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Spanking Therapy – CALSTAR

12 Apr

M/2f; time: 60 minutes

Not the title, but good enough for this American  production, on the too-easy formula of girls visiting sex therapists to learn the efficacies of being spanked. Sets up serial spanking scenes with no creativity needed.

The first visitor to a male therapist is a pretty brunette¬† who can’t entice her boyfriend to spank her. So she pays the therapist to get her off. The guy has his little fetish streak. He hands her a schoolgirl uniform, “Go ahead and get changed.” It is a blouse, kilt, tie, and of course white panties.

The scene is simply two desks pushed together. The doctor doesn’t have any sort of medical setup, which would have added immensely to the eroticism. He starts her OTK, panties down. Next, she bends over a desk and he gets his implements out of a drawer. He spanks her with various implements in several positions, nothing new to report.

The guy does like his naked girls though. Fondling, full puss views, he gets her into the diaper position and canes her bottom and her thighs, almost down to her knees. The girl got what she came for-she packs and leaves.

An auburn-haired girl pulls up in her car and very tentatively enters the office. It always add to things when a girl is slightly reluctant. She sits at the desk opposite the therapist. This is a more challenging assignment. Her boyfriend “wants to spank me and do all these things, and I don’t know how I feel about it.” Now here is a girl who is actually asking to have her nerve endings tuned up.

The therapist looks her over, pulls up her skirt to expose a tiny thong and a large dragon tattoo on her right buttock. He begins the standard OTK spanking;  she is soon over the desk, her thong comes off and some her bra and blouse. Just a skirt rucked up. Strap, paddle, diaper position for the cane, also attention to her thighs.

When she is finished, the therapist gives her a “spanking instruction book,” which looked to us like an early JANUS in the small size.

Gemini and Gia – CALSTAR

4 Apr

F/f; time: 50 minutes

An American film, and therefore we are on our guard. ‘Mistress Gemini’ plays a madam who is interviewing submissives for her brothel. ‘Gia,’ a soft looking and slightly shy blonde, is applying for a job. Of course there is only one way to ensure she can do the work.

“Our clients have a predilection for a nice soft round bottom on their laps, to spank them and spank them very hard.” Gia admits her boyfriend has spanked her but she doesn’t sound too sure of herself.

“I’m going to test your tolerance.” The set is a combination bedroom and office, with the all-purpose klunky furniture we have seen in this American series. Gemini takes Gia OTK. “I can’t wait to see how much you can handle.” We’d have to admit, with this buildup, we are interested also.

Gemini has Gia put on a schoolgirl outfit. “Our clients like it.” Gia strips naked, making sure her well-auditioned bottom is central. Gemini returns with a frightening armful of spanking implements. OTK again, white cotton school knickers down, handspanking, strap. Bend over a chair for a short razor strop; kneel on the chair for a floppy paddle.

It is long spanking, various positions, a legitimate test. Gia lies face down on a bed, kilt up, knickers down, rarely considered the best of spanking postures. Gemini handspanks her and uses another strap, moving from one side of the bed to the other to alternate the inevitable attention to the far buttock. Then a school ruler.

Out comes a big cane, skirt off, bend-over, grab ankles. Gia counts strokes backward from 10. It is a good spanking workout; Gia will do fine. We are surprised by a decent American film. Gia dresses, keeping her red bottom toward us.

Big Brother – CALSTAR

28 Mar

M/f; time: 5 minutes

An odd little find we will keep researching and GOLD. This seems to be an extended scene from CALSTAR’S ‘The Dressing Lesson,’ an historic CP film from the early ROUE and BLUSHES days of British under-the-counter brown-wrapper CP films. It features the marvelous ‘Pricilla Eastwood’ and the same male antagonist, playing the same role as household disciplinarian for her errant ways.

Ms. Eastwood wears the same schoolgirl kit; the setting here is ever so slightly changed from ‘The Dressing Lesson.’ Given that we betray our preference for vintage fare, we’ll summarize what we’ve said about Pricilla before, maybe our No #1 sexiest spankee in all the films we have reviewed. See ‘Naughty Aupair,’ ‘The Piano Lesson,’ and ‘Schoolgirl Nieces’ in addition to ‘The Dressing Lesson.’ She is so delightfully miserable being spanked and caned; she is quick to get naked, but never willing. She screams like you would imagine it would be, coming from the parlor.

Pricilla’s ‘brother’ is on her for not doing her homework. In this very short film, she is spanked and caned, panties down in the usual struggle. “Get over the chair!” “I can’t, please, please.” But she does. Three cane strokes as entertaining as a long one.




Schoolgirl in the Office – CALSTAR

13 Mar

F/f; time: 45 minutes
A schoolgirl is caught in the school office using the fax machine. Apparently blond pigtailed ‘Jordan’ is a repeat offender. This time the teacher says: “I’ve got to spank you.”

Jordan is taken OTK, her white panties come down. Over the shoulder shots of a good spanking, and then the girl is sent off to class.

Dissolve to Jordan’s bedroom. The matron/teacher is on hand again and orders her to strip naked. The matron spreads oil on her bottom and Jordan asks for some attention between her legs. Another student, “McCloud,” interrupts. “What is going on?” This girl is dressed in a naughty way, schoolgirl outfit but with her blouse tied up in a bare midriff. She is going to report these two to the Headmistress. “Remember that spanking you gave me?” McCloud can get even here.

The matron goes off to get spanking implements. McCloud is first going to spank Jordan, just because she can, we guess. After a short OTK, McCloud will use an implement or two and spank the matron. The matron gets paddled while Jordan watches, now naked. Jordan now gets some paddle, and then the matron again, her panties don’t come down this time. And the floppy strap and paddle.

Time for the cane. The matron takes off the rest of her clothes, down to just bra and garter belt, often CALSTAR’s form of nudity. And McCloud will cane Jordan, about 15 strokes maybe with some repeats. And some frontal glimpses. At the conclusion! McCloud proudly and sensuously fingers the results of her work.

Isn’t Bar Work All The Same? – CALSTAR

7 Mar

F/f; time: 48 minutes
We’re not sure of either this title or the producer, but CALSTAR made numerous films along this theme.

A thin brunette in blouse and red skirt is being interviewed for a barmaid’s job. The female owner describes the bar as a “high class place,” but the fixturing suggests a luncheonette at the bus depot. The girl is put to work–she immediately helps herself to a beer and removes 100 pds from the till.

The boss catches her. This certainty further convinces us this is an old CALSTAR film. She doesn’t like the girl’s attitude, and marches her into the next room, which turns out to be the same bar counter set, approached from a different direction. “It’s either the police or we deal with this behavior ourselves.” This is the kind of girl who has probably already been to the police station, and maybe even spanked there.

OTK quickly, skirt up, red thong. A conventional spanking, except for facial shots from a camera which he must have been on the floor.

The boss wants to find the missing money, so it’s clothes off. Skirt off first, hands-on-chair for paddling and strap. Thong off. A paddle develops some bruises. The girl takes the frisk position at the bar.

Blouse off, the money falls out. Bra off. A long and moderate caning, not expertly done, because the far buttock takes the brunt.

Poolside Punishment – CALSTAR

13 Dec

F/2f; time: 32 minutes
An old and clunky film we reviewed on another site a number of years ago. Our experience has been altered by many more sophisticated CP film producers we have studied since. So now we look at these films for the humor they can provide.

In a long exterior scene, two nurses in long white smocks decide to sun themselves on the lawn outside the nursing home where they work.
They go to a swimming pool and, since they are out of sight from the building, decide to “strip off.” One girl to bra and panties and the other to just panties. They take a swim, sure that their matron will never find them. The girls discuss that matron likes to spank–they’ll take the risk.

But soon the matron does discover them. She is youngish herself, with her hair pulled back tightly to simulate severity, with just a hint of Lesbian. The girls are scolded, then the ultimatum. “You are disciplined or your cards on my desk in 5 minutes.” Standing there in their wet undies, the girls agree to the punishment–they need the jobs.

Each girl is spanked OTK on lawn furniture, then thrown into the pool. At poolside, the matron pulls down both pairs of panties. The screen is filled with two wet bare bottoms. The girls then kneel on the grass, one over the back of the other at 90 degrees. Matron can spank both bottoms.

The girls are then ordered to appear in matron’s office in full uniform in ten minutes. In the office–better sound and consistent lighting now, matron scolds them while slapping a crop in her palm.

Each girl will lie over the hassock and be cropped on the bare bottom. Apparently neither girl had an extra pair of panties; since they were wet, they reported without them.

Sarah’s Discipline – CALSTAR

19 Aug

F/f; time: 55 minutes
This is probably not a CALSTAR film; we will correct this post when we learn more. This film is notable for the appearance of one of the most naughty actresses we have ourselves have ever seen in CP films–Sarah Jane Hamilton. Her biography shows a long list of adult films of all the genres, CP being the least of them. We guessed at this title. We’ve said before–this insouciantactress can convince you that no amount of domestic spanking would ever get her under control.

We commend you to see METRO CHEEK To CHEEK’s ‘Sports College II, Trestle’ and CALSTAR’s ‘Stripped, Bound and Beaten’ and ‘Rear Ended.’ There must be more.

Here, she is in a kitchen, wearing a tight latex dress no good girl would wear. A long spanking is under way, a struggle. Her mother or guardian wants an apology from her, and while she is at it, return her long red to its natural color. “This IS my natural color,” which can be confirmed in some of her other films.

She is getting elocution and posture lessons also. The woman begins to get her clothes off. “What are you doing?” Various spanking postures as the tussle ensues. Her dress is stripped off, no bra–she has got huge boobs, ‘bazooms’ for some of us. These are augmentations from her earlier CP films.

A second part of the film finds another young lady getting lessons from an older woman. A blond teacher will teach a brunette some “charm.” Posture lessons book-on-the-head, phone etiquette. Some OTK spankings, not worth reporting. We’re exhausted after Ms. Hamilton above.

FADE. “Several Weeks and Whacks Later”: Sarah sits at the table, sipping tea, quite elegant for this saucy little minx.