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Navy Stripes – CALSTAR

11 Sep

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

Another military-uniform CP film, named ‘Absent Without Leave’ in some places. Girls are easy prey when in uniform. We think of early ‘Sophie Fennington’ in ‘Canings and Cold Showers,’ and ‘Vida Garman’ in her several much praised  CHEEK-TO-CHEEK episodes. Our favorite of those is ‘Military Discipline,’ which features the insouciant redhead rascal adult film star  ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton,’ getting just what she deserves.

In this iteration, two girls in silly Navy uniforms (one is the actress ‘Catherine Corbett’) await a hearing before a disciplinary board for being AWOL. They are aware that a caning is a possible punishment; Corbett is incredulous that such a thing could be possible. Very enticing setup, this is.

A female superior officer, with Domme written all over her, castigates the girls and tells them she can punish them here and now, even before the Board hears the case. This smacks of double jeopardy, which sounds pretty reasonable to us if the punishment is spanking. The brunette explains the cane to Corbett. “Oh my God, will we keep our jobs?” The Domme orders the girls out to the courtyard for some PT, an opportunity for CALSTAR to once again depict cold stone institutional walls. The girls do star jumps, toe-touching, and pushups, their efforts competing with songbirds on the soundtrack. “You two are so unfit!”

“Get into the hall, now!” Back inside, they must take their skirts off. Ms. Corbett looks shocked. “You can keep your knickers on, for now, anyway.” The first WREN, a brunette, bends over a chair and takes 15 snappy on-the-money cane strokes compensated by three outstanding camera angles.

“Right. Pants down.” 30 more strokes are shown. This is always a brave actress. The Domme teases her with the cane between strokes and keeps adjusting her bottom, which doesn’t want to stay still, to maximize our view.

Corbett is next; 15 strokes on blue knickers, over a chair. “Right, knickers down.” That delicious command, plus Corbett hooking her fingers under the elastic of her panties, are essential structural elements of this fun. Ms. Corbett shows her stripes nicely and gets 30 more. One of the camera angles of the repeat sequences shows she is sniffling and gasping. She flexes her knees and recoils between strokes. Yes, she’s been caned a few times on video, but acting must come easy when the caning is this well done. After all this, they are sent to the disciplinary committee, where it should all happen again. High marks again for CalStar.

Games Schoolgirls Play – MOONGLOW

6 Aug

M2F/f; time: 1 hr. 12 minutes

Three seasoned CP veterans, ‘Catherine Corbett,’ ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ and ‘Tom Cooper,’ in a long spanking exercise, the point of which is not clear until the end. Corbett, as ‘Emily,’ and Lewis as ‘Sarah,’ sit and chat, a bit post-graduate in their schoolgirl uniforms. They talk and giggle about spanking at school and what it was like.

They decide to have some fun with each other. Emily wants to experience spanking, so first, Emily will spank Sarah. Emily takes her OTK. We are on the wood-paneled set Moonglow has used many times. Handspanking, fun and games so far. Black knickers. Stand, bend over for a paddle, panties down. Emily is getting a bit intense and Sarah complains she is going too far. “I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Soft martinet, more paddles. Emily is playing tough, and we’ve seen in her other films, she can do it. When Sarah sees the cane, “You’re not really…..” “Yes, I really am.” But first a school ruler on her bare bottom. “You asked for it.” 12 strokes in a bent-over the couch position. Some tears. “I think you should touch your toes.” Three in this position.

Sarah’s long caning continues. Emily seems transfixed and in a different world as the Domme. On the couch, Sarah assumes the diaper position, holding her legs flat, doubled back over her head, so that her lower buttocks, buttocks crease, and upper thighs present a clear target, some sensitive areas not usually accessed in a CP film. “You can’t do this.”

Twenty strokes in this position. “I bet you are wishing you never said anything….open your eyes so you can watch it coming.” There must have been repeats for this very painful caning. This concludes Sarah’s session. They are going to switch. They hug. “You hurt me. You don’t know what it’s like.”

Now Sarah starts on Emily, who pretends at least not to think she should get the same. “Take your knickers down.” After a little protest, Emily shrugs, “OH, fine!” Emily is spanked on and around the couch in the same way. For the cane, “Kneel up, bottom right out.” About a dozen strokes, in clusters. Knickers gone, Sarah flicks her thighs open with the cane, 3 feet wide “I’m going to make you count.” About 20. “Now, touch your toes.” half-dozen more. Then six-of-the best. Ms. Corbett took about 50 strokes in these postures. The girls conclude these spankings with a long lesbian scene.

Ageplay actor ‘Tom Cooper’ walks onto the set. “What are you doing here, Grandpa?” Tom is going to have his fun with the girls, might as well. He puts the two bare bottoms side by side for handspanking, the martinet, and then the cane. Almost 25 more for Emily. “I should give you these to the beat of the disco.” 10 for Sarah. Then he alternates bottoms.

The scene fades, and now we see the reason for these unlikely voluntary spankings. The girls laugh and count their money from ‘Grandpa.’ “See you next week.” We assume Cooper got to watch the first part of the girls’ performance.

200 Strokes of the Cane – STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Jul

time: 1 hour plus

A collection of eleven caning scenes from the STRICTLYENGLISH  catalogue, some featuring prominent actresses from the CP genre. Each is complete in itself, and each is well-made, well-acted, and erotically effective.

(1) A faceless blonde is caned on her blue bikini panties, which leave a lot of bare skin. An unseen audience applauds the result.

(2) The estimable ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ bends over for a caning from the Irish ‘Uncle James.’ She takes 12 wonderful strokes on that fantastic bottom on her 6′ frame. She is one of the most convincing squawkers in the trade, and she is good with dialogue during the action. “Is this a hobby for you, do you think?” This long session concludes with a long nude self-examination in a mirror for Amelia. Lovely white lace panties, an Amelia trademark. She calls her friend ‘Laura’ to come over and see the result.

(3) Actress ‘Catherine Corbett’ in a session with ‘Terry,’ a lucky male regular at SE. This session is excerpted from ‘Consequences for Catherine.’ She wants to cadge some cigarettes from him and is willing to take the cane for them, one stroke for each cigarette. She wears a black top and a yellow mini-skirt and has always been one of the bravest models in the CP industry.

In the library/office, hands-on-hassock, pink panties down. “Your bottom is still red for this morning.” “Yes.” She takes 20 strokes and wishes aloud there were packets of ten. She jumps around delightfully between strokes, one of her trademarks.

(4) Actress ‘Emma Brown’ as ‘Vanessa,’ bends over a table, the side view enhanced by a wall mirror. The Irish actor (who always seems to be spanking Amelia Rutherford), plays the headmaster ‘Mr. Cameron’ and delivers the first dozen strokes, and a ‘Mr. Pringle’ does the second dozen. In fact, Ms. Rutherford is on the set, commenting as a spectator and encouraging the caning.

(5) A brunette takes a series of 6 strokes on her bare bottom in front of that unseen audience again. Seven sets of six, some with panties back up; laughter and applause. The camera follows her to the dressing room, where she bends over to display the results.

(6) Another bottom caned, no faces.

(7) Actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ caned over a table by the Irish actor.

(8) Mr. Pringle takes a very attractive brunette OTK, panties down, a tight and hard bottom. She is liking this. She smiles at the fondling and probing fingers. “You’d better not tell Uncle James about this.”

(9) Amelia Jane Rutherford again, from a film with the Irish actor. She is going to be spanked and tries to apologize her way out of it. She doesn’t want the cane. Ms. Rutherford has the chops to be filmed on the oblique, with both her face and buttocks in the shot.

She must fetch the cane. Bend-over, hands-on-couch, 12 wonderful strokes. She has been recently caned by the “doctor.” As Amelia becomes more disheveled and mussed, she becomes more comely. Then a wonderful bare bottom up the stairs! One of those long self-examinations of her unmatched rear end. She draws a bath and sits over in the tub to cool her cheeks, a pussy flash.

(10) A shag blonde, we think it is Suzi Martell, is being caned on a red bottom, so that the cane marks are superimposed white. It is the hardest caning of the film. An older bald guy has the lucky assignment. “I’ll stop smoking,” she gasps.

(11) Suzi is caned again, on pink design knickers, to the appreciative applause of an audience.

Sorry Miss! – REDSTRIPE

16 Jul

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

Standard classroom schoolgirl scenario, except that REDSTRIPE has fitted out both the classroom will full furniture and equipment, and 2 girls in elegant schoolgirl regalia. And the schoolmarm is ‘Miss Parker,’ whose reputation for red marks precedes her. The girls are getting a scolding, soon to become a scalding, if we read the marquee outside correctly. First Parker gives them a handspanking. A school employee interrupts. A stolen wristwatch has been found in ‘Amanda’s’ locker. ‘Samantha’ is a short compact pigtailed blonde. Parker’s mission is increased.

The spankings begin in earnest. Samantha bends over for a handspanking. “Emma’ also a sort haired blonde (in this film), played by the actress ‘Catherine Corbett,’ smirks with pleasure at what is going to happen to Samantha. Parker pulls down Samantha’s white pants, all the while she protests her innocence of the theft. For good measure, Parker gives Emma the same spanking. Two bare bottoms over desks.

The bare-bottomed girls are left to contemplate. Parker returns and the handspanking continues. Samantha fetches a stool–Parker is ready with the strap. The girls are not going to get off easy. First Samantha just bends over for the strap and gets her palms strapped for trying to cover up. Then she kneels on the stool–this is an erotically precarious perch. She has to spread her knees to maintain balance and resist being toppled by the strap. The strapping intensifies and our view of Samantha’s charms is panoramic. But she’s innocent! Emma soon finds herself also exposed up on the stool. Parker excels at this sweet torment.

Parker gets a fistful of canes, not just one, but a sheath of them! Samantha, poor dear, will be first over Parker’s desk for 20 crisp strokes, probably repeats, with several nice angles. Looks like she is going to have the bejesus beaten out of her bottom till she confesses. Emma bends over for her 15, another session for Sam–15 more; then more for Emma.

Sam faces the cane again–back and forth we go. She’s got lines and welts, testimony to Parker’s skill. Another teacher happens to look in and is no doubt fascinated by the two bare beaten bottoms (and female!) on display. He mentions the headmaster has caught the wristwatch thief–and it wasn’t Samantha. Parker looks into the camera as if to say, “Oops.” But we suspect she is thinking what we are thinking–no harm ever comes from spanking a British schoolgirl bottom.

Loyal Employees – REDSTRIPE

14 Jul

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 42 minutes

An excellent costume drama with unexpectedly sizzling action. Actress ‘Mel Penny’ plays ‘Lady Annabelle,’ who practices on-the-spot corporal punishment with her domestic staff on her palatial estate, on the breezy sweeping veranda on which producer ‘Ivor Gold’ has delivered many a bare bottom for us. The spankings are formally delivered, without any sadistic or lesbian overtones. The maids are spanked, strapped, or caned and then sent back to work. The Lady of the Manor is a horsewoman, and probably understands overworking a horse, and the limits to maids’ bottoms.

Maid Emily delivers morning tea to Lady Annabelle; it is tepid stuff, and not Earl Grey, which earns tall, slim dark blond Emily an immediate trip over her lap, while the Lady is still in bed. Emily’s maid uniform is very Victorian in detail, except surely the skirt length–“A” line short black skirt, crinoline underneath, little white apron, lace trim, certainly not the Halloween variety we occasionally see. Skirt up, she wears full white panties, stockings, garter belt, Lady A. gets the panties down quickly for a fairly hard handspanking, which we always found a harbinger of how punishments with be in a movie. Emily is mildly disturbed but subordinate. There is a recognition that spankings are a daily liability on this job.

Emily is dismissed to try again with the tea and a second maid, ‘Chloe,’ played by ‘Catherine Corbett,’ enters. She gets a tongue-lashing too, for numerous chore failures. She is going over Lady A’s lap also and does a wonderful job of expressing displeasure on hearing the news, feeling she too experienced and senior to be treated this way. “You know the position by now.” Hard smacks of white panties. then on the bare. Ms. Corbett has a few bruises from a previous event.

[someone drops something on the set and even the veteran Ms. Corbett looks up from her OTK posture to see the cause. But continuity is essential when reddening a bottom, can’t start over and can’t reset, so keep rolling.]

Later in the day, outside on the veranda. Equestrian-outfitted Lady A. is furious–her horse wasn’t ready. She is the warpath with her riding crop. [a rooster crows, LOUD]. Both maids are summoned. Emily is sent to get the “red strap”; Chloe frowns, having experience with this strap.

Both girls bend over the wall, their elegant skirts thrown up, white panties and garter belts on display, with a background of the rolling estate grounds. “You will each receive twenty-four strokes and I want you to count them.” Lady A. ceremoniously bares both bottoms. Chloe is first and resists counting, earning a “start-over.” Hard strapping, alternating bottoms, elicits gasps and squeals [barnyard geese squawk, birds twitter, and an airplane flyover, otherwise excellent handling of exterior scene issues] Ms. Corbett as Chloe sobs realistically. Emily earns extras for rubbing without permission.

The two sore bottoms are sent off for the day’s duties, but there will be another confrontation that evening.

In the evening, the girls report to Lady Annabelle, who finds their appearance a disgrace, thereby manufacturing a third spanking for the day, but this time the cane. Emily bends over the coffee table, Chloe fetches the cane and presents it like a palace crown on a pillow. Lady A. takes Emily’s panties down for the ceremony. “You’re going to receive twenty-four strokes. Count!”

The first 18 strokes in this bend-over position are harder than any of the spanking or strapping. Excellent oblique closeups. Emily rocks between the strokes in pain. [that rooster crows] Chloe watches in the background. Some blood is actually drawn on stroke 16. To complete her session, Emily lies full length on the coffee table, a posture more common in Russian or Czech punishment, the final six and 2 extras. Very entertaining, and notches above her previous spankings.

Emily’s bare bottom is positioned in the background. Chloe is next. “Are you ready?” Because she is senior, “You will receive just twelve.” She bends over, and after 8 strokes Lady Annabelle discovers Chloe is wearing a wristwatch she thought she has misplaced. This means more with the cane, good news for us, because we knew Ms. Corbett could surely have taken more than 12.

The caning continues. 3 more, then a rubbing break. Then another dozen. White wheals and marks are evident. Chloe is crying again. When she rubs without permission, it’s onto the table, for another 7. Solid, convincing stuff. Both girls go on parade–knee bare bottom and sniffling on the couch for inspection. Lady Annabelle is proud of herself. “Am I looking at loyal employees?” “Yes, Miss.”

Consequences for Catherine – STRICTLYENGLISH

26 Jun

2M/f; year: 2010; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

Actress ‘Catherine Corbett’ and the familiar ‘Andy’ of StrictlyEnglish seem to be roommates. She is making a mess and not paying her share of the rent. “You might as well just spank my bottom,” she says. Andy grabs her OTK, panties down immediately. Ms. Corbett’s patented squawk and faux struggle. She is wearing a man’s long dress shirt and just panties. Cute.

“You’re bloody disturbed, you know,” she says. Andy pins her flailing legs. It is a long spanking, about 10 minutes. Catherine has to get to work.

FADE to Catherine’s workplace. She wears a lime-green miniskirt and a back top. She is late and tells her boss her “landlord” spanked her. When he doesn’t believe, she shows him her bottom. Surely he is getting ideas of his own. He is disappointed with her tardiness and her demands for a raise.

“You need another spanking.” Catherine is actually good at using her bottom to pay off debt. “Will that wipe the slate clean, then?” He starts on her pink knickers, then pulls them down. The scene is the office lounge–no other employees around today. He smacks her thighs to stop her reaching her hands back.

The boss switches to a shoe ‘sole,’ actually a sandal. After a cute struggle, is released and gets her panties up in a hurry. “If you are late again next week, it won’t be just a spanking.”

Back home with Andy, she is at it again. She wants to bum some cigarettes. “There is a currency. One stroke of the cane for each cigarette.” Brave Catherine wants the whole pack.
Hands-on-hassock, he pulls her knickers down and notes she is still a bit red. Twenty strokes are shown with a thick cane, including an oblique view insert.

Ms. Corbett is good with the ad-lib; at 10 strokes, “I don’t suppose you have a packet of 10’s, do you?” Then at 20 strokes: “That’s the pack, isn’t it?” She rubs and sobs as she works at the messy kitchen. Pink panties, closeups, wheals.

Back to the office, late again! The boss is waiting for her. “Twelve strokes of the cane. Understood?” Same lime skirt, white panties today. Bend-over, palms flat on the floor, an impressive posture not possible for many actresses. “Are you ready?” “No, but I suppose that doesn’t matter, does it?” About 15 strokes.

She was also eight minutes late yesterday. 8 strokes. Great low angles feature Catherine’s legs. She gives him the finger as she walks away.

There are almost 20 minutes of out-takes from the various scenes.

Just Another Day at St. Stripe’s Part 1 – REDSTRIPE

28 May

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 26 minutes

First of three parts, six schoolgirls in perfect attire sit attentively at classic desks in a fully-appointed classroom, facing REDSTRIPE’s ‘Ivor Gold’ and the triumvirate of female disciplinarians–‘Miss Brown,’ ‘Miss Chambers,’ and ‘Miss Robinson.’ The skin on six bottoms should be crawling.

Ivor the headmaster lectures the helpless girls and announces that Miss Robinson will deal with the first two–‘Nicole’ (actress ‘Mel Penny’), and ‘Emily'(the redoubtable ‘Catherine Corbett’) here and now, because they have been caught cheating.

Nicole is asked to step forward first–brown upswept hair, she wears her Sunday blouse in lieu of regulation white, which will just cost more strokes. Miss Robinson is a tall, stately, dark redhead, plausibly supervisory in her demeanor and powerful-looking. Nicole goes OTK in front of the class, white panties. Some camera shots from below accent the swell of her buttocks. When Robinson pulls her pants down, she kicks and squawks. Ivor admonishes her from off-stage. He is no fool at his girls’ school, he has hung around to watch (and of course he directs the procedure).

The spanking is brief. She is sent, hands-on-head, pants down, to the blackboard, in the delightful cornering pose so essential to this fantasy. Emily (Corbett) is next. Same OTK, blue knickers, she is a tough actress, well-spanked, and not so easy to break down. To the blackboard.

Nicole returns, assumes the formal bend-over-the-chair pose for the tawse. Robinson snaps them in and Nicole suffers. Emily is tawsed and is again more compliant and more difficult to impress. Camera angles from below are wonderful.

The girls know they are going to be caned. Nicole bends over the teacher’s desk in a formal process. Emily has been sent to “fetch” the cane for Robinson. Nicole takes a full 18 strokes; good screen insert of a bottom closeup. She has earned 6 more and bends over, hands on knees. Done. To the blackboard.

Emily’s turn for the cane. Ms. Corbett’s trim and compact little bottom has always been a joy, in no small part because of its willingness. “Eighteen strokes, right over, and a further 6 of telling tales.” She gets a sweet 18, very brave, over the desk, then 6 bent over grabbing her ankles. She is very athletic.

Miss Chambers comes on-set now to set the stage for her two girls in Part 2. She gives Emily a hard whacking with her hand, just because she is standing there, bottom available. Ivor steps up and compares the two bottoms–must be a nice part of his day. Emily and Nicole then must sit down, bare bottom, always a nice conclusion.

Like Mother, Like Daughter – REDSTRIPE

5 Nov

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 47 minutes

Disciplinarian-extraordinaire ‘Miss Chambers’  in the sequel to ‘It’s Your Responsibility,’ as a headmistress, and mother ‘Mrs. Hunter-Ford,’  played by Dawn Deacon, and daughter ‘Monica,;  played by Catherine Corbett. You wonder what these three CP veterans discuss on lunch break–paddle thickness, cane marks, which bend-over works better, etc. Probably none of these; they rag on their men and the movie producers.

Dawn returns home from being spanked by the headmistress in ‘It’s Your Responsibility’ and tells her daughter Monica (Corbett) what happened and shows her bottom. “Oh, my God.” by which Monica means two things–what a rough time her mother had and what a time she’s going to have.

The scene is set for another girl-on-girl schoolgirl spanking, three locales  this time and standard stuff. Monica is sent to her room. Dawn arrives with a wooden kitchen tool.  OK, handspanking then Monica takes some care to erotically position her bare bottom over two pillows lengthwise on  the bed for the wooden spoon. A little struggle but mild stuff–Mom doesn’t have the heart to whup her daughter.

Next day they meet Headmistress Miss Chambers and we see there is plenty of time for some real action. Chambers checks Monica’s bottom and is displeased–no progress at all! So Chambers will give her what her mother got–OTK. Corbett has slipped across a few laps in her time and does it with silky style. Miss Chambers is dressed in a black silk blouse and a short slit skirt–a bit provocative for a headmistress.

After a long handspanking, Monica gets up, Chambers positions a stool. “I’m sure you know what to do.” She does, bare bottom high, hands grasp lower legs. With a strap, Chambers, makes her count out 12. Her mother checks her bottom. “Oh, severe!” Not to Chambers, it isn’t. “She’s going to be caned next.” “I’m going to give you 18, count them.”

Chambers canes with  hard, wristy, short strokes she leans into, a concentrated demeanor, like serious batting practice. Monica rises at 9, rests, hands-on-head, then touch-toes for the final 9 and one for good measure. She sniffles and whines bit (box art). Face to wall, pants down, marks to be counted.

You knew Mrs. Hunter-Ford was not off the hook. She is spanked OTK and especially doesn’t like her thighs smacked. Full-swing strapping, hands on chair. Then the cane, “right over” the desk, 20 fast strokes, inset bottom camera in-synch with facial shot. Touch toes for another round–5 fast ones, and because Dawn Deacon has a proven big tough bottom, she gets another 12.

Mother and daughter carefully dress and leave. Monica looks marvelously contrite.

Demoted to the Fourth – REDSTRIPE

12 Sep

F/2f; Year: 1999; time: 42 minutes

Two experienced CP actresses, Catherine Corbett and Sarah Harvey Lewis, play errant (and slightly mature) schoolgirls in a conventional classroom oeuvre. They have disappointed Miss Hayworth, who demotes the girls from Six Form to the dress and privileges of Fourth Form. They turn in their prefect badges. And of course there will be spankings.

The scene is founder Ivor Gold’s fully equipped classroom–books, desk, clock on the wall, all the stuff. Miss Hayworth is played by a buxom blond actress who looks like she means business. She inspects Emily (Ms. Corbett) and Annabel (Ms. Lewis) with disgust, even pulling up their skirts to check their knickers. The girls are sent to change into Fourth Form pinafores, sashes, white knee socks, and high heels, and they return for the action to begin.

The girls sit–the camera films under their desks and between their legs. For some reason, throughout the film, the camera crew gets caught on-camera in scenes or casts moving shadows over the action. Emily is taken OTK first–a conventional spanking, blue knickers down after a few minutes. Emily is cornered, very nice–Annabel gets the same.

Emily returns, and having been in this classroom before, knows where to find the strap. Over the desk, pants down, moderate strapping, 20 strokes, permitted pauses for rubbing. Ms. Corbett is one of the most experienced CP actresses and frequently receives the hardest spankings in her films. Her appearance on the screen makes the heart beat  the faster.

Annabel vs.  the strap. Her white panties are one size too big. She gets to rub too. Now over the desk, the bare=bottomed girls are left to think, while we gaze at them. Ms. Hayworth returns, handspanks both girls as they stand, and flashes the cane before them to set up their next phase.

Emily (Ms. Corbett) is next, hands-on-chair, pants down, 8 moderate counted strokes, then 5 in the touch-toes position. Closeups of tears dripping down. For more strokes, bending over. Welts and wheals. Annabel’s turn, and not so hard–12 strokes at the chair and touch-toes. She gets a break, then 12 more touch-toes. Good ceiling shots.

To complete the humiliation the girls are sent to stand in the hall, pants down. “oh, no, everyone will see us.” Delightful thought!


Apron Stings – MOONGLOW

16 Mar

F/2f; time: 32 minutes

A familiar theme—maid servants punished by their masters and mistresses, the landed gentry of England. A  white Range Rover rolls onto the gravel entry of a country estate. Actress Mel Penny, playing the manor Mistress, has brought her niece home form St. Theresa’s Finishing School for a summer holiday, with this warning: “I’m a maid down, so I don’t want you idling about.” The niece, in school uniform and boater, drags her trunk into the house.

Mel receives a school report and screams in horror, causing Niece to  drop a tray of dishes on the veranda, where she is serving like a maid. The expansive terrace and rolling grounds make a backdrop we’ve seen in a few films, We’ve always assumed the property owner is nearby, enjoying the filming. Niece has earned her first spanking and is taken OTK in the sunlight, panties down very quickly.

Female bosses usually spank hard. “A little less whimpering, girl.” Mel yells for maid ‘Chloe,’ who heard the clatter and comes scurrying, suitably nervous, because such a mishap usually means panties-down for someone. It is none other than actress Catherine Corbett, in full detailed maid’s attire. Chloe sweeps up the rubble and is sent to get the punishment strap. Niece is made to bend over a picnic table, bottom-high. Picnic tables are wonderful for this. Chloe is directed to do the strapping. “Chloe….make it count.  She needs a hard strapping.” Of course Chloe does not spank hard enough. Mel takes over and doubles the ferocity. Full-screen closeups and yelps.

Chloe and Niece are sent into the house (where the filming can be better lit and miked). In a very comfortably furnished library/sitting room, an antique bench is positioned. Chloe is ordered to lay on 18 cane strokes; the first six moderate strokes are real, but sympathetic Chloe and Niece fake the remaining 12. Of course Mel has crept to the door to watch this charade and is suitably furious. We have reached the point where both girls can be spanked. “Go and fetch the senior cane…and quickly…let’s do it for real, shall we?”

Mel will cane Niece, onto the bench again. The cane is twice the thickness of the whippy swooshng tool usually seen and a fearsome-looking stick. Seven hard strokes here, then about 5 more, hands-on-ankles. This bend-over position is emphasized in this film. It is always revealing, has a strong implication of submission, and produces taut buttocks.

“Chloe, come in…..How dare you?” Over the bench now for Ms. Corbett; Mel rucks up her skirt and crinoline and pulls down frilly white knickers. There’s that tanned practiced bottom, framed in garter belt and stockings. After a brief smacking, Mel wants more clothes off, telling her to remove her dress, crinoline, and apron. She reflexively starts to remove her bra, compliant actress that she is, but that wasn’t part of the script and she catches herself. In just undies, OTK, we get the typically erotic Corbett gasps and cries.

She goes out of the room, panties at her thighs, to get the punishment strap again. Frontal looks intended. When she returns: “Take those knickers off.” Over the stool again, a hard strapping. Chloe counts out 24, whimpering and crying realistically, as Ms. Corbett does so well. The senior cane awaits on the sofa.

“Chloe, you know what comes next, don’t you?” “Oh, no, Miss, not the big cane!” Over the bench again, Chloe counts 12 moderate but stinging strokes. She is directed to stand. “Step forward and grab your ankles.” Mel measures her backswing, and Ms. Corbett opens her legs without direction, both because it will improve her balance when the cane strikes and because she wants to show us what she’s got. A dozen more hard strokes.  her bottom does not mark as much as you expect from such a caning. Because Chloe rubs without permission, she gets 6 more.

Chloe is sent to the kitchen in her mostly naked condition, carrying her clothes in a clump. Niece has been watching this and is dragged onto the bench for just 3 cane strokes. obviously Ms. Corbett got the biggest payday for this performance.

The film concludes with a brief domestic scene we always enjoy for its humiliating subjugation. Both girls are set to work bare-bottom at the sink. It should be for the rest of the day.