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Demoted to the Fourth – REDSTRIPE

12 Sep

F/2f; Year: 1999; time: 42 minutes

Two experienced CP actresses, Catherine Corbett and Sarah Harvey Lewis, play errant (and slightly mature) schoolgirls in a conventional classroom oeuvre. They have disappointed Miss Hayworth, who demotes the girls from Six Form to the dress and privileges of Fourth Form. They turn in their prefect badges. And of course there will be spankings.

The scene is founder Ivor Gold’s fully equipped classroom–books, desk, clock on the wall, all the stuff. Miss Hayworth is played by a buxom blond actress who looks like she means business. She inspects Emily (Ms. Corbett) and Annabel (Ms. Lewis) with disgust, even pulling up their skirts to check their knickers. The girls are sent to change into Fourth Form pinafores, sashes, white knee socks, and high heels, and they return for the action to begin.

The girls sit–the camera films under their desks and between their legs. For some reason, throughout the film, the camera crew gets caught on-camera in scenes or casts moving shadows over the action. Emily is taken OTK first–a conventional spanking, blue knickers down after a few minutes. Emily is cornered, very nice–Annabel gets the same.

Emily returns, and having been in this classroom before, knows where to find the strap. Over the desk, pants down, moderate strapping, 20 strokes, permitted pauses for rubbing. Ms. Corbett is one of the most experienced CP actresses and frequently receives the hardest spankings in her films. Her appearance on the screen makes the heart beat  the faster.

Annabel vs.  the strap. Her white panties are one size too big. She gets to rub too. Now over the desk, the bare=bottomed girls are left to think, while we gaze at them. Ms. Hayworth returns, handspanks both girls as they stand, and flashes the cane before them to set up their next phase.

Emily (Ms. Corbett) is next, hands-on-chair, pants down, 8 moderate counted strokes, then 5 in the touch-toes position. Closeups of tears dripping down. For more strokes, bending over. Welts and wheals. Annabel’s turn, and not so hard–12 strokes at the chair and touch-toes. She gets a break, then 12 more touch-toes. Good ceiling shots.

To complete the humiliation the girls are sent to stand in the hall, pants down. “oh, no, everyone will see us.” Delightful thought!


Woodwork Lesson – XEROTICS

17 May

MF/f; 13 minutes

Actress Catherine Corbett, pants off; a simple and short vehicle for  an experienced CP player, who has an endearing trait of shedding a tear or two when she is spanked. She is also one brave soul, frequently receiving the hardest spankings in films with other girls.

The scene is a workshop, probably just a corner in the film studio where other work is done. A man and woman (‘Miss Smith’} discuss the visible mess and the fact that Smith has not been able to impress the sloppy student, even after spanking her. “You should take it to the next level,” he advises.

Catherine Corbett is called in. She is very carefully dressed as a schoolgirl–dark blonde hair in a bun, cardigan sweater, blouse,necktie, pleated skirt, knee socks. She is scolded by the man and Smith and she grabs her bottom when she hears the bad news.

“Bend over.”  Smith flips up her skirt to display full white “regular” knickers, which Smith immediately pulls down to begin the handspanking. “Harder,” the man demands.

She must remove her pants and hand them over. Hands-on-head. The man gets his cane. Smith will “witness.” “We’ll start off with 8 strokes.” Corbett grabs her ankles. The first strokes are just taps. Smith does the next eight, much harder–Corbett’s cheeks have turned red and maybe some skin has been knicked. The brief spanking concludes. Corbett is to report to the man’s office in 20 minutes, hands-on-head, bottom bared, if she wants her knickers back. She should get more.

Apron Stings – MOONGLOW

16 Mar

F/2f; time: 32 minutes

A familiar theme—maid servants punished by their masters and mistresses, the landed gentry of England. A  white Range Rover rolls onto the gravel entry of a country estate. Actress Mel Penny, playing the manor Mistress, has brought her niece home form St. Theresa’s Finishing School for a summer holiday, with this warning: “I’m a maid down, so I don’t want you idling about.” The niece, in school uniform and boater, drags her trunk into the house.

Mel receives a school report and screams in horror, causing Niece to  drop a tray of dishes on the veranda, where she is serving like a maid. The expansive terrace and rolling grounds make a backdrop we’ve seen in a few films, We’ve always assumed the property owner is nearby, enjoying the filming. Niece has earned her first spanking and is taken OTK in the sunlight, panties down very quickly.

Female bosses usually spank hard. “A little less whimpering, girl.” Mel yells for maid ‘Chloe,’ who heard the clatter and comes scurrying, suitably nervous, because such a mishap usually means panties-down for someone. It is none other than actress Catherine Corbett, in full detailed maid’s attire. Chloe sweeps up the rubble and is sent to get the punishment strap. Niece is made to bend over a picnic table, bottom-high. Picnic tables are wonderful for this. Chloe is directed to do the strapping. “Chloe….make it count.  She needs a hard strapping.” Of course Chloe does not spank hard enough. Mel takes over and doubles the ferocity. Full-screen closeups and yelps.

Chloe and Niece are sent into the house (where the filming can be better lit and miked). In a very comfortably furnished library/sitting room, an antique bench is positioned. Chloe is ordered to lay on 18 cane strokes; the first six moderate strokes are real, but sympathetic Chloe and Niece fake the remaining 12. Of course Mel has crept to the door to watch this charade and is suitably furious. We have reached the point where both girls can be spanked. “Go and fetch the senior cane…and quickly…let’s do it for real, shall we?”

Mel will cane Niece, onto the bench again. The cane is twice the thickness of the whippy swooshng tool usually seen and a fearsome-looking stick. Seven hard strokes here, then about 5 more, hands-on-ankles. This bend-over position is emphasized in this film. It is always revealing, has a strong implication of submission, and produces taut buttocks.

“Chloe, come in…..How dare you?” Over the bench now for Ms. Corbett; Mel rucks up her skirt and crinoline and pulls down frilly white knickers. There’s that tanned practiced bottom, framed in garter belt and stockings. After a brief smacking, Mel wants more clothes off, telling her to remove her dress, crinoline, and apron. She reflexively starts to remove her bra, compliant actress that she is, but that wasn’t part of the script and she catches herself. In just undies, OTK, we get the typically erotic Corbett gasps and cries.

She goes out of the room, panties at her thighs, to get the punishment strap again. Frontal looks intended. When she returns: “Take those knickers off.” Over the stool again, a hard strapping. Chloe counts out 24, whimpering and crying realistically, as Ms. Corbett does so well. The senior cane awaits on the sofa.

“Chloe, you know what comes next, don’t you?” “Oh, no, Miss, not the big cane!” Over the bench again, Chloe counts 12 moderate but stinging strokes. She is directed to stand. “Step forward and grab your ankles.” Mel measures her backswing, and Ms. Corbett opens her legs without direction, both because it will improve her balance when the cane strikes and because she wants to show us what she’s got. A dozen more hard strokes.  her bottom does not mark as much as you expect from such a caning. Because Chloe rubs without permission, she gets 6 more.

Chloe is sent to the kitchen in her mostly naked condition, carrying her clothes in a clump. Niece has been watching this and is dragged onto the bench for just 3 cane strokes. obviously Ms. Corbett got the biggest payday for this performance.

The film concludes with a brief domestic scene we always enjoy for its humiliating subjugation. Both girls are set to work bare-bottom at the sink. It should be for the rest of the day.

A Bad Example – REDSTRIPE

24 Dec

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 42 minutes

A Catherine Corbett schoolgirl performance–she puts her brave bare bottom on the line again, a dozen years ago at this writing. A ‘Miss Parker’ domme has two girls ready for spankings. In the standard fully equipped RedStripe classroom set, “You know why you are here, don’t you?”

Emma (Corbett) goes OTK first, handspanking, full white panties down quickly. “You know the routine by now.” Redhead Samantha next, dark knickers. Both girls, hands-on-head, face the wall. Parker tucks up their skirts to display their buttocks.

Parker moves to phase two: Emma again, handspanked standing, then touch-toes, and last, palm slaps with a belt. Same for Samantha. Both girls are sent to change into more degrading Sixth Form ‘junior’  uniforms.

A vaulting platform is positioned. The two bend over it, pull down their own knickers, and each receives a few dozen from a short strap and more palm slaps.

Samantha is cornered, on display. Emma gets the cane first–almost 20 impressive wrist snaps from Parker. She knows from the first this is serious business, and when she begs at the end, she gets six more. As in most of her films, Ms. Corbett seems to get more punishment. Samantha bends over the trestle–vaulting box next, her 20 stingers conclude the film.

The Chemistry Lesson – SPANKINGONLINE

18 Dec

2M/f; time: 22 minutes

This SOL logo might have meant ‘Spanking Out Loud’ at one time, and we thought it meant ‘Shit Out of Luck,’ which is pretty much what happens to the girls in the films we have seen so far, in this case the actress Catherine Corbett, a brave lady who knows all the nuances of the CP genre. This film also appears in some old Moonglow catalogues.

Ms. Corbett  as ‘Jennings,’ stands in front of a male instructor in a realistic laboratory office setting. Jennings has failed her chemistry test again. The previous warning of expulsion from school can be amended, she is told, in that her guardians (who don’t want her back home, we’d guess) have granted the school complete freedom to proceed with corporal punishment. Jennings signs away her consent also. We will see shortly that her cute little goose is cooked. The instructor wears a white lab coat, perfect for his task.

The instructor makes Jennings hike up her school skirt, display her semi-tansparent panties, and await the commencement of the activities. Tension and  antcipation play a major role in these SOL performances. The instructor returns with a cane–there will be no warming-up on the bottom in this exercise. Jennings bends over a table, skirt up, and takes five ringing strokes on her pants. She counts them out “thank you, sir”  style.

She is directed to take her skirt and panties off at this point, and put her panties in the “bin,” a wastepaper basket, a nice little bit of intimidation finality she handled well. Over the table again,shirt up, bottom bare, “legs apart,” for about 20 strokes, loud ringing cracks in this institutional room. Impressive, realisitc, and a tough time for Jennings. Because she loses count, can’t keep her legs open, and can’t stay in position, she gets five more, over the table again, flat, and reaching forward to grasp a chair, her bottom pinned down and her body squashed. No chance of wiggling now.

She retakes the chemistry test, seated bare bottom on a white runged straight chair which permits us a view of her cute red bottom, thanks to someone on the crew tucking her shirt up between shots. She carefully perches on the edge of the wood seat, artfully drawing attention to her tush. This time, she will be spanked with a paddle and cane, on the spot, for test mistakes.

She is allotted only 15 minutes, doesn’t finish, and gets some answers incorrect, so here we go again. “Take off your tie…and your shirt.” She is down to just bra. When Jennings is directed to kneel up on the table, she at first baulks at such a strange position but quickly figures it out. Good acting, in that Ms. Corbett has been in every position one can conjure. bottom high, head low, legs open, a charming salacious view of the courageous Ms. Corbett. First the strap–she counts out a half dozen on high, tight, wide-spread buttocks. Then a set with the cane. The instructor slips off her bra as she kneels.

Off the table, she stands nude, hands on head, cane resting bewtween her buttocks, well marked.

Scene change: she is at home, confessing she failed the test, and she is going to be spanked all over again, for it is the British way that what happened at school is not enough. Bend-over a stool, panties down again, no marks show, which actually makes sense, in that no actress should take two sessions like this in close time proximity. He faceless male guardian can’t resist a few handspanks before he lays on 20 cane strokes, then a pause for some fondling and handspanks, followed by another 10 or so, and astonishingly, “the final six,” even harder.

SOL will be a pleasant discovery for you–brief films, effective spankings on the harsher side, excellent sound, lighting, sets, dialogue.  And surely experienced CP afficionados bwhind the cameras.

Backpacker’s One Hundred – MOONGLOW

2 Aug

3M/f; year: 2008; time: 6o minutes

This seems older than the year listed. A blonde, Sarah (she looks like a mature Catherine Corbett) sleeps in bra and panties in a detention holding room. A geezer ageplay guy, ‘Mr. Bennett,’ familiar veteran of Moonglow and CalStar, who must have had some pull to get these parts, wakes her, puts her over a padded trestle beside the bed, and begins a handspanking, pulling her polka dot pants down.

Sarah has been detained while vacationing on a South Pacific island for possessing marijuana. She is going to be spanked and caned by several men in the judicial system. Bennett takes her for a court appearance and puts her in another cell. Next day–it’s Wednesday, back to the bedroom detention, Bennett enters: “It’s time for your first caning. First 25.” Back over the trestle, now established as a necessary fixture, panties down, her shoulders and elbows rest on the bed, elevating her bottom, her feet free to kick. She counts out 25 moderate strokes (“thank you, sir”) and is put to bed, whimpering.

It’s Thursday, she gets another 25 at the Magistrate’s house. The faceless voice of the Magistrate directs her to strip to the same underwear we have seen. Bennett, who has the enviable task of accompanying Sarah on these visits, removes her panties and shoes. She kneels on a huge easy chair. The Magistrate canes her and stops to allow Bennett to rub her periodically. The posture provides large views of her charms. “Fifty more strokes to go in the next couple of days.”

Friday at the Governor’s house: all the old guys have access to these young miscreants. Another bedroom, the Governor’s voice: “You’ll be deported after 100 strokes.”  she strips–shoes, top, shorts, bra, panties.

Sarah assumes a plausible posture, very revealing for a lady’s charms, and one of the more sexually provocative you will see. Naked, she bends over a raised metal footboard bedstead, stretching her arms at 90 degrees to hold on, dropping her head, putting her bottom high, front and center. The camera can catch a full rear view or a side view of her face squashed on the bed as the strokes fall. 25 more strokes, the attending Mr. Bennett gets to rub at 6, 12, and 18. The Governor admits he is enjoying himself. Sarah reflexively twitches her bottom as the Governor swishes between strokes. Bennett rubs at 24, “Well caned, sir.”

Bennett is dismissed but Sarah is retained for a “chat” with the Governor. She’s in her birthday suit for this. Wish we could have been there to see it.

The first 25 strokes are at Bennett’s house–he too has his perquisites. Sarah kneels up on his dining room chair, which has been positioned for the event. She lies flattened onto the tabletop, holding the table edges. Those same polka dot panties come down. “You’ll remember this island for the next few days when you sit down, won’t you, Sarah?” “Yes, sir.” She counts out 25 firm strokes. She is returned to her cell. Bennett takes one more shot st her bottom over her shorts with a leather paddle before her transportation arrives–she is pinned against and spread on the cell bars.

There follow three schoolgirl caning scenarios:

PREFECT COMMON ROOM: Blond prefect Cruikshank is caned by two other prefects in the prefect’s common room. They keep a trestle here just in case. Skirt up, pants down. “Six of the best.” 8 are shown.

The two prefects then return to the headmaster, who has learned they set up and victimized Cruikshank, which means spanking all-round, which is what we do in our theatre. Each girl gets 8 strokes over the trestle, on the bare. They position quickly and professionally, having some experience with this.

TRIPLE SPANKING: The same three girls in different trouble. Each is spanked bare by the faceless headmaster for infractions. He likes to fondle and scrape his nails a bit.

TRIPLE CANING: The three girls get about 6 cane strokes for poor pool cleaning, on their bare bottoms–Cruikshank especially appealing bent over in tight red silk panties.






Working Girls Punished – CALSTAR

16 Jul

F/2f; time: 50 minutes

A full-length CalStar production formerly named ‘Working Girls Whipped’ (CalStar has renamed and re-issued many films)–formulaic discipline by three superior, very entertaining CP actors and lengthy spankings. Actress Catherine Corbett plays ‘Amy’  and a stunning brunette plays ‘Laura,’ both ‘working girls.’ Only one reference from Amy about they’re being “on their backs all night” suggests what kind of ‘work’  is involved.

The girls complain to each other about the poor pay, and so they have been holding out on ‘Mrs. Grant’ and not paying her the agreed percentage cut. The ‘Grant’  actress usually plays a dominant, but we’ve seen her spanked hard a few times, so we know she knows what brings results. Most notable for us was her performance in ‘A Very English Compromise,” on our Top list.

Grant confronts Amy and Laura in a storeroom, a bit inconsistent with our theory that they are call girls and she is a Madame. Grant figures she is owed 1000 pds. Amy is allowed to leave to get the money. Grant will simply keep on spanking Laura until Amy returns. Great concept, and it eliminated the need for a lot of spurious dialogue. “Get those shorts down.” Soon Laura’s little black boyshorts follow, and they shift sides to allow Grnat’s right arm to swing full and get her bottom closer to the camera. This actress spanks hard, selecting and zapping different spots, eliciting little yelps.

Laura is bent over storeroom boxes. first for a floppy leather paddle, then a palm-spanker, panties stretched at her ankles. “I hope she [Amy] gets back soon before I go to the cane for your bottom.” But Amy doesn’t; the set goes dead quiet as almost 50 cane strokes are shown, probably repeated from two or three angles. Some catch her thighs. Grant rubs and caresses.

Amy runs in breathless while Laura still has a few layers of skin left. To Amy: “Get that dress off and get your bottom over here so I can spank it.” And clever Grant makes Laura take off all her clothes so she won’t run off. Laura will remain on screen full frontal naked observing Amy’s session.

Amy is spanked in her bra and panties, but Grant can’t wait and pulls down the knickers. “This is entirely unfair,” Ms. Corbett declares in an accent worthy of the BBC. She struggles. Laura urges Grant to spank harder. She didn’t bring enough money. Over the boxes, the paddle, Ms. Corbett does her convincing crying.

Grant lets Laura use a whip on Amy. “Pathetic,” and it is. Amy jolts to Grant’s stiffer cracks. “Arch your back.” Grant and Laura both check with the director, surely looking for the cue to move to the cane phase.

“Get the next one,” Grant tells Laura. Amy’s long, almost silent caning begins, almost 50 on film. The noises of children playing and traffic off-set suggest triple repeats. But it’s a tough go, Corbett is an acknowledged brave and convincing actress,and the actress Grant always gets a bit excited and increases the severity as things progress.

The girls are sent off naked in the warehouse, bare feet on the cement. We had a lot of fun with this one, plausible, and not corny.

Catholic Discipline #1 -The Denial – XEROTICS

12 Jul

M/4f; year: 2002; time: 40 minutes

XEROTICS distributed CP films from other producers. This is a standard schoolgirl spanking drama, filmed in one classroom with a small variation in angles. The actors are all familiar professionals; the girls appear to be younger in their careers than 2002.

Mr. Peters, corny (but fortunate) as a staff lay teacher, instructs four girls in a Catholic school, and is never without his bunch of bananas, lest we miss the symbolism. He opens the class with the Lord’s Prayer. He detects the girls haven’t been attending Mass, nor has any of them brought her homework. Without more fuss, Peters shifts to punishment–they are all going to be spanked. It would appear no Mother Superior patrols these halls. Not a bad job, young parochial compliant bottoms galore and no supervisors.

Blond Sutton (actress ‘French Chloe’) is called up first, wearing a gray micro skirt (we never saw one like this in parochial school), blouse, tie, socks, and heels. She bends over, flicks up her skirt on demand, displaying non-regulation skimpy gauzy panties, which she pulls down when Peters directs. He slippers her with a rubber Keds boat shoe. Loud and crackling, and it must hurt, because she jumps off her stance several times. Nose to the wall, pants down, skirt up.

Blond Harker is next, the delightful inventive supple actress Dublin O’Brien; same slippering. She pulls her knickers down a bit early, before being prompted. We repeat–we never tire of gazing at her doubled over, touching toes.

The third student is actress Sarah Harvey Lewis, as Walker. Peters himself tends to her white knickers and she gets the cane.

And last, actress Catherine Corbett as Jenkins. She affirms here what we have seen repeatedly, that she is a tough cookie as a submissive in a CP film. There may be a film somewhere which illustrates her breaking point-we haven’t seen it. She gets double the slippering, for additional offenses. Her acting always convinces–she seems miserable, with a pained and tearful countenance, while standing still to take her punishment. She knows to re-center and thrust her bottom for the camera between smacks and to keep the hair off her face for the oblique shots. The camera zooms on little glimpses  between her thighs. One of the stand-up pros in the business, maintaining just enough innocence and discomfort to be plausible.

The other three girls, bare bottoms staged in the background, are given smacks on the palms, and are delightfully unhappy about it.

This  Volume I should be dedicated to Ms. Corbett. She will now be caned by Peters. She must fetch the cane and remove her skirt. Her loose blouse is thigh-length and needs to be tucked up again as she bends over. Almost 20 full-swing ringing strokes, bare tush, are on film. Probably repeats, as there were during her double-length slippering. Corbett gasps and jumps.

Walker has been sobbing in the background and is sent out of the room, even though she’s had an easy go of it compared to the other girls. This will conclude the punishment for today. Peters admires his handiwork on the three bare bottoms, collects his jacket, papers, bananas, pockets Corbett’s knickers, and with a glance at the camera, leaves the half-naked girls to await Mr. Jones, the next teacher.

We’ll check Volumes 2 and 3 to see if the girls alternate the focus. The next 9 minutes contain out-takes, including a filming pause where Ms. Lewis cries, wipes her eyes, and leaves the set.


Games Housewives Play – MOONGLOW

9 Jul

MF/2f; time: 1 hr. 15 minutes

Mature actress Sarah Harvey Lewis plays ‘Sally,’ a raunchy and adventurous housewife, naked in bed, on the phone with her girlfriend, remembering spanking and caning experiences they had, separately and together. The film contains a series of flashbacks conjured from the phone conversation, a mechanism Moonglow often used to string together a series of short CP episodes.

In the first, Sally gets out of bed and stands totally naked in front of a smarmy ageplay spanking actor ubiquitous in the Moonglow catalogue. Ms Lewis has rarely appeared so overtly naked, and here she sports the naughtiest mohawk we’ve seen this fiscal quarter. She is getting spanked for something, and bends far over a handy padded spanking trestle. She is getting the cane, 5 strokes, then a rapid whirring 15, then another slow 10, another fast flurry, and then 10 slow ones. She is sexually excited. He teases her with the cane tip, poking between legs, which she opens more and more in her arousal. It is a very erotic use of the cane, one we which were used more often.

There are cut-in scenes of her masturbating in a tennis costume. Was she caught? He suspects she likes the pain. “You have such erect nipples…they’re giving you away.” She is going to get weekly spankings because she is a “naughty little minx.”

Naked over the spanking trestle, the guy gives her several fast handspanking groups, bringing her to apparent orgasm. “Are you ready for the same tomorrow?” “Yes,sir.”

Back to the bedroom scene, Sally on the phone reminisces about another spanking. “I had to bend over the stool in my nightie.” Nightie up, no panties, but she does wear socks, the cinematic cure for dirty studio floors we’ve noted  from time to time. A half dozen rocking cane strokes. There is a knock on the door and a guy comes in, forcing her to hang up the phone. “Right, young lady, you know what I am going to do. Get out of bed and into position.” About 8 cane strokes, her bottom starting to show accrued marks. It is difficult to make one of these reminiscence movies of time-lapse scenes and keep your bottom fresh. “I’ll be back a little later to deal with that pussy of yours.”

In another scene, Sally lies on the same bed with her phone friend, actress Catherine Corbett, one of the all-time five-star warriors of the CP scene. Sally recalls another spanking event, and in a flashback takes another dozen canes strokes from a male actor who shows his face this time.

The girls recalling schoolgirl canings. Prefect Sally canes Corbett {‘Jennifer’), just six strokes shown. As they lie on the bed in their undies fondling and remembering spankings, Sally produces a cane from under the pillows. “Wow,” exclaims Jennifer, “I’ve been waiting years for this. (revenge)”

Bur first another flashback; Sally and Jennifer are both caned in the school setting. Notwithstanding the confusing plot line, there is a lot of spanking going on. Marked-up bottoms are in evidence.

Back in the bedroom, the girls snap and tease each other with the cane. Sally: “Let’s hope my husband doesn’t come home and find us.”  In fact the husband does walk in, sees his cahnce and sets to work.

He pulls Jennifer’s knickers down first, she gets 40 handspanks for the 40 pds wasted. Pretty aggressive we thought, since Sally not Jennifer is the man’s wife. But he does spank both girls, pillows under their bottoms, then a paddle. Everybody had a good time.

Three shorts:

I-‘Sally and the Two Canes’: Sarah Harvey Lweis again, same bedroom, lies naked on the bed. A male actor nips away at her with two canes, and with the tip of one cane does things to her you wonder why we don’t see more often in films. “I’m not supposed to like it but I do.” He uses the two canes like vibraphone mallets and seems to bring her to orgasm.

II-‘Moni’s Fist Visit to the Dungeon’: An Asian actress is strapped face down on a black leather bondage table, in a  well-equipped ‘dungeon’ which was used by Moonglow for a few films. A male actor works her bottom with a flogger and frigs with the other hand.

III- ‘Moni Caned in the Dungeon’: Another session, a continuation of above, Moni climbs onto the table, now lowered, very naked. A smarmy Moonglow actor straps her down then lays on about 25 hard, legitimate cane strokes. She jerks violently against the restraining straps, grunts and cries louder as the strokes become more severe.



Headmistress’s Study #3 – CALSTAR

28 Jun

F/f;   time: 49 minutes

A familiar theme–a stern Schoolmistress calls in a naughty pupil, spanks the daylights out of her, and then must confront an angry parent. In this scenerario, sometimes the Schoolmistress adds the mother’s panties to her collection, and sometimes the parent, if he or she is a heavy donor, gets her way with the Head. RedStripe did a nice two-part story, where first the mother Dawn Deacon gets whipped at her daughter’s school, then she goes home and sees to her daughter, the actress Catherine Corbett.

An attractive brunette actress, who can go both ways in her films, as she did in ‘An English Compromise,’ calls in an equally charming blond student, Felicity Keegan. The set is a properly equipped classroom, including middle-level geometry on the chalkboard. The girls struggle over their lines a bit (an observation of amusement for us, because we’re not here for linguistics); she is about to be expelled and her mother is due here shortly. OTK she goes, “no more of this sniveling nonsense.” This actress spanks hard, high strokes, steady rhythm always, and with only a midly disguised erotic interest. The blonde’s bottom blotches immediately, and when her white panties come down, the color change line from bare skin to under the cloth is noticeable.

On her feet, skirt off, step out of knickers, she lets her blouse ride up just a bit to see unshaven juvenile fuzz. Over a desk, a large oval paddle increases the rouged bottom area, one of the fastest pinkings we’ve seen.

She will get the tawse on her palms, and instantly recoils from the thought. Both palms get it, and she can’t help her blouse riding up again. Cute. “Oh…this hurts more than the paddle.” The palm-slapping is filmed from over the shoulder.

Back over the desk, but not before she hands over that blouse. No bra. The caning begins. Once again, this domme actress is an efficient disciplinarian. She snaps her wrist on each short stroke and always elicits pained responses. The first caning segment shows 50 fast-paced strokes, including repeats from colorful angles, one is an anguished face.

There is a pause for some conversation, then 30 more cane strokes, with some very intimate closeups, all-in-all very entertaining, non-brutal, punitive caning. The blonde’s bottom is a road-map of the handspanking, paddle, and cane.

The mother, Mrs. Keegan bursts in. “What the hell are you doing?” The headmistress sits her down to explain, while young Keegan stands totally naked behind the desk, facing us. Mrs. Keegan agrees to take a similar spanking herself if her daughter will not be expelled. Also, “It might just do the trick” to straighten Felicity out.

Mrs. Keegan goes OTK; the actress is a tall runway-style glamorous brunette, old enough to be Felicity’s mother only if she stayed out too late in high school. Dress up–a hard, professional bottom, only covered bya little thong. Thong off, her hard buttocks are small enough that her charms are fully on display. The headmistress lashes out with the floppy paddle,barely containing her pleasure. She wants the women to compare their bottoms when they get home. There is a suggestion the father may spank them again.

“Remove your dress and bend over the desk.” A push-up bra barely holds her breasts, and goodness, she is wearing a pussy ring. She banters with her daughter. “Shut up while I am beating you…it’s obviously not hard enough.”

Time for the cane. Ms. Keegan faces us, removing her bra. Total shave job, labia jewelry, enhanced breasts, the lady is a pro. Does Felicity know where her mother spends her time?  An extremely long caning sequence follows, 10 minutes. Almost 60 strokes are shown. Lots of repeats from excellent angles. An occasional “Ow, fuck” slips out, and the actress twists and surges her bottom and is given time to settle down when a stroke is particularly painful, so this is no fake cobbled-together caning. All through the scene naked Felicity watches facing us, with occasional closeups, in one of the longest frontals you will see.

Naked Felicity comes around the desk to witness her mother’s caned bottom. Two naked women, two well-spanked images. One can imagine a hot evening in store at home.