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Beating From A Blackmailer – CAVERN

15 May

M/f; time: 37 minutes

An oldie, with actress ‘Stephanie’ and a Scottish male actor seen around the halls of MOONGLOW and CalStar, from which the film probably sprung.

‘Mr. Jones’ has photographed Stephanie in a car, having sex with someone not her husband, and he is going to take this opportunity to have some fun with her. He sends a her long note, which is shown on-screen to open the film.

As the note instructs, she goes to a local horse riding stable, and while no one is looking (we presume), she is to flash her panties and a bit more, to signal it is her and that she accepts his blackmail proposal. Stephanie looks almost eager, and we see a hooded figure observing from the brush.

In the next scene, Stephanie arrives on a set which MOONGLOW or CalStar used to make some cheap little productions. Jones explains the procedure and shows her one of his photos. Stephanie is shocked at how explicit it is. “This looks like blackmail.” Jones explains his predilection for spanking. “Show me your bottom.” Stephanie wears a tight pale blue dress. Jones caresses her hips over the cloth.

She raises the hem and is wearing just a thong. Jones begins a long series of spankings, with paddles, straps, and things, laid out on a bed in front of her. He switches positions with her often–standing, bend-overs, OTK, over a chair in various ways, and combinations of these. She takes the punishment without much complaining, although now and then an implement rings a bell and out comes an “Ow, fuck,” worthy of a girl caught with her pants down in the back seat of a car.

Jones gets more interested; Stephanie’s bottom has taken on a colorful life of its own. She accuses him of changing the rules, of spanking more than he promised. “What rules?” he smiles. Stephanie keeps seeking reassurance that all this will get the pictures back.

In a dissolve, he sends her off-screen, and she returns in a little black dress. He has gotten his cane. She does not like the sight of it. “I’ll do anything….anything!” Jones has her face us and pull up the dress, a long frontal of hold of a wispy thatch.

Time for the cane, although Stephanie’s bottom has already had quite a time. Jones lays on about 20 very hard strokes. Her bottom is held in full closeup, so we can see the white lines become welts, and there is enough dialogue and counting to assure us Ms. Stephanie took the full 20. Legs apart, she struggles through it, and the resulting display is worthy of some of the more severe producers.

She is finished, Jones hands her a stack of photo proofs. She leaves the set, Jones smiles and pulls one more photo from his coat pocket. a graduate of the school for scoundrels, we knew, but what could naughty Stephanie expect?

Establishing Authority – CAVERN

12 May

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Spankings in the kitchen; a wife starts a stove-top fire, makes a general mess in the kitchen. She is hung over from a party, where, to make matters worse for her, she was flirting with other men. Her husband: “It’s about time I taught your a lesson.” The pretty brunette is taken OTK and the spanking begins on her red panties. Like other CAVERN films, this feels like an older MOONGLOW.

“Part 1 is finished…clean up!” She must wear a tarty maid’s outfit, her bottom peeking out as she bends and crawls to clean. She is not out of the woods. “Bend over…touch your toes.” Bare bottom , just a thong. The husband begins spanking again, now with a wood kitchen stirrer. Lean over the sink, fondling. “One more position and we have achieved our ends.” That would be OTK, for handspanking and another wood cooking tool. “Ten more, count them”

He sends her off to bed. “I’m going to come and see you in a few minutes.”

Bill Collector – CAVERN

10 May

M/f; time: 29 minutes

There are ways to pay off debt; a bill collector noses around the alley around a house and spies ‘Mrs. Jones’ trying to avoid him. He gets into her kitchen (as it were), confronts her on what she owes, and she proposes a paltry pound a week payoff. Unacceptable. “We’ve got to come to some serious arrangement.” “What do you suggest?”

The bill collector stutters a bit. “Maybe not money…some other arrangement.” “But I’m a happily married woman, with three children.” She cries poverty and asks again, “What do you suggest?” “You’ve got a really nice bottom…it’s going to be a really hard thrashing.” He begins spanking her right there in her kitchen. Skirt up, hands on knees, then over the washer. She claims she has never been spanked before but seems to know what to do. They move to the “lounge” of the house. “You’re going to pay me with your red bottom.”

The guy carries a small strap in his pocket, like a shoe horn. Over the back of an easy chair. “This is too soft. I’m going out to the car for the cane.” He has her change into a naughty little nightie top and mesh panties, which she can come up with on short notice. Frisk position, he pulls down the panties and uses a Ping-Pong paddle. She bends over the back of an easy chair–she is quick and skillful at assuming these poses. The collector breaks the handle of his ‘bat,’ so it is time for the cane.

15 strokes in this position, she goes dead quiet, as is the tradition, so much so that a clock can be heard ticking. The cane tip between her legs gets a reaction. Five more strokes, and at last the first real facial for this actress. A cute brunette, a bit older, her boobs have popped out of that scanty top.

The bill collector takes a final look at her bottom and makes arrangements for next week.

Severity School – CAVERN

10 Sep

5M/3f; time: 41 minutes

This film, although distributed by Cavern, feels like a Moonglow product from the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. The actors come from that era. The film itself is almost a continuous string of out-takes. It contains flubbed dialogue, misplaced laughter, noises on the set, errant camera angles, simplistic and ineffective blocking, out-of-character ad libs, and more. Yet, we highly recommend this cheerful farce; it feeds our vintage tastes, and we will illustrate why.

The film features spanking impresario Ivor Gold and three of the sweetest bottoms in the industry at the time, that of Alison Payne and two other models seen in the genre. The girls are being punished in the presence of 5 men–Ivor, a younger man, and three others whose faces are never shown. All will participate in a rousing spanking, strapping, paddling, and caning of the three girls. A circus. The mystery men are given chances to fondle, feel, and explore the girls. We have suggested elsewhere that this may have been an off-the-record form of school fund-raising.

The girls wear spiffy white blouses, pristine red pleated skirts, white knee socks, and in this school, white knickers. The film celebrates bare bottoms–there is no frontal nudity but for an accidental flash, no boobs, and these ‘dirty old men/perverts’  do not undress the girls, much as we were hoping they would try.

The film opens with the girls lined up in front of the unseen men. Ivor pulls up their skirts to expose the white knickers, and in Alison Payne’s case, fishes out Ford car keys front the front of her panties. Her mock surprise at the invasion of his hand matches many moments of entertaining acting from her. Everyone fights mirthful laughter, at the ad lib lines, the story, the circumstance.

The three girls will be spanked in turn, for various infractions irrelevant to our review. ‘Gillian,’ a dramatic starlet-like brunette, posed for nude photos, which Ivor passes around to the very interested men. The men take turns spanking Gillian OTK; her pants come down to stay in the process. Some spank harder than others, and some spankers get in some fondling. One aggressive spanker elicits an obscenity from her, which generates hoots and guffaws from all. Breathtaking closeups of her reddening bottom.

The men move Gillian over a school desk for a sampling of paddles, straps, and tawses, including a little “guessing game” of which is which. A stroke occasionally nicks a thigh and she reminds the spanker to be careful. At the conclusion of her session, Gillian must parade her bottom off-screen to each man for a careful exmamination. Ivor takes her over the desk again to top her off with three concluding tawse strokes. The men applaud Gillian. She announces she must leave, a taxi awaits her to take her to a “modeling job.” Such extraneous ad libbing makes this film a curious oddity.

Alison’s turn (she ‘borrowed’ that Ford from someone at school) comes next, and in a rough cut which misses what we enjoy very mch about Ms. Payne, her knickers are already at her knees and she is bent over the spanking trestle. She counts out four sets of 12 strokes from the men; some she takes in stride, others bring gasps and she needs a moment to recover. Some welts and bruises on this bottom, a National Treasure. The third girl, blond ‘Amanda,’ seeing this toe-curling caning, elicits hoots of horsy male laughter from the men when she announces a taxi is waiting for HER.

Alison is cornered, where her buttocks will remain in the shot for most of the rest of the film. Blond Amanda goes next, over a school desk, “head and shoulders right down, please”  for a succession of handspanking and the implement collection we have seen. She too protests when a thigh gets winged. Alison waddles on and off-set a few times, panties at her knees. Has to get where, to the bathroom? More unscripted informality to add to the free-form performance.

When Alison turns into an oblique profile in the background, you will see the reason for the film list after her name on the ‘Watch the Moonglow Girls’ site.

Amanda’s turn for the cane. “Gentlemen, avoid the legs.” She takes 12 from each man. The cane is left in her buttocks crack at one point. A loud boom-box bass thump invades the sound track to laughter. Ivor acknowledges the caning cannot keep pace with its rhythms. He gives Amanda a ressite, a “RE-SPITE” he calls it, twice. Amanda stomps and jiggles her cheeks maddeningly. A floor mirror picks up a few facials, an angle mostly omitted in this film.

Since Gillian caught her taxi and is probably standing naked at her next job by now, only Alison and Amanda are available for a final memorable bare-bottom lineup. The men gather for a final feel.