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Patients Pains – CAVERN

1 Jul

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Most likely an old MOONGLOW; a guy and a girl in a nurse’s uniform are trying to bicycle through a field. Why?

The scene cuts quickly to a hospital room–the same skimpy set used in a series of MOONGLOW films where actor ‘John Kirwood’ preys on the bottoms of his nurses. A guy lies on a simple bed which is a poor substitute for hospital equipment. He hassles one nurse and asks for another. He is going to spank her. Someone should note on his chart that he is randy enough to do this.

Cut back to the cyclists. The guy coaxes his girlfriend into the shade, bends her over, pulls her panties down, and gives her a hard frig. She should be grateful, but she complains she is going to be late for work at the hospital. OK, they’ll stop, but continue tonight.

Back in the hospital, the nurse stops the patient from lighting a cigarette. He sets a huge bag of spanking implements on the bed. How did he get them into his room? “You’re not using any of them on me?” He bends her over, his tools laid out. She continues to complain that whatever she has been accused of, it was the other nurse who did it. The male patient tells her he will arrange for them both to be fired unless she convince her other nurse friend to take a spanking.

The second nurse arrives, they discuss the spanking thing, and laugh through their lines. They agree. He wants the girls to spank each other. They spank, he assists, pulling up clothing, bunching panties, groping. The blonde has her brunette buddy OTK–the patient pulls down her panties. “Open your legs, wider.”

Back and forth with paddles, a martinet, and the cane. At the conclusion the guy will cream them both on the bed.

Clean Sweep – CAVERN

30 Jun

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Spankings at the hairdresser. ‘Mr. Jones,’ a beauty salon operator jumps one of his girls, a lazy hairdresser who won’t tidy up or get her work done. She spanks her mildly in various positions but cannot make an impression.

The phone rings at a CP Administration Agency; ‘Joe Stewart’ answers. We’ve seen him in this role before. He is for hire. He will come by your house or place of employment and punish the person you have chosen; it is a bare-bottom spanking. He answers the calls himself–no answering machine. Jones has called him and arranged for him to come by at 5 PM.

The girl is sweeping up when Joe comes by at 5 PM. “I’m from the agency,” he says. The girl is curious about what is in the tubes Joe carries, but you detect she knows what the ‘agency’ is.

He starts her OTK immediately, to no resistance. “You’ve got the wiggles,” he notes. She stands, drops her trousers, and he continues the OTK spanking, bunching her panties.

Joe has brought a schoolgirl uniform and gives it to her to put on. She takes a long time, returning in a gray pinafore, blouse, tie, and we will see, regulation knickers. OTK again. Diaper position on the couch, soft paddle/strap. Giggles. She kneels on the couch for a studded strap, knickers down.

Pinafore/jumper off, more paddle. A wooden spoon shows the telltale round bruises. He pulls her panties down for the cane. Three on the panties, then about 6 more on the bare. Hands-on-head for the strap–then back to the cane for 5 more on the bare.

The beauty operator kneels on the couch for more paddle, then stands on the couch so that her bottom is eye-level, for more paddle and a six-finale with the cane.

Husband Returns – CAVERN

22 Jun

M/f; time: 30 minutes

A wife awaits her husband in one of those silly maid’s outfits. He returns, brings her a stuffed animal, and likes her naughty French maid suit. He bends her over for a spanking, but is surprised to see marks on her bottom. How can that be?

She claims that she was spanked by a tradesman for not paying a bill. She can’t run the household on the money he gives her. When he sees cane marks, he announces he will spank her. She kneels on the couch for the opening handspanking. When he gets his collection of implements, she didn’t know he had them.

“Choose one.” “No way!” So he starts with the drop. She straddles the arm of a love seat with her thighs for a sole. A plastic studded ruler-length stick is next. More handspanking, sole and the crop before we move to the cane.

Bend over the back of an easy chair. A lot of swooshing, about 15 strokes, rather tepid, before we are finished.

Wayward Wives – CAVERN

3 Jun

2M/f; time: 35 minutes

A guy with an improbable name of ‘Gilbert Houston’ jumps his wife ‘Michelle,’ the actress ‘Lynn’ or ‘Susan Hope,’ when she staggers in at 3 AM from clubbing. “Where the fuck have you been?” He wonders where she is getting the money to behave like this, and she replies that she has to go out because he won’t take her.

He is going to spank her now, on the settee. Michelle is literally a foot taller than he is. She bends over and he begins smacking. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this.” It is probably because this is the attention she wanted. A lot of profanity as things progress. He gets her knickers down, legs spread.

He stops and makes a phone call, at 3 AM, to the “CP Administrative Agency.” No answering machine here, emergencies anytime, actor ‘Joe Stewart’ sits up in bed to take the call. He’ll come right over, but the fee will be double because of the hour. Gilbert must be desperate.

‘Mr. Stewart’ arrives in tie and coat, with a bundle of canes. Michelle does not seem phased. Stewart sends Gilbert off to bed, although we can’t imagine he would be able to sleep through what is about to happen. Seeing Michelle’s smirk, “So you think you are going to enjoy this, by the look on your face?” He begins spanking her on the couch. She is passionate.

“Take your dress off.” “…What?’ She wears a scandalous little half-slip, garter-belt, skimpy knickers, stockings, giving us some idea of what she might be doing to earn money to party. Stewart begins with a short whip, knickers down, and she likes it.

Next, touch-toes for a leather sole. She flashes a huge bush, putting this film back in time. It was listed as an early MOONGLOW. Joe makes her sit and talk, hands-on-her-head. He pulls her top down to expose her breasts, for the fun of it. A strap, kneel on the settee; knees wide, down with the pants again.

A crop; but first he wants her in bedtime clothes. She returns in a short white lace nightie, a thong showing through. Joe helps Michelle into the diaper position on the settee for the crop. Closeups of her unshaven body. Touch toes, more crop.

“You’re making a lot of noise. Are you faking this?” The caning begins. Six on her bottom with thong (which doesn’t interfere), 3 with the thong down, 6 more kneeling on the settee.

They keep changing positions, and Michelle manages to get her knickers back up. Down they come for the final “six more.” Joe gets his close inspection and rub. The marks look real, with the telltale collection on the far buttock from the whip-snap of the thin cane.

Punishment Loft – CAVERN

1 Jun

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Naughty doings at the office; at this office, there is a loft, an attic (the film was called ‘The Attic’ in previous releases), where the male boss takes his female employees for punishment. They all know about it and fear the dreaded words, “Go to the attic.” This film was also released at CalStar as ‘Stacy.’

“Stacy,’ a short-haired deadly cute brunette, is caught by her boss skylarking and reading a magazine. He has detected that she has been playing with the accounting and stealing money. “You’ve got two options,” which are the obvious for CP films–(1)the police, or (2) the “standard punishment.” In addition to her stealing and her attitude, the boss does not like the way she dresses. He actually makes her stand to check her knickers (and she actually does it), and she isn’t wearing any! “I’m going to give you a taste of what you’re going to get upstairs,” and he smacks her bare bottom.

“Get up to the attic.” “..I don’t want to go to the attic..” She knows what is up there, and that it is part of a two-step process. We see her pull down a ladder and climb through a ceiling hatch, a perfect upskirt opportunity.

The scene shifts to an actual cramped attic space under eaves, where the camera angles are limited, although the erotic potential is enormous. She shivers in the environment. “Cobwebs, spiders!” She sees a collection of implements. “You’re not going to use those on me, are you?” “Yes, I am.” OTK, such as the space permits, white knickers down. Muffled sound in the tight space. She admits she is a thief. Her bottom is held full-screen.

The boss uses a very large tawse, but the rafters restrict his swing. Gasping, pleading. Here in the dust, he rubs cream on her bottom and directs her to go to the “bedroom” and wait for him. “Get on your back and wait for me.” What kind of an office is this?

Fade to a bedroom scene back downstairs. Stacy now wears only a pale blue shorty nightie and no panties. She lies on her stomach, not her back. The boss enters, puts pillows under her hips to elevate her bottom, and continues spanking her. she begs and pleads but seems quite comfortable almost naked on this bed. “I want this always to stick in your mind….it will be the whip next time.” She is grounded for the rest of the day. What that means in an office is not clear, but we loved the trip to the crawl space.

Let’s Take It In Turns – CAVERN

29 May

2F/m; time: 25 minutes

Two bored girls, one is the much-spanked ‘Alison Payne,’ among her other names, with a huge list of films on MOONGLOW, as well as elsewhere. This CAVERN has the production values and design of an old MOONGLOW. The girls sit and talk about sex and spanking, while in the background we hear the sounds of a contractor at work.

The girls decide to tease and torment the workman into an embarrassing situation, where they can then blackmail him into taking a spanking. Alison pulls a large collection of spanking implements out from behind a chair. Semper Paratus. She is first to tease the man, a young and good-looking guy, as he works, and he responds by making a pass at her. Alison’s brunette friend tries next, he responds, and now they have him. They confront him, he apologizes, wants to save his job, and agrees to take a whipping, without any debate, in a matter of seconds.

The girls will spank, whip, and crop him in various positions there in the sitting room. Alison rides him like a horse while her friend whips. She is quite proficient at pulling down his boxer shorts. After the girls switch back and forth and the guy takes it all in, Alison gets her canes.

Alison gets a chair and the guy bends over its back, keeping his shirt down in front. It will be a few years in these CP videos before the girls can check on-screen to see if he is excited. The girls will alternate caning also, about 15 moderate strokes from each of them. Alison will conclude with “twelve of the best,” the brunette crops a bit more, then Alison does another “six of the best.” The girls giggle their way through it all before sending him back to work.

Penalty Strokes 1 and 2 – CAVERN

15 May

M/f; time:

Another CAVERN release from either CalStar or MOONGLOW. A sleazy premise, a guy in his grubby office hires a female assistant, who soon learns there is some “penalty point system” used the office. She reports to work in a simple top and loose jeans, rather informal.

The boss is already angry (he wants to be that way). She is late, sloppy, and disrespectful, acting just like the place looks. The brunette actress can’t help smiling at the awkward dialogue. He leaves her to tidy up the office, she goes immediately to the phone to tell her boyfriend about these conditions, the boss returns, and we are ready for the first penalty assessment.

He explains–it is spanking. “You mean…like at school?” He takes her OTK; the promised salary must be good because she does not object. He spanks her overhand on her jeans, because he is right-handed and she lay down in the wrong direction. “Stand up. Take off your jeans.” She is wearing tourcoise panties and they get the position right this time. She gets a hard spanking, and earns what she did not know was part of the policy: “Take the rest of the day off.” Not bad, come to work, take a spanking, go home, get paid.

Dissolve to the next day–the brunette looks more glamorous now, wearing a beige suit. “I enjoyed yesterday,” she reports. She opens a large map tube the boss hands her. It contains a collection of spanking implements. She is enticing. He immediately puts her over the desk. “You want another day off, do you?” First he uses a heavy black leather strap, then ruck up her skirt, panties down, quite a few bruises. He will now use an alarming paddle, the size of a squash racket, with a circular round head.

“Take you skirt off, knickers off, top off, and bend over the chair.” She is down to just a lavender bra, and displays a full thatch of hair for us. She kneels on a chair, reaches over the back, and wiggles around without direction so that her bottom faces the camera. A strap makes her jump.

There was a cane in the tube. He asks her to pull down the bra, he tweaks her nipples, she bends over a chair from the back, so that her legs are locked and tall. 20 strokes of the cane are shown, some repeats, but it looked authentically painful. She dresses and storms out to her car. “You can stick this job.”

Beating From A Blackmailer – CAVERN

15 May

M/f; time: 37 minutes

An oldie, with actress ‘Stephanie’ and a Scottish male actor seen around the halls of MOONGLOW and CalStar, from which the film probably sprung.

‘Mr. Jones’ has photographed Stephanie in a car, having sex with someone not her husband, and he is going to take this opportunity to have some fun with her. He sends a her long note, which is shown on-screen to open the film.

As the note instructs, she goes to a local horse riding stable, and while no one is looking (we presume), she is to flash her panties and a bit more, to signal it is her and that she accepts his blackmail proposal. Stephanie looks almost eager, and we see a hooded figure observing from the brush.

In the next scene, Stephanie arrives on a set which MOONGLOW or CalStar used to make some cheap little productions. Jones explains the procedure and shows her one of his photos. Stephanie is shocked at how explicit it is. “This looks like blackmail.” Jones explains his predilection for spanking. “Show me your bottom.” Stephanie wears a tight pale blue dress. Jones caresses her hips over the cloth.

She raises the hem and is wearing just a thong. Jones begins a long series of spankings, with paddles, straps, and things, laid out on a bed in front of her. He switches positions with her often–standing, bend-overs, OTK, over a chair in various ways, and combinations of these. She takes the punishment without much complaining, although now and then an implement rings a bell and out comes an “Ow, fuck,” worthy of a girl caught with her pants down in the back seat of a car.

Jones gets more interested; Stephanie’s bottom has taken on a colorful life of its own. She accuses him of changing the rules, of spanking more than he promised. “What rules?” he smiles. Stephanie keeps seeking reassurance that all this will get the pictures back.

In a dissolve, he sends her off-screen, and she returns in a little black dress. He has gotten his cane. She does not like the sight of it. “I’ll do anything….anything!” Jones has her face us and pull up the dress, a long frontal of hold of a wispy thatch.

Time for the cane, although Stephanie’s bottom has already had quite a time. Jones lays on about 20 very hard strokes. Her bottom is held in full closeup, so we can see the white lines become welts, and there is enough dialogue and counting to assure us Ms. Stephanie took the full 20. Legs apart, she struggles through it, and the resulting display is worthy of some of the more severe producers.

She is finished, Jones hands her a stack of photo proofs. She leaves the set, Jones smiles and pulls one more photo from his coat pocket. a graduate of the school for scoundrels, we knew, but what could naughty Stephanie expect?

Establishing Authority – CAVERN

12 May

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Spankings in the kitchen; a wife starts a stove-top fire, makes a general mess in the kitchen. She is hung over from a party, where, to make matters worse for her, she was flirting with other men. Her husband: “It’s about time I taught your a lesson.” The pretty brunette is taken OTK and the spanking begins on her red panties. Like other CAVERN films, this feels like an older MOONGLOW.

“Part 1 is finished…clean up!” She must wear a tarty maid’s outfit, her bottom peeking out as she bends and crawls to clean. She is not out of the woods. “Bend over…touch your toes.” Bare bottom , just a thong. The husband begins spanking again, now with a wood kitchen stirrer. Lean over the sink, fondling. “One more position and we have achieved our ends.” That would be OTK, for handspanking and another wood cooking tool. “Ten more, count them”

He sends her off to bed. “I’m going to come and see you in a few minutes.”

Bill Collector – CAVERN

10 May

M/f; time: 29 minutes

A careful reader points out we reviewed this earlier as ‘Debt Collector’ by CALSTAR.There are ways to pay off debt; a bill collector noses around the alley around a house and spies ‘Mrs. Jones’ trying to avoid him. He gets into her kitchen (as it were), confronts her on what she owes, and she proposes a paltry pound a week payoff. Unacceptable. “We’ve got to come to some serious arrangement.” “What do you suggest?”

The bill collector stutters a bit. “Maybe not money…some other arrangement.” “But I’m a happily married woman, with three children.” She cries poverty and asks again, “What do you suggest?” “You’ve got a really nice bottom…it’s going to be a really hard thrashing.” He begins spanking her right there in her kitchen. Skirt up, hands on knees, then over the washer. She claims she has never been spanked before but seems to know what to do. They move to the “lounge” of the house. “You’re going to pay me with your red bottom.”

The guy carries a small strap in his pocket, like a shoe horn. Over the back of an easy chair. “This is too soft. I’m going out to the car for the cane.” He has her change into a naughty little nightie top and mesh panties, which she can come up with on short notice. Frisk position, he pulls down the panties and uses a Ping-Pong paddle. She bends over the back of an easy chair–she is quick and skillful at assuming these poses. The collector breaks the handle of his ‘bat,’ so it is time for the cane.

15 strokes in this position, she goes dead quiet, as is the tradition, so much so that a clock can be heard ticking. The cane tip between her legs gets a reaction. Five more strokes, and at last the first real facial for this actress. A cute brunette, a bit older, her boobs have popped out of that scanty top.

The bill collector takes a final look at her bottom and makes arrangements for next week.