skirt up, ample loose purple satin panties. He keeps working her clothes off= blouse off, no bra, huge circus boobs, why she was hired.

More or less naked, he creams her bottom, then continues the spanking. Pass on this one.


Pool Table Strokes – CALSTAR

9 Aug

M/f; year: 2010; time: 31 minutes

Another American production with ‘Sir Nik’ not worth detailing. He plays pool while a thin mulatto girl, ‘Miss Caddy,’  teases and annoys him into spanking her, which he does, in various positions, as she gradually loses her clothes.


Painful Promotion – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/3f; time: 50 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s second film, discussed and excerpted in her 1994 ‘Interview’ tape, and featuring her husband ‘Christian Fennington’ and two other girls, both of whom will appear in a few more films. The three girls are dressed in evening gowns, jewelry, and makeup. They play models who want to be considered for commercials Fennington is casting for.

This is the CP version of the casting couch. The girls have agreed to a little “kink” from the boss. Sophie explains that he is going to “spank our bare bottoms,” and shows her two nervous friends a copy of JANUS #32.

Two girls in tops with a ‘TALLION VIDEOS’ logo, panties, and garter belts will move among the spanking scenes and serve wine. Sophie said in  her Interview that one of the girls had too much to drink and had to be removed. We didn’t see it. Christian wants to begin. “Who’s first?”

A glamorous brunette goes OTK. Christian works up her evening dress to expose black panties. Moderate handspanking. Slightly excessive ‘ow’s,’ ‘ooh’s,’ and ‘ah’s.’ “Are you all right down there?” Christian wants to know. After all, this spanking is meant as recreation, not punishment. Christian takes her panties down.

“Who’s coming next?” (We are fairly sure he didn’t mean exactly that)  ‘Fiona’ wears a teal silk gown. OTK, Christian finds a pair of minimal black string bikini panties. he pulls them down, one of his career specialties.

Sophie is next. She wears a long white knit dress, which shows every curve. OTK, dress up, no panties. Our first look at Sophie’s beautiful red bottom.

The three girls kneel on the floor, elbows on the couch. Sophie pulls the other girls’  panties down. Christian is enthralled. “This is what I like, obedient women.” He manipulates the three  bare bottoms, having Sophie lie across the backs of the kneeling girls. Pile of flesh.

The girls are back on their feet, reorganized, smoking, and drinking. Cane time for the kinkster. Fiona lies on the couch. “Are you going to pull her knickers down?” Just three strokes, and Fiona looks surprised and alarmed.

Sophie herself spanks her brunette friend OTK. Christian is not impressed. “I don’t know if this girl really wants this commercial or not.”

Sophie’s turn for the cane. Over the couch, dress up, 6 strokes on the bare, as usual, not a sound from her, another testimony to the high pain threshold she is proud of. The girls move to the fireplace, gotta have a mantelpiece in these films. Facing us, Sophie pulls her knit dress over her head. Naked. One of the best moments in all her films. A few cane strokes for Sophie–she can take it harder, she says. She wants that job.

Fiona takes off her dress. “Cane or crop?” Sophie pulls down her bikini panties and Fennington  canes her.

The brunette selects the crop and takes off her dress. Sophie does the panties. Three bare bottoms into the frisk position at the fireplace. Long creaming scene and bare bottom display. We’d guess all the girls got hired.

Veronica Takes The Rap – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/f; time:  27 minutes

We have been reviewing spanking films for 15 years, our preference for vintage, with storylines, some acting, length, and mostly British. By reading a lot of wiki-type information, we know that ‘Sophie Fennington’ was the early queen of British CP. We had reviewed most of her films, and her 1994 ‘Interview’ helps to cover her career. We have now found the first two films she made, thanks to a collector who must share our tastes.

This film, maybe titled ‘The Errant Schoolgirl’  at one time, must have been made in the early 1980’s, a TALLION release. It features Sophie as a schoolgirl/waif, the disciplinarian will be her husband ‘Christian Fennington,’ and according to various sources, the director is the inveterate spanko/pervert ‘Michael Dawes.’ Dawes made many British spanking films, probably more than anyone else, most of which were distributed by CALSTAR.  Those films document his perverse fascination with every essence of corporal punishment and the female bottom.

Sophie narrates here. ‘Mr. Whittaker’ is going to punish her for failing to exercise. A friend of hers was spanked by him. He is ‘kinky’ and likes to fondle his girls. In fact, Christian Fennington does just that in many films he made, director Dawes encourages it, and Sophie complained about husband Christian’s wandering hands with other girls in her Interview.

Veronica is deadly cute here, looking about 19. Long dark blond hair, two ponytails, white blouse, skirt, and a slightly disheveled look which maximizes her vulnerability.

Christian starts her off with some PT, always a favorite with CP fans. Star jumps and touch-toes. Christian wants Veronica to strip to just panties, which she does, displaying some of the innocently erotic acting seen in all her films. She is very much the schoolgirl, standing there in just full blue knickers, so young, and almost undernourished. More exercises.

She’s getting nervous, we like the direction this film is heading. She sucks the tip of a ponytail.

The spanking begins, for some offenses–smoking, and sneaking out to the cinema. OTK for a hairbrush, not hard, not yet. [traffic noises, always a problem for CP producers]

‘Fetch the cane,’ this for going to the cinema. First, some palm slaps, then 7 strokes on her knickers. “Stop sniveling.” More star jumps. OTK again, more exercise, and 6 more from the cane.

Hands on head at the wall, Whittaker pulls down her panties himself. Standing for the hairbrush again; frontal glimpses. No one was shaving in this era. Nude exercises. Whittaker retrieves and flourishes her panties on the tip of his cane.

And some Dawes mastery–naked Veronica does some leg lifts lying on her side on the floor. Lovely glimpses between her legs. More caning when she stands, then Whittaker spreads cold cream, slowly. Long frontal shots. Slow sexy dressing.

Ms. Fennington has touched all the classic CP ritual in this her first film.

Spanking Therapy – CALSTAR

12 Apr

M/2f; time: 60 minutes

Not the title, but good enough for this American  production, on the too-easy formula of girls visiting sex therapists to learn the efficacies of being spanked. Sets up serial spanking scenes with no creativity needed.

The first visitor to a male therapist is a pretty brunette  who can’t entice her boyfriend to spank her. So she pays the therapist to get her off. The guy has his little fetish streak. He hands her a schoolgirl uniform, “Go ahead and get changed.” It is a blouse, kilt, tie, and of course white panties.

The scene is simply two desks pushed together. The doctor doesn’t have any sort of medical setup, which would have added immensely to the eroticism. He starts her OTK, panties down. Next, she bends over a desk and he gets his implements out of a drawer. He spanks her with various implements in several positions, nothing new to report.

The guy does like his naked girls though. Fondling, full puss views, he gets her into the diaper position and canes her bottom and her thighs, almost down to her knees. The girl got what she came for-she packs and leaves.

An auburn-haired girl pulls up in her car and very tentatively enters the office. It always add to things when a girl is slightly reluctant. She sits at the desk opposite the therapist. This is a more challenging assignment. Her boyfriend “wants to spank me and do all these things, and I don’t know how I feel about it.” Now here is a girl who is actually asking to have her nerve endings tuned up.

The therapist looks her over, pulls up her skirt to expose a tiny thong and a large dragon tattoo on her right buttock. He begins the standard OTK spanking;  she is soon over the desk, her thong comes off and some her bra and blouse. Just a skirt rucked up. Strap, paddle, diaper position for the cane, also attention to her thighs.

When she is finished, the therapist gives her a “spanking instruction book,” which looked to us like an early JANUS in the small size.